Who is Quest Rah?

Anyone who has seen a performance by Adam, also known as Quest Rah, will be familiar with his descriptive lyrics, and his habit of sharing knowledge. At a recent event, he took a few minutes before his performance to remind the audience about the drought in East Africa before sharing his poetry.

He describes his music as, "Using authentic sounds, nothing commercial, real lyricism, and a positive message".

Adam, 26, is an IT specialist by day and hip hop artist by night. He first began producing music as a teenager to highlight the injustices he saw around the world, turning his sentiments about the wars into lyrics and songs.

Between 2002 and 2004, you had a lot of wars going on, you had a lot of conflicts and you had a lot of negative energy going on. For me it was just a way to express myself. I felt it was something that represented my generation at the time.

Since then, his lyrics, sometimes in Arabic, continue to reflect the concerns of many second generation immigrants like himself. Although he is a native West Londoner, both his parents immigrated to the UK from North Africa and Europe.

In his song, Weak and Strong, he celebrates the courage of young people in countries like Palestine, "while your status is zero/ this kids like a third of my age but/ yo that's my hero".

Inspiration for his songs comes from many sources such as daily life in a busy metropolis, "For people living in an inner city like London, you still have your trials and tribulations. I like to represent that, it's something lots of people can relate to."

About Restless Beings, Adam said, "They have always got innovative ideas and the projects that they do are projects that you don't usually hear about like in Central Asia." He says he supports Restless Beings after "knowing how it's grown, and how well it's organized, and the projects they do."

If you would like to hear his music, visit his Bandcamp page.

See him perform live at Restless Being Human Writes event on November 26th.


Rahima Begum

:D Amazing talent and supported RestlessBeings from inception!

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