Vietnamese Security Forces Attack Christian Degar Worshippers

Restless Beings were notified  by the Montagnard Foundation of the recent attack on Degar Christians in Vietnam. This is yet another case of the vicious acts of the brutal Vietnamese security forces against innocent civilians chosing to practice their religion.


16 Degar Montagnard victims, 12 beaten unconscious,

victims include teenage boys and girls:

one Christian man imprisoned.

On July 7, 2011, at approximately 8pm Vietnam security forces and police surrounded the village of Buon Kret Krot (H’Ra commune, Mang Yang district, Plei Ku city, in Gia Lai province, Vietnam). The villagers were praying in a Christian service when authorities charged them and started beating them with batons. 12 men and 4 women were beaten and some detained and repeatedly tortured. Injuries ranged from being stomped on while held on the ground to being struck with batons on their heads and bodies. Details of the injured victims are described below:

Male Victims:

  1. A Jung, born 1982 (age 29), was beaten repeatedly with a baton all over his body. When he collapsed to the ground, security officials kicked and stomped on his stomach and back until he became unconscious. The security forces took him away to Mang Yang office district and he remains in custody. His welfare is unknown.
  2. A Wung, born 1992 (age 19) was beaten until he became unconscious.
  3. A Juy, born 1986 (age 25), was beaten until he became unconscious
  4. A Dui, born 1984 (age 27), was beaten until he became unconscious
  5. A Kui, born 1985 (age 26), was beaten until he became unconscious
  6. A Yil, born 1991 (age 20), was beaten until he became unconscious
  7. A Ve, born 1991 (age 20), was beaten until he became unconscious
  8. A Sing, born 1983 (age 28), was beaten until he became unconscious
  9. A Kung, born 1986 (age 25), was beaten until became unconscious
  10. A Su, born 1996 (age 15), security forces struck him on his back with a baton. When he fell, they kicked him in his stomach 3 times and his back 4 times.
  11. A Vuon, born 1995 (age 16), security force kicked him in the stomach twice and his back 5 times.
  12. A Kung born 1986 (age 25), was kicked on his stomach 4 times, and suffered a direct blow to his head. He was unconscious for over an hour.

Female victims:

   13.  Y Hngam, born 1958 (age 53), was bashed 5 times to her head and lost conscious for an hour. She bled from her nose as result of the blows to the head.

  1. Y Wil, born 1993 (age 18), security force struck her 4 times to her back with a tree branch, then kicked her on the stomach twice. Security force yanked her by the hair and kicked her repeatedly.
  2. Y Kor, born 1996 (age15), was struck with the security force’s firearm twice to her back and lost consciousness
  3. Y Kang, born 1998 (age 13), security force slapped her face 4 times, then grabbed her hair pulling it upward.



Security forces threatened the villagers stating:

“If anyone worships like this way, we will return to arrest you all and put you in prison for five years.”

A Nung remains in custody and it is greatly feared he will be tortured further whilst in custody.



·        Concerned Embassies, US State Department, European Commission, United Nations, Red Cross and other international humanitarian agencies to investigate this attack and do everything in their power to get the A Jung released, given medical attention as well as assist the other victims.   

·        Concerned Embassies, US State Department, European Commission, United Nations, Red Cross and other international humanitarian agencies demand Vietnam release and account for all the hundreds of other Degar prisoners imprisoned in Vietnam as documented by Human Rights Watch and the US Commission of International Religious Freedom.   

· The US State Department seriously review the cases of hundreds of Degar Montagnards imprisoned in Vietnam and place Vietnam back on the ‘Country of Particular Concern’ watch list as recommended by the US International Commission of Religious Freedom.


We have a responsibility to publicise such acts of abuse to men, women and children and their basic human rights. 


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