Update of the Week!  


Wednesday, 5th December, Idea Store, Whitechapel, London, 7pm-8pm


We held our first meeting on Wednesday, and as one of the founders of the organisation, I felt it was an absolute success.


We started our meeting shortly after 7pm and firstly introduced ourselves (the founders) and talked briefly about why we wanted to embark on this journey.  We asked all of our attendees to introduce themselves too.  With all the formalities out of the way, the vision, in terms of strategy was discussed.  We shared with our guests our passion for why we felt we should be giving voices to pockets of marginalised communities across the globe, across creeds, across races, and across religions.


Shortly afterwards, a short video was played (you can find this on our website) and hence the introduction to our first project; Dhaka Street Children.  After sharing a few facts and shedding some light on our partner organisation, we launched into our plans for our first event, in February, an Art Exhibition and Auction, titled ‘Lost In (kn)Own Spaces’.


We took a few questions from the guests and these included, talking more in detail about the role of members and board officers, to discussing the role of our partner NGO.  A very valid question was posed with regards to the longevity of each project.  Fair to say, I think all of our attendees were positively excited with our response, that we will see each and every project through to not only completion, but also keeping strong links with the community we work with.


Thereafter, we formalised our board officers.  The organisation structure is now as follows:


Mabrur Ahmed & Rahima Begum, Founders and Directors


Rabina Khan, Board Officer

Yousuf Goni, Board Officer

Nancy Kamal, Board Officer

Md Abdul Kadir, Board Officer

Sima Khatun, Board Officer

Abu Talha, Board Officer

Muneer & Sukina (Poetic Pilgrimage), Board Officer.


Our board is an open circle, whereby those who feel that they can commit their extra time, effort and passion and who share our vision can join.  Roles are not set in stone, in the sense that we want to promote fully, lucid flexibility matched by personal expertise.  Our vision is that in time, we will be able to develop this board so that each officer is project managing individual aspects of a project with constant support form the directors.  If you would like to join this board, get in touch with us and we will advise you accordingly.

Love, Light and Lollipops,

 The restlessbeings Team.