Petition to UN for immediate end of violence to Rohingya

Since October 9th 2016:
  • more than 430 Rohingya have been killed by Burmese authorities.
  • 195 Rohingya women have been raped by Burmese military
  • Upwards of 130 Rohingya remain missing and thought to have been arbitrarily arrested
  • Almost 2000 houses have been burned to ashes
  • At least 40,000 Rohingya have been homeless and refugees in their own land

We request you to sign our petition to the UN, the British Foreign Office and the Burmese Embassy to have an immediate stop to the violence, an independent UN commission of inquiry, and unrestricted access to NGO's and aid agencies to support the Rohingya refugees.

Dear Mr. Mutuma Ruteere
(UN Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance)

We the undersigned are collectively urging you to consider our extraordinary request and appeal to intervene at state level to protect the rights of the Rohingya community of Myanmar.

As you are aware, under the 1982 Citizenship Law of Myanmar, the Rohingya are classed as a stateless people and as a result have huge restrictions on their rights including the right to free movement, the right to free marriage, the right to live in security and sanctity and have been targeted numerous times by state sponsored violence and aggression. A summary of the situation:

  • Rohingya villagers in Northern Rakhine state, specifically Maungdaw township and surrounding areas
  • Myanmar Army, Tatmadaw, Border Guard Police and other State Law Enforcement agencies
  • On-going since 9th October 2016 with more than 428 Rohingya civilians killed
  • Numerous (in the hundreds) counts of rape against vulnerable refugees, burning and razing of entire village households, arbitrary arrests and more than 400 extrajudicial killings

We urge your team and the power of office that you hold within the UN to investigate the ongoing violence and persecution that the Rohingya are facing on a daily basis; xenophobic, unprovoked and unjustified aggression by state law enforcement agencies rendering more than 40,000 homeless and now in a state of seeking refuge.

We look forward to hearing back from you with positive resolution.

Yours Sincerely, Directors of Restless Beings and the undersigned

We will be delivering the above petitions to the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Burmese Embassy on Friday 2nd December.

We need your support, your attendance and your voices.

  • Protest will begin at Foreign Commonwealth Office on King Charles Street, London, SW1A 2AH at 3.30pm (nearest tube Westminster)
  • From there we will march in unison to the Burmese Embassy on Charles Street, W1J 5DT (nearest tube Green Park) and hand in petition there at 4.45pm and remain there with our voices and speakers and demands until 6pm.
  • Please join us! - TOGETHER WE ARE STONGER

    2126 Signatures

    aklima jesmin (london): No one has right to kill people in the name of terrorism

    Nadia Begum (London)

    Muhammad Imran (London,UK): This is out of order cruel against human, should be stopped.

    hamza zia (pakistan)

    Laraib Lodhi (Pakistan): Stop Killing Muslims - they are as human as you are!!!

    Whshida khanom (London)

    LAHMER (Paris): why any thing hapens!?

    Nafeesa Chaudrey (UK Manchester ): Stop this injustice, where is the humanity ?

    Mohamed billow (Nairobi,Kenya): This is inhuman.The international community should act and bring the perpetrators to book.
    The Rohighya muslims need justice.What is happening in Burma is unacceptable and should be stopped immediately.Moreover why is the world so silent.This is unjust and inhuman.

    Mohamed billow (Nairobi,Kenya): This is inhuman.The international community should act and bring the perpetrators to book.
    The Rohighya muslims need justice.What is happening in Burma is unacceptable and should be stopped immediately.Moreover why is the world so silent.This is unjust and inhuman.

    ALMAS RAJPUT (London): If was Muslims who were doing this, Hundreds of UN resolutions would have been passed, action taken against them. Nobel Peace price withdrawn.

    Shree (india)

    Bassam Imam (Montreal, Canada)

    Palak (Norway)

    prabriti tiwari (Oslo)

    Mohammad Asghar (London): May Allah awake the conscious of the people of the world to help and protect the innocent helpless Rohinga people

    Jamshid kurikkal (Kerala,India ): Please save the people of rohengya

    Dr. Muhammad Mazher Saeed (Oldham,UK): Please protect the Rohingya Muslims

    Jessica Lanier (USA)

    Bambul Miah (Walsall, Darlaston, West Midlands.): We claim to be the most sophisticated civilised people in this modern era, yet such atrocities, such butchering is taking place before our eyes yet we do nothing against it. Is it because it does not suit our own agenda or is it because the very people who are being subject to such heinous acts are not European so they don't mean or worth anything. Mankind will be judged one day by the Almighty God for our acts & for being so racist & neglectful.

