Indonesia Refugee Support

Indonesia Refugee Support poster

In May 2015 more than 8,000 Rohingya refugees were fleeing persecution in Burma and were stranded at sea unable to shore. Eventually 2,000 Rohingya were allowed to enter Indonesia in Aceh. Since that time however, dangerous human trafficking groups have shifted almost 1,500 Rohingya from the safety of Aceh back into dangerous and insecure territories.

Last year we sought your help to provide security, water and aid for the refugees and we received an overwhelming response. However the need for support is as strong as ever as human trafficking groups have been working in the area on vulnerable Rohingya refugees. Furthermore, a boat of Sri Lankan refugees close to our team in Aceh are currently unable to shore and have been floating at sea for over 2 weeks as they have not been granted permission by Indonesian authorities to shore just yet. As soon as they do, a huge humanitarian effort will be required to nourish and keep them alive.

We, Restless Beings, require £10,000 and come to you once again to support our efforts in Aceh and ask you for the following:

  • £75 per Rohingya refugee will pay for the entire months worth of food (iftar and sehri) as well as a new set of Eid clothes and hygiene products and prayer facilities (400 Refugees currently in Aceh) This is just £2.50 per day
  • £2.300 for full years worth of advocacy and legal support for Refugees
  • £4,400 salary for country coordinator and staff members
  • £3,700 Miscellaneous costs such as travelling, maintenance of refugee sites and food/hygiene distributions

Zakat and Sadaqah accepted