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Dr. M. Sayeedur Rahman Khan
High Commissioner of The People's Republic of Bangladesh, London
28 Queens Gate

Dr Khan,

I am writing to you regarding the recent inaction of the Bangladesh Government in the face of ethnic cleansing and humanitarian crisis that has developed over the past month in bordering Myanmar.

As you know many Rohingya from Myanmar who are facing violence and persecution based on ethnicity and religion have been fleeing the country to find refuge in Bangladesh in Teknaf. These refugees have been turned back to face the rough waters and return to almost imminent death in Myanmar under instruction by Foreign Minister Dipu Moni. Alongside the UN and many sovereign nations who have pleaded with the Government of Bangladesh to open its borders temporarily to provide shelter and reprieve to these stateless Rohingya, Bangladesh has refused to do so.

Channel 4 has recently highlighted the extent of the problem in a report aired on Monday 25th June 2012. Not only is this creating a negative image for the country of Bangladesh but also paints a picture that the Government does not pay much attention to the Human Rights atrocities that are taking place on its doorstep.

We urge you to take forward our collective calls to engage in a dialogue with the Government over this issue and further to provide refuge for thousands of the desperate Rohingya who are crying to Bangladesh for some help.

Aside all politics and legalities, this is a matter of basic human rights that we all share, and cannot ignore.

Yours Faithfully

The Undersigned

2642 Signatures

Wafa Jafar (Kuwait): Help free Arakan

Akbar Shah Ramdhan Abd Rahman (Sydney, Australia)

Suhail Mirza (UAE): Please respect tge human rights of all.

LJ Huijsmans ('s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands)

YELO (London)

Abubakr Tahir (London)

Naseema A M (London)

Florian Mans (Netherlands)

Dr Nazneen Afroza Ahmed (Southampton)

Shabazz Shillingford (London)

Umber alam (London)

George Grozdev (Sofia, Bulgaria): i hope you succeed!

Yannik Fasel (Münster, Germany)

Emmeli Hanna Axmalm (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Lizet Brenkman (Groningen, Netherlands)

Lindsey Schouten (Nederland)

David Ullathorne (UK)

Marc Mienie (Pretoria, South Africa): Every human should be treated as they would wanted to be treated themselves,so why send them away?If you were in the same situation you would want them to help you!My 2c.

Ivana Kukec (Croatia)

Nafisa Misawa (Tennesseee, United States)

Hiba Jama (Coventry, UK)

Cuibus Raul George Mihai (Oradea, RO)

Bruno Alexandre Casasnovas Gonzalez dos Santos (Santarém, Portugal.)

Jamal Vickery (London)

Omar Arroum (London, UK)

HabbibMiah miah (Uk)

Thomas Kemble (Sydney, Australia)

Hana Melinda (Jakarta, Indonesia): from the fellow 9gaggers who wants to support human rights !

Taz Sobhani (UK)

Christy Abraham (Texas, U.S.): This is a truly amazing thing you are doing here. Try taking this to other sites as well, such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter...I'll try and spread the word!

Manju Reijmer (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Fahim Ali Chaudhry (Wanstead, London, UK.): It is an obligation for a muslim to pray and help in anyway they can; for the life of a believer is sacred. Just because we live thousands of miles away, it does not mean our dua's can not be heard. Between the dua of a mazloom person and Allah there is NO HIJAB. Allah hears directly!!!

Nadia A (NY)

Saadiyah Mayet (South Africa)

Farrah Dryden (london)

Sabreen Ahsan (Bradford, UK)

rugina ileana (România)

Asif Riaz (London, UK)

Susana Davila (Nuevo Leon, Mexico)

Dan Durbala (Moldova,Chisinau)

Jonas Berthold (Halle, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany)

Bboy WireLess (Chisinau,Moldova): Viva la Rohingya

Maranda Green (9gaginland)

Tudor Carare (Iasi, Romania)

Rob Lucas (Cambridge, UK)

Faisal Tasawer (London)

Dean Basic (Brisbane, AU)

Himanshu Phulwaria (Bhubaneswar,India)

Aneesa Abrar (Hertfordshire )

Tamara Edens (Winschoten, The Netherlands)

Sanaa Qureshi (Leicester)

mohammed taher (london,UK): while there are thousands of bengali citizens working/living in other countries, why is bdesh closing its borders to others?

Zhafir Tri Setiabudi Putra (Jakarta, Indonesia): I don't always leave a comment, but when i do i make sure it's short. OPEN THE GATES... of BANGLADESH (to the Rohingyas)

nasreen khan (bucks,UK): regardless of race and religion, everyone deserves basic human rights

Al-yassa Abdirashi Mohamed (Manchester, Uk)

Anisa Shaukat (Peterborough)

Rebecca islam (London)

Farah Elahi (London)

Mohammed Hussain Patel (London)

Paul Buhagiar (London)

Mohamed Mohamed (London, UK)

Tim Rustas (Stockholm, Sweden)

Rashana Ali (London, UK)

Zsa R. Margana (Bandung, Indonesia): let's hope for the better society :D

Eimran Khan (London, UK)

Duarte Manuel Ribeiro Gonçalves (Nieuwpoort, Belgium): The 9gag army is with you!

James Gomersall (Watford): STOP OPPRESSION EVERYWHERE.

Mangaliso Asi (London)

Abdul (UK)

Gonçalo Morais (Setubal, Portugal)

syed ali (london, uk)

Joe Neupert (Leipzig, Germany): Hear the voice of those forgotten refugees.

Raisa Murtaza (London)

Reshma Khatun (London)

Rothna aayman (London )

Siham Oukhrid (Lille, France)

Stanciu Mirela (Ploiesti, Romania)

nawfal elalkaoui (casablanca morocco )

Alan Hernandez (California, united states of America): Fellow 9gagger, just here to help.

Jan Jeschke (Munich, GER)

Anish Dan (Delhi, India)

Filip Verswijver (Belgium)

Sebastiaan Stap (Emmen, The Netherlands)

Fatima Ali (London)

Husna Khatun (Manchester, UK)

Claire Prouve (Paris, France): Thanks a lot for doing this!

Michelle Bartlett (Worcester UK)

Cece Luck (London, UK)

Angelo Macalino (Valenzuela, Philippines): help them, please

Tove Kallin (Stockholm, Sweden): This is just so wrong! Of course I would sign this petition!

Harry kennewell (Melboune, Australia )

Catalina Becerra (Medellin, Colombia)

Mariam Isaq (London)

Dobbir Uddin (London, UK): if you can't help them because they not Bengali, do it for them because they are Muslims and the very least because they are Human.

Faiza akhtar (london, Uk )

Nadia Rahman (Luton)

Marit (Sneek)

Mohammed sultan (Yanbu, Saudi Arabia)

Jazba Malik (London, UK)

Kamal Ahmed (Birmingham)

Christoph Hoch (Seefeld,Austria)

Kristiina Rohumaa (Tallinn, Estonia)

sara el-badawi (UK)

Mariana Jordão (Leiria, Portugal)

Mohammed sultan (Yanbu, Saudi Arabia)

Marco de Kluit (Goch, Germany): may 9gag be with you :)

Alexandru Gheboianu (Oradea, România)

Shabnam Raufi (London )

sahil sharma (Delhi, India)

Cai Zhelin (Singapore): Let all 9 gaggers unite against this tyranny !!!

Matt Davis (London, UK)

Tahera begum (london)

summera abbasi (london)

Mo Islam (London UK)

Anika Moeen (Australia): As a Bangladeshi, I hope my country helps our brothers and sisters in humanity.

Jaco Paulsen (Gauteng, SA)

Ralfh Qutcher Razq (Malaysia): mdm..Aung San Suu Kyi..maintain silent?? save innocent and helpless Rohingya!!!!, please!!

louise køhler (denmark)

Obaid Zia (Houston, USA)

Ayse bint Adam (Europe)

Syeda Kiran Zahira (Luton,UK)

Nurul Basirah (Singapore): Relive the humanity!

Simon Mertens (België)

Hadiuz Choudhury (England, UK)

Lizzie Meijer (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Muhammad R Chowdhury (London): Shame on the BD government!

Orell Endres (Switzerland)

rukshana begum (Lancashire)

Fowziya Yasmin (Swindon)

Maisarah Hafni Ibrahim (Alexandria, Egypt)

GlobalFaction (UK)

darius gayle (United Kingdom): supporting.

fatima khan (London)

saira delarosa (UK)

Purbasha Talukdar (London)

Mohammad Ali (Oxford)

Mizan Rahman (London)

Sharif Ahmed (London, UK)

Mohsin Patel (UK)

Perdana Global Peace Foundation (Kuala Lumpur): We are deeply saddened that given the high political stakes in the current democratization cum liberalization process in Myanmar, the issue of the Rohingya wil be relegated to that of a “sacrificial lamb”; an issue that is easily dispensable and of little significance to the overall
political agenda of the major communities there.

naeema rahman (Cardiff uk )

Shegufta Rahman (London, UK)

Nausheen Khan (London,UK)

Maha Malik (Calgary, Canada): Please understand the need for refugees to escape!

Maryam Duale (London )

Nabila Fariha (Australia)

Kajalpatel (London UK)

Nazir Abdin (United Kingdom)

Adrian Michalik (Polska)

Sarah Khan (Karachi, Pakistan)

Sana Hafiz (Uk)

Paul Hill (UK): This is very wrong!

Nafe Anam (London, UK)

Sajid Iqbal (Manchester)

Abdul Kahhar (Bedford)

Rashma Kaur Kanda (London)

Sena Kebab (Sweden, Stockholm)

Rik Schraag (Voorhout, The Netherlands)

Zaid Ali (London, UK)

Wesam Wekhyan (Jordan)

Jacob Burge (Hereford, uk)

Rokshana Khan (London, UK)

mohammad shafait (Londo UK)

Fareeda Miah (London)

sabrina mahfouz (London, UK)

Katerina Nordin (Oxford)

juned ahmed (east london ): Please don't ignore this matter and deal with it! Fear allah!

Mohema Begum (London)

Amin Rahman (London ): Fear Allah Mr Ambassaor. They are fellows Muslims whom you have a duty too!

shaHrob jahan (eastlondon): Please don't ignore this n help these people! Fear allah!

Jeanara ashraf (London): Save their lives

mehedi (London Uk)

Haroon Rashid (London)

Sorwar Alam (London, UK): Bangladesh Gov must fullfill its humaniterian duty and allow these people enter the country. Show you care.

Abdul Razzaq Maqbool Ahmed (Malaysia): Ya Allah,,Ya Rabb..save them, save brothers n sisters Rohingya,!!!!..Bangladesh Government please..help them,please,please!!!

Florent Sherifi (London, UK)

Lorraine Newbold (London)

Umar Khan (Luton)

Omi Hossain (London, UK)

sajeel liaqat (london)

Tanzeel Ur-Rehman (Birmingham, UK)

Fayyaza Patel (London UK)

Fayyaza Patel (London UK)

Juliana (London, UK)

paul adamson (bolton, uk)

Mohammed Ali (London)

Fahima Khalil (London)

Tahsin Khan (London)

Beth Alexander (Newcastle, UK)

Mamunur Chowdhury (London)

Elisabeth Whitebread (London, UK)

ms Sumiyah yasin (london)

Kayne Anthony (London): Governments need to take responsibility for themselves

Rizwan Abbasi (London)

Dann Read (Suffolk UK)

Zainab Daniju (United Kingdom)

Radhika Kamaraj (London)

Faiza Hussain (London)

Annette Goldband (United Kingdom)

Sophina anjum (London)

Aurora Prickett (Monmouth, United States)

Aleya Akhtar (London, UK): I am proud to be a Bengali but this has bought shame on our country.

M. Abdullah (Tasikmalaya, Indonesia)

Azhari (Indonesia): make dua for them. - From Muslim of Indonesia

Mahar (Jakarta, Indonesia): Save Rohingya

shahzeb ahmed (new delhi, india): nothing to say here. Make dua for them .

Sarah Brown (Cambridge, UK)

Sarah John (United States)

Muhid miah (London, uk)

Shinta (US)

Sweda Chandran (Washington, DC)

Sarah Ahmed (Manglore, India ): It is inhumane to turn your backs on fellow humans. They have already experienced much hardship and have risked their lives to get safety in your country. Furthermore, you are, as stated above, showing the rest of the world that you do not care about the well being of others. This would have a hugely negative impact on bangladesh. Open your gates to the refugees and help save lives.

Naeem Ali Khan (Chicago)

Mumtha Hana Shumi (North wales)

Mohammad Chowdhury (Aberdeen): Bangladesh government should have basic sympathy for the human rights beyond religion or ethnicity

Arslan Shahid (London, UK)

Mark Cambridge (London)

Tarek Chaudhury (London, UK)

salam althahai (Oregon USA)

Nadeem Ahmed (London)

Mahdi Hassan (Ottawa)

Jonathan Rahim (London)

Jasmin (London): May Allah (SWT) grant them sabr and be with them during this time.

Anamul Hoque (londo)

Md Khairul Alam (Uk)

Sultana Yasmin (Uk)

Rabeya Ali (WDC, US.): The Holy Quran instructs Its followers to make sure their neighbors are fed before they take their own daily meal. Myanmar(Burma) is our neighbor, in a larger context. The Burmese are extremely hard working, who's craftsmanship with silver has ornamented woman in her neighboring states for years. Physicians of Laos have shown exemplary efforts to treat the malnourished, the injured once on their border. Suu Kyi has earned all her credibility to head her motherland with political support from many of friends of Bangladesh, France for instance. Bangladesh needs to house our guests with all degree of respect.

Naimah Tasnim Kamal (London,UK)

Andy Pryce (Birmingham UK)

Shah Islam (Birmingham, UK)

Musa Ahmed (London)

Zara Choudhary (Taplow, UK)

Rabbas Blossom (uk)

Musharaf Hussain (London,UK)

Qasim Shafi (London)

Rahi Rahman (London)

Ferzana Saddiq (Huddersfield, UK): To sit back and watch and not do anything, is as bad as committing these atrocities yourself

Syeda Sadia Rahman (London, UK)

Grant Lomas (United Kingdom)

Mohammed Yahya (London)

Lubna Aktar (london)

Selly-Raby Kane (Dakar)


Ashley Hardy (Nottingham, UK)

E Byrd (USA): Ar-Razzaq will provide for the refugees. May Allah give us all the faith and resources to do our part. Amin.

Khurram Malik (Slough. UK): May Allah make the situation of the Muslims in Mayanmar easy for them, and accept their dead as shaheed!

mahbub (london)

saad farooqui (London, UK)

Hanin Al-chouafi (London)

Amatullah Tabassum Nur (Earth): The action, or rather lack of action, Bangladesh is taking is appalling. If the tables were turned we would be quick to ask for hand outs, so why ignore our neighbours? If for no other reason, then for the sake of humanity we should help these innocent men, women and children which are being slaughtered for simply breathing in air. It is about time we stop the ignorance and stand up for the vulnerable.

Hasnet Lais (London): If the images of children on operating tables does not prompt you to action, then nothing will.

lorenzo mounuiai (London)

Nada Abuzaid (Canada)

Janet Chowdhury (London)

rozina sohail (london, uk)

Mehran-Tahmina Chowdhury (Canada)

Gabriel Hurst (SE10)

Henry Purlear (W4)

Sheromie Brewster (London)

Grace Savage (West London)

Lottie Faulkner (South West London)

Erik Smoke (London)

Brenda Achara (Croydon)

Sonia chowdhury (North London)

Michelle Mangal (N5)

Sunum Adegun (Twickenham)

Stephanie Chung (N1)

Nathalie Chung (North London)

Robert Tsu (N5)

Qurratulainn Siddiqui (London Uk)

Laura Hillman (North london)

Khald hussain (London)

Kate Cunningham (South East London)


Rachel Hearne (SE4 )

joblu khan (United Kingdom): Shame on you for not helping our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and childre. SHAME ON YOU!

Hussain Makke (London): The truth will throw down anyone who goes against it.

Siobhan Callghan (SE4)

Denise Gilsmen (Surrey)

Lisa M G (SE4, London)

Shuhana Azad (UK)

Martin Walsh (Wood Green)

Weng Yu (West London)

Mugibur Rahman (SE London)

A Hill (London)

M Whiteman (Camberwell)

T Lindon (London)

janyalom rahman (london, UK)

Jay Millar (Tower Hamlets)

antul komat (Dlaston)

Christina Super (Hackney)

Aoite Yourell (North London)

Kate Masters (Hackney)

farah munir (london, UK)

Soodeh Akhondan (London, UK): How can they fight for human rights when the group have been completely de-owned and left to fend for themselves?

Thamina aktar (Norwich )

Sean Garvin (East London)

Kemi Ellis (east London)

Donika Berisha (London, UK)

Andy Tang (Cambridge)

Carole Ellis (East London)

Shereen Rodney (North london)

Shahanaz Hussain (United Kingdom)

hamidah amani (UK): Everyone deserves the right to a home

Syed Shahrul Alom (london): This is disgraceful and shameful how can the bangladesh government not open its borders to help members of society. Shows their utter ignorance how self minded they are.

elisa Hudson (uk)

Farzana Hassan (London): Mumtaz Latif has a truly amazing soul. Restlessbeings an amazing organisation. Bravo to you guys! Fudge

Jamal Tuhin (London)


Jamal Tuhin (London)

Saeema (London)

A. Wardemann (Brussels, Belgium)

Nareen Jandu (Adelaide, Australia)

Jothi Ravi (London)

abdul hamid (London)

Ikramul haque (London)

Deluxchen Rajkumar (London, UK)

Salma Khan (London)

Gage Meadows (Duncanville, Alabama, USA)

Tahmina Quddus (London, UK)

Usama Hasan (London, UK)

Neil lag (London)

hafizur rahman (london, uk)

Abeedah Anwar (London)

Fatimah ameen (London): Please help save lives!

Shah Choudhury (United Kingdom)

Fary (London, UK)

Kay Razzaq (London)

Umar Anwar (London)

Norsheen ali (London,uk)

Ali Datoo (London, UK)

forida hamid (London)

saadia islam (United Kingdom)

siddiqa hoque (United Kingdom)

ruhena muslimah (london uk)

Hira U (Brooklyn, NY)

Rima Khanom (UK)

Sanjana Uddin (Plaistow )

Jushna Begum (London)

abdullah adekola (compiegne france): everyone deserves justice and good treatment

Fad dhabar (London)

Deepa Begum (London)

Sharmin Akhtar (London)

Diana Tung (USA)

F J Uddin (London, UK)

Thamanna Ayazi (London, UK)

Sadiqul Islam (London)

Saw Mi Mi Kyaw (Deutschland)

Rabiah Qureshi (London UK)

Saira Khatun (London)

Raheel Husain (London)

Raheel Hussain (London)

Imran Khan (London): Shame really! Save them people they need us.

nargis begum (london)

Zaneb hussain (London): This is a good cause! Join and support man!!

Farhad Ahmed (London)

Ahmet Demir Mehmet (London)

Foisol uddin (London)

Jahanara Ahmed (Burnley)

Sanam Ahmed (London)

shabeer ahmed (birmingham, uk)

Miss Amina Begum (London)

Swathi malepati (Pittsburgh, pa)

Claire Jenkins (London)

S Patel (London)

Sam Patel (Stratford, London): I fully support this petition, to not do so is unawesome

Humaira Aslam (uk)

Syeda Akther (London)

rahima rahman (london, uk)

t hutchinson (essex)

Tanbir Uddin (London)

Muniba Rafiq (London, UK)

Nadhia khanom (London)

Razia Khanom (Bradford)

Quddsia Malik (london): This is outrageous and fully support the petition

Sayed Choudhury (London)

Ijaz Choudhury (London)

Fatima Khanom (Bradford)

Riaz Choudhury (London)

Ayobami Ekosanmi (United Kingdom)

Afia Choudhury (London)

Abdul Latif (London)

Junaid Latif (London)

Rizwana Latif (London)

Rokeya Latif (London)

Fahmidha Begum (Bedford, UK)

Md shamsul Arefin (Uk): I will be very happy if bd govt allow the rohinga to bd for the crisis movement

Jenny Kim (Philadelphia, PA)

judy g. russell (salem, oregon usa)

rowena wells (uk)

Will Hunting (UK): Signed

Lynn DeBeal (USA): Why are we not hearing about this. More Ethnic cleansing based ON RELIGION. :(

Sawsan Therese (London, UK)

radiance Cooper (Michigan,USA)

Sofeda Chopstick (London.)

Sadia Ali (Surrey)

Fahmida Khanam (London, UK)

Reema Khasawinah (U.S.)

lucas Gramajo (toronto,Canada)

Farzana Meah (United Kingdom)

Ashlee Martin (Sheffield, UK)

Emaan Khan (United States)

Sarah Khasawinah (Washington D.C. )

Shahidur Chokdar (United Kingdom): Freedom should be obligatory for all

Benedict Rogers (United Kingdom)

Shiria Baksh (Burnley)

Jahana Begum (newcastle upon tyne, uk)

Tasfia Ahmed (UK)

Noor Khan (Portland, OR)

Afrah Ahmed (Portland, OR)

Noorur Choudhury (London): let em in

Nehad Ul Islam (Toronto, Ontario, Canada): Whatever we do today... Our youth will follow tom

Noor Khan (Portland, OR)

Martin LeSanto-Smith (London,UK.)

Sami Bashraheel (London, UK)

ANDA VLASAKU (london): provide refuge for thousands of the desperate Rohingya who are crying to Bangladesh for some help !!!! do it now!

Rojin Ammar (Dhaka.Bangladesh)

Saiam Ahmed (Uxbridge, UK): Free the border!

rima hussain (london): please allow these people to take refuge in bangladesh

Talat (London, uk)

Abdul Kalam (Leeds): Rohingya will raise

Jameya Ahmed (London)

Myint Swe (London)

Mohamed Azam (Forest Gate)

Esther White (KY USA)

Hussein (Forest)

Ebrahimsa (London)

Lucy Anderson (London)

Pete masters (London)

Carmel Foohan (London)

Ifuk Kovacikova (London)

Nathaniel Sobhee (London)

Ravi Baioumng (London)


Abjol Miah (London)

Abdul Asad (London)

Mohammed Abedin (London)

Yusuf Saad (UK)

Ahsan (London)

Hifzul Amin (London)

KRAE (London)

Momen (London)

Lemis Al Naseri (UK): Free the border for the Rohingya!

