Update from one of the Restlessbeings

Hey all and a happy new year


Hope everybody’s holidays and festivities went well and we are all ready to get back to the normality of taxes and tubes and way too many cups of coffee !!??


Firstly, I need a detox. I need to find myself a machine that will wake me up with a prune juice and remind me to drink lemon water before bedtime and drink three litres of water during the day and get rid of all chocolate, caffeine and cake from my diet…

I took the easy root and graced my nearest health store with my ‘in need of a new health plan’ self and bought it bottled – thanks to Solgar’s Detox complex and top ups on a good multivitamin and multi-mineral.. I see the silver lining… no new years  resolutions this year, just a desire to actually remember to not take my body for granted.


Right, before I indulge in a large bowl of green leafy stuff and more fruit fruit fruit tea, I thought I will give you all an update on restlessbeings. Mabrur, one of the directors is currently in Bangladesh and will return some time next week. Last week he made a trip to Shishu Tori offices in Dhaka and met the friendly staff and also went to do a spot of filming around the city. My last conversation with him consisted of - 


Mabrur: I can’t describe it, Rahima, we must all do something for these guys, honestly, you have to be here, and they are so young and so helpless. Some have given up and are just lost in their state of helplessness but others still have that spark to want to do something. We have to help them…. As I filmed them and talked to the class that sat in Kamalpur station in the Schools under the sky project (one shishutori runs).. I could see their abusers only a few metres away from them…standing and watching me and the children. They wait until the class is over before using the children for their own needs…sex, stealing, violence or sheer mental abuse….its disgusting…. I felt really useless that I spent such little time with them and had to return to the rest of my trip there without actually giving them, there and then, an escape route… “


And on that note… I shall wait for Mabrur to return and tell you all, the rest fo what he did, saw, heard and felt.


Until then,


Ciao Ciao