No balance in the world!

I am ill today. I have caught the head munching, nose clogging, throat scraping cold bug and it's now having a rave in my body. Mother Nature was cruel to me on Friday as I made my way home from work, soaked to the bone in rain water infused with acid from the London fumes.

To deviate, productively… I don't understand poverty…. I mean, some measure it through the economic fluctuations of a country, whilst others take a social and historical stance at it. I personally couldn't care less what it's measured in, I just do not understand why it still exists in such severe volumes. Why are there still children in the world picking food and scraps from garbage bins or dumps?? Why there are young girls in Thailand selling their body or Indian boys working for over fifteen hours on a weaving machine making rugs when they should be at school??? Or.. why there are mothers feeding their children the non existent milk in their breasts while cars drive by and fumes are also inhaled?? I just understand why countries can say that they don't have enough shopping centres or cafes or gyms when there are homeless people. It may sound like such a silly statement or expression of fury, a naive scream and shout at the world but I just don't understand why the world can gather together and our taxes can pay the building of something like a stadium for the Olympics and yet we cannot build a measly one bedroom flat for a family who have no home and move from street to street… I don't understand why, as a city, London would rather invest in a new super plush mall then a homeless centre??? Why does the greater mass find it so goddamn difficult to roll up their sleeves and give?? Why is it that every small act of charity that is done has to be such an effort? I just do not understand, and never will.