    Aatika Bora (Leicester)

    Elisabeth Lenahan (Indonesia ): Human rights - the rights of humans - we are all humans and we all have the same rights that's what makes us human

    Aroosa (London)

    Adeyemi Aisha (Lagos,Nigeria)

    Mohamed Fazlur Rahman Maricar (Karaikal): Please help them

    Roslynn Beighton (London): Put a stop to the genocide

    Osman Mohsin Saleh (UAE): Come together for Human rescuse, because Military and police is only the criminals.

    Suzan Shaker (New Jersey, USA)

    Md Monzur Mannan Sumon (Birmingham): As a human being, please ask your conscious if you did not support and act. And finally how will you answer before your creator, Allah.

    Majid Mohamed (London, UK): May Allah swt help all those who are oppressed. May Allah swt grant them patience, resilience, resistance, strength, and help them overcome the oppressors insha'Allah.

    Tanya Kirova (Paris)

    popescu loredana (kalamata): PLEASE help the Rohingya!!! STOP the genocide!!!


    Haajarah Ahmed (London)

    Hanifah Ahmed (London)

    Mahbuba Muhammed (London, UK): Be the voice of justice.

    Afiea Begum (London, UK)

    Thabia (Uk)

    Hosaam Safdar (London)

    Halima Begum (London)

    T (London,UkK)

    Momena Begum (London, UK)

    Zarin Chowdhury (London)

    Sarah hussain (Uk )

    Maryam Huq (London )

    Tasnim Akther (London)

    Jerin Hussain (West Bromwich): Please save the people in Rohingya!!!!!

    Nazma Aktar (Manchester uk): May Allah the Almighty inflict a harsh severe punishment without delay, on the Burmese gov and their followers, for the genocide of the Rohingya minority. May Allah be with the weak and the oppressed, Ameen.

    Faruk Miah (Manchester uk): The Burmese Gov must be held accountable for these mass killings of innocent civilians.

    Faima Begum (West bromwich)

    Abdul Karim (Birmingham, UK)

    Tangena Begun (London, UK)

    Zakariyah (London,UK)

    cathy carroll (Carlow, Ireland )

    Syed Afsar Hussain (London)

    michael nolan (carlow ireland)

    shebina hussain (birmingham)

    Niamh Sinnott (Wicklow )

    Yinka Ogbonmide (Carlow,Ireland )

    bri ericksen (orleans, ma)

    Wajda ayub (Uk)

    Fareeha Ali (London)

    Nicole Noonan (Carlow)

    Siddick Ali (10 beatrice close ): This is genecide and it needs to end asap

    Bridget Fitzgerald (Ireland)

    International Human Rights Community (Berlin,Germany): Take action stop genocide and give human rights

    Ansary (Colombo,Sri Lanka): Stop Killing innocent people

    Bridget Abader (Australia): Heartbreaking


    Abu thaher (London uk ): Please support to stop genocide, suffering and oppression against Rohingya Muslims. Only takes a view seconds to sign.

    Mohamed Rikas (Srilanka ): Please help him

    Mohamed Rikas (Srilanka ): Please help him

    Mohamed Rikas (Srilanka ): Please help him

    annemarie moram (kildare, Ireland )

    Aislinn O'Dwyer (Kilkenny, Ireland )

    Janice (Pontyclun)

    Dr. Uzman Mohideen Mohamed Aaqiff (Colombo): Stop killing any human being

    Sabahat Khan (UK )

    Fahima jannath (London)

    Mohammed rahman (Nottingham)

    Sajahan pasie (Colombo Sri Lanka ): Stop liking innocent people in Rohinya.

    N khanom (London )

    Esha Mustafa (Birmingham, UK)

    Syeda sultana (London)

    Sharon murphy (Scotland): Stop the hell these people are going through. I read a toddler was raped and tasered.. This must stop now..

    Sheikh Rahman (London, UK)

    Mohamed Aslam Hasana Lebbe (Saskatoon, Canada)

    Mohammed Afham (Embilipitiya, Sri Lanka ): Stop killing innocent people

    Tuna Faleen Samsudeen (Mawanella Sri Lanka ): Please stop violence. Please save innocent Muslims.

    Mohamed Sakeer (Al Khobar): Need to maintain peace & harmony. Pls., stop killing the innocent people in Burma!

    Mohamed aslam (Kurunegala, Sri Lanka. ): Protect the human rights

    Sharmin raja (U.K. ): JUSTICE MUST BE ATTAINED!!!

