Win tickets to: The Yard Theatre | Lyrix Organix

Lyrix Organix reimagines The Yard as an explosive hub of spoken word, live music, beatbox, DJ's, live street art, photography, talks and film for a special human rights charity festival. One-off, one day and one aim - to push the boundaries of lyrical performance at one of London's most exciting art spaces.

By Nadia Hussain | 26 June 2012

AK Akillez Restless Freestyle


Akillez is one of the current artists who supports RestlessBeings causes and working closely with us to raise the volume on human rights abuses and voice the struggles that go unheard.

By Rahima Begum | 24 December 2011

Restless Beings talks life, music and human rights with Mangaliso Asi


Having met in London's trendy Brick Lane and trying out various places, the Vibe Bar was to be our setting for an interview with the Rapper, songwriter, poet, performer, producer, not to mention youth worker, Mangaliso Asi. Growing up in Johannesburg, Mangaliso was brought up by his Mother- whom he often speaks of lovingly and remembers fondly, against the back drop of apartheid South Africa. It was his Mother that often surrounded him with music, mostly South African and Motown. With a father who was once a jazz musician in his younger days, a love of music and creativity was certain to follow for Mangaliso.

By Nadia Hussain | 25 November 2011

Who is Quest Rah?


Anyone who has seen a performance by Adam, also known as Quest Rah, will be familiar with his descriptive lyrics, and his habit of sharing knowledge. At a recent event, he took a few minutes before his performance to remind the audience about the drought in East Africa before sharing his poetry.

He describes his music as, "Using authentic sounds, nothing commercial, real lyricism, and a positive message".

Adam, 26, is an IT specialist by day and hip hop artist by night. He first began producing music as a teenager to highlight the injustices he saw around the world, turning his sentiments about the wars into lyrics and songs.

By Marium Sattar | 21 November 2011

Native Sun Profile


These days, Sarina Leah and Mohammed Yahya are making appearances around the UK in their signature style - bright colours, oversized glasses, and traditional prints. At their performances, Yahya's raps are complimented by Leah's melodious voice.

Together, they are Native Sun, a new group returning to hip hop's roots with a unique twist.

"...Unfortunately now when people think of hip hop in the mainstream, it's very negative. So, we are trying to return to that essence of music when it was positive and ancient and old but still very pure."

By Marium Sattar | 14 November 2011