Money, Money Money

I’m just about to leave work. Its Saturday tomorrow and I am working from 7 in the morning till 10pm and again on Sunday. The joys of events management and the not so much -joys of bags under my eyes, stress lines, clinical exhaustion and an undying desire to OD on Prozac.


Why do we all work so much?

I know we need the money to eat and enjoy the lifestyle that is oh so ‘necessary’, but surely, there must be more than working working and well…working (??!!!)

I guess the groan of my day is one that I’m sure many, if not all, feel at least once a week, month or year (the latter is for fat cats who are workaholics and earn more then a country does in ten years)….

Wouldn't life be so much nicer if we returned to the hunter gatherer days, grunting, hunting, eating, grunting and some more grunting…..

Or at least…a testimony to them…..

Sometimes, I wake up, surrounded by my cosmopolitan polish and wish that I could just go out and hunt for my days food and then return to wonder in selfish idle walking and talking… that would be bliss… instead, I rush my way through a sleepy headed morning, rugby wrestle onto the overhead so that I can smell armpits and last nights breath and stale coffee on the central line, run to work because it was (the central line) inevitably delayed and look frustrated and apologetic to my manager as if to justify my poor punctuality for the rest of the year….. We all do this…. why?


I just don't get it (in the whinging voice of Nicky from last years big brother…don't ask… I was once a loyal voyeur of that pesky programme)




Posted by Mushroom