    Mafas (Qatar ): Save the human beings

    Mohamed Farook Mohamed zulfikar (Saidi Arabia): Please stop this foolish nonsense.

    Bushra khatun (Manchester): Stop violence

    Asia Liaquat (birmingham): Why is this terrorism allowed?

    Muhammad Mubeen Refai (Qatar): Stop Killing Rohingya people.........

    Mohammed nasreen (saudi arabia,Riyadh): please rescue our Muslim brothers in Rohingya

    Mary Scully (McAllen)

    Mohammed niyas (Sri Lanka): please take appropriate action

    Nasir Ahmed Arifeen (Colombo Sri Lanka ): Please intervene and save them

    M. N. Anis (Colombo Srilanka ): Please stop the genocide against the Rohingya

    Mohamed sarjoon (Sri Lanka )

    Sarah (Uk): Protect the Rohingya people

    Mohamed Nasry (Srilanka ): Please intervene at rhohingya and stop genocide.

    Ruh Al-Alam (London, UK): Intervene in Myanmar, stop the killing and persecution.

    Amira Sultana (Peterborough, UK): #Whereisthemassmedia #AllLivesMatter #HumanityFirst #SilentGenocide

    Shahana tasnim (London)

    Mohammed Zadar (Qatar): The news what we see today, is of utmost inhuman treatment by the majority group.

    A. M Risath (Sri Lanka): Please stop violence

    M Fahim (Sri Lanka): Stop beating innocent

    Zainul Mishkath (Colombo, Sri Lanka)

    Fathima shaima ((Sri Lanka)): Raise your voice against violence!!!

    Shiran Hassan (sri lanka colombo): Please stop violence

    Meena Ali (Birmingham): We need to do something now, its gone on long enough we can step in to help other countries so y havent we done it here

    mohomed izzeth (sri lanka): Pls stop violance

    Muhammad Rikaz Gazzaly (Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka): Save the Humanity

    Noor (Sri Lanka): End rhe vilonce

    Buhary Mohamed Azam (Colombo)

    Faizer khan (Sri lanka)

    Mohamed Halith (Qatar): Please take action against inhuman activity by Myanmar forces,

    Umar Fazrin (Sri Lanka): please take action to stop killing muslims in Burma. The whole world knows what is happening. People are killed like toasting bread. Please arrest the tertorists

    Najman Zahid (Colombo, Sri Lanka ): Ethnic cleansing by mercilessly torturing raping and killing muslims in Rohinga must immediately stopped

    Mohammed Aazath (Qatar): Be a human to stop the violence against Rohingyans

    Farzana begum (London )

    Fahmida's memon (Toronto canada)

    Usman Ahmad (India)

    saba khan (mississauga)

    Zahir Hussien bin Seeni Mohamed (Kedah, Malaysia): Save Rohingya

    Kamran Muhammad (North York): Stop volienve.

    Mahendra Pandya (London, uk)

    Tania Rahman (London, UK)

    Anis Sakinah Lokman Hakim (Malaysia): Don't kill Rohingya people. They're still humans , innocent peoples.

    Aamir (UAE): The issue must be raised out worldwide to increase pressure on Burma Govt against their inhuman aceroities.

    Bashir Sacranie (UK)

    naim rahman (Epsom)

    Emmy Chowdhory (Northampton ): Don't know what to say.. I literally feel sick to the stomach...stop this!

    Moin Uddin (Surrey): Please don't let Burma Muslims to be slaughter like Bosnia Muslims.

    eddy hassan (sydney, au): In these modern age, no one should be persecuted and discriminated because of race and religious beliefs. And yet it is happening at an aggressive level in Myanmar's Rohingya.

    Nazmin Ali (Sutton)

    Farah Malik (Birmingham uk)

    Henry Moller (London)

    LLubna farooq (Birmingham ): I'm disgusted that this dose net the coverage it should in the news

    Raye choudhury (Birmingham )

    Dahmani Abdelwahab (London)

    Sayeed Uddin (Birmingham)

    M javed (Birmingham): Every human deserve for basic rights and peace is most important in terms to achieve rest of all necessaties..

    Nadia Ibrahim (Sri Lanka): Please protect the Rohingya's since it's the duty of the UN. All authorities will be accountable to God one day for not taking necessary action. For the sake of Humanity please hurry up!

    Tabassum Azhar (Hamilton )

    Ellen van der Velden (Amsterdam)

    Carol Grayson (Tyneside): Very disturbing stories emerging, help must be provided to protect Rohingya as a matter of urgency

    Sharmina Saleem (Kerala,India)

    Mohamed Rafiq Bin Mohamed Mustafar (Klang): Please do something to stop genocide. Why untill today there is no action from UN. Just because the victim is Muslim. Please they are also human being.