Iqbal (London)

Tanim Choudhury (London)

Eddie Dakor (London)

VAMIQUE SAYED (Bombay): Beware of your deeds in , because the witness is also the judge.

Wasim Soogund (London)

Layla Begum (London)

Magnus Nybo (London)

Hamed Barik (Limehouse, london)

Dolly Rahman (Lomdon)

Salma Begum (London)

Debbie Warrener (London)

Sam Ward (London)

Lousie Alexander (London)

Leyla kara (London)

Nafeesa Ahmed (London, UK): Something needs to be done. Let's hope that people are willing to help.

Summiya Begum (London)

aysha bibi (london)

Menghan Shen (New York, new York )

Huma sheikh (dubai)

Aidah (Singapore)

Hadi Yousuf (Hemel Hempstead): I am very sad that no one will help the Rohingya people.

Darab Ali (London,UK): These people should be given a chance to live not sent to their deaths!

You may think that signing this petition will not make any difference to the situation, even then, we are all part of the same humanity. If a person or society is being oppressed, its your duty as a fellow human to react.

Jhourun Nessa Yousuf (Hemel Hempstead)

John Snowdon (United Kingdom)

Grace Stubel (Philadelphia, PA)

Nawaz ahmed (Manchester UK)

Ala Miah (Newcastle upon Tyne United Kingdom): Help these people please and one day when you need help someone will help you inshallah

Arash Sharifi (London, UK)

taimura majette (USA): hope this will help those inocent people, please open yourhearts and help!!

Juleka Begum (Newcastle upon Tyne UK): Bangladesh needs to help these people.

bilkish begum (United Kingdom): Please protect the people of Burma. Us Bangladeshi Muslims in Britain are given shelter when we are being racially abused therefore Bangladesh should to other human beings. We must help each other it is about humanity this is a responsibility for all people.

Kasim Ahmed (United Kingdom)

onguene (France): :(((((((((((!
why why why!!!!

Sidrah Salihah Iqbal (Manchester, UK)

Margit Horvat (London,UK)

Zeena Hussain (Coventry, UK)

Tozomul ali (London)

kalam quazi (London, UK): Bangladesh please don't forget you were once part of a genocide and ethnic cleansing movement. Please show compassion to your fellow humans, and do something good for once in your otherwise selfish existence!

Farjana Absar (United States)

Maryam Faisal (Sharjah, UAE)

Jonathan Lewis (UK)

shumona sikdar (london uk)

Eleni agathoklEous (London uk)

Lachlan Free (Toowoomba, Australia)

Sabiha Bismillah (London)

Rezia Khanom (London, UK)

Marsha O'Meara (London)

Kevin Warne (London, UK)

Zara abdirazak (london uk)

Alice Boullin (Leic, uk)

zahra mian (London UK)

Masumah Akhtar (Manchester)

Mohammed Azim Ahmed (South Wales, UK)

kelly hussain (dewsbury): this is relly awful may Allah proctect them and keep them safe Ameen. Shame on the bangladesh,s goverment for not helping.

seyhan (northern cyprus)

Kafy Shiyne (London,UK)

Jasmine Hussain (United Kingdom)

Piara Begum (London)

Monica hussain (Birmingham, UK)

Abdul Khan of ratethatcurry.com (UK)

Louise Ahmed (Manchester): Disgraceful behaviour by Bangladesh's government. They must allow these refugees a safe haven, as said above its basic human rights.

Susan Nazari (London)

Syed Salman (Bangladesh)

Joshua James Denton (London, UK): As above!

Raha begum (Lancashire, UK)

Atiyeh Ardakanian (United Kingdom)

Mahir Miah (Birmingham): Show some heart and humanity and give refuge to people in desperate need of safety and security instead of lining you pockets you corrupt lot! If you don't remember it could happen to you one day; you will be held responsible for these people's dearh on the judgement day :(

Afjol Hussain (London, UK): Show some heart and humanity and give refuge to people in desperate need of safety and security instead of lining you pockets you corrupt lot! If you don't remember it could happen to you one day; you will be held responsible for these people's dearh on the judgement day :(

Jackir Hussain (Northampton)

Norma Lewis (UK): We cannot allow this situation to continue in the 21st century. The Rohingya people cannot just vanish into thin air!! Meaningful dialogue to find a permanent and peaceful resolution to the problems now outstanding,is the only way foward.

Houda Cheikh (London, UK)

Jahanara Uddin (Birmingham, UK)

mohammad min thein (germany,paderborn)

Zarrin Hossain (United Kingdom)

Nadia Ali (London)

Muaz Zuffrie Zune (Malaysia): ..Brothers n sisters Muslim Rohingya In Arakan we pray for you all..!!!

Taliya (London,UK)

Mohammed Idrees (United Kingdom)

Avick (Arakan): Most Forgotten And Diaspora people are Rohingya.

Saida Hussain (London)

Hajera Khatun (London)

rukshana ali (London UK)

Ahmod Rony (United Kingdom): I would happy to help this organisation to remove current problem.

Sheikh Oli (United Kingdom): Really I want to see this problem in not exist any more.

Ferdousi begum (Bradford )

Kiran Rahim (London UK)

Kamran A Ansari (London Uk)

Najma Uddin (United Kingdom)

Grhcars@msn.com (Bradford uk): It is your duty not only as humans but more importantly as Muslims to help ppl in need especially your fellow brothers and sisters

Julie chowdhury (Stockholm, Sweden )

Farhana Bangladesh (London)

reem qasimi (dubai)

Virginia Matthews (Sussex)

Afshana Nahar (London, UK)

Zaheerah Khan (London)

William M (Devon, UK)

Hyder Pirwany (Okehampton): Ethic cleansing is against all principles of Islam and humanity.

shamim ahamed (Rio from Chittagong): If Hindus who migrated in 47 can return in Bangladesh, If Biharis who fought against Bangladesh can live in BD since 71, If Buddhists persecuted by Moghs can settle in Chittagong Hill Tracts, Why not our fellow neighbouring brethern, who speaks Chittagongian language, should be allowed in Chittagong/Coxs bazar/Teknaf-- there are thousands of miles of uninhibited lands around CHT, which could shelter temporarily these Unfortunate Human beings. Our Hearts goes out for these Chittagongian speaking Nation, next door to our River Naf/Karnaphuli. The world is to share for all Human, not for Religious or cultural groups. Equally people from Chittagong did take refuge in Akyab/Arakan during 17th & 18th century. The Govt of Bangladesh must re-visit History of Chittagong, the proud land of Surya Sen.

Kamarul Azizan bin Abd Raman (Kuala Terengganu, Malayisa): Robbuna Yusahhil

Mohammed Arif (birmingham ): I'm very saddened by what's happening. people of all skin colour and all faiths are people.spread the the word please.

Eva van Loenen (Southampton, UK)

Sara Kassam (London)

Supria Baidya (London): May Allah grant those who have died the highest of heavens Ameen

Mohammed Z Khan (Slough UK)

Ru Nayib (london): I think it is disgusting these people are being turned away in their hour of eed from a little country which has benefited from aid from a multitude of avenues. Why can't compassion be shown!!!!

mohammad kamal (malaysia): stop the violency

Sohair Khan (USA)

Momina (USA )

Nurul Akmar (Malaysia): Respect their rights for we are all humans, and we are no different than them, if we were to be in their shoes.

J Muhammad (Malaysia)

ajaz mohammed (Kent, UK)

Rifat Ahmed (Yonkers, NY)

Tahsin Ahmed (Canada)

CM.Fazrul (Seremban, Malaysia)

Myrette MacIntyre (London UK)

Shani Begum (Canada)

mac miah (london): yes do something....inaction is not good enough!!!!

Safia Mahjebin (Brooklyn,NY,USA): Signing this petition is the least i can do

Muhammad Rusydi bin Muhammad Razif (Johor, Malaysia): Save Rohingya!!

abdul khoyer (London)

Saad Ali (United States ): If the Muslims arent harming you, Why are you Harming them?
Let the world be a Peaceful place. Please

lalehmoazen (malaysia)

farah zaman (Ottawa, ON)

Sultana Begum (London, UK)

Le'Tita Springs (burbank,CA): I'm a soldier for JUSTICE.

rameel khan (London, UK)

sharjeel khan (London, UK)

Yasin Iqbal Rahman (Ottawa, Canada): This must stop!

Faisal Sheikh (Nottingham)

Rume Khanum (United Kingdom)

Isidora Conic (Ottawa, ON)

Hanna Najib (Manchester, uk): Please help these people and put a stop to this barbaric behaviour!

Farihah choudhury (Exeter,uk)

aneesa rehman (bradford): this needs to be stopped! We need everyone's support!

Mohammed Abdul Kahar (UK)

Najmin Begum (Birmingham, UK): Bangladesh authorities need to reminded about 1971! PEOPLE, this is mass murder, genocide whatever you want to phrase it regardless it's not acceptable at all! Action needs to be taken, and the first step is if Bangladesh allow the refugees! RIP all the innocent lives taken away so far..

saq ali (HALIFAX)

shahnaz Bi (walsall)

Abigail-Godiva Asante (London): We're all human, need justice!

shella pjhanord (usa)

Thahmina Begum (Birmingham, UK): help the burmas

Mohammad Rahman (Birmingham): Genocide is not acceptable in any part of the world,do what you can to prevent this atrocity!!!it is our moral obligation that is all I ask!

Mahiyat C (Coventry)

Rukshana Begum (UK): Humans should be there for humans, If we are not gonna be supporting them in this tough time then who will? We say that the 1971's war for Bangladesh had taken away many lives but now that these Rohingya people are losing people, losing family, lands and houses being burnt dont it make any kind if an impact to the Bangladesh government. They need help and Bangladesh should help them now! Remember, you get inreturn of what you give!!!

Imaan Mohammad (South Africa): Let's not play double standards, and let everyone enjoy the freedom they deserve...

Umair Imaan Mohammed (Huddersfield, UK)

Maimun Rahman (Durham, UK)

Kobirul Islam (Birmingham, UK): i just wanted to help

Tanjila Rahman (NY)

Robert Miles Bunch (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

syeda begum (Newcastle,UK)

Naima Rouf (Norfolk): Have a heart!! we were once in a desperate position. Help the ones who are in need now.

Shahnaz Begum (London)

Azizul Salehudin (Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic): Islam teaches practice of justice towards all mankind regardless religion, races and ethnics.

kushba begum (london uk)

nazmin nessa (london uk)

Kayes hussain (London): May Allah help all the people in need, throughout the world...!!!

Zak Kabir (London, UK)

Shamima Begum (Walsall UK)

Zahrah Awaleh (United Kingdom): Please give these poor desperate people refuge in Bangladesh and save the lives of these Burmese Muslims, your brothers and sisters in faith, and show the humanity we should all wish to be shown in similar dire circumstances.

Thank you.

Maeesha Ibnaat (Ontario, Canada)

Amar Ikhwan Ab'llah (Malaysia)

Muhammad T (Birmingham, UK): sign for justice and equality for the rohingya people!

Amina ali (London)

Mohd Haziqq Bin Mohd Isa (Malaysia)

Isha Rahman (Canada): Insha'Allah this catches the right attention. Du'as. To turn our backs on these innocent civillians is honestly horrendous.

Rita Uddin (London): Please help these people! No-one should be treated like this

aila zaib (manchester uk)

Dr Salim Mullah (London, UK)

Rafiq Talukhdar (Birmingham, UK): Burmas goverment needs to sort this mess out, and should accept these people as a citizens of burma. It looks like to me burma has a hitler regime against muslim and how could the international community just let this happen? The culprits in this case has blatently got the burma goverments backing or the goverment is putting a blind eye to their homegrown racism. Either way the burmese goverment has failed.

Ahmad Najib Azmi (Malaysia)


amaal yasiin (borlange, Sweden)

Ali Shahalam (United Kingdom)

Zanab Jafry (Ontario, Canada): Help them, please.

Salma Abdirahman (Cairo)

Noor Rashid Bin Amirdin (Kuala Lumpur, MY)

Jazmin Kennedy (Manchester): I am against ethnic cleansing, i stood up for the Jews, the South Africans, the Palestinians and i am now standing up for the Rohingya community!

Sedar Konca (LONDON)

Muhammad Akmal Abdul Ghani (South Australia, London)

Daniel David (Madrid)

Asyraf Farique (Malaysia): May God bless them

Nazira Begum (London)

jubar Ahmed (London)

Abu Bakr Syddek (Birmingham, UK): Dr. M. Sayeedur Rahman Khan
High Commissioner of The People's Republic of Bangladesh, London
28 Queens Gate

Dr Khan,

I am writing to you regarding the recent inaction of the Bangladesh Government in the face of ethnic cleansing and humanitarian crisis that has developed over the past month in bordering Myanmar.

As you know many Rohingya from Myanmar who are facing violence and persecution based on ethnicity and religion have been fleeing the country to find refuge in Bangladesh in Teknaf. These refugees have been turned back to face the rough waters and return to almost imminent death in Myanmar under instruction by Foreign Minister Dipu Moni. Alongside the UN and many sovereign nations who have pleaded with the Government of Bangladesh to open its borders temporarily to provide shelter and reprieve to these stateless Rohingya, Bangladesh has refused to do so.

Channel 4 has recently highlighted the extent of the problem in a report aired on Monday 25th June 2012. Not only is this creating a negative image for the country of Bangladesh but also paints a picture that the Government does not pay much attention to the Human Rights atrocities that are taking place on its doorstep.

We urge you to take forward our collective calls to engage in a dialogue with the Government over this issue and further to provide refuge for thousands of the desperate Rohingya who are crying to Bangladesh for some help.

Aside all politics and legalities, this is a matter of basic human rights that we all share, and cannot ignore.

Yours Faithfully

The Undersigned

Hicham Majjoudou (london UK): "Hasbouna Allah wa ni`mal waki"

Fokrul Hoque (London)

Musabbir Ahmad (London)

Naeema Choudhury (London)

Istiaque Ahmad (United Kingdom)

mohd azmir bin mohd razli (johor, malaysia): what is Aung San Su Kyi doing?! is she blinded by the nobel prize she won?! has she forgotten the people who supported them when she was imprisoned?

Jasmin Hussein (Egypt)

sarina leah mantle (london): We are all one people, this should not be ignored and no human should be attacked in violence and persecution based on there ethnicity and religion, the Bangladesh Government need to help there people by opening the borders and keeping people alive -!!!

Afia khan (Aberdeen)

Kulsum patel (Birmingham)

Syed Enam Ahammad (London)

Nagina Mahmood (London)

Sadia aziz (London)

Sadia aziz (London)

Meryem Meg (leeds UK)

Sofhina Khatun (Coventry, UK)

Daniyal Malik (Jersey City, NJ USA)

Samera Ali (Berkshire, UK)

George Woods (london)

Toni Martin (United Kingdom)

Zehraa Alam (Blackburn, UK)

Ahmed Mohammed (Birmingham,uk)

Nagina Ahmed (Birmingham, uk): 'and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all humanity' Qur'aan 5:32

Chi Tin (London)

Jashim Uddin (London)

Hamaz parvez (london)

khadija khanum (birmingham)

Kabir Uddin (London, uk): May Allahs curse be upon the transgressors

Abid Abdullah (london)

Abdus samad (London,UK): In sha allah this petition helps to resolve this disastrous problem

Aish khanum (Birimingham)

Uddin salah (London)

Nifu Miah (Luton)

Jahirul Haque (london)

Scott Brown (Washington D.C., United States)

Sadia Noreen (UK)

Jane Ishmael (London)

Anita Roberts (Keelby, Lincolnshire, UK.): I am ashamed to see man's inhumanity to his fellow man

SauWei Chac (London)

Adam Sidat (UK)

Sayeeda Qureshi (london, uk)

Muhammad Ahmed (London)

SJH (Birmingham)

Jerin Lothifa Khanom (London, UK)

Suruk miah (London): Make peace, not war.

Mohima Ahmed (United Kingdom)

Toj Islam (London)

Saleh Chowdhury (UAE): Wishing good luck to the misfortune Rohingyas. May Allah help them find a better place to live in and make their home safe and sound. May destroy the oppressors just as the way they destroy the Muslims.

Graham eddy (Durham)

Ahmad Barotchi (United Kingdom)

Rae Rae (London)

Shorif Ahmed (walsall): Watched the video and I was truly moved my the horrife treatment of the rohyngians

Kath Hall (Brighton, UK)

Maira Halt (Palestine): I ask you to take immediate positive action towards the suffering people in Rohingyas are undergoing due to violence and poverty. "Refugees have no choice. You do." Light

Samir Faruki (Maidenhead): This shows just how selfish the Media is for not giving this crisis enough attention it's wrong, criminal and evil

Mohammed Nurul Haque (London, uk)

m siddika (london, uk)

shuhal miah (london)

Sunil Verma (Delhi, India)

s rashid (uk)

Hanif Ali (Essex)

Jannatul Tarafdar (South Wales)

Dan Rea (Statesboro, Georgia, USA): I urge the Bangladesh government to show the Rohingya people humanity and compassion.

jalal shah (loindon, UK)

Yamin Zakaria (London, UK): Please help those who are oppressed and facing persecution.

Sam Ahmed (London, UK): I really hope more people sign up and show their support.. every little bit helps and this community really needs us now. We cannot justify not doing anything for this community when they are at their most vulnerable.

Nadia Begum (USA)

arzoo anwar (london)

Rukhsar Chaudhry (Scotland)

kabagambe moses (uganda): i stand with the people of ruhingya because for about two years i know what theve been going through, i pledge my full support to see that they are treated like human beings.

Efadul Huq (USA)

Alum Uddin (London UK): We urge the Bangladesh government to show the Rohingya people humanity and compassion.

Daryl Lloyd Davis (Florida, US): One can easily see that these are not violent men, but merely scared, desperate human beings, some quite young. It's one thing to have a neutral foreign policy against helping such refugees; it's another to insist upon it while literally looking in the faces of the doomed.

hassan abdullah (Kerala,India): :(

Zin Oo Wai (Frankfurt am Main, Germany): ျမန္မာျပည္အဝွမ္း႐ိွမည္သၫ္႔လူမ်ိဳးမဆိုအစၥလာမ္ဘာသာကိုးကၢယ္ယံုႀကည္သူတို႕ကိုျမန္မာမြတ္စလင္ဟုေခၚသည္။

Amy Mak (london, UK)

Mubashir (India)

mohammed juner (london): Sallam brs and sisters i am sure we can get more than 2000 signatures

anisa yussuf (London)

Ne Myo Win (Malaysia): Please help out the helpless Rohingyas!!!

mohammed alam (londo)

John F Moore (USA)

Riyaad soopan (London)

Shafina soopan (London): Bangladesh should open their Borders to the rohingya people to help protect them from violence protect them from being massacred.

Terry alberto (London )

kathleen haswell (stafford uk)

michael small (london): This is a real disgrace they are supposed to be your brother muslims let alone your brothers in humanity.

Aisyah Faruk (London)

patrick lamont (Kabul, Afghanistan)

Zaw Naing (Cologne, Germany)

sarah young (london uk)

Amy Ahmed (KSA)

mariya (Syria)

Mohammed Ilyaas Ali (London, Uk): Desire for a brother what you would desire for yourself.

Khabita Ali (Birmingham)

shahieda hariparsad (South Africa): This treatment is inhumane!

Aysha Kousar (Birmingham)

Munim Rahman (London)

Happy Begum (US)

Shah Ahmed (LOndon ): I myself am from Bangladesh it appals me that my country are turning always out fellow Muslim brothers and sisters it's a disgrace in times of need we should help our brothers with open arms, we should help one another and not watch the brothers get humilated and killed...think about the hereafter we all have to answer to Allah for all our actions....I request the government of Bangladesh please help the brothers I beg you just think if this was happening your blood what would you do leave them to rot..,

Liton tahir (London)

Ayesha khanon (Bradford)

Adam H (UK): Please use your position for this good cause.

Yours faithfully,

Adam H

M B ALI (East London )


Tapash Abu Shaim (London): As a nation we shouldn't forget about our past and remember how many Bangladeshi citizen fled to India in 1971?
So, we should accept our neighbor Rohingyas ,who are our family in faith and humanity,who are trying to escape massacre.

Khaled Islam (Uk)

Khaled Ahmed (London)

Samir kamil (London)

Razmina akhtar (London, uk): Bangladesh should allow people to enter the country.

Nur Alam Rahman (Ilford)

Sadrul Alom (London,UK): Regardless of religion it is a duty upon Bangladesh as a neighbouring country to help the people of Rohingya.

Moazzam Ullah (London, UK)

Masum uddin (London)

Michael Lalaounis (London, United Kingdom)

Ali Zaman shah (Uk): Please get the borders opened, these people are also humans and they deserve to be treated fairly

Abdul Mukith (London)

Soe Raza (KL): It is an important situation for BD govt. to tackle. FM of BD should take effective and strong steps rather than accusing Rohingya Muslims with false allegations. Rohingya are unarmed by BNP govt. in 1996-97. Now,they are defenseless and helpless while Rakhines terrorists, racists, extremists are given arms and accompanied by security forces side by side in carrying genocide.BD is the only country that can play the vital role directly or indirectly to solve the Rohingya Muslims' identity crisis, refugee crisis. Myanmar is breeding refugee crisis for BD and BD has trying to become good friend with Myanmar for economic reasons. It is not a good policy. BD is a democratic country its partner should be a democratic one like India. Even India helped Myanmar in the maritime dispute of BD with Myanmar. If BD govt. tries its best, it can demand the Rohingya Muslims' basic fundamental rights including their citizenship rights where they have been living for centuries and they are not illegal immigrants like Rakhines.

Saleh ahmed (London)

Cho Ahmed (London)

yusuf zubair (yangon,myanmar)


Sarah Thompson (London)

hina hussain (london, uk)

Nicholas Kittoe (Carlisle, UK): This action will be without meaning unless the British and other governments pressuring Bangladesh in this matter offer resources to assist that country to behave decently.

Salma Hashem (US): Bangladesh must not forget their history...did anyone not help them when they needed help?

