Update on Refugee Response: Working on the Frontlines in Calais and near the Syrian Border

The medical centre rebuilt by Syrian Eyes and partners. 
In response to the ongoing refugee crisis, Restless Beings have taken a dual approach, serving directly on the frontlines both in Calais and near the Syrian border. 
To-date, we have sent multiple convoys to Calais, bringing food and other much-needed goods to the refugee communities there, who are living in uncertainty and under terrible conditions. Our staff consulted and worked closely with the communities in Calais to get a real understanding of what is most needed, to ensure that our deliveries are as useful to the people as possible. 
Since June this year, we have also been running a project near the Syrian border in Lebanon, helping to rebuild a clinic and community centre which burned down in the Jarrahieh camp in the Beqaa Valley during the summer. This project is implemented by the Syrian-led grassroots organisation Syrian Eyes, our local partner organisation.  
The fire that destroyed the medical clinic and community centre earlier this year. 
Following a number of delays caused by difficulties encountered by Syrian Eyes in the challenging context in Lebanon, we are pleased to announce that the clinic has now been fully rebuilt. With the delivery of medical supplies and other materials to the new centre, it is finally officially serving the Syrian refugee community in the Jarrahieh village. 
The next step of this project will be to rebuild the community centre which was also completely destroyed by the fire, as soon as authorisation by the Lebanese authorities has been granted. In the meantime, Syrian Eyes are continuing their work in every way possible, and have purchased new educational resources in order to resume their teaching activities in the private tent of the camp teacher. 
Once the centre has been rebuilt, these educational activities will be moved into the centre, which will also once again start serving as an important community hub and safe-space for the people in Jarrahieh.  
Educational activities have resumed in the tent of the camp teacher.
The collaborative project with Syrian Eyes is hence progressing well despite the constant difficulties faced on the frontlines, and we are incredibly grateful to all of Restless Beings’ friends and family who donated generously to this project earlier in the year. Your support means the world and we will keep you updated on further progress of the project. 
With winter approaching, we would welcome any further donations towards our work in Calais and Lebanon. There is no doubt that blankets, winter clothing and other necessities will be much-needed for the cold season ahead. Please contact us to make a donation: info@RestlessBeings.org 
Some of the educational materials for the children in the camp.

Medical supplies for the people of Jarrahieh.