    Sarfraz Saeed (Tooting): I would like the UK goverment and the world like the UN take action on this brutal killing of innocent people why no action because this has been happenimg for a long time

    Ruhi Akhtar (U.K. )

    Muhammad Makda (Blackburn,UK)

    sultana miah (london): STOP the innocent killings of muslims

    Parvez sheikh Taj (London, U.K. ): Debates and discussions can continue later, immediate stop of torture and killing of innocent Rohingyas needs to happen NOW.

    Mr G Miah (London)

    Asma Khatun (London )

    Asfaque choudhury (London): This must stop ... innocent people are innocent

    Hafiz Rahman (london uk)

    ahmed ali (London)

    slim ahmed (London)

    muminul haque (London)

    ishaque hussain (London)

    Shahnaz Awan (Manchester )

    Akifah hussain (London)

    Lotifa Hussain (London)

    Muhammed Hussain (London)

    Mohamedsaid Lunat (Dewsbury ): Please help the rhohingya people. Save them life.

    Guido Maschhaupt (London): We cannot be complacent in this case. We must act.

    Liyakat Desai (Blackburn): Terrible situation for these people is an understatement

    Amirah ali (Birmingham, UK): This is a crime against humanity. It is a sad time we live in where you have the power to stop this and yet you do not. Shame on the United Kingdom for not uniting against this

    Sulaiman (India): Pls help myanmar muslims by urging myanmer govt to stop violance against them..

    Anna Livingstone (London UK): The Rohingya are in a desperate situation. They need support asBurmese citizens and support as refugees urgently.

    Fokhrul Alom (London ): Helping them is not the solution but showing the world that we are following the peace.

    Nafisa asmal (Bolton)

    Eleanor Fitzgerald (London, UK)

    Mohamed Nazeek (Newcastle): Stop killing.

    Zainab Patel (UK)

    Sana Miah (London): No wold leaders are saying anything to this inhuman act.

    Hajra bibi (London)

    Saima Ahmed (Uk)

    Irham Usman (London): It is despicable that a person who is seen as a champion of human rights is turning a blind eye to all of this suffering

    Imran khan (Blackburn)

    Muhammad Saajidh Maricar (London, UK)

    Sahul hameed (Singapore )

    nazia (England )

    Shahul Hamee (Singapore): what is shown in the petition is very much unofficial information shown that rohinya people affected more than ten times. What happened to the human right commission. Many people complaining about the double standard of HR C.if other than muslim effected wherever they voice and intervene very fast if muslim they closed eyes.

    Anni Khan (Rockford UK): Stop this inhumanity. Please help these people

    Roshan Razik (Calgary, Canada)

    Mohd Asif Shah (India): End The Barbarism On Muslims By These Buddhist Terrorists

    Tasaduq Hussain (Kashmir India): I support this protest...

    Muhammad Abdullah (Singapore )

    Rizwan Basha (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

    kiran naveed (toronto)

    Wasim Raja (Singapore): Stop crimes against humanity

    Nazia Rashid (Oxford)

    Abdul Aleem (Singapore ): Please save and stop the aggression against roghangya Muslims

    Mohammed saleh (Coventry): Please help them

    Elumalai anburaja (India cuddalore): I support

    Aliyar (SINGAPORE ): Please Stop the Violence against Rohingya Muslim

    Syed (Ilayangudi ): Please Stop the Violence against Rohingya Muslim..

    Asif Jamal (Riyadh)

    Afzal (India): Please stop violence


    Sheikh (Singapore )

    Anees Ahmed (Chennai)

    Nilhaz Begum (London ): Please stop the violence to rohingya for humanity sake

    Sathick (Singapore)

    Sultana jamil (London uk): This needs to end. They are also humans where is human rights now!?

    Rayees (SG)

    Nazmah Khanom (London)

    Jamilla Parveen (Peterbrough )

    Seiyadou (London ): Please end the violence to the innocent people save rohingya.

    Was MOHIADEEN (London)

    Saima (Manchester)

    Abdullah Muhammad (Singapore): STOP KILLING HUMANS! Stop your Genocide killing over Rohingyans. Oh World! Wouldn't you ask Burma on this Atrocity and asking them to STOP. Oh UN! Won't you have guts to warn them. Oh Arab World! Didn't you think our prophet SalAllahu Wa'Alayhiwassallam for whole humanity not only for Arab and won't you ask these Monks to stop this ethnic cleansing?

