Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who are the Restless Beings?
    You, me, her, him, the guy over there, the girl at the bus stop and those that need our help.

  2. Are you registered officially?
    Yes, Restless Beings is a UK registered not for profit non political charitable organisation.

  3. When did you start?
    31st October 2007 it was registered, and on 1st May 2008 it was launched in the public realm.

  4. Who is/are the founder/s?
    Mabrur Ahmed and Rahima Begum.

  5. What are the main objectives?
    Restless Beings is a voice for the unheard. It is an organisation that focuses on raising awareness and funds for marginalised individuals and communities in our global family who have been exposed to abuse, severe poverty, social rejection, cultural reduction and persecution. Our concerns are for those who need a voice and have not received any aid and are waiting for a change in their lives so they can receive the basic human rights they are entitled to and the social acceptance they deserve. We have a holistic approach to charity and believe in development of the mind, body and soul to ensure each and every one of the individuals we work with and for receive the attention and encouragement they require to make a fresh start in their lives. We are focussed wholly on development as apposed to emergency relief and post natural disaster care as there are already many charities and organisations doing some wonderful work in these areas.

  6. Who is working for Restless Beings?
    We have a board of energetic, young professionals who make the UK Team and a public Health Doctor who Co-ordinates the Bangladesh Project in Dhaka. He is based there and works with two Restless Beings field workers, teachers, and medical care staff.

  7. What is Project 1? Our first project is in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The project aims to tackle the issues that children in street situations endure on a daily basis. Restless Beings works with marginalised communities and this growing community of vulnerable children who are living and working on the streets of Dhaka are finding themselves more and more prone to the dangers associated with pornography, prostitution, child labour and human trafficking. We have raised enough money to secure and renovate a property in Mohammedpur, Dhaka and have converted it into a Restless Beings Rehab Centre and Home (RBRCH) for the street children we are working with closely. This will provide amongst other things, accommodation, nutrition, education, medical treatment, psychological counselling as well as clothing and life skills. In order to run the centre financially it costs between £1800-£2,000. This covers everything from food, clothing, and education materials to staff and recreational activities for the children and day to day running. We can only sustain it if supporters make monthly contributions via standing order, and once we hit the £1800-£2000 target, we can enable 15 children to move into the centre and make it their home. Currently, up to 50 children are receiving food, education and medical care on a daily basis at the RBRCH. In addition to that, under the sky outdoor classes are being held in the local train train stations (Kamlapur) where many of the children live and work.

  8. What do you preach?
    We preach a universal set of values and social acceptance. We preach equality and justice for all those who have been marginalised by the greater society or have been the victims of globalised ignorance. We teach, increase and encourage moral sensitivity and focus on the concepts of equality and humanity by turning up the volume on issues and struggles that do not reach the mainstream and we are working towards making a change for these individuals and communities.

  9. Who supports Restless Beings?
    You -- Restless Beings is currently open to sponsors and generous businesses who would like to share a small but profound percentage of their profit or would like to fulfil their corporate social responsibility by aiding us. At the moment, we rely solely on kind donations and money raised from events and individuals donating occasionally.

  10. How much of my donation will be tied up in Restless Beings administration costs?
    None. 100% of all donations goes straight to the project. We have a 0% admin cost coverage from donations policy, so every penny of what you donate will help those in need. Our admin costs at the moment (because we are a young organisation), is covered by the directors and team members.

  11. Do you generate any income?
    Yes, from products we sell made by some of the street children in Project one and also from Restless Beings branded products (Music donated by artists, art work, Restless Beings Memorabilia). But this is very little and the money goes directly back into the projects.

  12. How do you manage your accounts?
    Our accounts are made in UK by our Finance Officer Aabida Mohmed. Summaries and financial reports will be available on the website annually to ensure our supporters and donators are informed about how, where and when we invested into our projects with their donations.

  13. How can you make a donation?
    You can make a donation via pay pal on the website, or by becoming a monthly donor and doing this via the bank, or a cheque or cash donation/s or filling up on of our standing order forms. Please contact one of the team to do this or to find out more information on the most effective way for you to donate.

  14. What is your vision?
    To bring the act of charity and support to the hearts and minds of the people around us. We aim to do this by raising awareness of the plight of marginalised pockets of communities through the medium of creativity - making it accessible and digestible for youth and professionals alike. Our vision is to empower the people who have no voice and work with the underdog on a grassroots level so change is sustainable and consistent.

  15. How can we get involved?
    By contacting one of the team J We are always looking for volunteers to increase our man power so projects can be marketed and developed quickly and efficiently thus providing the change to our needy effectively. If you are a business and would like to contribute, you are most welcome. We promote the work of artists, photographers and unsigned bands and solo artists, so if you would like to use your work and talent to raise awareness for Restless Beings via creative ‘Audio & Visual Protest’ (©Restless Beings Ltd), then get in touch! We co- host gigs partner organisations which promote new and unheard solo artists, bands, poets etc – so that would be an opportunity for you to get heard, and in turn, support the Restless Beings projects. If you are an organisation, charity or company and would like to organise events for us or with us to raise awareness and funds for our projects, you too are most welcome. So don't hesitate, give us a call/email/shout out/pigeon mail... :)