Aeishah Griffiths-Williamson (London, UK)

Sonia Rashid (London)

SHARIFUL Islam (London)

Mohammad Rauf (Jeddah, KSA): Push back Rohingya refugees from Bangladesh to Arakan is completely failure of against human rights where Bangladesh needs support as neighbor or as one of the OIC members and Muslim country. It is not acceptable neither for Rohingyas or international communities including Islamic world. Bangladesh must review its policy against Rohingyas and need to join hands finding a permanent solution with international communities immediately.

sayed (Birmingham)

Tahera Sultana (London)

Regina begum (London uk)

Soleiman Ahmadi (London)

Kamal Uddin (London): In years to come, humanity will look back in shame at the events which are taking place with the Rohingya Community. We have traversed this road many times: Rawanda, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia... on all those occasions it started off on smaller points & ended in genocide. I hope we don't add the Rohingya community to this tragic list of events.

Jaffer Khan (London): It is disturbing to see these impoverished human beings treated worse than animals by an oppressive and ruthless authority in Burma. I plead with the Bangladeshi leadership to allow these people refuge in your country as they are your brothers and sisters and your neighbours. If you cannot help them because of pride, arrogance or fear of financial loss then you are no better, in fact worse, than those that are oppressing them. Please help these people and Allah(swt) will help you. InshAllah.

d-star khan (chitagong)

Wahida Ali (London)

s miah (uk)

Sumaira malik (London, uk )

Anir Azad (Yangon): More than million Rohigya ethnics are dying and struggling for shelter, foods, water and medication healthcare as well as they're being arrested by police and (Nasaka) border guard security..

Samira rokadia (London)

Maiwand Aziz (London)

Ayesha (London)

Mujahida begum (London)

Sheridan O Pritchard (United Kingdom)

Liza Bashar (London, UK)

Ruman Hasan (London)

Amjad Khan (Oldham): The British government must take foreign policy action immediately

Safina Akram (United Kingdom)

Lucy Moore (Worcester, England)

Jooshna (London): This is striking resemblance of the nazi concentration camps and the Bosnian ethnic cleansing. These should never of have happened and should never occur again.

Thashnim Jorna (London, UK)

Sayem Alam (London, UK)

Saima Sadiq (Essex, UK): Allah’s Messenger (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: "A Muslim is the brother of another Muslim, so he should not oppress him, forsake him, or despise him."

Islam establishes human brotherhood on the basis of faith, since faith is a strong bond that takes control of the soul and the inner self, making them respond to its voice. Moreover, race or nationality does not limit this bond. It is not confined to any geographical area. It transcends all of these limitations. It extends to the ends of the Earth.

Mohammed Qulzam (London UK): The importance of brotherhood in Islam can not be over stressed. There are many hadiths relating to the fact the Muslims are a single united body, each part responsible for the other.

Islam is a force for good, a purveyor of peace and justice for everyone. It provides stablility in a quarrelsome world. To the downtrodden and oppressed everywhere in the past, it provided freedom

Yara Farouk (Giza, Egypt): Stop killing muslims NOW! Beware.

Shahine Guul (Buckingham, UK)

Sanwara Ahmed (London)

Mamun Rashid (Exeter, UK)

Shahmime Guul (London, UK)

Carolyn Baguma (London)

fahmida khatun (London)

Wasi Daniju (London, UK)

Mohammed Azam (Bolton)

Siddiqui (United Kingdom): The whole world must join the struggle to provide the rohingya people their human rights in Burma. I request the world community to do everything in their power to resolve the issues of rohingya people

Afshan Azad (Manchester): Wow I'm Bengali and ashamed! When will Bangladesh do anything right?

Tasnim Choudhury (Bristol, UK)

Fauzia Ali Choudhury (London): We all have a responsibilty to protect our less fortunate human beings who are abused by those in power.

Naseer Choudhury (London): This injustice needs to be dealt with. This news should spread.

Nurul Islam (24warwick Road, London E12 6QP): Bangladesh should fulfil its international obligation to give protection to the Rohingya fleeing violence and carnage in Arakan. In her own national interest, Bangladesh needs to play a 'key role' for a permanent solution to this long standing regional problem of international concern.

Muhammad Junaid (Italy)

Dhanya salimkumar (London)

Sharuk Rahman (Kent): When will Bangkadesh get it right, time is precious sort it out

Junaha begum (London)

Sotez Chowdhury (London)

Shelina Begum (London, UK)

Aziza (London): If you fear Allah please let them through, it is disgraceful and inhumane!

Nandini Chauhan (haryana, India)

Noorie Ahmed (London)

Rabiya Chowdhury (Margate): Shame on the Bangladeshi Government!
Our Government are liars, Corrupt, and absolutely shameless, ( There is nothing Muslim about them, infact they are a nastic Government.) At least do one good thing to rectify peoples belief in the Bangladeshi Government. Ramadan is fast approaching, please do the right thing ( as Muslims) and open the borders for the Rohingya people, to enter Bangladesh.

Aadam Malik (London )

nurul islam (burnley, england): Imagine if it was the other way round!

Abdul Hamid (UK)

Fahima Khalil (London, UK)

Immad Akhund (San Francisco)

Fatema Yasmine (San Francisco)

Sibtul Hassan Saqib (Lahore, Pakistan)

Huma Javed (New York): Human life is precious, have empathy

Sharif Choudhury (Manchester, UK)

Gerald L. Banks (Los Angeles, CA): Something needs to be done IMMEDIATELY.

Jannat U. (Toronto, Canada ): We should speak up against genocide anywhere and everywhere. We should also offer helping hand to show the world that when the shots choose inaction, we small ones actually do some work for humanity, even at our hard times!

iman merali (london)

Hamza Dawud Flanagan (United States)

Mohd Ehtesham Ul Haq (India): I am writing to you regarding the recent inaction of the Bangladesh Government in the face of ethnic cleansing and humanitarian crisis that has developed over the past month in bordering Myanmar.

As you know many Rohingya from Myanmar who are facing violence and persecution based on ethnicity and religion have been fleeing the country to find refuge in Bangladesh in Teknaf. These refugees have been turned back to face the rough waters and return to almost imminent death in Myanmar under instruction by Foreign Minister Dipu Moni. Alongside the UN and many sovereign nations who have pleaded with the Government of Bangladesh to open its borders temporarily to provide shelter and reprieve to these stateless Rohingya, Bangladesh has refused to do so.

Channel 4 has recently highlighted the extent of the problem in a report aired on Monday 25th June 2012. Not only is this creating a negative image for the country of Bangladesh but also paints a picture that the Government does not pay much attention to the Human Rights atrocities that are taking place on its doorstep.

We urge you to take forward our collective calls to engage in a dialogue with the Government over this issue and further to provide refuge for thousands of the desperate Rohingya who are crying to Bangladesh for some help.

Aside all politics and legalities, this is a matter of basic human rights that we all share, and cannot ignore.

Yours Faithfully

The Undersigned

Mahin Mirza (UK)

Uwais Namaji (Blackburn)

Nasreen Syed (Chicago, IL)

Shamin Chowdhury (London): May Allah help these people... Insha Allah our voices unite and can be heard by millions ...

Mubin Patel (Blackburn, Lancs, UK)

sadia raja (uk)

Waheeda miah (London)

shahida islam (london)

khadija (London ): i am so ashamed to be bengali right now and never my life have i felt this. I listen to the atrocities that occurred during the Bangladeshi/Pakistani war for independence. The thousands and thousands of bengali's that were killed brings tears to my eyes and anger. During the war we found friendship and support from India. If they turned us away the way Bangladesh is turning away the Rohingya people there would be no Bangladesh today. Please dont turn them away. Muslims are being killed all over the world IRAQ,BOSNIA,SYRIA, PALESTINE, EGYPT. The UN and other governments don't care that Bangladesh is sending the Rohingya people away because you are helping them kill more muslims. Please don't ignore the Rohingya people.

Marwa Islam (Dammam, Saudi Arabia)

Archie Featherstonhaugh (London, UK)

Farhaz Miah (London): This must be stopped for the sake of the very little humanity that is left in humanity. Yes, the Rohingya people may not be able to offer much to the world in terms of being a people of interest to the powers that be, but are they not human? Have we accepted a notion of lesser humans? Have we regressed that much collectively? The world must wake up.

fatima es (birmingham)

Nilima Begum (London)

Sbandirà Alam (London)

ismail ansari (Saudi Arabia, Makkah): We urged the immediate action to stop this serious genocide, ethnic cleaning by sending UN peace-keeping force to Arakan to protect innocent people.

Qaisar Wahr (london)

Rahul Kumar (London)

Jay Miah (London)

mahseen chowdhury (london uk): im a bengali and im heart broken for my people oh ALLAH dem people out der

Sheba Begum (London)

Mariam Hussain (London )

Hamim Miah (London): Those people who call themselves leaders of Muslim countries are nothing but bone and flesh and one they to will have to die and answer for their actions and Allah Almighty is the most just.

Hilena begum (London uk)

Ikran abdi (Ohio,USA)

Hina Bhalsod (London)

Shahrina Ahmed (London)

hanna osundina (london)

Shaista Chishty (London, UK)

Ak (Birmingham, UK)

Ciara Bowles (London)

Mahbub Alam (London, UK): I urge the Bangladeshi government to prove to the world that they have at least the slightest appreciation of justice left in this world.

Afsana Akther (London, UK)

Abu Zubaer (London)

Salma Ali (London, UK)

rumina begum (london)

Lamees Rehman (UK)

Umm Ab (UK)

Geo Karl Pavlov (London, UK)

Carina Tran (United Kingdom)

roheema begum (london,uk)

az ad (Reading UK): Dr. M. Sayeedur Rahman Khan
High Commissioner of The People's Republic of Bangladesh, London
28 Queens Gate

Dr Khan,

I am writing to you regarding the recent inaction of the Bangladesh Government in the face of ethnic cleansing and humanitarian crisis that has developed over the past month in bordering Myanmar.

As you know many Rohingya from Myanmar who are facing violence and persecution based on ethnicity and religion have been fleeing the country to find refuge in Bangladesh in Teknaf. These refugees have been turned back to face the rough waters and return to almost imminent death in Myanmar under instruction by Foreign Minister Dipu Moni. Alongside the UN and many sovereign nations who have pleaded with the Government of Bangladesh to open its borders temporarily to provide shelter and reprieve to these stateless Rohingya, Bangladesh has refused to do so.

Channel 4 has recently highlighted the extent of the problem in a report aired on Monday 25th June 2012. Not only is this creating a negative image for the country of Bangladesh but also paints a picture that the Government does not pay much attention to the Human Rights atrocities that are taking place on its doorstep.

We urge you to take forward our collective calls to engage in a dialogue with the Government over this issue and further to provide refuge for thousands of the desperate Rohingya who are crying to Bangladesh for some help.

Aside all politics and legalities, this is a matter of basic human rights that we all share, and cannot ignore.

Yours Faithfully
Az Ad

Mishkat Choudhury (London, UK )

Janique Wilson (Huddersfield)

Lisa Grant (United Kingdom)

monsur miah (london)

Andie Macario (London, UK)

Salma khatun (London)

Kelli Sayfullah (London): not forgotten

Fatima Hoque (West Midlands, UK)

Kayleigh harris (London)

Pader McCroudi (London, UK): It's our duty to look out for each other.

Jesmin sardar (London): Stop the atrocities

Robi Rajib (East London)

Yasmin Ferdaws (London)

Anhar Meah (lon): There is absolutely no excuse or justifiable reason for the GOB to deny the Rohingya refugees the right to a safe haven from the butchery and massacre by the Burmese.

Omar Ilyas (United Kingdom): Inshallah

inderjit kaur claire (london): Myanmar India and China's governments allow such a vast amount of human rights abuse, their attitude is disgusting to say the least, we need more people to support these causes.

Nowsheen Monaf (London)

Nazia Choudhury (Surrey, UK)

Zawahir Chowdhury (London): Please free the Rohingas!

mariha ahmed (london)

Novera Fatima (Hyderabad, Pakistan): Put an end to the oppression. Free the Rohingas.
Only if we were born in Burma, we could understand how it feels.

Zuned Miah (London, UK): Insha Allah Bangladesh will see sense and help these people out, we are all human and should help one another whenever we can.

Muqid Khan (London, United Kingdom)

Carol Grayson (United Kingdom): I was very disturbed to hear from a journalist friend in Dhaka reporting on Rohingya fleeing violence and how concerned he was that men, women and children were being turned back at the border... and I request that their situation is considered and an action plan put in place to avoid more deaths. Thank-you... http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Southeast_Asia/NF16Ae02.html

Anjumanara Hussain (London, UK)

Ali Jibran (Lahore, Pakistan)

Sirina Choudhury (Leicestershire, UK)

Noreen Ahmed (Jeddah, SA)

Sharon Matthews (manchester uk)

Waheda Begum (Birmingham)

raheela khattab (luton, UK)

Renee Menefer (Birmingham)

Sara Riyaz Malik (Liverpool)

wegdan mohamed (sheffield ,UK)

Syeda Ruzina Begum (London)

Min Gu Kwon (United States)

Mahmoud Ghazi (Egypt)

Mahamudul Karim (Dhaka): If we consider ourselves as Human there is no alternative to lending a helping hand to other suffering Beings...

Humaun Rashid (London): PLEASE PLEASE. help those who are so common to you

Nadia (Bristol)

Rofikul Islam (Tower Hamlets )

Shukri Hersi (london)

Aminah Adan (london)

Zakwaan Ali (Worcester)

Ruby Ullah (London)

Taqwaa (London)

Mahmud Ferdous (London)

Mahbub Anam (London UK)

Z Chowdhury (London )

joanna pritchard (london)

jaweria ayub (islamabad)

Asad Ali (Birmingham, UK)

Shunali Miah (West Yorkshire, UK)

Umamah Ahmed (Birmingham, UK)

Melanie Teff (London)

zakia variava (London)

Professor Elaine Nakahashi (Hawaii): Its worrying that many Burmese and Bangladeshi journalists, leaders, thinkers are saying that the situation with the Rohingya should not get in the way of a fruitful partnership which is taking place between the two countries. 'Get in the way'?!?! This angers me very much. How can two nations, in the face of suffering, bring up political and prospective motives/plans. Surely the fact that people are being killed and ethnic tensions between communities are rising should take priority. Bangladesh and Burma governments need to focus on the struggle right in front of them, NOW. Please do not let this be the mass cleansing of yet another indigenous community. We must co-exist... this is not a religious issue. It is clear to see that leaders are mobilizing religious and cultural tools to cause tension between communities. These tactics are very clear, and anything you do not do now is a significant indication of your desire to buy more time so more can continue to suffer. Its nauseating to think that humanity can come to such situations and even dare to bring politics into it. PEOPLE ARE DYING, THEY ARE STATELESS, THE UN clearly outlines that every human being on this planet has the right to a state, has the right to belong! Why is this being ignored? Why is this not being applied? We really need to address this immediately.

Iram Ally (London, UK)

Ei Pwint Phyu (Myanmar)

Halima Shahid (London)

Hiba (United States)

Nora Rowley MD MPH (Illinois, USA): I worked in Rakhine and was overwhelmed with the wholesome and peaceful character of the Rohingya and many Rakhine that I worked with and cared for. The brutality and hatred of the other Rakhine, regime and other xenophobic anti-Muslims in Burma was frightening. I was in awe of the strength of the Muslim who have been treated to humiliation and brutality in everything they do to survive for generations.

Cllr Paul Sztumpf (Harlow Essex): The Rohingya from Myanmar have human right just like you and I.

Andrew Edward Slattery (United Kingdom)

Amir Ahmed (Birmingham)

Sajida (UK)

Adeel (Birmingham)

Imtiaz Ahmed (UK)

Hina Ahmed (Birmingham)

Sofia Ahmed (Birmingham)

Khan (UK)

mal cheb (victoria, australia )

Mark Samson (London UK): Please provide shelter and relief to the stateless Rohingya. Also please accept international aid for helping the Rohingya and local people living in poverty near the refugee camps.

Mohammad Ismail (Cambridge): Please talk with the international community to humanities crisis in the border of bangladesh and Mayanmer

m.faheem (pakistan): :(

Bahrom Sulong (Singapore): Bangladesh government, please open your borders to these people.

Mohammad Hassan (Australia)

mehreen jahangaiz (Islamabad Pakistan ): no words.., :(((((((((((((((

Junaid Alam (Dhaka, Bangladesh): Please accept the Rohingya Refugee from humanitarian ground.

Sofia Javed (Pakistan)

Tania Ahmed (Somerville, MA, United States): Please help these refugees!

Ali Zaidi (United Kingdom)

aysha begum (uk): if you help others others will help you.

Soumaya Ahmadoun (Antwerp, Belgium)

Mahbuba Hussain (Portsmouth ): May justice prevail

Hina Khan (Pakistan)

Sabeela Jan (London, UK)

Sobia asfar (Ireland)

Miss Kanom Bibi (London)

James Reid (Reading, UK)

Majeda begum (London,Uk)

Daniel james (London)

Arifur Rahman (London (UK))

Sarah Zafar (Karachi,Pakistan)

Rojin Khairul (Manchester, UK): I'm a proud Bangladeshi. Make me prouder.

zarka durrani (pakistan)

Shaista khan (Uk): Please help the people who are fleeing to your country from tyranny and torture!

Abdul Quddus Wahid (London, Uk): Insha'Allah, Justice will come.

Abid Iqbal (Soihull)

Affsheen Yousaf (Pakistan)

MRS KHAN (SAUDIA ARAB): we are with you!

Nereida Llonch (USA): Please help them! Please.

Khin Myint (Ctg, BD)

Josephine Iris Alimoren (UAE)

Farzana Ahmed (London )

A Quddus (London )

Saiful Alom (London, UK)

tanjina nasrin (london uk)

Sabya khanom (Uk): Plwase help these people

Rashida Khatun (London)

khalida mohammed (west midlands)

asmaa amatullah (Pakistan)

Rina Akhtar (London)

K Amani (London, UK)

Neil Spencer (Palmerston North): I pray this is the positive step to change

Malik Mohammed Ali Dawood Khan (London)

Gergely Szabo (New Plymouth, New Zealand)

Ubaid Saiyed (UAE): Selfish Bangladesh Government........They came to India for help when they were being crushed by Pakistan. They forgot all those dayz i guess. They should remember those dayz and extend their help to these helpless people. The people of Bangladesh should also raise their voices against the Government's decision.

Abdul Azim (Globe Town, Tower Hamlets): It's disgraceful. I think desh will be bettter under military rule!

Farhan (Dhaka): Help them ASAP please

Cherry Lee (Malaysia. ): I know it may be hard, but just try to imagine that this is you and your family.

Nadia Begh (Birmingham)

Mariam Namusoke (London)

Nafisa Khan (Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Jowayria Batool (Birmingham, UK)

Wisnu Aria Wardana (Jakarta, ID): I herewith support in order that Bangladesh Government will allow refugees from the Rohingya fled to Bangladesh

Bahar Sobari (Jakarta, Indonesia): Save them from genocide , Now !!!

Abdullah Al Latif (New York, USA)

Bai Noori (Philippines): Stop the violence NOW!

Tengku Mhd Hardiansyah (Indonesia): please save muslim of burma :(

Rania (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia): The people of Rohingya doesn't deserve a fate like this. Bangladesh should come out and help a reaching hand to these poor and homeless refugees.

nisma mokhtar (Cimahi, Indonesia)

Farhan Rahman (United Kingdom): I don't get why my country isn't helping and allowing these people seek refuge in Bangladesh! If these people are in such a state then as Muslims we MUST help our brothers and sisters! Why are we rejecting this when we have the chance to save so many lives?!

salah Abdul-Rahman (birmingham, uk): this just clearly shows how our rulers are today... they possess a title which they fail to act upon.. and this is happening all over the world and i think we all know that this is a sign of something greater inshallah. allah dose things for a reason and patience is our main key, to those who struggled then their struggle shall not go unavailingly for those who are helpless let their du'a and patience be a force against evil ... May allah (swt) quicken his victory upon the muslim ummah, ameeen

Farhan Rahman (United Kingdom)

Omar El-Saleh (Dubai, UAE)

Salina Begum (London, UK): Please hold a dialogue with the government of Bangladesh. The people of Burma are evidently in a dire state, if Bangladesh can provide refuge and help in the name of humanity then it ought to provide that support, refusing such basic human rights is astonishing and really disgraces Bangladesh.

One never knows when it may require a helping hand in a time of devastation, and many times Bangladesh has looked to others for that hand, so surely in a time when Bangladesh is now in that position that can help, why is it refusing to do so?

Bangladesh really need to for the sake of humanity and as a God forbearing country not deny these people of security and shelter and the chance for hope and survival.

It saddens me deeply that although Bangladesh are not actively/directly involved in the genocide they are no better than the perpetrators as they are currently blocking entry for those who managed to escape only to send them back to be subjected to mass genocide. Watching evil and letting it carry on when Bangladesh has the power to help some of the estranged makes Bangladesh just as bad as the wrong doers as its inaction is passive acquiescence of the violence innocent Burmese civilians are being subjected to.

Please help these people. May Allah help humanity and enable humans to help each other in times of need. Need to help our own brotherhood. Hope all those who have petitioned and commented will create a material bearing on influencing and urging Bangladesh to make the right decision and help their fellow human beings. :(

Zia Ali (Luton)

Abdul Mukith (London,UK)

Rukhsana Haider (nottingham)

Monir Ahmed (London, UK): Rohingyas are facing humanitarian crisis. This is completely genocide against Rohingyas. This is pre-planned state sponsored ethnic cleansing. It is very sad that this is happening in 21st century and big nations are silent. This is again proving that "To be a minority is a crime. The minorities were born to suffer. They are just living because God has gifted them noses to breathe and mouth to eat an inadequate meal".

Alim Uddin (Birmingham)

Rahela Ahmed-Uddin (Birmingham)

rahees (birmingham, uk)

Naila Abdel-Khalek (United Kingdom)

Momtaj begum (London, UK): May God deal with the tyrants & it's helpers ASAP & they should fear the power of the prayers of the oppressed as those are directly accepted & granted God willing.
' Verily, after hardship there is ease, certainly after hardship there is ease'


Rafique Ahmed (London)

Mahfuzur Rahman (London, UK)

Urooj (London)

Mohibur rahman (London, UK)

Fatz Khan (London)

Mohammed Mahshin (London)

Mujibur Rahman (London): May Allah free these people from the tyrants. The dua of oppressors are answered...

lisa McLean (Glasgow )

Sandra Stevens (Wisconsin, USA)

mahmuda khatun (birmingham)

adil (manchester)

annum aslam (birmingham)

Dick Curran (Newcastle, UK): Please act quickly to save lives

Farha Parmita (Canada): Please, look up the word "humanity", if you ever get a chance, that is. Thank you.

nadim ali (glasgow, uk)

Carol Freeland (Sacramento CA USA)

Abdud Tawab (Birmingham)

Shahmaan Ahmed (London, UK)

Hadeba Shah (Birmingham, UK.)

