One is the Loneliest Number: China's One Child Policy


Figures have recently emerged from a Chinese national census suggesting the country’s one-child policy may in fact have been to the detriment of its demographic despite the controversial policy being introduced to avert unmanageable population growth and a Malthusian disaster.

Caijing news site has reported: “The results of a national census conducted late last year show that China has a population of 1.34 billion, increasing 5.84 percent compared with the last national census in 2000.

“The proportion of elderly aged 60 and above grew 2.93 percentage points than that in 2000 and people aged at 65 and above accounts 8.87 percent of total, rose 1.91 percent from 2000, the census results shows.”

By Kate O'Loughlin | 24 May 2011