    Oh Humans!
    Won't you have feelings? Didn't you realise Rohingyans are human too. Who give you rights in taking another life? Is this what Buddha taught you? Buddha doesn't harm any insects while he walks. But YOU?????

    Husnara b (Uk)

    Jahanara Uddin (Luton U.K. ): Please stop killing these innocent people . They are human . They are not animals they don't deserve to killed like this . Where is everyone in this world please help

    Hamera rashid (Manchester, uk): Please end the violence towards these innocent people, they deserve to live like everyone else.

    Naziad Moraby (Ilford)

    Muhammad Abdullah (London): War against terrorism. UN should war against this atrocity on innocent Rohingya people. Burmese government should stop or else face the war.

    Zaffar Khan (Bradford): Where are the human rights activist and the so call democracies choosing to ignore the state violence against people in Myanmar, Palestine and Kashmir. UN your existence is a joke and also peace prize given to a woman who is directing the violence against Rohingya people.

    Kirk. Soonro (Usa)

    Abdul kalam (Tower Hamlets ): End the violence these are humansome for god sake.bloody monkeys (monks)

    Sakira khanam (London)

    Shagufta Mobeen (U.K. ): The Rohingya people are a people who have every right to live their lives in peace without the fear of being brutalised and murdered purely for their ethnicity. This is effectively another holicause but this time, it's Rohingyans instead of Jews. Take action, the world is watching and will judge you for decades for not helping to end this genocide.

    Jana baratova (Camberley): Stop the suffering of innocent people!

    Monir Ahmad (London): Use your gift of power to help Stop the evil perpetrators of this crime and also help the helpless.

    We will all be held accountable one day for what we saw and what we did!

    Maire Mc Cotter (Belfast Ireland)

    Suraya khanam (London )

    Mohammad Yaser (London)

    Kaneez fatimah (Peterborough, UK)

    Nadeem Imran (Cambridgeshire )

    Justine Hitchborn (Peterborough uk)

    Aroosa Shabir (Uj )

    Firoza maniar (West Yorkshire, uk )

    Shazad ali (Uk Peterborough )

    khalid mughal (uae): Please help them

    khalid mughal (uae): Please help them

    murtaza mohsin (saudi arabia ): Please stop this genocide of poor people

    Mahmood (Jeddah)

    Ashfaq Gaffar (Toronto Ontario Canada)

    Sani Begum (London): Please stop this genocide killing innocent Rohingyan people.

    Acsar shazadi (Peterborough )

    Mohamed Hussain (Penang ): Be humanity
    Please care rohingya people

    Sumaiya khoda (Uk)

    Shamim bashir (Peterborough uk)

    Shamim bashir (Peterborough uk)

    Shamim bashir (Peterborough uk)

    Kashif mahmood (Peterborough,uk): It's is disgusting what is happening in bumer. I would like to know why nothing has been done?

    Alzuridin Zahiruddin (London UK): Please put an end to this inhumane oppression.

    Shameena shanaaz (India): Human life is invaluable.stop taking lives and torturing people .

    Shameena shanaaz (India): Human life is invaluable.stop taking lives and torturing people .

    Hajera Ahmed (Birmingham UK)

    Ali Hussain (London UK)

    mohammad shafait (London uk)

    Kaleem I.Memon (Toronto Canada)

    Kazi Islam (London, UK)

    Umair Saeed (London): Bring justice before it's bought on you.

    Mohammad Abdus Samew (UK)

    Habiba (Luton)

    Wedyan Dannan (Warrington )

    Hasina khatun (London)

    Haneef (London )

    Shalina Begum (East Ham )

    Shalina Begum (East Ham )

    Meherun Nessa (West Midlands UK)

    Afia ali (London uk)

    Ommul Shahira Banu Bt Mohamed Sultan (Malaysia)

    Sabrina (UK)

    Hamidur Rahman (London, UK)

    muhammad habib (toronto)

    Rabiya Mohamad Sultan (Malaysia): Stop killing innocent muslim people

    siddeequah azmi (West Yorkshire, UK): We have a social responsibility to end such genocide.

    Mohammed khairul alam (Westminster ): Please help them

    Suzna Rahman (Kent, uk)

    Rumana hossain (kent)

    Humera Khan (Hamilton)

    Muniza Farooqi (USA)

    Muhammad Adil Shah (Oxford )

    Nadia rahman (London )

    Foruk Rabbani (London): Please stop the Burmese people persecuting the Rohingya community. Stop burning the people and their homes. That's their home. Stop them becoming refugees.