Anwar miah (London): As a Muslim I say the above in my letter with sincerity

Mathanga G (London)

Sadia Asif (Ontario, Canada)

M. Asahab Dean (Los angeles, USA): Please save innocent Rohingya Muslim life from Racist Rakine(Moghs) at
Arakan State( so called newly adopted name Rakhine State).

Moni Rahman (London)

Shalima Uddin (London)

Fateha Zaman (London)

Nabiha Noor (London, UK)

Shanaz wadud (London)

Imum Ahmed (KSA): We need prayers, support, solodarity, and cooperation from evry possible avenue, specially from Bangladesh and it's people. Otherwise Bangladesh will be seen as helper of Genocide, helper of brital Miliatry Regime in Buirma and racist, pascist racist xenophobic Rakhine ( Moghs ) of Arakan.

Elaine Hyland-Peary (USA)

Fareeha Ali (London )

Usman Hussain (Bradford): This must stop! Is this what the world has come to! STOP OPERESSING THE PEOPLE!!

Nay San Lwin (Germany): Save Rohingya

shenaz noor (london)

Kawsar Abdi (London, UK)

Saima kauser (Bradford)

O Khan (London, UK)

Raisah Chowdhury (Liverpool, UK)

Rukshana Begum (Newark, nottinghamshire ): Please help these people

shom alom (Australia): I agree with you Rohingya issue.

Subina Begum (United Kingdom)

Amin Ali (London, uk): Let them in please, do it for kindness, do it for the human kind, do it for Islam our religion which says help your neighbour/fellow person and Allah will help you on the day of judgement.

shamim ahmed (usa)

Nelupa Hoque (UK)


Asma Khanom (London)

Mayisha Bor (London, UK)

S B (United Kingdom): Why has humanity become so selfish and greedy? what's the purpose of all this insanity? Humans are equal; treat your brothers the way you wish to be treated.

Al (london): this is terrible and we need to take action and stop this. really sad that today we still live in a world where things like this go on..

Abdul Aleem (London): Please open your borders and allow them in! No one wants them and theyre dying in the sea! On land in Burma theyre being persecuted too!

Jasmina rouf (London)

Jasmina rouf (London)

Jenny begum (Gloucestershire)

Suhel Khan (London)

Jubeda Khan (London)

Anwar Hussain (London)

Shanaz Riasoth (Birmingham )

Shanaz begum (West Midlands)

Zainab Naqvi (london, uk)

Ferdusara Ali (Bexhill On-Sea): Disgraceful.

Ruman Ahmed (London, UK)

Shahanara Begum (Birmingham uk)

rahela sultana (london): please help these people, it's a human right issue.

Noreen Hussain (Letchworth)

Forida Begum (Hitchin)

Nasima Ali (Ipswich)

Yasmin khan (Wanstead): It's our duty to help

Nargis Ahmed (Surrey): Please help these people, it is our duty to help people in need. Please listen to us.

Nabilah Ahmad (Herndon, Virginia)

iqbal masum (birmingham uk)

Mohammed Nadeem (Birmingham): What has happened to humanity??

Koyes Ahmed (London)

Sana Beg (London, UK)

Muhammad (London): We will be accountable if we let our brothers and sisters suffer. Wish I could go and physically help!

Monjur Alam (London)

Razaak Ahmed (London): In the words of Edmund Burke: "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing".

To Dr Khan and other members of the Bangladeshi government, the time has come for you to prove through actions that you are good people and that you will indeed do something. May Allah (SWT) assist you in taking the necessary steps and reward you for your good deeds, Ameen.

Akthar Hussain (London, UK): Please let's support this initiative and raise awareness.

Romzan Miah (UK): May those in need be treated with care and compassion by those who are in a position to help here on this Earth.

Shabana Akthar (Oxford)

Asim Ahmed (London): Save The People!!! Save The World!!!!

Lamyaa Khamlichi (West Sussex, UK)

Shawon Ahmed (Queens New York )

Mohammed Abu bakkar (Birmingham )

Abdul Thaid (London)

mohammed naveed (birmingham): pure disregard for humanity

Khola Ilyas (Leeds)

Rima Bibi (Leeds)

Shameem (U.K)

Waseem Alam (Bradford, UK)

Sahedul Islam (London )

Marvin Arbaiza (Herndon va)

nazia parveen (Tipton)

Nadira Sultana (United Kingdom)

Emdadur Rahman (Uk)

taiba hussain (london)

Gurdeep dhillon (London)

humairah musa (london)

Mazeda Begum (Birmingham UK )

mehziba choudhury (Virginia, USA): I oppose racism and the intervention of people to seclude other people by any kind of discrimination. Bangladesh is a country of love and admiration for all, so the government should act accordingly.

mehziba chou (Virginia, USA): I oppose

kamran mir (Birmingham, UK): I am in full support of this petition against the attrocities afformentioned

Ayesha Begum (Bimirmingham UK): Clearly Bangladesh needs to help those in need.. May Allah(swt) help the people of Burma.

Shabina Raja (Nottingham)

Usman Mirza (London, UK): Stop killing people. Or allowing people to be killed. Or allowing people to escape being killed. Ethnic cleansing is bad. From the term to the action. Let's stop it. And focus on playing football.

joynal ahmed (london)

inita strike (Dublin, Ireland)

Muhammad Haque (London): Please help these people they are in need of your support

moinal haque (London): help the Rohingi, they are your brothers and sisters

alam kazi (birmingham)

Cinda Lawrence (New York, NY): This is a matter of HUMAN RIGHTS purely and simply. The Rohingya people have a basic human right to have a homeland where they are citizens with full rights which every human being is entitled to. This horrible injustice must end NOW. Please take action to protect and guarantee the basic human rights of all Rohingya people. Thank you.

shahriar romel (Birmingham, UK)

abdul kalam (london)

Amrin Rahman (london)


Nowrin Irna (London, UK)

Sean Abubakr Dennis (London)

Nowrin Irna (Londod)

Jamana Begum (London)

Nanjiba Misbah (London)

Habiba Akhtar (London, UK)

Shahad Miah (Bedford)

Fatima Malik (Manchester)

Leanna Karim (United Arab Emirates)

Taybah Ahmed (Leeds, UK)

Yasmin Akhtar (Birmingham)

khadi irsh (Peshawar, Pakistan)

Simran Chawla (London)

Steven Lowe (London, UK)

Ali Al Mamun (Queens New York)

Yasmine Ara (London,UK): We, rohingya community only want to live normal peaceful life like others with dignity as human beings.

Jasbinder Bodh (Birmingham UK)

Robin Kinrade (London, UK)

Aye Nu Saynuwhara (London, UK)

Arif Uddin (United Kingdom): Through all walks of life, we are put in a position of authority as a test. We must strive to do right where we can. And it is obvious these Burmese are seeking our help, so we must act with responsibility. What harm will there be if we are to provide shelter for those in need?

nazma chowdhury (uk): These humans are desperate.to live and neef our help

Anhar Noor (London)

tasnima ferdousi (United Kingdom)

Ruma Begum (Hampshire)

Ali ahmetaj (London)

sabina Ahmed (London, Uk)

Umar KHan (London)

Fouad A. (Wiesbaden, Germany)

Fred Dourty (London, UK)

Satinder Minhas (UK)

shelim (Chesham, UK)

mohammed kabir (uk): duas are with everyone

Susan Whalen (Chicago, Illinois, USA)

Ripa uddin (London)

Irfaan Jehangur (Rose-Hill, Mauritius)

Uzma Jamil (London)

shazia begum (oldham,uk)

Tayyibah Chowdhury (Coventry, UK)

Rejwana Khair (Luton)

Aisha Ahmed (Nigeria)

s begum (London)

Fatima khatun (London)

Ghuncha (Pakistan)

AbdulGoffar (saudi arabia): Bangladeshis a muslim country and should be kind heartedly treat the rohingya.

Hamida Khatun (...): A video: Struggle for Islam in Bangladesh


Awais Mahmood (Bradford)

Maria behzad (Pakistan)

Israt Alam (United Kingdom)

Eve Harding (Leicester): History is repeating itself and we must again stand up and intervene, for the good of humankind.

Naznin Choudhury (Birmingham)

Abrar Hussain (London, UK)

Bu Saad (Sultanate of Oman): Assalam alaikum
My prayers are with my brothers and sisters..
May Allah give us sabr..

Abubakar Lawal (South Africa): People should have a right to life whoever they are. Any where in the world! I do not care whether the Rohingya are muslims or idol worshippers. It does not matter. They are in need to preserve their lives. They should be helped.
But I guess their is no oil in Rohingya region. That could explain why the western democracies are quiet. They made a lot of noise about Saddam and Gaddafi endangering their own people and rush in to save them. Now here are the people at the risk of extinction. What are they doing? Probably nothing. Why? No oil fields are in danger.

Jan Coulter (Sebastopol, CA. USA): Stop this hatred, this injustice. NOW.

Aaisha Ahmed (London, UK)

shareef esoof (Planet Earth)

Rajun Chowdhury (Luton)

Dr AQ Khan (Lahore, Pakistan): Sickening attitude to refugees. You must look at yourself, very deeply, before you reject a group of people in desperate need of your assistance. Even animals are treated better!

Abbass gohil (london)

Mohammed Shawkier Abdul Rahim Patel (Shirpur, India): Pogroms are shame on humanity.What the US is doing, who claim to be the peace messenger of the world? Bangladesh is inviting criticism from the world countries for not assisting the refugees asking for shelter in its land.The citizens of Bangladesh must take an initiative to help their brothers and sisters with no or least assistance from their government. has turned its back in doing so

Nabiha Khan (London): "Whosoever removes a worldly grief from a believer, Allah will remove from him one of the griefs of the Day of Judgment. Whosoever alleviates [the lot of] a needy person, Allah will alleviate [his lot] in this world and the next."

Mrs. R Ali (Surrey)

Christine Margaret McCabe (Cambridge): Show compassion & clemency for these people in need.

frances mcgnlay (Scotland)

Farhat Aziz (London)

Abid Bahar (...): The Burmese War Criminals
The Rakhine exiles such as Aye Chan who works as a teacher in Japan, Monk Ashin Nayaka works in New York, both on record are the leading anti Rohingya provocateurs denying Rohingya citizenship. They even have earned citizenship in the West. There are even others who are on one hand fighting against the Burmese military at home and on the other hand in the West asking for political asylum are also fighting against the Rohingya's basic rights in Arakan.
These exiles are the worst type of Rakhine xenophobes.These are the ones spreading hatred against Rohingyas, denying their citizenship rights at home in Arakan. This is hypocrisy; they should be arrested as being the provocateurs and punished for crimes against humanity.

Burma is a very complex country. Its militant racists don't easily give up. They know how to play the cat and mouse game. It has been half a century of military dictatorship or a government backed by the military/ Civil war that continues. In the first British Burma war, British strategy of hitting the heartland of Burma only worked. Until these top leaders are being chased down, the military infrastructure was not shattered by drowns dropped on the Burmese military headquarters, Burma will never have democracy, Su Kyi will never be able to bring peace for her people.

MOHAMMED ABDUL HYE (Wales, UK): I have never been more ashamed to be bengali than when i heard that the bangladesh government refused desperate people fleeing from violence seeking sanctuary. Sort it out and fix up. Let the Rohingya Muslims in, help them and cater to their needs!

hanif jones (United Kingdom)

David mitchell (FIFE SCOTLAND)

Abdulla Alamun (London, UK): I was appauled at the response of the High Commissioner of Bangladesh that was aired on Channel 4 news, We need to look after our neighbours and those people some who were woman and children were sent away, was horrific and disturbing to watch.

We must not be silent and act now.

Yousef yaqoub (Kuwait): Muslims are humans, aren't they?

Amanda Løvmo (Norway, NO)

Rehana (Chittagong, Bangladesh)

sabah Naz (Birmingham, UK)

Sana Abbasi (Birmingham, UK)

Fazana ghaffar (London)


Farhan (Makkah, KSA)

Rahim (Bangladesh): Bangladesh's Government must take this problem seriously.......They should have highly attention to this matter...

Kumrie Recica (London)

Mohammed Osman Hyder (Jeddah,KSA)

Donika Islami (London)

Naseera Mohammed (Trinidad and Tobago): In support of justice and freedom for every single human being!

Safia Araf (East London, United Kingdom )

Shahriar Uddin (London): why do our governments allow this to happen!

Jamal Udeen (London)

bianca christie (london)

شاهر العثمان الصخري (Hallabat, Azzarqa, Jordan): What are you waiting for?

Major AJ (Huddersfield): In a world, at a time, that is crying out for unity, togetherness and strength, how can the government of the country you represent Dr Khan do this to your fellow countrymen, brothers and sisters. Appalling, absolutely appalling, you should hang your heads in shame.

Ashley Fongho (Watford): This is an issue that hasn't been given anywhere near enough publicity. It is too late to save a lot lives, but we have the power to protect more than have been hurt. AK

Sadia Noreen (UK)

Christopher Fakhourie (Canada): Help these people. It is your responsibility to defend Human rights and protect them internationally. I ask the government of Britain to take the lead in helping these people from all acts of violence.

Matthew Keys (London UK)

amalie silvani-jones (glasgow)

Zeshan Khaliq (London, UK)

Jahangir Khan (London, UK)

Faisal Hassan (London, UK): This is a vile crime. The effects of which need be relinquished. The Bangladeshi politicians have more than enough time and money to spend and waste on two women fighting over nothing, why not do something for humanity.

zainab ali (london uk)

Mahee Moorthy (London, UK): Protect the innocent!

Mohammed Hafiz (Eoking): Shame on you. Call yourselves Muslims and you can't even help a few desperate fellow Muslims ...

Manisha Solanki (Leeds)

Yusuf Abdul (Ilorin, Nigeria): Help stop the oppression


Abu Zakariya (london uk): have mercy on the opressed- maybe then God will have mercy on you

Marjan Jamal (UK): ''Unfiltered thoughts''
When we alienate our borders to protect ourselves from "infiltration of an unwanted people" what guarantee do we have that when we fall into a destitute state, others will open their borders to us?

The clutching on to pieces of land so much so as though they define our individuality and offer us eternal prestige is perhaps one of the most damaging delusions. When we hold fast on to man made ropes, know that they will wear out and we will eventually fall into a fatalistic dungeon of disdain.

RABIA begum (London)

Sayed Hussein (Oslo, Norway): Please, at least treat the Rohingyas as human being. Pushing small children and women to the rough sea will not be tolerated by their Creator.

Khaing Thazin (Sydney): Shame on the people who don't links to help .


Alma (London)

Shahana sheik (Thailand): Sad

Anwar Sha (Sydney): Please help the Rohingya .

Jilul Hoque (London): Do take a rest once in a while...

hasan kheraz (uk): Shame on the bangladeshi góvernment

mudasir (india): let us fight for our brother.we ar e muslims and we love every human being

Rebecca Sharda (London)

Sandra Alege (Northampton, UK): Remain Strong

Denzel Raymonds (London): Shame on Bangladesh for refusing entry to people under threat. Wasn't Bangladesh (incl pakistan) formed as a place of refuge for Muslims in south Asia????

Saboohi Arif (Belgium ): Stop the killing of Muslims in Burma ..its unlawful , unjust and inhumane.

Zunaira Raza (London)

g ebenezer (London): !!!!!

Mo ahmed (London)

Sabah Khan (London, UK)

Maariyah Sayed (Birmingham)

Mohammed Tayab (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

Julian David Pieniazek (Thailand): So many lives at stake - this is the very least I can do

mahmud khan (london)

BRCA (Sydney, Australia)

Deb Bliss (Minneapolis, Mn. USA): As a Christian I cannot tolerate the abuses seen in this video and must take
a stand against such atrocities!

Roy Anderson (Chiangmai Thailand ( originally London)): If you practice ANY religion then practice it with compassion. Don't let your prejudices, nationalism or bigotry stop you from acting with your heart and brain.

Usman Patel (United Kingdom): Please please help these innocent people and protect them from a brutal Burmese government.

John Nicholls (London, UK)

Bilkis Mosoddik (London, UK)

ERIC SUAN (Mindanao, Philippines)

S Wasty (Manchester)

zarina abdullah (london uk): We are not living in the middle ages this should not be allowed to be happening at all.

Jalal Miah (London)

Karen Athwal (London)

Aisha Ali (London, UK)

Khadija Begum (London, UK)

Sheuly (UK): Are we forgetting Bangladesh is a Muslim country and in Islam we should help everyone! Specially the poor! Insha'allah these people are granted Jannat in the here after!

Ahmed Uddin (London, UK): Time to stop making excuses. Help the needy!

Mujahid Shuhadah (Hampshire): By doing what Bangladesh has done (refusing to help) it is beautifully showing its honest characteristics. All these Bangladeshi political parties and individuals should really face what the kids of Rohingya are facing.

Offer these hungry politicians some cash, they will surely open the borders. Bangladesh is a state of kufr and until it returns to Allah it will never be recognised as a country of benefit.

Rizwana (UK): UGH fricking annoys me that were not helping!!

Ripon (UK)

Shalina (USA)

Nazeera (UK)

Thahmina (UK)

Hajera (UK): Agree!

Rumu (UK): Please make a difference!

Deena Miah (london)

Sheuly (London): Please Please make a difference!

Aatifa Jamil (London, UK)

shyamal (london)

Cordula Giewald (Ilmenau, Germany): This is not the right time to discuss while humans are in need and danger! Please, I urge you to provide shelter, alimentation and health care to the Rohingya refugees! They need your support now! Think and act human!

Nahid Jabeen (Bangladesh): The government of Bangladesh should help the refugees, even if it's only a temporary step for them.

Aysha Begum Miah (United Kingdom)

Sulthana Begum (London, UK)

Boshura Khatun (London)

Aj (UK): Bangladesh government is controlled by the Zionists. Wake up!

Ayesha Khan (United Arab Emirates)

Aki Azhari (Reigate UK): This is very sad :( Rich people should act !

Shaza khan (Pakistan)

Monica Islam (London, Uk)

Jenny Ahmed (Uk): I am appalled that Bangladesh is still living in an era that does not exist anymore. If you don't help in conditions like this then it's very hard to believe what you can do for your own country's development. No wonder Bangladesh is still considered as a 3rd world country.

Nida Malik (London, UK)

Aung Min (Yangon): As you know many Rohingya from Myanmar who are facing violence and persecution based on ethnicity and religion have been fleeing the country to find refuge in Bangladesh in Teknaf. These refugees have been turned back to face the rough waters and return to almost imminent death in Myanmar under instruction by Foreign Minister Dipu Moni. Alongside the UN and many sovereign nations who have pleaded with the Government of Bangladesh to open its borders temporarily to provide shelter and reprieve to these stateless Rohingya, Bangladesh has refused to do so. I claim to take action on the refusal of Bangladeshi Foreign Minister Dipu Moni.

Habiba Miah (London,UK)

Fatima Janjua (Clacton on sea, essex, uk): I am a british born Bangladeshi. I am apalled by Bangladesh Government behaviour towards their residents and also those who are suffering and need help. Where's your humanity?

Makhsudul Islam (UK)

Debra Hawley (Dover, Delaware, USA)

Noor Kamal (Makkah)

Syed Abrar Hafiz (London, UK): Please help them, we must be gracious hosts ~ this is ethnic cleansing.

Hiroaki Tanaka (Okayama, Japan)

M Qayyum (Brighton, UK)

Nedaa Ayub (UK)

Nisat Tasnim Zaman (Abu Dhabi, UAE)


Alesa Rahman (London)

jaime johal (london uk)

Salma Khanom (London, UK)

Raheel Mallick (London, UK)

Umm Taqwah (London, UK)

Nabihah Khaliq (London, UK)

Qautsar Ridho Rayyan (Malaysia): ~~~Please help..brothers n sisters Muslim in ARAKAN state..Rohingya peoples..we are with you, we are praying for you..Ya Allah..Ramadhan Al -Mubarak coming,..but brother sisters..still no food, no water, no medication..!!.save them, Ya Rabb,save them, save them!!!

Usha Dwarka (London)

btihal ismail (london,UK ): LA HAWLA WALA KOWATA ILLA BILLAH

Jo-Anne Williamson (London)

Malika Barakat (London)

Imran Ahmed (UAE)

Miles Hayton-Robinson (United Kingdom)

Sabina Aktar (London)

Rayhan Hussain (staffordshire): Help those inicent people.

Junver S. Bautista (Manila, Philippines): where is our human decency?please save the Rohingyas!

Shelema Begum (London UK)

Daniel Renwick (United Kingdom)

Gulus Egilmez (London, UK)

Muhammad Maher (Czairo, Egypt.): Please act immediately to save the people of Arakan.

Sandra Bonsu (London)

Thahmina (London)

Srini Kovvuri (London)

Aisha Siddiqa (Bahrain)

Jaya Patel (Oxford, England): No human should suffer in this way, We are all guilty of these crimes. Lets to something, Anything to stop these people from crying. I wept with sorrow when viewing these images of men.

Worldwide Nations need to take heed NOW.

Depa sharmin (London uk)

Professor Weiguo Wang (Zhejiang Province, China): The treatment of the Rohingya in Burma is deplorable. Instead of ignoring the community, Bangladesh should press the Burmese military government to end the systematic abuses of Rohingyas and protect those who flee to their shores. You have failed to address their troubles and instead are neglecting them just like Burma, so therefore you are equally responsible Bangladesh government! Instead of sidestepping the issue, you should be pushing Burma's military rulers to end their violent, brutal behaviour towards the Rohingya. They are Asia's most oppressed community, its a FACT. You need to take some responsibility and help them.

Ashraf Hussain (London,UK)

Rakik Miah (London, UK)

Shanara (Birmingham): Stop the killing of innocent people!!

Mamroz B Chowdhury (UK London)

Christine Ramsay (London)

Amelia Hadin (Nantes, France): And she called herself a humanitarian?
Masya 4jji...

