Woman's Rights Project Kyrgyzstan

Woman's Rights Project Kyrgyzstan poster

Since 2010, Restless Beings have been operational in Kyrgyzstan working on an issue known as Ala Kachuu. Ala Kachuu is non-consensual bride kidnapping.

Previously it was seen as a Kyrgyz tradition but in more recent times many cases of bride kidnapping have seen unknowing, innocent young women being abducted from the street on their way to work or college often being bundled violently by groups of men into cars and sped away. The young woman then normally faces huge emotional trauma as she is horrifically brought to her new marital home where she will be forced into a marriage against her will. In marriages such as these, research has suggested that more than 50% end up with either domestic violence, forced abductions and divorce often leaving the young woman’s life in tatters and shamed in her community.

We have expanded our work now to South Kyrgyzstan where bride kidnapping is most common in rural areas. Here we have established a small shelter, which acts as a women’s library by day, and a psychological/legal shelter after hours. The building has a roof that is unfinished and as a result is exposed to the elements, often flooding and normally leaving the building very cold and unusable.

Our work in the coming months and years will see our team train local community, religious and political leaders to stand up and mediate for young women who suffer bride kidnapping in their community. We will also work to establish the largest schools network in South Kyrgyzstan to educate future generations about the importance of marriage choices and women’s rights.

We are seeking to raise £25,000 to enable us to work on the following:

  • £6,500 needed to fix roof and also create additional room for 3 bride kidnapping victims to stay and rebuild their lives (Zakat accepted)
  • £3,000 needed to purchase a vehicle which will allow our team to reach victims in rural and difficult to reach regions
  • £3,000 needed for education outreach programme. Developing curriculum, training upto 10,000 school children across South Kyrgyzstan
  • £2,400 to maintain our regional hub in Osh – here all community leaders will be trained to mediate
  • £4,800 to maintain yearly cost of crisis centre including food, hygiene products, heating and electricity
  • £4,800 salary for entire year for our project coordinator who will oversee entire country work
  • £370 travel bursary for project coordinator for full year
  • £130 miscellaneous costs
  • £25 Reach 120 children and deliver education about bride kidnapping and rights of women so it prevents the continuation of this problem in future.
  • £40 provide legal support & psychological counselling to victims across the whole of Alay region (30,000 women)
  • £75 Provide counselling & legal support to women across 3 regions in south Kyrgyzstan. That's more than 100,000 women. It will provide a place of shelter where women can temporarily stay and rebuild their lives. It will allow us the means to respond quickly to emergency kidnapping situations via vehicle and trained staff. It will create a network of 1000 community/tribal mediators who will affect the way the societal understanding of this issue is. It will educate 10,000 children for prevention of this in future. It will provide a space for mothers with children born out of rape and pregnant mothers to come to when they need any type of support or assistance.

Zakat and Sadaqah accepted