I loved the idea of everyone putting up pictures of them holding a piece of paper with 'Remember Rohingya' written across it. This immediately reminded me of the creative brainstroming session at the last RB meeting where I mentioned we should commission a graffiti artist to do a Rohingya piece for us. However I very soon realised, being a charity we have a shoe string budget and that this was highly unlikely, even more so with the graffiti artists I had in mind. Although I had very little public graffiti experience, I thought I’d have a go :)

By Shakir Ahmed | 26 August 2012


My mother gave birth to me,
among the rice fields secretly.
She wished that I did not cry
when I left her
pink matter.

She wished that I had died.
Her worried eyes foreshadowed the future.
I never understood her

Until that day in 1962
I saw a man that looked just like me
dead, hands tied behind his back, floating in the river.
I ran home in tears,
screaming that if this is what my people do to my people,
then I do not want to be Arakanese.
I do not want to be Burmese.
But I still found myself standing in...

By Ms Enigmatic. | 13 July 2012

To Sea


Refugee Week 18-24 June 2012

To celebrate the innumerable stories of political and economic migration that have shaped our cities and societies, 'To Sea' reworks Edward Lear's 'The Jumblies' for a 21st century audience. Echoing the bravery and persistence of Lear's green and blue creatures, this poem serves to highlight the superhuman struggles undertaken daily in the name of freedom and opportunity.

By Nadia Hussain | 19 June 2012

To Take And To Run Away


I have written many short stories in the past but this particular piece is special, significant and close to my heart as it touches on an issue I am very disturbed about. A La Kachu (to take and to run away) also known as bride kidnapping, is an act, a practice that has now become a tradition in Central Asia. Through Restless Beings, I have learnt more about it and as a result I wish to create more awareness and help women who have been affected.

By Mayali Anonnya | 02 November 2011

Chocolate Rain - TheBathroomGirl Cover


This is an amazing song. Each little verse is a golden nugget of genius.. bit of a marmite song i guess. Do you love it or do you hate it?

By Junver Bautista | 07 August 2011

Celebrate Palestine Festival 18-20th March 2011

Celebrate Palestine: stories of the resistance is a three day festival coming to SOAS, central London on the 18th, 19th and 20th of March 2011.

The event will celebrate Palestinian culture and offer a glimpse of the reality of the Palestinians struggle for freedom. People from all walks of life have mobilised to share the history and stories of Palestinian resistance to Israeli apartheid, as well as the warmth and richness of Palestinian culture. The event is free and open to all, with...

By Nadia Hussain | 15 March 2011

Francis Magalona - Kaleidoscope World


Just wanna share this beautiful song from the late Francis Magalona from the Philippines, who remains an epitome of a music genius. A song of peace not just for the Filipino people but for the whole world. Hope you'll like it restless ones.
One love, 20 million strong...LL&L

By Junver Bautista | 10 March 2011

Matisyahu - One Day (With Lyrics) [HD]


Thought I'd do a video on this song because I like it a lot and it sends a great message. Please enjoy and share with your friends.

Matisyahu is a Jewish raggae musician. He was born in West Chester, PA. He has has 3 albums since he started performing in 2004: Shake off the Dust... Arise, Youth, and Light, which "One Day" is on. "One Day" was released on June 23rd, 2009, and has been Matisyahu's most recognized song. This song sends a message to the world and makes us think about how much...

By Junver Bautista | 05 March 2011

Izzeldin Abuelaish: The Man With an Inability to Hate


London University and Harvard trained Palestinian doctor Izzeldin Abuelaish was born and raised in the Jabila refugee camp in Gaza. Having lost three daughters during the Israeli incursion into Gaza 2008/9, Abuelaish's response to his tragic loss is one of inspiration. He tells his story in his book I Shall Not Hate  where he champions the notions of education, solidarity and love as the only real way forward to make change in the Arab Israeli conflict. As opposed to actions underpinned by revenge and hatred.

By Zeenat Islam | 22 February 2011



Produced by AGENT OF CHANGE (Twitter: @agent_of_change).
Featuring Jody McIntyre and Lowkey.
Available to buy on iTunes:

NEW MIX-CD 'LISTEN' IS AVAILABLE ONLINE FROM http://logic.bigcartel.com/
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Youtube: /chosenlogic
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By Junver Bautista | 21 February 2011