Shaymah (London): Please the world is ours to live in peacefully

Abdul Ali (London, UK)

Ruhena Begum (London)

Javid Salloo (Birmingham, UK)

Sobia bashir (Birmingham)

ismail (London): stop violence.

umar naeem (Birmingham, uk): hmm

debbie snider (usa)

Amina Koroma (United Kingdom): As a majority muslim country, for you to turn these people away in a time of need and persecution, is appauling. Poltics aside there are people in need, if the tables were turned how would you feel help your fellow people in humanity

Shabana Ditta (London, UK): I find it disgusting and upsetting that the neighbouring country Bangladesh are not offering any support to the people of rohingya and turning them away from the border knowing well enough that these innocent men/women and children will probably end up dying. We are all human beings at the end of the day and if we don't help each other out who will, the violence and wars that are happening all over the world is just a sigh of how human beings on earth have lost their way. Its a sad fact that people can be so cruel.

Shabaaz abdool carrim (London)

Fehmida Shah (London): Absolutely disgraceful that no government is willing to help the plight of the Rohingya Muslims who, according to the UN, are the most persecuted minority in the world.

Medina Orana (Prishtine, KS)

Sultana Miah (London, UK)

Shahel Miah (London, UK)

Rabel Syeda (United Kingdom)

Emma Cottrell (Liverpool, UK): This appalling treatment of innocents simply cannot continue. I urge you to let these people take temporary refuge in the safety of your country.

Chad Mathison (United States)

iain robertson (roosendaal NL): Free The world !!

Salik miah (London): Lets all fight against justice& peace in this world.

kawsar (kuala lumpur): save rohingya plz

Hassan Hirsi (Storbritannien)

mdzubair (bangladesh dhaka): huminity is above all so please save the helplessness rohingya nation.

Mamoona khawaja (london)

Zoe Lee (London, uk)

Reem Hassan (Dubai,UAE): If u do this it might be the good deed that makes a difference and gets u into paradise.

Peter Davies (Isle of Wight, UK)

Rashel Miah (London): Thank you.

Tabassum vohra (London, uk)

zahida begum (london england)

Attiya Ilyas (dewsbury UK )

doreen formby (liverpool)

U Hla Tin (Silkeborg, Denmark): Please Save innocent and helpless Rohingyas.

laura steventon (west bromwich, uk): I think its important to put yourself in the shoes of these people what if this was you an your family deperatley cryin out for help an no one was listening.

Nicola Lazzari (N1, London)

Samira (London)

Umer Murtaza (London): Oi Burmadesh....Noooo! But seriously folks, 1940 Lahore resolution in which East Pakistan separated from India (in 1947) expressed that minorities would flourish. During 1970's it was again about ethnicity and culture (amongst other things of course) that East Pakistan rightfully won its independence and became Bangladesh.

In the great words of that bloke from the boy band, Take That - "Never forget where you're coming from." When bad things happen to people, they take one of two options: they turn saints or they turn sinners.

The people of Bangladesh are a beautiful, hard working lot. Take these innocents under your wing. Maybe God will take you under His.

fareeha siddiqui (United Kingdom)

najima el. Bouchikhi (London, UK): Oppression must end.

Rushnara Khatun (London)

Hasina Begum (UK)

abu tahir (Birmingham): Please help them

Yusuf Suleman (South Africa)

Jamal Kalan (London, UK)

ilir beri (London, UK): Its your duty to help these people because if it was you, you would feel the same.

Fahim Ahmed (London, UK): After watching the news report, I'm ashamed to be a Bangladeshi.

Sheikh Ahmed (London): This is appalling Bangladesh denying refugees access who are fleeing prosecution for their ethnicity. Not long ago Bangladeshis faced similar ethnic cleansing from Pakistan, so how can Bangladesh turn a blind eye to this matter. I hope you can address this and provide safe haven for these refugees.

Evana Choudhury (Kent)

mohammad waseem (slough, uk): may allah (swt) bless them & we as humans fulfill our duty. Ameen.

Lisa Payne (London)

Harry Mitchell (los angeles, ca)

Kashif Mahmood (London, UK): As a Muslim nation, it's the duty/obligation of the muslim people in the country, especially it's muslim government to assist the oppressed. If u can help but choose not to, then surly u are the worst of people.

ruqia al bishry d/o aul bahar (london): WE WANT FROM BANGLADESH TO GIVE FACILITIS TO CREAT

lina surya (Indonesia)

Samm Hale (Worcester)

Sabrina R. (Fl, USA)

propalia utari (indonesian): come on please help freed from violence

Dean Abdullah (Singapore): May Allah give them ease and may the haters stop hating and open the doors for peace, Insya Allah!

Abdul hamid (London uk): Please help burma.our neighbours

Abdullah Al Shateb (Riyadh, KSA): May allah forgive us of our weakness

Bodrul Amin (London): For Allah's Sake. Save the believing brothers and sisters. Muslims are under attack

Talaat Gabr (London): Please help the Moslem minority in Burma

dewi nur hayati (indonesia)

Shazeen A (US)

Toska Avdiu (London, UK)

ahmad shah (singapore)

Mohammed Saaihan Hussain (London, UK): I feel it is our duty as not just Muslims but as human beings to help these individuals. Every individual has the right to live in peace. Hope this electronic signature makes a difference.

Natalie Brinham (London)

Shah Arkani (Toronto, Canada)

Arqam Abdali (Houston, TX, USA)

Ali Khan (Houston,Tx)

Abdul Ali (London, UK)

Hashim imad (London ): A Muslim is brother to another Muslim

Dr Wleed Haq (Birmingham, UK): Stop the massacre of innocent muslims


ABDULLA ALMAHRUF (24 Parfett St, London, E1 1JR, UK)

Ferduche Miah (London): We need action. Now.

Shahjalal Ahmad (UK): The birth of Bangladesh was as a result of oppression. It is sad that it no longer shelters the oppressed.

maruf kabir (london): May Allah help our brothers and sisters and destroy the oppressors, ameen

Zaina Konbaz (Virginia, USA)

محمد محمد (Florida, US)

M Milton (uk): Violence against rohinga should be stop assp.where is all the good people in barmah.......please stop this assp.no one should be killed because of there religions prize winer suki what r u doing?????

lila begum (bedfordshire uk): Bangladesh must act and give refuge

nomXz (Karachi, Pakistan): Please I urge the whole world!

Osman Sheikh (London, United Kingdom)

Afroze Zaidi-Jivraj (United Kingdom)

Taposh ahmed (Londn, UK)

Nadia Yasmin (London)

Mehran Shamit (Toronto, Canada )

Mohammed sadek amir (London): This should not be happening!!! I make dua that Allah grants our brothers and sisters who are suffering peace and ease. Ameen!

Shamina peters (London)

barik miah (newport): Plz do it for allah's sake..

Saurav Sarkar (NY, USA)

Abu T Ali (London)

Mohammad Arif Rahman Al-Adnan (Birmingham, UK): Support.

Mma Yeebo (London, UK)

Natasha Zialor (United Kingdom)

Daniel Dickson (London, UK)

Kamran Gulzar (London): Shocked, sad and angry to hear about this tragic turn of events. I plead with you to help our brothers and sisters in need, do not play ignorant of their plight and stand up for their basic human rights. They have been dehumanised, attacked and humiliated and you have the opportunity to change that. Please, please help them.

Abdullah Shaikh (Houston, TX, USA)

Arslan Tajammul (United States)

Kathleen McLeod (Australia)

Azizul (Malaysia): A'uzubillahiminash syaitoonirrajiimm,bismillaahirrahmaanirrahiimm...every events has its reason...only Allah is the Almighty Knowledgable...let's prays for the Rohingya's Muslims refugees to receive His protection and guidance for a solution to all the bad thing that is happening.....

Kamal Hanif (London): For the rights of the Rohingya.

Yassine Watson-Bedaisi (London, UK)

Yasmin Begum (London, UK)

Fahmina Fardus (London, UK)

Dilara Khanom (London)

azizur khan (london)

Kamal Hussain (London): Give these people shelter!

Suhur Hersi (London, United Kingdom)

Kahkashan feroze (Manchester.)

Nadiya Zaman (London, UK): It is so sad to see HUMAN beings being rejected by another human being! I sincerely wish the the government of Bangladesh would understand that if ever they are in need of such help, how will they feel when no one is willing to help; keeping this in mind, PLEASE do help the people of Myanmar for the sake of humanity at the very least!

Mohammed Rahman (BHam)

riga afinnih (manchester): We as a people have to join hands & help

Abdul Hadi (Cambridge, UK)

Saima (london)

Behar Sadriu (london uk): Dear Mr. Khan, it is in your government's interest to cooperate with the humanitarian crises that the Rohingya population face. As a leading contributor to the UN peacekeeping force, your government can further enlarge its international prestige as a beacon of hope in a sea of human rights abuses.

Abdul Basith (london)

Alea khatun (london uk)

Farat Hussain (London)

Rashida Begum (London)

shultana begum (uk)

Ferdosi Ali (London)

Chris Tanoh (London, UK)

Jeenan khan (London ): Keep up the good work

Imran Ali Hussain (London UK): May Allah help the muslims in Burma

Hasena Begum (Birmingham, UK.)

Jasmin Malek (London UK)

Yusuf Alsindi (Bahrain): #HelpArakan

Abdul Aziz Wahab (UK)

Edin Salkovic (Podgorica, Montenegro)

Nizaam Karatella (Leicester, UK)

Joan Boysen (United States): I understand the reticence of the people of Bangladesh as they have so little already, but surely there is some way to help them help Rohingya. Who will stand up?

mahbub ahmed (london)

Zobia Arif (birmingham, uk)

Aamena Ahmed (Leicester, UK)

Ahsan Malik (London)

mohammed ahmed (london): Please help these people in need!!!

Ali Sarwar (East London): I am a Bangladeshi based in UK, If you do not accept the refugee from Burma, What example do you set for other countries accepting immigrangs from Bangaldesh.

Ashrafur Rahman (London)

Syed Zeeshan Mehdi (Berkshire, UK): Sura 49 - Al-Hujraat (MADINA) : Verse 10
All believers are but brothers, therefore seek reconciliation between your two brothers, and fear Allah, so that you may be blessed with mercy.

Oli Ahmed (Luton)

Shultana Begum (London)

Dina Sorour (Charleston, WV)

Nasima Ali (London)

Rajon Ahmed (Hertfordshire)

nasreen akhtar (birmingham)

belayet hussain choudhury (surrey, uk)

usman rasul (burnley, uk)

Fahmida Ahmed (London): Change can only take place if we take action. We come to you for your support to help give these people something to look forward to, as humans we have a responsibility, lets fulfill this responsibility by speaking against the injustice taking place against the Rohingyas'

Shahir Al-Othman Bani-Sakhr (Zarra, Jordan): People are dying.,

Nimo Hassan (London)

Roland Bursey (Wilmer,Tx 75172 USA): I hope this helps!

soomaiya syeda (london)

fatima (london)

Sufia Alam (London): Have we all lost humility. Allah warns us about man's cruelty to one another.
Bangladesh forgets where it was 40years ago....
The channel four programme was embarrassing to watch.
Allah is watching.......
Somebody please help these people!

nifisa soliman (london uk)

Nabil abdullah (London): Act now !!

Shahed Ahmed (London)

Sitara Kabir (London): There are bangladeshi's around the world - economic migrants seeking a better life, certainly not fleeing death and persecution. I'm ashamed to see that our country cannot reach out a hand to those who have nothing and those who have lost everything.

Rhajon Ahmed (East london)

Lina Ahmed (London, UK): heard about this tragic news from the organisation Restless Beings and realised the dreadful things that still happen in the world. if a simple signature is all it takes to help these innocent people than we should all do our bit.

Farhad Munir (London, UK): Show some humanity, heartless!

Undleeb Iqbal (United Kingdom)

Azad Hoque (uk): Why Why does the UN Let this happen. only the poor suffer..

sajeda begum (hertfordshire): I don't understand why Bangladesh cannot help these people, this is a crisis situation, this is a matter or life and death, these people are MUSLIMS. I am ashamed to call myself a Bangladeshi.

Saleh Ahmed (London)

Yasir Patel (Leicester)

Aala'a (Cairo, Egypt)

EL Moataz Bellah Ahmed (cairo, Egypt )

Rabia Abbasi (London, UK)

Zahra Sheikh (UK)

Shamsa Noureen (Manchester, UK)

Mijan khan (Essex): Stop the killing

Zaid ARNB (Qatar): Patience!!

Eva Uddin ((London, UK))

Nojmul Hussain (London)

Halima Ali (UK)

Omar Shahid (London, UK): Help your brothers and sisters in humanity

Amera Otaifa (London)

Sadia Yasmin (London, UK)

Farhana Yeasmin (London, UK)

H Bibi (London): How many more innocent lives need to be lost before people wake up? Pls pls help them.

Gihan Kamel (Egypt)

Yasmin Begum (London)

Youcef Tall (London, UK): Shame on you! These oppressed people need to be defended and protected!

Lynn Goodman (Dutch Harbor, AK, USA): Do the right thing!

hussain chowdhury (bristol, uk)

R. Lopes (UK)

Anisa Ather (High Wycombe, UK): This is an urgent matter which must be responded to immediately

Hawwa A (United Kingdom)

ismail saddiq (leeds)

mohamed ali hibah (egypt): Whats happening in Arkan is a genocide against humanity not just Muslims,its a shame no one is acting on that"
My heart aches to see #Muslims slaughtered like that to see a human being killed

Murtaza Sheikh (London)

Imran Hussain (St Albans UK): Shocking treatment of innocent people by Burma. Please help these people. Thank you.

Sabbi Kaur (London)

Mohammed Rahman (London, UK)

Eman Aly (Egypt)

Ghaidaa Yehia (Egypt)

Mu jib (Uk): Plz Plz..

nas haq (London)

Jabir Khan (London)

Tasif Zaman (London, UK)

Samara Ahmed (New York, USA)

Asma Bl (London, UK)

Antonio Garcia Varela (Venezuela)

Amin Aziz (United Kingdom)

Shofna Akhtar (London): Please do not deny the oppressed refuge, they need us.

jamie garnett renwick (london)

Neel Nathvani (London)

Shabnam Khan (London, UK): Something needs to be done, for the sake of life, humanity, and knowing that we all have to answer for our actions one day - what if it was your family out on that sea, being tortured - would you still say no? Would you really be able to sleep at night? Can you stand in front of your creator and be confident you are doing the right thing?

From your 27 year old sister - Shabnam Khan, Vision Inspires Passionate Minds, London, UK

Humayun Ahmed (Birmingham, UK)

Shakir Ahmed (United Kingdom): This is Genocide!

kamran raza (LONDON)

Mirela Saljic (Sarajevo)

Faiza Mukith (London, UK): Need to put an end to this injustice!!!

Refat Ali (Scotland )

Richard Silver (Sweden)

mehzbeen patel (london)

Shafia Azmat (New York, US): Plea

Imran Gofur (London, UK)

Azeema Farooq (West Midlands): Disgusting, the Bangladeshi government should listen to good, humanitarian advise, if they want to avoid an even worse repuatation.

Sabina Khan (London, UK)

iqbal ahmed (london, UK)

S Saber (London, UK): When i read about the Rohingya being turned away from Bangladesh because of lack of resources, i was horrified and deeply saddened that the people seeking refuge from persecution were being sent back to die. Please give them refuge and seek assistance from the global community.

munia khanom noor (United Kingdom): These innocent people do not deserve this at all. Please help!!!

juhel miah (Rochdale, UK)

Shahzan Uddin (London, UK)

abdelrahman mohamed hassan (uae)

Duria Awale (london, UK )

Kulsuma Akhtar (London UK)

HADIZA S (nigeria)

khaled saad (sa)

Turon Karim (Birmingham): As a person of Bangladeshi origin I feel incredibly ashamed of the reaction of the Bangladeshi Govt.

sultan hanif (manchester): The unlawful killing of individuals whether muslim or not, due to a crime being alleged from such an individual belonging to a community does not justify the crimes committed agaisnt muslims. stop the persecution, for today it may be you who persecutes, tomorrow it will be you who is persecuted.

Lisa Roberts (Wales uk)

Mohammed Hussain (Birmingham, UK)

Nancy Mahmou Ahmed (Cairo, Egypt)

Marzana Rahman (London)

CARLY FLYNN (Australia)

Mr L A Hasnath (London, UK )

Aisha Abbasi (London)

Saira darr (London, Uk)

Saidur Amin (London): God made us all equal, please help promote Peace as peace will help us all in the after life. Ameen

Saifur Rahman (London): Please stop all killing. Nobody has the right to take away what created by God.

Aruna islam (Uk)

dailroba begum (london. uk)

Iman Akef (Egypt)

humaira usman (Bhakkar,Pakistan): Govt of Bangladesh should accommodate refugees of Myanmar.Bangladesh is a Muslim country and she should help Muslim brothers and sisters in trouble as advised in Quran.

Robin Marsh (London, UK)

Saira darr (London, uk)

Maiya ahmed (London )

Qyum Noor (London)

Joanne karaerkek (Manchester)

rasna begum (London)

Tazzi Taznin (London, UK)

Shiuuli Mozlu (Gloucestershire UK)

sheba begum (london)

Mohammad Noor (London, uk)

Rajesh Ram (London)

Ismmat Jameel (London)

Brian Neville (U.S. )

Aadam S (london)

maillem al-rawi (leicester)

Majlinda maliqi (London uk)

abdelrahman (Saudi): we all with our Muslims brothers in Arakan

Dana Qaryouti (Jordan): shame on Bangladesh to deny entrance for people seeking its assistance. One day you will need our help and assistance, rest assured we will stand against helping you and remind people of your decisions regarding this matter.

Vanessa Waheed (London UK)

Ruksana Yasmin (Essex): Do not ignore these basic human rights for these unfortunate people!! It is an atrocity if we turn our backs on them as a nation!

shafg (east london)

Hannah Fellerman (London )

Alliyah Jaffrin Choudhury (London, UK): We should be helping our neighbours! Set an example for other nations to follow suit.

shaf (london)

Fatmir I Bujupi (London)

mahmuda hasnath (london)

shahidah rouf (london)

madinah (london): I want to help this charity organisation

Atifa Noori-Khelwatty (London, UK)

Ehhssan Hussain (london): inshAllah these people get peace

Laurie Pinkham (boston, ma, usa)

Tahrima Khan (London )

rosy awwal (uk): please help them

Imtiyaz Thagia (Lancaster, UK): Help those who are destitute, we maybe in a similar situation tomorrow.

Mariam Azizi (UK): Ridiculous!

Kamilia Saleh (Chicago, USA)

Shabrina Khan (London)

Harj Marley (london)

M Khanom (London UK)

Yamin hayat (Uk): I think this is appalling and inhumane;
Ppl need to be aware if this and justice has to be done.

Nida Kiani (London)

Syed Ahmed (Birmingham)

Raija Virtanen (Helsinki, Finland): Please protect the human rights of those who are persecuted

Hadiza Gachi (United Kingdom)

Momar Jallow (London, UK): Please provide asylum to those who are persecuted. It is a very bad image for Bangladesh to send refugees back to their countries to be killed, when you have it in your power to protect them instead.

Najma Osman Mohamed (Manchester, UK)

Minna Virtanen (London, UK): Please protect these helpless people

Aiman Aly El-Azab (Port Said, Egypt)

Ammar al-ghabban (London)

Isabelle Eversley (United Kingdom)

johnphoon (Sudan): please stop all killing. Nobody has the right to take away what created by God,

Thorfinn Peter Hobson Bonning (Surrey, UK): Solidarity.

Muhammad talha (izhevsk Russia ): please stop genocide Muslims in Myanmar.

Aamir Ashraff (United Kingdom)

nooreen monaf (london)

rahila khatun (birmingham): Please help these people

Azziz Hussain (London)

Saitha Baz-Itani (Manchester, UK): As a Muslim leader shame on him for not helping his fellow brothers and sisters in Islam :-(

Tahera Khanam (London)

akbor ali (london ): Don't turn ur back on another brother or sister one day you'll be in that position

Hossam Hegazy (Sharm El Sheikh, EGYPT)

Ko Zaw Zaw (Malaysia ): We need to b united n rise up our voice to the wold to b aware of human rights siation in Arakan. Every one is responsible for human rights as long as it is called as human rights, as a human being . It is our time to act together with full of motivation n without any break until every one get their rights in Burma

Imran Shah (UK)

Radeyah Yesmin (London, UK): This is your chance to prove that the Bangladeshi politicians aren't all corrupt.

Choosa Farrukh (Surrey): For the people.

Shahnaj begum (London, UK): Please help these people

Jaheer Mohammed (United Kingdom Cambridge): help the people!

Farok Sha (No 36 Kensington st , Sydney Australia , nsw 2196): Thanks for supporting state less rohingyas I just want to Muslim brother and
Sister please help them and save life because the defence less and hope less
People in the world I'm one of the rohingya who loss father and father in law
Killed by the brutal Burmese regime now they trying to ethnic cleansing pls try to stop killing rohingyas from terrorist goverment and extremeist buddies

Yousof Meñez (Saudi Arabia): Save the remaining Muslim of Myanmar... Be human... Be a true Muslim...
You will stand before ALLAH to justify your guilt! This people are Muslims and Rasullullah taught us to be compassionate to people especially to our Muslim brothers who are less fortunate in life... Save them and protect them!!! Insha ALLAH!!!!

Kalsoom Abbasi (London): Engage in talks to help stop the ethnic cleansing of this community as well as the violation of human rights.

Abdul Rehman Ahmed (Dublin, Ireland)

Noora Elatar (United Kingdom): Disgusting these are your fellow Muslims and are living in a really repressive regime.

Steven (Birmingham, uk)

zain (nottingham): Help the muslim brothers/sisters around the world :'(

sanem maskeen (birmingham)

Nesma Khatun (Tottenham, London)

Hanan Mohamed (Egypt)

Neelam Rose (Birmingham ): If you remain SIlent you are just like the Oppressor.

Juned Ahmed Uddin (London,UK)

Shaun Brown (London UK)

Mamoon Hussain (London UK)

Alyaa Gemaei (Georgia USA)

Noorur Choudhury (London UK)

Jarrar Mughal (Birmingham, UK): Fear Allah

Maryam A (London, UK)

Sadiya Ahmed (London)

Nissar Asghar (Oldham, UK)

Sian lianing (London, uk)

Abubakr Al-Shamahi (London, UK)

Mohammed Shahed Uddin (Birmingham): If those of you in "power", have an ounce of humanity and compassion in your hearts, then brush aside the politics and do the right thing!