    Hiro kamal qureshi (Birmingham )

    Sultana Begum (Luton)

    Aniss Mohammad (Kualalumpur, Malaysia.): UN,Please step up your efforts in stopping the genocide in Myanmarand bring the criminals to Justice.

    Navid Al-Haq (London): Got to be done!!

    Afshan Ashfaq (Toronto Ontario Canada): Is it according to Buddha's teachings the atrocities committed by Burmese army against Rohingya Muslims and where are Muslim rulers shame on them

    rashida khatun (London)

    Najumudeen Bahurudin (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ): UN, Please step up your efforts in stopping the genocide in Myanmar and bring the criminals to justice.

    Noman (London, UK): Support for Humanity

    Ekram Hussain (Oldham): Stop this torture and genocide

    Asim Shazad (Sheffield, UK): End the Genocide against the Rohingya Muslims

    Hena Ali (London)

    Salma (Leicester )

    Nazrin Chowdhury (Ilford)

    Yusuf Lambat (Blackburn )

    Halima Ahmed (London ): The Rohingy has gone for too long

    Fatima omer (Hamilton,Canada)

    Rumana hossain (kent): Please help them

    Rumana hossain (kent)

    Md parvez (London): Minority people are suffering every where in many ways. And recent brutality against rohinga Muslim people is a worst example of genocide. It is must need to stop and give their right as citizen of mayanmer.

    Abdurrahman Ahmad (London, UK)

    Dana Mohammed (London, UK)

    Rumi Mustofa (Ilfor ): Protect the rights of Rohinga community in Myanmar. Stop the atrocities.

    Shahana Ruf (U.K. )

    Aadila (Slough,uk)

    RAHIMA M (Staffordshire): This is so heartbreaking. The least anyone can do is sign this petition!

    kamil mirza (London)

    Reba Begum (Oldham, uk): End violence in Rohingya

    Shabana umarji (London ): Stop this torture and genocide

    Mark Brown (London )

    M wahab (Glasgow)

    Ms peara bibi (London ): Please stop the genocide we are all human beings and our blood is same colour and bleeds the same way.

    Andrew Newby (London)

    Sabina Akhtar (London): This is a act against humanity, something needs to be done to stop this catastrophe!!!

    Salma khanum (London)

    Lukasz Berner (London ): As a human being we should do everything we can to stop suffering of innocent people and children. You have the power to change their lives for Better and safe life Please do whatever necessary to help them

    Shiraz Islam (London)

    Zulfiqar Ali (Birmingham, UK): this needs to be stopped asap. Every human should have right to live their lives peacefully

    Imen Dukes (London): Stop the killing

    nebarahman (London ): My request plz help those human they have right to live in this world my tears 😭 come every time I see in 📺

    Sayed Bhuiya (London UK): I strongly recommend UN to take urgent actions to stop the genocide in Rohinga, Burma.

    Bilkis adam (London)

    Ads ba (London)

    Bilkis choudhury (Essex UK): Please stop the genecide and the mass murder of humans.

    Amena Rawat (London )

    Jahed (London )

    Ghenwa (UK)

    Ambia Khatun (Birmingham, UK)

    Shahanara Ali (Uk)

    Kausar Khan (London uk)

    Mohamed Daniel Mohamed Izham (London, UK)

    Salma Mehrban (Oldbury, U.K. )

    Suleman Tariq (Newcastle ): Please stop this madness

    Subhradeep Ray (Bangalore)

    Fouzia Maricar (London ): Pls stop Genocide and bring them peace

    Zuhaib Ellahi (Oxford UK)

    Qurratulain khalid (Toronto, Ontario )

    Fahima Hussain (Slough ): Please do not ignore this genocide of Rohingya people.

    Mohamed Maricar (London)

    Asma Tabbasum (Toronto, Canada ): This has to stop. It's unbelievable that someone can be subjected to such trauma in today's world.

    Hassan hussain (Luton uk)

    imran mahmood (Karachi ): These criminals should brought to justice and an UN commission should be formed immediately

    Noorain Faisal (Toronto, Canada)

    Atif Ahmed Choudhury (Romford): Because investigating genocide surely must be at the top of your job description

    Nurjahan Uddin (Bedford): I strongly oppose this whole act of racial cleansing and confirm my act to petition against this.

    Moustafa hassan (London, UK): If the world is watching what is happening in Rohiga and do nothing the rohinga crisis will pe every where all over this small world .

