Peace Activist and Reporter Detained by Isreali Forces In Hebron


HELP! On February 25th, Mahmoud Jabari, a nineteen year old peacemaker who seeks to use the power of journalism tp promote peace and reduce Israeli/Palestinian tensions in the city of Hebron, has been arrested by the Israeli police while reporting on a protest.

Mahmoud, an internationally acclaimed peace activist since the age of thirteen, when he founded Lens for Change and Young Reporters Across Borders (, is currently being unjustly detained by the Israeli police. Please sign this petition in support of his release!


Rahima Begum

Sad to see that once again, another pea from the pod of activists is silenced and knocked down before his words of truth and actions for justice start to cause a ripple.

Thank you Kate for sharing.

To everyone who reads this, please lets your contacts know about this situation. This 19 year old peacemaker should have the freedom to challenge and exercise his civil liberties, we need to champion this because it could be us one day being dragged into the dark with a hand of regressive authority over our mouths.

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