Organic Chickens on a Free Range planet

Good afternoon


Apologies, I have been very busy with work and have not had the chance to blog away.

I was wondering if everyone has noticed the sudden (once again) emergence of food and health related programmes on terrestrial television? Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver alongside a handful of other chefs seem to have gone on this passionate journey of the great organic and free range (Food Fight, Channel 4) and others are discovering ways in which we can lose weight or change our life by starting at the gut… its all quite timely considering the creeping obesity epidemic in the UK.


I watched a programme last night called ‘Fast food Junkies’ which was both light entertainment as well as quite worthy in its message.

It gathered a group of four very overweight and unfit members of the British public who were either loyal fans of their nearest curry house or lived on microwave food and didn't know what parts of the body to use when and if they had to actually run for the bus. Basically, they were very unfit.

Anyways, the producers shipped these lardy beings off to the northern parts of Pakistan and dumped them in the mountain villages where the Shin Shao people resided. This Pakistani community is known for having one of the healthiest diets in the world. One which was varied in its choices ranging from fresh grown veg, to yak meat and cheese, inevitable enhanced by cooking methods which were not ones that resembled the British fry up and a physical lifestyle that revolved around the gathering, cooking and working off of that food (aah the life, no London tubes or traffic wardens).

The fatty four inevitably benefited from their exposure to this community and left with a pink glow in their cheeks, a less saturated nature about them and a general sense of optimism about their life expectancy. Watching their ‘difficult trials’ (of which most of it was learning to walk for more than five minutes without falling to the floor in exasperation) was entertaining but what I gathered from it was the loss of basic common sense and respect of and for our bodies that many countries in both the east, south, west and north have accumulated.

I am guilty of many a time when I happily eat through a huge packet of crisps and a diet coke whilst watching TV and knowing that it will clog up something or convert into fatty globules in my body. Our appreciation of physical activity and good food has gone down the drain because of companies filling their pockets with ‘cheaper’, ‘easier’ and ‘quicker’ ways to eat and live. Oliver’s ranting and raving about better school meals etc has done a world of good but how effective is it for the greater picture… do we really need to fuss so much about where to buy our food and what brand is better and which percentage of what is healthier than what..?!!!

Surely if we all started to get rid of the junk, realise our bodies need movement and started to grow and cook our own food, things would start to change?!!

I agree that a free range egg and chicken would make more sense then one that has been cooped up in a warehouse where space is non existent. But, organic olive oil, non imported aubergines in favour of farmers markets… etc etc… that's going too far, people still haven’t got round to the idea of eliminating fatty foods from their diet let alone reaching for the organic hemp seed cereal on the top shelf of their local health food store..  

I think we need to realise that ’living of the fat of the land’ isn’t such an archaic agency of survival as our modern, fast paced way of life likes to believe and assert.


Peace and Peas