    Ashir (Canada)

    Sana Asmat (Toronto, Canada )

    shelly raj (uk)

    Shegu Abdul Fareed Amanullah (Kandy,Srilanka)

    Zainab Haque (London)

    MD sahid ali (London uk): Please save rohinga muslim

    Dilara Begum (London): Stop the genocide of innocent men, women and children of Rohingya!!

    Nida hayat (Uk)

    Subera begum (London)

    Rukshana Salam (London): Burma needs stop killing innocent peoples. It's disturbing to see what they're going through.

    Juthsna (London )

    Rahela sultana (Luton )

    Nurun Ahmed (Peterborough)

    Tanjila Ahmed (ILFORD): Please stop this heinous crime against humanity, make Burma a safe place for ALL, regardless religion or ethnicity.

    Abz Hussain (Coventry ): Take action stop genocide and give human rights

    Ahsan (London): Stop the violence.

    Nishat Alam (London, UK)

    Haseeb Ahmed (London)

    Mohammad Shabbir Shekhani (Sugar land, Texas)

    Urusa mirza (Slough)

    Nurul Islam Khan (LONDON): Please help to stop ethnic cleansing

    mohammad khan (london): plz stop genocide rohinga people in burma

    Ishmael Pamphille (UK)

    Scott Bartle (London, UK): Raphael Lempkin defined Genocide in the Genocide Convention to say 'acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole OR IN PART' exactly for situations such as this.

    Eman Donia (Uk)

    Akhlak Hussain (London U.k): Please help and protect Rohingia Muslim and stop this genocide.

    Muntaha (London, U.K. )

    Hena Begum Choudhury (London)

    Faizal mohammed shareef (Leicester )

    Peter Andrews (Bexhill On Sea)

    Razmy Nazeer Mohamed (Crawley uk)

    Ahmed Alkash (Sandwell)

    Bérénice Rondot (London)

    Anwar ali (London U.K. )

    Rajiah begum (London,UK)

    Saja yahiya (Marbella,spain)

    Sofina ali (Birmingham ): This is worth a try even though media and government will remain silent

    Muhammed Faththah (London): Please take action against genocide in Myanmar

    Gearoid Kilgallen (Dun Laoghaire, Ireland): Moslem lives matter too

    Sukpreet Boffey (Dudley)

    shahien khan (Birmingham)

    Tariq Shafi (Coventry): This genocide has to stop. It is disgraceful that "Peace Laureate" Suu Kyi hasn't intervened.

    Arvin (England)

    A Chowdhury (London, uk)

    Shirazul Khan (London )

    Nazia begum (Birmingham Uk): Every individual deserves human rights, these people have been treated unjustly and in a horrible manner

    Shazia Gulzar (UK): It is a failure of our government and country. A country who is charitable and empathetic and has a strong voice... Is saying nothing about this human atrocity .. This has to be wrong. If we can make this stop or even make a difference then it is our duty to action. You, our Govt must show your voice against this atrocity. Each human being has a right to live with dignity and respect. Please support an enquiry

    shazia khan (Manchester)

    Sonia (Canada)

    mina (london)

    Shaista kanwal (Walsall ): Please put your efforts in to stop violence in Rohingya as soon as possible for the sake of humanity

    Fatima ismail (London): It's a shame the United nation is ASLEEP.This is clear genocide.wake up and snell the coffee! Take action to stop now.

    Hina (Pakistan)

    Andrew Henry George (Cornwall, UK): The persecution has been going on for too long

    Shazia Rani (Bedford, UK): The Rohingya are the most persecuted community in the world! Their rights must be protected, and it is unacceptable and disgraceful that they are being tortured and are now having to flee from their homes!

    Shahid Ashraf (Bradford ): This is genocide, not something we have to expect from the so called peaceful priests. Please help the innocent victims.

    Mohammad Miah (Barking)

    Jamir Ali (Bristol): Why is our media silent, failing to report atrocities carried out by the state or the least the Myanmar state is failing to protect the vulnerable and defenceless woman and children.

    Mohammed Shafiq (Tolworth): NOBLE PRICE winner now supporting the mass slaughter of people in her country

    Fehmida Ismailjee (London )

    Tufail Hussain (Birm8ngham): Action must be taken against the Burmese government for the genocide.

    Jawaria (London )

    Hafsa Ismailjee (London)

    Farouk Sidat (Lancashire): Pray for them & pray for justice for them -
    Pay for an end all injustice & oppression -

    Ansar ali (London )

    Lily (India): Think about it.. What if you were in the their shoes?? Being killed, rapped, arrested for no reason???!?!??!
    Lets all join hands and stand against this burmese government...... its such a shame for those who represent peace and ignore whats been happening for rohingya muslims.