L Charles (London)

Hala Nasser (Jeddah,KSA): Save humanity , save arkan

Tara Bosworth (Southampton, UK)

Md Islam (London, uk): Please don't kill innocent people

islam afzal (birmingham): Urgent action is needed. Please provide a resolution as soon as possible

Diane Sherif (UK)

Shelina Ahmed (london)

Noshela Saleem (Stockton, california)

hanan ((cairo,eg)): Save innocent people & please help Rohingya people
open the Borders for the refugees.
May allah save them

Karim Alhiane (Edmonton Alberta Canada)

Mubeen Rahman (London)

Nasir Khalid (New York, NY )

Yusuf Nasidi (Aberdeen ): Please help them.

H.K Arkani (Netherland)

Anam Khawar (London ): You don't see things as they really are. You see things how you are.

Samiha Sharlin (Dhaka, Bangladesh)


Nazmus Saquib Chowdhury (Dhaka, Bangladesh): Let's unite for peace and justice. Let's uphold our humanity. Let's fight for the human rights. Rohinga community has the rights to live in respect, honor and better like any other citizen of civilized society.

Mariam Hamdy (Mississippi, US): Please save Rohingya's refugees.

Nazrul Amin (London, United Kingdom): Please take note of this petition!

Samar Asamoah (newcastle upon tyne)

Melissa Melodee (London UK): Staying silent is siding with the oppressor

Melissa Melodee (London UK): Staying silent is siding with the oppressor

Amina Miah (United Kingdom)

Fazle Chowdhury (London)

Tehmina Kazi (United Kingdom)

Awa Al Saeed (SA)

Irfan Badshah (London Uk)

Fahed (Saudi arabia): Save us for the sake of God

aneesa banu musa (london)

Henna Najmi (Bolton, UK): Please help to bring an end to these human rights atrocities.

nova hussam alyousef (kuwait )

Gabriela González (Argentina)

N Huseinnrs (Netherland): please help and save Rohingya people.

waqas siddiqui (United Kingdom)

Malika Fernandes (Leicester, UK)

Nelson Fernandes (Leicester, UK)

Sarah Fernandes (Leicester, UK)

Darren James Griffiths (Egham)

Alisha Fernandes (Leicester, UK)

Maria Fernandes (Leicester, UK)

Suleman Ahmed (United Kingdom)

Sadeka Rahman (London)

Halima Khanom (United Kingdom)

Samad Uddin (London)

Reza Mikhaeil (Wisconsin, US)

Momtaz Begum (London)

Maha alrajhi (Ksa): Save women and children from the killer

Hassina Begum (Birmingham )

Harry Pennington (Oxford, UK)

Roz Haque (Birmingham, UK)

مؤمن مصطفى (cairo,egypt): اللهم انهم مغلوبون فانتصر لهم

Lay Naing (London, UK): How could a responsible authority send people back to Burma who risk their lives for safety knowing they could surely face the horrible journey and worst of all definitely face the harsh persecution including torture, burn, rape, force labour and death without human dignity. You will surely be in the history whatever you decided to do. But remember this, nothing much different for some more years for your Businesses and good terms with Burmese regime who already showed the world their true ugly face.

Adam Kiani (Birmingham): these people need help

Reeba Kausar (UK)

A. Abdel-Aziz (Cairo-Egypt)

Ahmad S. (canada)

Errol McGlashan (London): Personally I don't believe petitions change anything http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=237095666407189&set=a.161405333976223.33413.161399403976816&type=1&theater

AZI M. Nam (Toronto, Canada): Basic Human Rights. Help save alife


Shahera Begum (London)

Tin Win (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia): Unity is a Mercy.

Saharabaskota prasain (United states)

sultan hashim (mecca)

Kiran Rahim (London): basic human right !

thantyakuza (saudiarabia)

Ana (Indonesia)

Ahmad (Indonesia): Everybody,please help Rohingya.Everybody is free to chose his/her own religion.It is human right.Why they have to be suffering because of they are muslim minority?

Halima Adam (Blackburn, uk)

Carlos Iara (Salvador, Brazil): Bangladesh Government, Please open the Border. PLEASE. For the sake of HUMANITY

Sukeina (Canada)

Rumon (london): May ALLAH help the muslim ummah

SZ (NY )

Umm Fikr (Indonesia): Bangladesh government and all muslims in the world,please help Rohingya,they are our brothers and sisters in islam.Their sufferings are also our sufferings.May Allah help them,make everything easy for them,give them patience and strength,and May Allah bless all muslims in the world.

Muhammad Noman (United Kingdom)

Aminah badr (sydney, Australia.): As a Muslim country, the government have the obligation to help these oppressed muslims. How are you going to answer to Allah Azza wal Jal.

Sham sul huda khan (Sylhet): its was very bed

Sajil Salim (High Wycombe)

Mayu Ya (Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia): We, the Rohingya exile world-wide, must pave a way which we can reach the destination by any mean.Otherwise, We must leave rest who are mercilessly trapped inside Arakan, Myanmar from the there to anywhere we can live peacefully.

Mehmood Rafai (Bolton)

altaf siddique (london)

Sadiqa Nasar (Hertfordshire): There is something very wrong when we ignore the plight of fellow human beings like this.

Athif Banaris (Birmingham, UK)

Muhammad Kaysor Ahmed (London):

Dr. M. Sayeedur Rahman Khan
High Commissioner of The People's Republic of Bangladesh, London
28 Queens Gate

Dr Khan,

I am writing to you regarding the recent inaction of the Bangladesh Government in the face of ethnic cleansing and humanitarian crisis that has developed over the past month in bordering Myanmar.

As you know many Rohingya from Myanmar who are facing violence and persecution based on ethnicity and religion have been fleeing the country to find refuge in Bangladesh in Teknaf. These refugees have been turned back to face the rough waters and return to almost imminent death in Myanmar under instruction by Foreign Minister Dipu Moni. Alongside the UN and many sovereign nations who have pleaded with the Government of Bangladesh to open its borders temporarily to provide shelter and reprieve to these stateless Rohingya, Bangladesh has refused to do so.

Channel 4 has recently highlighted the extent of the problem in a report aired on Monday 25th June 2012. Not only is this creating a negative image for the country of Bangladesh but also paints a picture that the Government does not pay much attention to the Human Rights atrocities that are taking place on its doorstep.

We urge you to take forward our collective calls to engage in a dialogue with the Government over this issue and further to provide refuge for thousands of the desperate Rohingya who are crying to Bangladesh for some help.

Aside all politics and legalities, this is a matter of basic human rights that we all share, and cannot ignore.

Yours Faithfully

The Undersigned

Islam Uddin (London, UK)

Saira awan (London, UK)

Shuhada Akthar (London)

Hussain Azmi (Frankfurt-Germany): Please help to the helpless Rohingyas they are in disasters they have been killing merciless by brutal criminal Burmese military regime.They are seeking a save place to protect themselves.

Abdul-Azim Hassan (London, UK)

Hissah Mohammed (Makkah )

Asma Rafiq (London)

Abdu Rashid (Birmingham, UK)

hassan miah (swansea, uk): may allah help the people, and bring justice

Riana Husted (London, UK)

Caroline Lau (Berlin): #RememberRohingya

Rabshe (Sudan): This is genocide

Mohammed Yalwa Uzairu (North Cyprus ): May ALLAH help the Muslims of rehingya and grant them peace and may the soul of the deceased rest in Peace and May ALLAH grant them Jannatul Firdaus Ameen

Nayeem Uddin (London)

Lily Yousuf (London)

Fatimah jobber (UK)

Aser Rehman Mir (Birmingham, UK): Turn on the government of Bangladesh. Show them the fruits of the Arab Spring. The leaders and governing parties shall soon perish.

Jasmin miah (London uk)

FBPaz (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

fahmeda choudhury (london)

Samantha Norgren (US)

Altamash Khan (India)

Yvonne Cole (Bahrain)

Rizwan Hussain (London UK)

shama Rahman (London)

Nayema Jilani (Cheshire, UK)

Rrita Recica (London, United Kingdom)

Steffani Garcia (London, UK.)

Lynda Bartosek (Canada): Change starts inside YOU

Samia Quddus (London)

Kadir Mirza (London UK): For a country that has received so much aid in times of need to turn its back on a neighbour is purely outrageous!! I am ashamed to call myself Bengali. I just hope the Bangladeshi government see sense and do the right thing in the eyes of the world, if not they will only have their self to blame when the rest of the world turns their back on them!!!

Anam Ali (London)

razia (malaysia): they really need help. why the musilim in the world so silent cos their family nothing happening. pls help and mind if ur family is there .

shatu ahmed (Dagenha Essex uk)

Rai (Philippines)

Umria Hussain (london,uk)

saheda ahmed (essex uk)

raja awais ali (london uk): Allah is with the patient :)

Dr Parita Mukta (Coventry): Horrible what is happening. Many say the Rohingya in Asia are like the Roma in Europe or the Palestinians in the Middle East. However, many do not know about them, their name is alien. We must know! We must learn and seek.
Bangladeshi border police are turning them back is unnaceptable. Why should they go 'home' to Burma when Burma will not let them stay alive. The Rohingya have been in Burma for hundreds of years. They are prime targets of persecution now, subjected to forced labour, their land confiscated, children killed, animals taken. They are not even allowed to have children without state permission. What is this? What has humanity come to. We must fight this prejudice.

K B (London, Eastham)

Mash choidhury (London)

K Nahar (London)

Nadeem Ahmed (London)

cherri prince (london): land and ownership of are secondary to life and compasion

saheda ahmed (Essex, uk): im signing this petition and pray that it helps ReslessBeings to proceed and give hope to the people and free them.

Nicholas Peterson (Bellingham, WA): Solidarity from the States

Saud almuatiri (Riyadh - Saudi Arabia): Rohingya needs Help

Abu yazan GYBO (Palestine)

quazi alam (newcastle)

sabiya k (london)

mahbuba hasnath (Birmingham)

Hanan Chehata (London, UK)

M.Abdullah (Pakistan): Stop massacre of our muslim brothers,Otherwise...................

Sanjeeda Samad (United Kingdom)

shadrac milhomme (miami fla)

Hannah Athauda (London UK)

Rashaa Albani (London)

Jameela Khan (France)

Anupam Nandrajog (India)

Raheel Malik (Derby )

Aktar hussain (Lomfon uk)

jonakey begum (london)

syed kamran ali (london): It is devastating to see what is happening. We must do more to help and focus on the real issues at hand which are hidden from us by most media today

Amanda Mettias (London)

mus ahmed (birmingham)

Amer khattab (London, UK)

Abdul Kadir (Yorkshire): You'd think after what we went through during the partition the government would have some sympathy. May Allah rectify their situation, and give the ability to those who are in places of responsibility to help resolve this calamity. What will we say on the Day of Accounts, when all that we did and didn't do will be right before our eyes.

Kristin (london, uk)

Aamenah Hawash (London, UK)

nour elhouda zaag (Tunisie): May Allah swt grant you with his mercy, my heart is with you brothers and sisters.

Mohammad Fahim (Dhaka, Bangladesh): Lets all think philanthropically. :)

nicole byrne (minnesota,mn,usa)

Lewis Dougan (Glasgow, Scotland)

Rabia Ghayur (London)

Shamsul Alam (London): Come on everyone sign this petition help our brothers and sisters

Lucie Rees (Northumberland UK): Bangladesh must respect these people's rights and give them sanctuary. It is not optional.
If Bangladesh continues to turn the Rohingya away they are responsible for genocide, and the world will know it. Avoiding shame should not be their motivation, but at this stage, it's about whatever works.

Harvey Saeed Fielding (London, UK): I hope this gets taken seriously, my heart goes out to the people suffering

Shaheda Haque (london)

Ben Hurst (Cornwall): Why will countries unite and mobilize the armies of the world when there is a threat of WMD's but when there is genuine suffering in the world taking the lives of far more than the 'WMD's' in Iraq our government is silent. This is the reason we have a military in the modern age, not for resource wars.

siraj patel (london): May Allah protect us all from such calamities.

mohammed rashiduzzaman (dhaka, bangladesh): we are Muslim First then a Bangladeshi or british. had it been a khilafah we would have never let down our brothers and sister like that. shame on burma shame on Bangladesh

Elle Batchelor Peapell (Falmouth, UK)

Sharla Matthews (Dallas, Texas USA): This is a deplorable situation. These people need a place of refuge I urge the government of Bangladesh to open the borders to these people.

polly moreton (london, uk)

Ibrahim Abdulrahman (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia): Save the women and children

Louise Dinh (Newbury, UK)

Christopher Beschi (London, UK): There is no ethnic cleansing; only racist murder.

Abid Ahmed (London)

Marwa (London): speechless! Hopefully Bangladesh government will act like humans God willing there will be peace for our brothers and sisters soon!

Aisha Miah (Yorkshire, UK)

Saima Ahmed (London, UK)

Sabira Akther (London, UK)

Krystle Victoria O'Mahoney (High Wycombe)

Ammar Ahmed (Merseyside, UK)

Ana (London)

Anees Ahmed (peterborough)

Sharifa Sabir (London): Come on people spread this!

Imran Ahmed (LUTON)

H (UK)

Mizanur Rahman (London): The Rohingyas deserve a home and deserve to live in peace and we will continue to fight until the Rohingya's are free!!!!!

Abdur Rahim (London)

Sophie Le (London)

Rushnara begum (Luton, uk)

nasuha khatun (119 kearney .st. paterson .new jersy ,usa)

Professor Masanao Oue (Tagum, Philippines): Demonstrations, meeting with foreign leaders , and giving statements , interview with the foreign medias , writing news .. we must keep going. We must come with force. this is disgusting. Bangladesh Government, you need to wake up. Burmese Government, you need to grow up!

muzakkir mohammed (london): Least we can do!

Samaha Ahmed (Essex, UK)

Shaheen Chowdhury (Kent)

Mimi Khan (United Kingdom): Please help them, Bangladesh

Sarah Hillier (Hertfordshire, UK)

Tracie Keeling (United Kingdom): Please help stop the atrocity NOW!

Ibrahim Kamas (Mumbai, India): Stop the mass murder. Or at least help them to get home food and sheltar

Mohammed Ali (London, UK)

Daniel Fernando da Cruz Alexandre (Coimbra, Portugal)

Tony Million (London, UK)

Aisha Ukadia (Dewsbury)

Nadeem Fayaz (Nottingham, UK)

Atif Shabir (London, UK)

mouzay sebastien (tunbridge wells,uk)

Arman Ali (London )

Robi Chowdhury (London): "I want justice to be so pervasive that it will be taken for granted, just as injustice is taken for granted today." - Gloria Macapagal Arroyo

Arsalaan Qasid (Birmingham UK): ...

Robert Kazandjian (London)

Aysha Zahoor (Surrey)

Rukshana Yasmeen (London)

Azad Ali (London): Aung San Kyi silent abt #Rohingya ppl 'cos she's not sure they were Burmese'! Shd we not hv spk abt u Aung, as ur not British!? #RememberRohingya

Rehan Zahoor (Surrey)

Mona Zahoor (Surrey)

adil khokar (manchester)

Mohammed Mamdani (London, UK): I am impressed, more than anything, by the number of people of Bangladeshi origin who support this petition.

Asif Mahbub (Dhaka, Bangladesh): Have some humanity. we didnt choose which families we would be born in, the fact that we are safe from harm is simply because God has blessed us. What if we were born into a family of the Rohingya running for our lives? how would it feel to have the door slammed in our face and having to go back to almost certain death? having them in our country wouldnt be in our best interests, yes, but we as muslims should always remember, Allah is Ar-Razzaq - the All-Provider. So lets have faith in HIM and stretch forth our hands in aid - for the sake of humanity!

Lubna Sengul (London): Please wake up and help these innocent victims.

parvej chowdhury (london): kkkkk

bobby paracha (london, UK): intervention is needed

Abdul Mannan (Uk): Lets all unite and work for humanity, and stand up against injustice.

shaista gohir (UK): we should raise our voices against all human rights abuses

momtaz begum (london uk)

Selma Ahmed (London)

tahirah paracha (london): may Allah (swt) deal swiftly with the persecutors!

Hamzah Tariq (Birmingham)

Sarah Omar Azami (London)

Mohammed Malik (coventry)

Karar Al-Mafraje (Kristiansand,Norway): One race, one love.

Tufayel miah (london UK): Stop stealing from your own people...you muppets and help those on need

asma jabeen (hyderabad,india)

gulshada begum (birmingham)

SHABAB SHAHRIAR KHAN (Dhaka, Bangladesh)

mohamed abdelhadi (london )

Shuja A (Johor Bahru, Singapore): World unite. We must fight this

abidha begum (London,UK )

Abhishek Jain (Madurai, India)

Carleton E Mott III (Key West, FL USA): WTF?!

Hafizah Begum (London)

halimah (Indonesia): Innallaha Ma'ashshaabirin Sesungguhnya Allah bersama Orang yang sabar.

Ruzina khatun (London)

Susumu Mizuta (Kyoto, Japan): We need to increase the heat on Thein Sein's bum!
he needs to fix up
Bangladesh govt needs to fix up

Zahra Remtulla (birmingham UK)

Shaima nasima (London, UK)

Ayesha SHAH (Huddersfield)

Husnain A Nasim (UK): All humans are equal. Discrimination is any form is abhorrent.

nazia rashid (New york, USA))

Priya Shah (London, UK)

Eman Samir Elaraby (Egypt, Cairo)

Tufayel miah (london UK): Stop steqling from your own people...you muppets and help those on need

Anika Rashid (kent)

Jhusna Khatun (Birmingham )

Koshi Endo (Osaka, Japan)

Hafsa Islam (London ): we urge for the Government to stop this

aneesa abdullah (northampton, UK)

Azizur Rahman (London, UK): Absolute travesty and horrific events. Huge infringement on basic human rights, justice has to be brought ASAP

Khadijah Rahman (London)

Md Shaiful Islam (India): Please help the helpless Rohingya, muslims brothers from racist Rakhine.

Emily Coxson (Scotland, UK)

Hina (PK)

Jennifer Forbes (Truro, UK)

Shantha Davids (Perth, Australia)

Liberty Redshoe (USA): It is important to all humanity that we do not turn a blind eye on this cruelty. To do so will make us less than human.

Abdul Mukith (London, UK): May Allah (swt) help you with this much needed cause :)

Maung Shwe (India): Please help the helpless Rohingya, muslims brothers from racist Rakhine.

Mohammed (Cardiff, UK)

Xiao Clover (Fuzhou, China): Equality for all.

Shareefa Panchbhaya (London)

Anwara Begum (Manchester,UK)

Katijah Khanum (Birmingham, UK)

Hamza Sultan (Birmingham, UK)

Sultan Afsar (Birmingham, UK)

Stephanie Chapman (Seattle, WA, USA)

Hilary Aked (London, UK)

Soraya Khan (Birmingham, UK)

Emilio Demetriou-Jones (London)

Emilio Demetriou-Jones (London)

rebecca maria (london, uk)

Samiah Iqbal (Birmingham, UK)

Aisha Sultan (Plymouth, UK)

Qudsia Sultan (Birmingham, UK)

Jennifer Carol Stevens (Salinas, California, USA)

Qudsia Sultan (Birmingham, UK)

Md Shofiqul Islam (chittagong)

Rintu Alex (London)

MOHAMMED SHAH (london, United Kingdom)

Minara Bibi (london): It is incredibly disgraceful how Bangladesh is treating these Muslims. I hope they rethink their decisions soon.

Elma (England): The prophet s.w.s. said that muslim ummah is like one body, if one part hurts the whole body hurts...There is no nationalism in Islam, only brotherhood and sisterhood.

John Juster (Canada): This is why we MUST respect living Beings over all sub-identifiable names and group associations made.

Nizam Uddin (London, UK)

Kushida Begum (Sweden)

Rebecca Lawless (Cardiff, Wales)

ali hussain (london, uk)

kofi kekeli amedzro (camden): please help the weak and poor

Adnan Ahmad (Merrick, NY)

Haikal Mansor (Ireland)

Islam Chawdhury (Dhaka)

Samuel Jacoby (Ea)

Zaw Mint (Somalia)

saira ahmed (london): they need help, they have no where to go. Hope Bangladesh and other countries help the helpless.

Maung Sit Phy (Myanmar)

Yuriko Takahashi (Tokyo, Japan): UNITE

Imtiaz Ali (Bangladesh)

Zainul Adam (Ireland)

Xiaoxiao Sun (Beijing)

Shahid (Malaysia)

Ruli Rahman (London)

Sandra J. Torrence (United States)

Rahena Sultana (Essex): Absolutely appalling!

Geno Martin (United States)

Jubaida Rashid (London, Uk)


Rokeya Ahmed (London): Disgusting treatment. We need to voice this community. An army of voices we need to be.

Thamina Anjuman (United Kingdom)

Shahid Akmal (United Kingdom)

RahimaB (London)

Marius Hviid Larsen (LONDON, UK)

Kaledha Kelly Khan (London)

Warwick Amnesty Society (Warwick University, Warwickshire)

Rafiul Bari (London)

Anna Malan (Sevenoaks, UK)

Kamil Miah (Leds, UK)

Sha Gulzar Alam (UK)

Trinda Cyrus (United Kingdom)

Sophia Mighty (Bristol (England))

Moosa Ahmed Chand (Gloucester, UK): Bangladesh and other countries should put pressure on ruling Government, and take miltary action to stop this and lawful action.

Eyvette Hassan (Washington, DC)

Jubar Ahmed (London)

C z (Usa)

Masuma Jahan (London, uk)

Shyla Medina Ahmed (London)

Jubar Ahmed (London)

Iftaqar Sayed (Bangladesh)

Tim Green (Banbury, United Kingdom)

Arfa Butt (London/NY)

Shuprova Tasneem (Coventry, UK)

Melissa Jones (Portland, OR, USA)

Wahidul islam (London): Bangladesh government are criminals. Feel ashamed to be bengali

Tahmina Haque (United Kingdom): Please help your muslim brothers and sisters for the sake of Allah.

