Weekly Update

Hey all!

Just a quick note to update you all of our work:

We held a board meeting a week ago to decide upon how we plan to launch officially and how we plan to go about raising awareness and funds for project 1.

Firstly, we decided that we would have a charity dinner as our official launch event.  This would provide an opportunity for our guests to enjoy dinner, entertainment throughtout the evening and finally the first showing of our documentary film.  We have decided to do this in April and hope that we will have all you eager readers there!  Secondly we are currently working on editing our docu film as well as implementing our marketing strategy to reach out to all types of media and spread the word of restlesseings, who we are and what we are planning on doing for project 1.

Please guys dont forget to invite your friends to join the restlessbeings facebook group, to join onto our mailing list and finally to comment on our forum.  Restless Beings is about activism, for standing up for marginalised communities across the world, for giving hope to those who have none and to direct our daily restlessness to a positive worthy cause of helping our fellow human.