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Diary of an Intern: Nusrat Ahmed. Princeton. New Jersey - First Encounter


My dad grew up in Karachi, Pakistan as a street kid. He had a mother and father but had to fend for himself. This was the situation for him, his five brothers, and his sister. 
He would fool around with his friends, save up a few cents to buy some candy, which he would suck on from sunrise to sunset. 
“We took care of each other,” he would say. 

Fast fashion, at what price?


Fast fashion is a symptom of today's fast paced world where we want access to everything in an instant. The effects of the demanding modern world are being felt across the world, particularly in the developing world.

Last month marked one year since the collapse of the Rana plaza factory in Bangladesh, where over a thousand garments factory...

The new Independent Expert: Putting the human rights of older persons in the frame


The United Nations Human Rights Council in their 24th session held in October 2013 voted to establish a mandate for an ‘Independent Expert on the enjoyment of all human rights by older persons’. A recent announcement by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay indicated that plans have been progressing and that the mandate holder will soon be appointed.

Hold-up on human rights


Bangladesh, upon the MDGs, has shown improvements in a number of areas. The 2012 report states that the country has already met some of the goals including a reduced poverty gap ratio, better gender parity at primary and secondary education and under-five mortality rate reduction. 
So despite the constant political drama, the country can celebrate on the apparent direction. However what is still alarming is how a large majority of the physically and mentally impaired children remains out of the schooling system, access to safe water is still restricted especially for the very poor and mostly, the state/number of the homeless youth.

Leaked documents reveal Burmese government plans to attack Rohingya minority


Leaked government documents and images emerged late last night outlining plans to further unsettle the Rohingya population in Arakan, Myanmar. Minutes from a high-level meeting between Than Shwe, the brutal ex-leader of military Burma, and other senior officials detail plans to remove INGO's, instigate further attacks on Rohingya villages during March and April and to target Rohingya leaders in September.

What would you like to do when you grow up?


The street children of Dhaka are surprisingly resilient and at the same time, big dreamers. There are many children that run away from home knowing that they will face hardship on the streets with only the hope that their dreams will come alive.

The Bangladesh Restless Beings team set out to ask what some of the street children of Dhaka aspire to be when they grew up; what their dreams are, who they hope to be, where they see themselves in the future if they had the choice.

Attacks on the Rohingya in Arakan continue


The situation in Arakan is comparable to that of Gunatanamo Bay in that all information of conditions and treatment are largely unreported according to Vice Minister of Information in Burma, Ye Tut, speaking with Radio Free Asia last Saturday.

Reflections of Self, Politics and Consumerism


Many times we debate and get into discussions in which our views reflect our demands of an ideal world. The places that pain us. The power structures that we want to witness shift. The exploitative, inhumane systems that we want to see deleted like a laptop with a virus unable to retrieve files. The histories we wished hadn't taken place to be written. The civilisations we wish...

Thailand's amnesty bill and the countdown to the general election


Restless Beings is extending its news capacity to include your contributions of citizen journalism. We want to provide a platform for those who want to share their story, and allow us to see events through their eyes. Whether you are a blogger, journalist or just want to have your say, contact pr@restlessbeings.org and tell us your story.

Our first contribution is written by a Thai citizen living in the UK. Ahead of Thailand’s general election, they tell us about the controversy surrounding the proposed amnesty bill, which, according to critics, could allow human rights abuses to go unpunished if passed.

The author has requested anonymity.

Violence Looms Large Over Arakan


Reports of Rohingya camps being burned down and destroyed across Pauk Taw, Sittwe have brought fears that an upturn in violence against Rohingya in Burma has begun. In a day of violent outbursts across the Arakan region, there were also wide scale arrests in Maungdaw. This comes amid a spate of anger thought to originate following the death of a Rakhine man...