Resolutions: Not Just for Today or Tomorrow, but for Always.

Music. Dancing. Drinks. Meals. Friends. Family. Fireworks. Laughter. Countdowns, 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...

Sound familiar?

New years for many of us is a time of celebration, an excuse to get together with family and friends, a reason to go out and a way of 'starting again.' But for how many people in the world does the 'hope' of a new year stretch to?

The starving, poverty stricken, oppressed, marginalised, violated and silenced communities of our world continue to usher in their new years in a way alien to true celebratory style as we know it. In contrast to our countdowns into a new realm of beginning, they count their seconds down in wonder of their next meal; in the fear of death over life. The only fireworks they know are not the coloured sparkle that glitter across our skies, but of fatal fiery blasts of bombs which destroy their homes and kill their loved ones. They know not of our happiness and laughter, with only echoes of memories of broken smiles etched onto the faces of their now forever lost children. These are the sufferings of our world. Our people. Bangladesh. Democratic Republic of Congo. Iraq. Palestine. Burma. China. Darfur. Haiti. Afghanistan. Ethiopia. Argentina. This mental splurge of countires goes nowhere in demonstrating the magnitude of the suffering being inflicted upon communities in the world; past, present and future.

The dawn of 2011 as with the approach of every new year has undoubtedly seen a tirade of individuals making pledges of new beginnings, fresh starts and endless resolutions to actualise a change of some sort. Whether that be to drop two dress sizes, stop swearing, join the gym, learn to budget... or to change the world. It is true, that to want to make change and to actually strive to do so, does not require a change in date. However, it is also true that there are times where we need to stand outside of the box, refocus our minds and re-evaluate our goals. However that mental shift is triggered is not the concern, but rather the outcome.

Whatever your goals, ambitions, aims or hopes are for 2011 and beyond; let being a changemaker be one of them.

Restless Beings work with marginalised and silenced communities around the world; seeking to voice the voiceless and create genuine, effective and long lasting change. We invite you to be a part of our movement. Be a part of our change.

Your resolutions of dropping two dress sizes, stopping swearing, joining the gym and learning to budget may be shortlived. But your resolution for wanting to change the world doesn't have to be.

Make it last. Not just for today or tomorrow. But for always.

Keep it real. Keep it RB.

Image from Changemakers.


Foreda Begum


05 January 2011 delete
Mabrur Ahmed

This is a brill note :) Very inspirational miss XiiXii :)

11 January 2011 delete
Syeda Salmah

i totally agree- its so hard to motivate one self though- sometimes i feel like giving up but then i remind myself that there are worse things in life than not having enough time and then i get back onto it!!!

22 January 2011 delete