The Flames of Change

What is this rhetoric of peace they speak of whilst the people of their land die dreaming of knowing the truth?

Their honey sweet rhetoric and their promises of peace leaves dreams of hope broken, exposing a truth which is real. A truth rendering the people of hardship, the people of struggle, the people of loss; subject to the hands of their mercy. A mercy which is hollow, knows no fear and feels none.

We trust in those who betray, we loathe those who stand back and we wish we could believe in those who say they will. Time passes, the skies change, yet our hunger remains.

Hunger for a bread loaf, hunger for a voice, hunger for more.

One brave man stands up, and says enough.

His flames of change become those of wildfire. His courage grips the hearts of those who for have so long feared but treasure a silent hope. People who believe. Believe in the possibility of change. Bravehearts honouring the man of flames who dared to speak.

The silenced are silent no more.

How long will it be before the aggressors can aggress no more, the oppressors can oppress no more and the violators can violate no more?

Time has finally stopped for change.

Speculations, doubts, fears, cynicisms as to what next. But even these cannot taint the power of strong people united in solidarity. United in brotherhood for a change which is theirs.

The brave man and his flames of change is no longer one man hungry for more. But hundreds of thousands of millions of men hungry for more. Creating a legacy. Striving for peace. A peace free from rhetoric.

Image from Aerosol Arabic


Rahima Begum

A peace free from rhetoric.

Beautiful piece Zeenat. Powerful

31 January 2011 delete
Nadia Hussain

And who is left to dust up the ash?

31 January 2011 delete