A restless thought by Mushroom

So who are the restless beings? We are strong minded individuals intent on giving a voice to those unheard in the world that we live. We are still in our early stages and currently the team consists of two; Mushroom, a quirky 'save-the-world' self proclaimed hippie events organiser and Mabrur, a logical 'easily-exciteable' philanthropic media accounts manager.

We are looking for more people who want to join the team and the board of trustees who share the same enthusiasm to reach out to all those in desperate need of human help. If you are interested, you can find our contact numbers in the 'Contact Us' page on the main website.

Entry by Mushroom:-

"Afternoon all from one of the many restless beings here. I thought i would grace this website with its first blog entry.

I'm sitting here at work, trying excrutiatingly hard to focus on what i get paid for but unfortunately, i am in a state of restlessness today. It was evoked from a lecture i attended lastnight - titled: Living Democracy, Ending Hungerm, delivered ever so eloquently by a professor from the states, Frances Moore Lappe. She is hugely huge amongst the economists, sociologists and anthropologists in the US but i dont think her shimmer would be quite as captivating in the UK.

The lecture lasted two hours and surprisingly, i listend to all of it. She, madam Lappe, a small wiry woman in a black dress was aesthetically the vegan and naturalist she claimed to be which was quite reassuring to see. I was expecting a plump rosy cheeked wheat loving woman from america, but its always a pleasure to have a speaker who lives by what they preach. Anyway, before i go off on tangent, there i sat, ten rows away, looking up at this woman amongst the other 290 odd guests, waiting for a mountaneous eruption of logic and wisdom and cutting edge research. And what did we hear instead, a sloppy, saga of a fluffy history of where she got to where she is and how her journey has taught her to be, inevitably, the soy loving, plantain munching, recycling and green toed being that she is. Its all great and lovely when your in a pre eco protest meeting of motivation but when your speaking to to a arm and legful of postgrads and academics, your expectations will naturally be a little raised not to say the least.

Anyways, before i reduce her sheer space on the stage to an insignificant spec, i will take you through, very briefly what i did, yes surprisngly, learn from her energetic poop.

She began with a very cumbersome story of what she was like in the seventies as an anarchich individualist in the search for world peace etc and how she stumbled across a few books in the li"

(unfortunately, the second half of Mushrooms comment got deleted accidentally, but I'm sure she is sure to fill us in with more at a later date).