Syrian Appeal

Syrian Appeal poster

Restless Beings, an organisation that constantly seeks to protect and support some of the most marginalised and vulnerable populations around the world, is launching a brand new project in support of a Syrian refugee community in west Lebanon that recently saw their situation turn form miserable to unbearable. We need your support to make this project a reality and to reach the lives of many Syrian families facing unimaginable hardship.

The Syrian conflict and the ensuing refugee crisis are without a doubt on of the world’s severest humanitarian crises of today, with millions of people having fled the country since the outbreak of violence in 2011. Finding temporary shelter in neighbouring countries like Lebanon, Syrian refugees live in miserable conditions and are faced with daily hardship and widespread suffering.

When you thought things could not get any worse, the situation of a refugee community in ​​Al Jarrahieh in the Bekaa Valley in west Lebanon took a dramatic turn on 1 June this year, when a fire destroyed around 90 tents and the community centre of the camp. This community was thus deprived of one of the very few things they had left. The community centre was the children’s favourite place, providing them with a sense of safety as well as a space for learning and development. The centre ran educational programmes for those children who had never had a chance to enter into formal schools, and also hosted artistic programmes and a weekly theatre for children.

But the centre was not only a place for children; it was also the favourite place for many adults. It was the perfect place to celebrate festivities such as Eid al Fitr, Eid al Adha, Christmas, Mother’s Day among many other festive occasions. It was a place for meetings and exchange of people looking to solve their own problems, and it was a place for different organisations to run workshops for the community. Perhaps most importantly, the centre housed a medical clinic providing free treatment and mediation to people in need of care.

In this light, Restless Beings has entered into partnership with the local Syrian-led organisation ‘Syrian Eyes’ to help them rebuild the community centre to ensure that some of the most marginalised people in the world are not only provided with basic healthcare and educational services, but that they also receive the message that there are fellow human beings out there who are willing to help them through this period of unimaginable hardship.

We urge you to help us raise a total of £10,000 to enable the rebuilding of the community centre through our local partner. This will have both immediate and long-term impact for the families in the camp. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

  • £3,970 - Building materials – Wood
  • £1,008 - Building materials – Floor
  • £990 - Building material – Plastic sheets
  • £630 - Electrical equipment
  • £1,890 - Educational materials
  • £630 - Miscellaneous Project s
  • £882 - Salaries for builders