food glorious food...



Eid Mubarak to those who are celebrating today and to those who already did yesterday, how’s the stomach?

Mine was, as always another family, samosa and syrup coated almond flaked affair and quiet nice at that too.

There was a lot of food, my mum made pilau, lamb chops, the meat cooked from the q’urbani (religious sacrificial meat), a big salad, small fritters, sweet shondesh (a traditional Bengali sweet made from flour and sugar etc), the savory version of the sweet shondesh (with salt ofcorse) and coconut pastries. I made two types of halva (traditional south Asian sweet made from semolina and almond flour), one with raisins and one with pistachios. In addition to this, I always made spicy sesame seed coated chicken and other small pockets of sweet and savory edible mouthfuls.

The food was in mountains on the table and as the day drew, the volumes didn't seem to be vanishing. I woke this morning to a kitchen that was still brimming with food that would have be disposed if not eaten by the end of today or food that would be re-prepared so it could be stuck in sandwiches or salads. Just made me realise how luck we are, at this bitterly cold time of the year, to have our bellies and pantries full of all that is necessary and all that is desirable. I just hope the glutton and ‘extra’ reduces over the years in my house so we too can feel a little less guilty when children crawl the floor looking for a grub to eat.


heres an organisation that seems to have found one of the keys to diminishing hunger ahead of time..



Happy holidays