Aziz Rehman (Wakefield)

khalid tail (cheltenham)

joe lee (london)

Shima Ahmed (London)

Waqar Khan (Nottingham): Ya Raheem, Ya Kareem. May Allah Grant the Martyrs Peace, Their families patience and the persecuted strength In Sha Allah, Ameen

Humera Ahmed (London)

Nawaz Alamgir (London, UK)

m Hensrot (gloucestershire )

Kadiza begum (United kingdom )

Noura Mahmoud Hany (Cairo, Egypt)

Anna Ferrer Gil (Terrassa, Spain)

Nur Uddin (Birmingham )

Kawsar Ahmed (london)

tasnia kibria (Australia)

Harry Booty (London, UK)

mili sheak (London, UK)

Viv Lane (Westbury, UK)

Darja Orel (Turku, Finland)

yousuf goni (London):
I don't care who you are, what you are, where you are, all I care is is that you sign this petition so that like you, your fellow humankind be given the chance at being someone, somewhere...being HUMAN and living with dignity! Just imagine yourself in their position for a second, no one deserves to "live" like that! ANIMALS have more rights in this country then the Rohingya! Stand up and do the decent thing by signing the petition and get everyone you know to do the same. Please.

Sadik (London)

Sunny Faroque (London, UK)

Barbara Carter (United States): For the love of God please do not refuse these helpless ones.

Shabaz Ahmad (London)

Tanya Williams (London/sudan): As a human do what you know is right.

Shah alom (London)

simon thorpe (london, uk)

Farhana Kasam (London)

Lama Suleiman (London, UK)

Barb Chrysler (Ontario, Canada): international aid is needed for these people

Shohidul Islam (London)

Jolkot Zaman (Tottenham, London, UK)

sahena khatun (United Kingdom)

Nick Lavery (Surrey, UK)

Mandy Freewoman (Kendal, UK)

Shah Ali (Birmingham Uk)

Akhtar Uzzaman (London): It is absolutely disgusting and deplorable at a humanitarian level that a government can be so insensitive in turning back people arriving through dangerous terrains on a boat out of desperation. This is the last straw which breaks the camels back with respect to any kind of credibility of the current totalitarian government of Bangladesh. You should be ashamed of yourself!

Saddique Ahmed (London): May Allah swt help all those in need and punish the perpertrators!

Firuja Khanam (UK): Help and Unite!!!!

Syeda Shakila Ahmed (Birmingham, UK)

Tolu Williams (London)

Suhur Jama Abdishakur (United Kingdom): A Muslim is a brother of another Muslim, how can you turn away your brothers and sisters in such a way? How can someone with the name Rahman be so inactive in such injustice, I personally don't understand how you can carry out the decisions you have made especially if this is a decision made on the basis of finances, if Bangladesh is worried about provisions this could be a blessing in disguise that it's turning away in that the taking in our brothers and sisters at their time of need could increase the provision provided by Allah swt. There is no veil between the supplication of the oppressed and Allah and it's a duty on every Muslim to change injustice with his hands, if unable with his tongue and if unable with his heart as that is the weakest form of faith, this life isn't forever please reconsider your actions for your own self, the country of Bangladesh's credibility amongst the Muslim world and for the sake of Allah please please assist our brothers and sisters as you are in more of a position to do so than us.

sultana pasha (London)

moju noori (nottingham): Lord hav mercy

philiprechner (USA)

kuhinoor mirza (london, uk)

Abul Kashim (London)

Qasim Rehman (nottingham)

Rajan Uddin (London )

Rabia S. Sayed (London)

Milad Hussain (London UK): At times of need Bangladesh appeals to the world for help, its time to give help to others in need.

What i find amazing is that we of all people should know how it feels to be persecuted, has history not taught us anything?


maureen anne (Victoria, Canada)

Zarina Khan (London)


You still have a chance to put this right. Make the right decision. open your borders.


Silvia Frova (Bologna, ITALY)

Sameera Moosa (London UK)

sana (India)

Monjur miah (London, uk)

Zeeshan Khan (London, UK)

Roxana Anniuk (United States)

Ian Drummond (London, UK)

Nicol Duran (Toronto, Canada)

Andrea Marietta (Portland, OR, Usa)

Zakia Zamir (Birmingham, UK)

Nafizah (Singapore)

ibrahim Hassan (London, UK)

Amina Kava (London)

Kramer newkirk (Usa)

Amber Thornton (wichita, ks)

Jessi Malatesta (Cleveland, Mississippi)

Lisa Roper (Ohio, USA)

Carol Swords (London U. K ): please do whatever is needed please to assist

Mobien Miah (United Kingdom)

Thisakya Senanayake (United Kingdom)

Muhammad Chowdhry (London, UK)

Sarah Botnick (USA)

Barbara Federico (Albuquerque NM,. USA)

anthony J K Potter (london UK)

Amina khanom (London, uk)

sohail siddique ahmed (Makkah, Saudi Arabia): please save rohingya.

Nadine Julius (United States)

Lamees Hafeez (Manchester, UK)

Sumera kauser Hussain (London)

Ramona Barsalona (London, UK): Disgraceful...Save Rohingya

Ikram Ahmed (Birmingham, UK): How will you answer Allah in the day of judgement Dr Khan?


thofozul alam (London, UK): Those who are silent as others are oppressed are guilty of oppression themselves

Alan William Preston (Mangawhai, New Zealand): Burma, the world is watching you. Behave yourselves !

Shahan Uddin (London)

Chen-Yu-Chia (Taiwan)

Carrie Saxbe (Texas, USA)

Suhela Begum (London, UK)

elena ucelli (San Giuliano Milanese, Italy)

Ahsan Bashir (London, UK)

Jusna begum (London )

Jusna begum (London )

Shumana begum (London): I support this cause. Thanks to Salam Jones for bringing it to my attention

mohammdismail (irelad): i

Subba Jevisetty (United States)

jim mitchell (United States of America)

Shalina Jinnah (London UK)

Thomas McCallum (Toronto Canada)

ESMER ALJKANOVIC (Guildford, Surrey. UK)

jon-filip lutnæs (norway)

Samuel Sledd (United States)

M.Zannath-Ali (London,uk)

Shezna Begum (London)

Jahanara Ullah (London)

Carol Shelley (San Miguel de Allende, Mexico)

Junara Bibi (West Midlands): I am horrified at how little action is being taken!! Please do something about the issue.

Atique Miah (Gloucester. UK): Many will hear of this and simply say.."what can I do about this? I am so far away!"
..but there is always something we can do, sign the petition, and remember them in your Duas. May Allah SWT ease their suffering. Ameen

S Ali (UK): I support the cause and believe the least one can do is put oppressors on trials.

aftara begum (birmingham): I hope the Bangladesh Government see sense and help these people

Hadil Al-Etabi (London)

Shadmaan Chowdhury (London uk)

Siobhan Gorman (West Bromwich): So tragic - something must be done to help these poor people. They are human beings like you and me.

Mohammed Alom (Bedford): For the sake of humanity...please show mercy

Khalid Muneer (Leeds)

Shuhena begum (Leeds, UK): Bangladesh is my parents country; I see it as my own too in some ways though I was not born there or ever been - but their selfishness is something expected and utterly disgusting. Other countries helped them in their time of need- now its their turn to help! It disgusts me to have some link to a county like that... Start helping!

Fahmida Hussain (London, UK)

mohammad naser alam (london, UK)

Mohammas sarker (London ): I urge to our rpimeminister, to allow rohinga people to get shelter in Bnagladesh regarless of their religion just as human being.

Kamna Muralidharan (India)

naeyda jabeen (bradford)

Fazarnoor Zaman (London, UK)

Lama Ashraf (Stuttgart, germany)

Mohammed Kenu miah (Birmingham): Inshaallah you will do your best to sort out this issue mr khan.

Summer Khan (London, UK)

sophia malik (manchester uk)

Waseem Khaliq (London)

abdullah alblimy (makkah, saudi arabia): Help the Rohingya Muslims

Syed Islam (London, UK)

Salma y (London)

mahboob uddin (Essex,UK)

Shipon Ali (Gloucester UK): Peace And Unity

Hamida Ali-Ashraf (United Kingdom)

husna abbasi (london, uk )

Umer Siddique (London): May their oppression come to an end...

Maleena Pone (London, UK)

Islam Abdelsadek Aziz Hamid Al-Aarag (Cairo, Egypt)

m.d (east midlands,uk): Disgusting

siddiq rashid (gloucester)

Hussna Jahan (United Kingdom)

Aisha Gani (London, UK)

AZ (Buckinghamshire, UK): Inshallah...

Tasneema Yasmin (United Kingdom)

Alaa Mohamed Kdry (Cairo, Egypt): save Rohingya

Erfana Mohammed (London)

Aftab Baig (London, UK): I am appalled by Bangladesh's stance regarding the people of Rohingya. These are Muslims who are being perseucted and murdered. There are also some in the police and authorities who are joining in on these attacks.

For Bangladesh to then say that this is Burma's problem, is sending them to certain death.
Bangladesh, seems to have forgotten it's international duty of care.

I urge Bangladesh to intervene and help in any way that they can and also to allow the people of Rohingya a safe haven from where they can go to.

Karim Uddin (LONDON)

syed islam (London)

Amina Ansari (London, UK): I hope this matter is taken urgently.

Dilkusha Rahman (London)

mohammed ahad (walsall, uk): Inshallah

shazna begum Ahad (west midlands): :0) our duas are with you!!

Zobaida Ahmed (London)

rushna begum (miltonkeynes)

Asma Samad (London)

Alamin Hussain (London): This is a disappointment!

Ameen to all the Du'as!

Joseph Watfa (London, UK)

Richard Murray (Inverurie, UK)

Fahmida Sultana (London, UK): Come on Bangladesh, DO SOMETHING, don't turn them away. May Allah accept our prayers.

firuza bi (cambridge, uk)

Farid Malik (London)

khasim Habib (UK): Please stop this violence and protect our Muslim brothers and sisters in need

Karen Connolly (London UK)

Shafina Ali (Lonodon): Please stop this violence and protect our Muslim brothers and sisters in need

Huma Alam (London, UK)

Zaakir Deminck (Cape Town ): Pray for these people, please stop the hatred.

Ranya Borghol (United Kingdom)

Kauthar Majiet (South Africa): Astaghfirullah, please help these people

Emma Wallace (United Kingdom)

Sumera (Reading)

Haneeyah Goodram (South Africa): Please stop this violence and protect these people.

Mohammad Omar Azami (United Kingdom)

ttorongo m islam (Dhaka, bangladesh): stop killing rohingya people. Hey myanmar, stop racism

Dilshad Marikar (Stevenage, UK)

Faysal Ahmed (London): Have to say... I'm ashamed to be Bengali because of the actions of our Gov't.

Nelson Sivalingam (London): “If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything.” Malcolm X

Izaida Zainuddin (KL, Malaysia): There should no boundaries nor borders when it comes to love and compassion. Help in any way you can. May Allah have mercy on our brothers and sisters.

Abid Khan (London, UK)

Maraz Talukder (London, UK): Help them and surely Allah will help you. Abandon them and .......

LF Buckland (UK): Horrified at treatment of refugees. Turning away small boats, with nowhere else to go has shocked the world. Even temporary shelter must be permitted for those facing death.

Aaron Heath (london): I think it's horrific the way these people are being abused and mistreated not just there but all throughout the world. It's high time someone did something about it.

Mohammed Ansar (Hampshire, UK): Aung San Suu Kyi continues to refuse to acknowledge the systematic ethnic cleansing of Rohingya people being perpetrated by the military juntas and Buddhist monks. The Bangladeshi government refuses to take the refugees, stopping them on the border. The British Government and media is silent on the issue. We need to make our voice heard.

Maraz Ahmed (London, UK): Do we believe in Bollywood or do we believe in Allah?

Mohammed Ali (Birmingham)

Faisal Al-Jawad (London, UK): Where's the compassion?

Farhana Akhtar (Milton Keynes): It's heartbreaking - turning people back to their death can ever be right or justified...

Kazi Ruksana Begum (London)

Ann Alexander (Scotland): I watched Channel 4's news article and was horrified at the way these young people were treated and dismayed that it was fellow Muslims who were being so inhumane to their desperate pleas. If the little I can do now is to sign this petition, I feel I've done something. I will pass it on to my friends.

surajo haruna (Plateau Nigeria): this is unjust,may Allah brings an end to it.

Nela gofur (London)

Abu M Kamruzzaman (UK)

Dilly Begum (London)

Mohammed Ali (Manchester, UK): Please help.

Aneeqa Malik (London)

Jashim Ali (London)

Shirin Vohra (London, uk)

yanul hoque (london, uk)

Atique Miah (Gloucester, UK)

Shabina Khanom Ali (London)

Rowshanara Begum (West bromwich, UK)

Mashuda Khanam (Telford, uk): Its disgusting a fellow muslim wll not help their own...

Dinah Rahman (London)

Aleya Begum (London)

Rachel Bird (London, UK)

Winnifred Ihuoma (London, Uk): No matter how little you have, you should always share with those who have less.

Safiyah Touati (London)

Ananya Roy (London, UK )

Saad aldossary (Saudi arabia riyadh): Save Rohingya

Mohammed Inaam-ul Haq (London uk. )

Sumaiya Kamal (London, UK)

mahmoud aalfatah (makkah.k.s.a): ربنا أفرغ عليهم صبرا وثبت أقداممهم وانصرهم على القوم الكافرين

fatima manjra (Leicester, United Kingdom)

Umme Salma (UK)

Sumala Hassan (Romford): Yet another example of ethnic cleansing of the Muslim community! Silence can often be interpreted as condoning such atrocious behaviour...

Mizanur Rahman (London, UK)

Zahid Shah (London): Stop this genocide immediately and grow some humanity for gods sake

Asma Mohymen (London, UK)

Zak Ben Yehud (London, UK)

Rachel O'Connell (Brighton, UK)

Deepa khanom (London)

Leah M. Roman (Burbank, California, USA): Bless, protect and provide for all oppressed people, please JAH

Bella Ahmed (Birmingham): Please stop this and help our brothers and sisters at Rohingya.

Tahnia Ahmad (UK)

Ruhal Ahmed (London )

Jannathara Rais (Surrey )

Fouzia Hassan (UK)

Laila Rashid (South West London): We cannot turn a blind eye to such blatant butchery for in doing so we have lessened the value of all our lives.

lara nulie (London)

Victoria Emily Stephenson (London, UK)

Abul Kasam (United Kingdom)

Annisa Miah (Durham)

Hibaq Ibrahim (London)

Fahmida Tabassum Rifat (London)

Warwick Lowe (Suffolk)

H Baldo (London, UK)

Shara Ismail (London)

rafik (dubai): please save them our innocent rohingya people.

saidul alom (london)

Ruby Begum (London, UK)

Rafique Miah (Leicester, UK): We (the human race) havent yet learnt to walk the Earth as brothers & sisters!! How will we answer to our creator!!!! :(...


abdul subhan (crewe)

Zahier Ahmed (Cardiff)

ragih muflihi (nirmingham): If a single person dieds because of this refusal, it is a though they have kill all mankind.May Allah give them sense and show them the right path.

Farah Ayub (Manchester): As an opposition leader I am sure yang Sui shi can make a difference and speak up for the starless ppl.

Abdus Salam (London): We need to act quickly for the case of humanity. These attrocities cannot carry on.

Nadia Issa (Wolverhampton): Lets stop this now!!!

Yasmine Alom (London)

F.Qureshi (London)

Fuad Mukarram Munawwar Ali (London): I am ashamed of deshi government statements and actions on this. its like you want to make mean beggarly monsters of us all. Do you not even see any self interest in helping these desperat people? Upnader shorom nai?

Mossammet F. B. Rahman (Edingburgh)

Fatema Rahman (Sheffield)

Joshim malik (Sheffield)

صلاح سميع (ksa): الله انصر المسلمين انت الناصر وانت المعز لا شيء سواك يا رب العالمين

Fatena rahman (Sheffield)

Nick Rodrigo (Jerusalem, Palestine.)

Fatima Khanom (London)

Saleha Makda (London)

Melisa Aksahin (Istanbul, Turkey)

Nurbek Savitahunov (Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic)

Khadija sattar (Glasgow, uk)

KhalidUs Zaman (UK)

Shahanaz Rahman (UK)

Jahanara Ali (Birmingham)

Syeda sardar (Uk)

Nadia Mir (UK)

Ayesha Bibi (London W2)

Amal Stapley (UK)

Ty Faruki (Windsor)

Amina Ayaz (London, UK)

Rohingya Re Info Bd (Bangladesh): Thank you very much Bangladesh government and President U Thein Sein For the forwarding legs to Democratic country. It is really sad news for the Pro-Democracy Government handling or tackling the Rohingya Muslims killing in Arakan state by the buddiest Rakhine with the collaboration of Myanmar police.

The world countries, Humanitrean organisations and its people are very much concerned and Condemned to the Myanmar Pro-democracy government and its people for the uncountable massacre in Arakan state.

Please Government be seen and considered with kind or symphaty eye and brain, "The Rohingya Minorities Muslims are also human being and was bona-fide citizen before 1982 citizenship law of the union of Burma(Myanmar).

In this regard,requestin to the top Myanmar authorities to "Stop Rohingya Muslims Killing" in Arakan State Moungdow, Buthidown and sittew by receiving effective step soon.

Thank you very much
Rohingya Muslims

Mohammed hussain (Birmingham, UK)

Anira Rashid (Michigan, USA)

Rifna R Begum (Bedfordshire, UK)

Joclyna Begum (London)

Abida Khanom (London , uk)

Ayan Sagynbek kyzy (London, UK): I hope there will be peace in the country.

Shaheen Ahmed (United Kingdom)

Mizan zakaria (London, UK): Please help people who need help as we would expect the same should we be in their position. Life is too precious, please prevent the waste of life.

Hashem Al Hashemi (KUWAIT): Pray to Allah help innocent been killed and tortured in Myanmar .

Aziz Nur (Canada)

Aklima rahi (Sydney,Australia): Bangladesh should provide refuge for them asap...

Muhammad Siraj (Singapore): humans are humans

Moataz Mohammed Ahmed (Alexandria, Egypt): Now who's the terrorist ?!

Mohammad (Saudi Arabia): You'r playing with fire we have a commitment to protect our brother and sister

Helal Jebel -E- Noor (comilla,Bangladesh)

Saad Baig (Canada)

Suza Muhaimin (London): Get up, stand up, fight against injustice and put people before politics. Do your best please and help them when they need us all most.
Please help others to help yourself.
Thank you

Greg Blackman (Essex, UK)

Manzur Ashraf (Australia)

Raj Ahmed (Leeds): Give them their rights...........

Mahbub Ahmed (London): Let's put the politics aside and think about the human rights. Every human being has the right to live, work and practice their religion on this planet

Mohammed Aminur Rahman (london): LET THEM IN YOU PAGANS

Salahuddin Ayubi (Asian Forum)

Mumtaz Latif (London): be human. that is all i ask.

Henna Ahmed (Birmingham): WORLD PEACE

Fatima Mobarak (United Kingdom)

Ahmad Yasin (Manchester, Uk): This is disgraceful that international pressure isn't being applied to help the people that it is not being reported by the media

Asif Shahzad (London)

Lubaaba Amatullah (London, UK)

Kabir Ahmed (London, UK)

Ben Oofana (United States): We know your own country's resources are stretched very thin, but please have compassion for the Rohingya refugees that are fleeing from the horrific violence in Myanmar.

Nazrina Islam (UK)

Abdullah Khaahman (Kuwait): We need the peace in Burma please

Haesul Fagcang (London, UK): Refugees are refugees. They are fleeing for their lives with fault not necessarily their own.
What happened to the 1951 Convention of Refugees???

Abdullah Khaahman (Kuwait): We need the peace in Burma please

Humayun Kabir (London): May Allah help them in every way they need.

Sabrina Shu-chen Li (Australia)

Michaelle Penafiel (london, UK)

Nurul M Chowdhry (London )

Amir Hussain (Singapore)

Hollie mcnish (London): We have so much

Qamarul Islam (London, U.K.)

shahara hussain (United Kingdom)

Tabassum Mishty Taznin (London): Voicing the voiceless

dilek orhan (stockholm, sweden): Peace = Islam

Nora korchi (Florida, USA)

Rumman (London, UK): I understand that Bangladesh is over crowded as it is but this is totally unacceptable and I fear by rejecting these hopeless brothers and sisters, my country will be attracting the anger of Allah which it rightfully deserves.

mark graham (manchester)

Sorwar Uddin (Gloucester, United Kingdom): It is completely inhumane to let these people suffer, the People's Republic of Bangladesh has a duty, and it would be morally unjustified to deny these Rohingya any refuge.

Saima Yacoob (United States)

Romina khanom (London)

Balogh Kata Patrícia (Kondoros, Hungary)

Dayana (Australia)

Móni Szuhai (Budapest,Hungary)

Joynal Islam (Birmingham)

Radeyah Ali (Birmingham)

Sultana Begum (Birmingham)

shalena begum (london, UK): please help

Nuur Saddam (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia): we are responsible for their safety.

alifa parvin (leeds)

Rajna Munzir (Luton, UK): Hope Bangladesh government listen to us and support those poor n helpless people.....Myanmar needs a lesson from the world as well.....,

Fauzia Razaq (United Kingdom)

Mohammed Ali (London): This is an absolute travesty in a modern age. Where is the UN? I wonder how the world would react if Burma was oil rich?

Makhabat Suranchieva (Kyrgyzstan)

Haneen Hammou (London,UK): Please.

John Davidson (London, UK)

Zahra Shah (Birmingham): I believe in this cause..Help!

Irfaan Arif (United Kingdom)

Quamroon Nessa (birmingham)

Aijaz Amla (London, UK)

Jameela Jafri (Chicago, IL, USA)

Adam Nazar (London): The UK Media and Government, and even the UN need to be held accountable for not raising this inhumanity!! Bangladesh should have some shame!!! Rejecting the disposessed!!

One major mainstream paper needs to push this in the lime light. We should write to the guardian or the observer.

MPs need to raise this in Parliament. Get 1500 signatures and then it will be talked about then..

RB. I have a lot of reapect for what you guys are doing...

Atikur Rahman (Birmingham): The devistating scenes in Rohingya is hard on the eyes and minds of many people in the know of their situation, now imagine how hard it must be for the Rohingya people themselves. This atrocity must come to a stop. Insha'Allah the Bangladeshi government sees the light and opens up borders as previously advised to them.

Mohammad Abdullah Al Masum (London, UK)

Mubin Muhit (Kent): Allow these people in, these people are of bangladeshi origin..

Belal Breaga Bakht (London, UK): Some may argue that Bangladesh doesn't have the resources to accept countless refugees fleeing persecution, but if they turn these victims away they will be party to their persecution. The international community needs to put pressure on Bangladesh in accepting them but also must assist in providing food and shelter, as well as putting pressure on the Burmese government to protect them from persecution in the first place.

Niella Kiani (United Kingdom)

afzalur rahman (luton)

Thorunn Jonsdottir (Reykjavik, Iceland)

Silja Thorbjornsdottir (Iceland)

Halima Khatun (Swansea)

Saira Akhtat (Greater Manchester)

shahzul Ronnie Islam (Hertfordshire )

miss yunuss (nw uk)

khaleda ahmed (birmingham, uk)

Akram Bokth (London UK)

Hamid Rahman (Birmingham): What is this World coming to! The media doesn't even think this is important enough to show to the World that's why not many people know what's going on. Hopefully the voices of these Vulnerable Helpless people will be heard and Justice will be done. 1 Day Inshallah...

Iqbal Ahmed (london): its ok for the bangladesh goverment to have support from all over the world for their politics. especially when they hire halls and spend money in the uk to fight an support their goverment this is always on media..

now please can urgent be taken for burma's rohingya

Mohammed Miah (London, Uk): FREE FREE FREE HUMANITY

Farhana Ismail (London, UK)

Saleh Islam (Birmingham,UK)

Zarif Rahman (Bangladesh)

rahima gill (brighton)

Shahima Begum (United Kingdom): Basic Human rights is being taken away, Act now and stop this injustice!!!!

Lucky begum (Birmingham, UK)

Farhad chowdhury (London): Please please help the Rohingya community open our borders allow them shelter in Bangladesh

Shatti Hoque (U.S.)

Fatima Islam (london, uk)

suhel ahmed (london): Stop

Fawzia begum (London UK)

Nuur (Malaysia)

Ruhama Chowdhury (Exeter, UK)

Md Abdul Hamid (Dublin, Ireland.)

Alema Choudhury (London UK): This is to people power!

Fahmida Ahmed (Hertfordshire Uk)

Joanne Barnes (Australia)

Quazi Hussain (London)

Mashiath Reshmi Choudhury (London, UK)

Zainab Akthar (Bham): The Bangladeshi people wish to help! As a representative of our nation, we should be amongst the first to act against this injustice! Something must be done!

Imam Hoque (London): Please stop this injustice, it is inhumane!!!

Anam Choudhury (Birmingham ): Shame on us, if we dont assist our fellow muslims...

jazmin ali (Manchester)

Naznin Patel (Montreal, QC)

Hanna yakub (London)

Siddique Chowdhury (Perth, Scotland ): Please give them shelter.

Roisin Lonergan (United Kingdom): The Rohingya need your help!

Muktar Ahmed(Mizan) (12 Tunley Green,London e-14 7er,): Please stop the killing.human can't kill any other human.its really injustice..we all are together,no matter to religion.I am hating Bangladeshi country minister Difa Moni's rude comments about Rohingya Muslim.

Sakia ONI (Portsmoith, UK)

Delwar Hussain (London)

shajada begum (london uk): please can you take actipn asap

Azhar Ahmed (London, United Kingdom)

Salim Shaik (Glasgow): Please give this your urgent attantion for the sake of humanity.

Ferdousi Choudhuryf (Liverpool)

Shanaz begum (London, uk)

Tamanna Khatun (London, UK)

Faizaan Butt (United Kingdom)

Rumina Khatun (United Kingdom)

Rohima begum (Leeds, uk): United we can can make a difference!

Juthi Jamila (Toronto, Canada)

Savan Shah (London)

Ayesha vohra (Leicester)

Juthi Jamila (Toronto, Canada)

thofique adamjee (UK)

Raiiq Ridwan (Bristol, Uk)

Tabassum Rahman (United States)

Daniel Alexander Heimler (London): We are all part of the Human Race and should be uniting to address the atrocities in the world. Providing refuge to those in the most serious need is something of vital importance.

Rumana Akthar (Birmingham)

Aysha begum (london): its an evil world we live in, yet compassion is within every human being and through righteousness will good prevail.

Nura Hassen (London)

Irum Khan-Lodhi (London W2): Human dignity, respect and peaceful co-existence for the Rohingya community. Stop the brutality against mankind.

Shafi Khan (London, United Kingdom)

A J (london): What's the matter with people. Y can't we live harmony?

Kazi Rahman (London): Please don't turn a blind eye to this.

shelim rashid (London, United Kingdom): Please take action for the sake of humanity

Eldar Supataev (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan): It's sad that a small group of people with wrong ambitions can be the cause of many other people's sufferings. I hope things will come to a positive resolution for the people of Burma.

Fazlul Karim (London, UK): It's a humanitarian call - don't forget if our neighbour India wouldn't stand next to us in 70/71 - we Bangladeshi wouldn't still be independent - it's our time to stand next to our neighbour for their right of living.....

Jamie Agnew (Kent, England.)

Nurunnahar Reegbi (bangladesh)

rabina khatun (herts)

MU (London)

Adam Carter (Londin, UK): All answers are within the Quran and Sunnah Insh'Allah.

humera mahmood (birmingham, UK)

zohura jilani (london, uk): These atrocities must stop now! They need our help. I am ashamed to see that my fellow Bangladeshi's are turning a blind eye to such barbaric inhumane acts. Please help them

Gadija Omar (Cape Town, South Africa)

Mohsen Saleh (Sydney): Love for your brother what you love for yourself.

Yasmin Mannan (Preston ): When Bangladesh needed help against the oppression imposed by Pakistan, India, UK & other nations came to your need. Now the Rohingayan people need your help, don't turn your backs to them. If you have an ounce of Humanity and compassion you will give this community refuge in Bangladesh. I hope you have fortitude to make the correct decision.

REHANA BEGUM (Birmingham)

NASIMA ALI (london): Enough.

Peter Poon (UK)

Muhammed Omar Muhaimen (Birmingham UK): The situatuion of the people who are facing violence in Myanmar is extremely bad and its all dipu monis fault it also gives a bad name to bangalis she needs to be dealt with but most importantly those people need help

Azad Khan (UK)

Zohura Jilani (London ): These atrocities have to stop now! They urgently need our help. I am ashamed to see fellow Bangladeshi's are turning a blind eye to such barbaric inhumane acts. Please Help them.

Roopa kapoor (London)

Suhana Hart (London, UK)

Ayesha Nazir (UK)

Dr Zaker Ullah (London, UK): in 1971, our own people who were fleeing persecution were helped by our neighbouring country India. Should we now not do the same for our neighbours, the Rohingyans?

Sakib Azam (London, UK)

Sahal Quazi (London, UK)

Faraz Rabbani (Toronto, Canada)

Toyris Miah (London, UK): Our uncles, aunties, mothers and fathers thought for our nations independence because we faced an injustice, for us to throw an injustice in the face of the Rohingya is a crime immeasurable.

Salma (London,UK)

Heena Iqbal (Uk)

Shabnam Makee (United Kingdom)

Akkas Al-Ali (London, UK)

Inayah Zaheen (London, UK): Please help!

Ahmed El Hadi (Cairo, Egypt): NO COMMENT

mahmuna hasnath (birmingham)

Rume ali (Uk)

Sunbal Khan (London, UK)

Haroon Khan (London, UK)

Abdul Gaffar (Manchester): Love thy neighbour!

Khalid Bari (Luton, UK)

Rumena Khatun (Birmingham, UK)

Luke Blyth (Sudbury, UK)

ADAM MACAULEY (United Kingdom): please help in anyway you can

Mr Abdul Salam (london e9 ): i simply cannot believe that any moral government would let such DISTGUSTING acts happen withing their borders. DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW !!
Mr Abdul Salam

sohale Ahmed (Stockport): This injustice must stop.

Shermeen Kabul (Uk): This has to stop!

Sebilio Uribe (Quito, Ecuador): The capacity to help those in need is one of the most significant positions a human can be in. The movement of people around the World has the largest amount of potential to make any nation prosper. Please let the voices of those that are in need of passage and stay into the country of Bangladesh so that the World can see that it is a country that can be a beacon of hope during this time when potential disaster is so close.

Adul Rahmun (Utica, New York. USA): I agree with this writer and urge to help Rohingya people because Burma Buddhists are torturing Rohingyas which are Muslims.

Tun Khin (London)

Nahida Rashid (United Kingdom)

Tuqire Hussain (London)

Zak Diler (Birmingham)

abdul kalam (United Kingdom): never ignore what you know to be right.

yasmin aktar (london): Free our brothers and sisters

Usman Choudhury (London, United Kingdom)

Amira Elkhrouf (Wales): Appalling!!!

Rooful Ali (London)

Noor Shahid (Malaysia): Urgent action is needed

Hasina Parveen Mustaque (London, UK): Yeah Allah shower ur mercy n blessing n save, protect the CHILDREN of ADAM a.s. Yea Allah guide the UMMAH n foriv n giv them peace AMEEN SUMMA AMEEN

Fathema Ahmed (Bristol): We all must do what we can to help these persecuted innocent victims of this dreadful heart wrenching cruelty. This must stop!

Zul (London, UK): This is so bad..We need Aung Sang Suu Kyi to intervene and be neutral to solve this matter wisely..If let say, buddhist of Burmese or whatsoever other than Rohingya, please be kind and use proper channel to voice the situation in manner..

Nurgul Batyrbekova (Coventry, UK): Make peace, not war!

Maruf Deen (London, UK)

mahfuja ahmed (london)

Mariam Harbi ((Jeddah, KSA)): Peace and rights for the Muslims of Rohingya

Natascha Eleonoré (London, UK)

Jewel Mubarak (Saudi Arabia): They oppressed

Sarah Bibi (UK)

Ruksana khalid (Birmingham): Stand up and be counted we are not on the side of the oppressor and shall not stay quiet.

Mohammed Ali (Birmingham, UK)

amera patel (london): May Allah guide us all and provide a way out for the oppressed.

Tanika West (London, UK)

Faheema Khatun (london): Lets all stand up collectively to support basic Human rights of our brothers and sisters of Rohingya and May the clouds of oppression be lifted sooner than we can comprehend!

shadna miah (london)

Daniel Rivers (United Kingdom): Peace and rights for the Rohinhyas

Nahin Alamin (London, UK)

Afsana Safa (London)

farhana akthar (london uk)

سكينة وصي (Makkah, KSA): Who will save Arakan ?
Let us stand up for them ....
May Allah grant all muslims worldwide peace and victory .
اللهم انصر دينك وكتابك وسنة نبيك وعبادك الصالحين وعجل بالعاقبة للمتقين ..

Shajeda Khanom (Sheffield): Cruelty in any way, shape or form cannot be justified.
irrelevant of where, why, how.

This must stop !!

Yaseen Laher (Blackburn, UK)

sabah.naq@gmail.com (London. UK)

Usaama Minhas (London, UK)

Syed Kassum Husasin (United Kingdom): Give these people a chance to live! One is either a brother in faith or a brother in humanity!

Farhat Amin (London)

Kiran Ahmed (London)

Taslima khanam (London, UK)

Cinda Lawrence (New York, NY USA): The situation could not be more desperate. In the name of humanity please help these people.

Dr. abdur rahman abdul hoque (karthum, sudan): requesting to international communities and UN to protect defend lees Rohingya muslims in arakan

Amad Ahmed (London, UK)

Ajmal Masroor (London): It is a shame that the government of Bangladesh would treat persecuted people so shamelessly.

mohamed ruhin miah (london uk)

فيصل الدوسري (١): الله ينصرهم ويحفظهم

Farzana Khan (london )

Zubaida Rahaman (Stockholm Sweden ): Please save our Rohingya people of Arakan Burma!

Rahima Begum (London): There is enough space in this world to accommodate all mothers, fathers and children. Statelessness on any ground is not acceptable, but the refusal and murder of innocent refugees justified with political and legal and religious 'excuses' is disgusting. A true fall in the human spirit. We need to rise, and demand an equal application of human rights. Its an international call for change!

Abul Klam (Stockholm-Sweden): If such lone acts of violence by criminal elements within a society were to lay the very foundation and justification for lynching of an entire community, there won't be any human being left alive on earth. And yet, that simple wisdom seemed to have missed the Rakhine leadership who stoked hatred of the Rohingya.I humbly appeal to take an immidiate action against Burmese government and racist Rakhine group of Arakan Burma.

Abbas Uddin (Northampton): May Allah give victory to the oppressed! Ameen.

Hafiz Rahman (London)

Sana Uqba (London UK)


mahboob miah choudhury (london)

Swaleha Kassim (Birmingham, UK): How can a piece of law make its own inhabitants 'stateless' and 'illegal immigrants'? The 1982 Citizenship Act is a farce...why is Aung San Suu Kyi not talking about this?

Mahbub Raakin (London, UK): Blatent disregard to human rights. No compassion whatsoever. It's a disgrace.

AK Rockefeller (USA): Let Rohingya people live in peace and dignity, with equal rights as Burmese citizens. This was once promised to all Muslims in Myanmar by General Aung San himself, founder of the nation. Racism against Rohingya only serves the Burmese dictators.

Aalia Mobeen (Birmingham, United Kingdom)

Kevin Kamal (London )

osman johar (Ireland Carlow): i earnestly requesting to international communities and UN to protect defend lees Rohingya , sectarian killed Rohingya in Arakan by rekhinist terrorist please bring them to the court and give us justice

shomokh (uae): Allah will help the muslims every where ya rab

Faaizaa Nahar (Cardiff, UK)

Muhammad Noman (London, United Kingdom): Burmese Gov and Rakhine Extremist are horribly Disgracing humanity! Now the world should look and take this issue so seriously,Specially Bangladesh Gov. though Bangladesh Gov has done lot for Muslim Rohingya
in recent past years, but this moment of HARD time where Rohingya's are been killed and still this killing is going on. Innocent Rohingya are suffering for the Food, Medicen, Shelter and most Importantly Life threat,they literally need Bangladeshi Government support.


Nadia Malik (London, UK)

Leena Akhtar (West midlands): Slashed our people, our children, and the future, Disgusting!

JAKIA HUSSAIN (United Kingdom)

Rukia Begum (London, UK)

Shajahan Talha (London): Dear High Commissioner
As a British Bangladeshi I demand that you take some action against Bangladesh's decision to not allow the Rohingya people in to Bangladesh! They are facing torture and mass killing yet we sit by and do nothing! please for the love of humanity do something

Rahib ali (Hampshire): For the sake of Allah, help our brothers and sisters iA

Bushra Abbasi (Hertfordshire, UK)

Osama Zubair (Kent, UK): I think that all the silence in worse than all the violence

amir abbasi (Hertfordshire, UK)

Khurshid Ahmed (London): I believe that the Bengladeshi Government has a moral,and religious obligation to help helpless Rohingya Muslim who are fleeing from Dead.

zara saeed (london)

I akhtar (N.E England )

Farah Abbasi (Hertfordshire, UK)

Ayodapo Aiyeola (Canterbury, UK)

Raeesha Udat (London )

Mosh Miah (Essex): Help the Muslims.

Amina Uddin (london): Human rights matters. The Rohingya matter. Their lives are not expendable to the brutes who commit atrocities in the name of supremacy. Absolute shame on Bangladesh for refusing to open up its borders.

myar abduaziz (riyadh,ksa ): Free muslims

muslimh (riyadh,ksa ):
Stop scaring the muslims

Moymun nessa (London)

Zarina Akhtar Choudhury (London): Please please help these people. They cannot be left forgotten.

modasar Rasul (Birmingham)

Sonia Hoque (London): Every human being has the right to live, work and practice their religion on this planet. It's time those who have built up power start taking responsibility to what has happened to our world built on laws and borders. If people are exiled simply because of religion or skin colour, we have a serious problem that you need to address immediately or there will be more bloodshed.

Sultana Mohammed (London, UK)

Ruhul Abdin (London, UK)

Thania Mukith (London): FREE MY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sam Puzzo (St. Charles, IL)

Aysha Y Goni (Essex)

Aisha Qayum (London, UK)

Anor miah (London, uk): Crying shame to see such atrocities commited on these people at this day and age. Please help

Muhammad Ahmedullah (London): I feel so sad. Rohyngas are human beings and the whole world belongs to them, just like other human beings. Give them shelter and support.

saad butt (london)

Zubaida Chowdhury (London, UK): Free my people!

Quavi Aurongozeb (UK)

Zorra khan (Birmingham, UK)

Mohammed Rahman (London)

Rubeina Salhan (Birmingham): I am 100% for this cause and fully support it.

Sufia Begum (Manchester, UK)

Marium Abdul Sattar (London): Distance cannot silence the cries of the Rohingya people. We hear the wails of the refugees who are fleeing violence in Burma and who are being turned away from Bangladesh. They are being vilified just because they look different, speak a different language, and have a different culture. The injustice must end.

Jamal Mehmood (Kent, UK)

Shamshed Begum (London, UK)

Mohamed Ilyas (Amsterdam,Netherland): My dream The unity together all Rohingya's

Mehroonnisa Patel (Bradford, UK)

Tegan Jones (London, UK)

محمد عبدالباقي (jizan,ksa): اللهم انصر الاسلام والمسلمين في كل مكان وفي كل زمان

Imran Jamal (London, UK)

Toslima Khatun (London)

Soly Hegazy (Egypt)

سليمان البحري (123456789)

saudi muslim (riyadh , saudi ): Stop the war on islam

Kolchuma Begum (Worcester, UK)

Abdulaziz Alabdullatif (Dhahran Saudi Arabia): Are we living in the 21st century? Is this acceptable to the so called the Civilized world.Stop the massacar of Musilms please

amen arkane (Saudi Arabia): I Arkane I ask for help

Hasan Uddin (London)

foreda begum (London): ashamed of bangladesh and thier double standards. the voice of the rohingya will be heard

maram abduaziz (riyadh,saudi arabia ): Stop killing muslims

zohura akthar (United Kingdom)

shahenda hassan (egypt): أريد وقف ما يحدث فى الأراكان ضد المسلمين

Sarah Anwar (London): Their lives are worth the same as our lives. Equal and basic human rights for ALL. Do the right thing and have some compassion for our brothers and sisters in humanity. The injustices against the Rohingya must stop now.

Mohammed (Luton): Pathetic behavior of a government that despite never falling remind it's citizens off the atrocities committed against them by Pakistan, now fails to show compassion to those who are now in a similar position as they once were!

Raiyan Ali (London, UK): Injustice has no place in the world. We are human beings above anything else. Put yourself in their position for a change, and see how it feels.

Rakeb Kasem (London): Sign the Petition!!!!

Shereen Zakaria (Hayes)

Murshed Anwar (London): Killing, rape, harassment, torture, and atrocious crimes by border security forces on an industrial level. Spread the word and get all of your friends to sign the petition.

Abdulaziz Almezzy (Jeddah ,KSA)

Fathima Khatun (London, UK)

Farhana Syeda (Cheltenham, Uk)

waris ali (yorkshire, united kingdom)

Rashad Ali (London)

asiya mamsa (nuneaton , UK)

Kiran Yousaf (London, UK)

Mediya masood (Watford)

Eirteqa Sultan (London, UK)

Saleh ahmed (London, Uk )

Rumana Ali (Essex, UK)

Zaynal Faruque (London)

Menna Mohie El-Deen Mahmoud (Cairo, Egypt)

Taslima Yousuf (Hertfordshire)

Hussain Siddique (Makkah, Saudi Arabia)

Cara Banerji-Parker (London)

Jakeha yesmin (Cheltenham)

Jakril Hoque (London): This is heartbreaking. We cannot simply stand idle.

sana abbasi (Watford)

Musfeka Hussain (Cheltenham, UK)

Afzana Chowdhury (Luton )

Rahad Chowdhury (London)

Mabrur Ahmed (Bham/London UK): There is nothing that anyone can say that will allow my conscience to accept that turning people back to their death can ever be right. Enough.

Sala Choudhury (Southampton, UK): Shame on the Bangladeshi government for not stepping in. For years the international community has assisted Bangladesh with humanitarian aid in the wake of devastating floods. But now the Rohingya's are being persecuted on your doorstep and you stand by and do nothing. This is your chance to help people who are at their most desperate. It's time to man up and take some responisibility.

Khaled Nawaz (Birmingham UK )

Awaz Raoof (London)

Sayeda Rahman (London)

Zeenat Islam (Birmingham, UK): In the name of humanity.

anna-rose phipps (london uk)

Tasnia Aurongozeb (United Kingdom): Lets make change together. Imagine if you were in their place, no food, no shelter, no support and NO HUMAN RIGHTS! "They slashed our children. They stuck a sharp sword in the ground.. They held the infants above the sword, and let them fall on it. They killed our babies that way" (Rohingya's suffering)

Ceren Yilmaz (London)

Dilruba Wadud (West Midlands, UK): "Whether its the life of a human being or animal.If life has any worth,then everyones life is worth the same" - If ever there was a statement that reflected the truth, and the true definition of humanity; this is it! We demand justice for the rohingyan's. They deserve to seek refuge wherever!

Steph Minns (Stafford)

Nancy Kamal (London): Can this actually be happening? Babies murdered in front of parents; villages being burnt down with people still in it? It's unreal. And it must be stopped. But most of all people need to come together to help those who are not strong enough to stand after been beaten down.
Bangladesh, your heart still sings the song of sorrow of the 1971 war, how can you miss an opportunity to show you have heart to help those in a worse position than you? Your urgent response is needed.

Davood Hersh (Kelowna, BC, Canada)

Nadia Hussain (Cheltenham, UK): Please, on humanitarian grounds, help our brothers and sisters and neighbours. Now is the time to act and create positive change. The world looks on in horror, but you can bring some ease to the Rohingya's suffering.
Respond to the Rohingyan pleas as the pleas of Bangladeshi's were heard all those years ago.

Koyrun Begum (London uk)

Mooktakim Ahmed (London, UK): "They slashed our children. They stuck a sharp sword in the ground.. They held the infants above the sword, and let them fall on it. They killed our babies that way". Horrible!!