    Abdul (London): Stop this barbaric genocide

    Minhaz Uddin (London)

    Leena aftab (Saudiarabia): Please stop the voilence and killing of innocent lives!

    Tahera Begum (LONDON)

    Noshad Islam (London)

    Qadeer Younis (Birmingham ): The Burma government and munks r the real terrists if it wus Muslims doing such acts of terra and in human acts of murder rap the hole world wood condem this acts of murder rap child abuse and there wood be a war air stricks and army's on the ground so for the sake of humanity plz government of the supper powers put a end to all this killing

    Aye Aye Mun (New York< USA): The action is required asap. Innocent lives are being slained.

    Akhib Ali (London): No Human being should be persecuted... for colour, religion, culture etc.

    ROSLINA ABDUL RAHMAN (Shah Alam Malaysia )

    arif rahman (London): End the suffering please

    Faijul (London): Stop the violence on the rohingyas.

    Wannapaluck Boonsakulcharoen (London)

    Helal Ali (Birmingham uk): Been going on for years, the whole world doing nothing about it disgusting!!! Where's the United Nations with their human rights, stop this genocide now!!!

    Khurram zaheer (London U.K. ): Condemned the Burma government

    Papa (Usa)

    Nilima Aktar (London )

    SHAREEF ESOOF (London)

    Seema Rasul (New Malden)

    Ahmed Ali (Romford)

    Ousman Noor (London): London Green Party supports this campaign.

    Sabah Peter (London )

    Faruk Licina (Luxemburg)

    Nabila khan (U.K. ): We want this inhumane treatment to stop now!

    wajeeha bukhari (London UK)

    Mohammad Alhejazi (London ): I am lost for words in order to describe how I feel about these crimes

    Shaheda Ali (London )

    Salma Yousuf (United state): Fear Allah

    Gulnaz afzal (MK, UK)

    Khadijah Begum (Tipton, U.K)

    W Latif (london)

    Nighat B (watford)

    Hana (London)

    Rumann Mannan (St Helens): Save the Rohingya people give rights and let them liver where they have been for the last 800 years. These are not refugees but people that have lived before time has gone by.

    IRAM S ALI (London): Stop the disgusting crimes against Burmese Muslims!

    abul k azad (luton): Please stop the violence and help the man kind.May Allah give us the guidance and give us the best here and hereafter.

    Shejmin (London)

    Abdul Rokib (London): Stop the killing of the Rohingya muslims.

    Mohammed shabir (Birmingham)

    Rejwan Uddin (West Molesey)

    Halana Abdul (London)

    Sal (London, UK): Human rights violations against Rohingya Muslims needs to stop immediately.

    Emily Ming Yan Lo (Coventry, UK)

    Arif Abdurrahmaan (London, Uk)

    Saira Begum (London)

    Ayaz Abbas (Luton)

    Nazira Berdibaeva (London uk)

    Zahur Ahmed Sheriff (Qatar)

    Zarina (South Africa): This is inhumane... Pleases exercise the powers you have - by the grace of God, and intervene.

    Ertan Bikliqi (Prishtina): Stop the Buddhist genocide against Muslims in Burma (Myanmar).

    Show that you are humans.

    Mariam Wahab (London): Please take immediate intervention to stop this.

    Muhammad Patel (Leicester)

    Syed Khalid (United Arab Emirates ): Please stop in the name humanity

    Raana dar (London ): These atrocities should be stopped immediately. UK government should do something about it immediately

    MUHAMMAD DAUD HAMID (Surrey England): This persecution must be stopped immediately. I have seen Buddhist monks attacking and killing a helpless Muslim.

    Mayisha Begum (London, UK)

    Diana George (Torquay)

    Annabelle Lawrence (London): Has to stop

    katrin novianti (indonesia): please save rohingya people

    moinuddin shaikh (Preston): Please help them.

    Norma Mahmood (Kota Bharu, Malaysia )

    Faisal Yunas (Uk): Please help the rohinga muslims from being ethnically cleansed from their home land.

    Mohammed Jamaal Afzal (London): Dear Mutuma Ruteere an EMERGENCY at you at UN,


    f you cannot stop and make a stop in the killing of innocent Children, Women, Men and seeing the evil, disgusting, disgraceful inhumane butchery of innocent children men, women no matter what race or creed then you have failed miserably! I would put you to account & SHAME SHAME ON YOU!!!


    Rubina chaudhry (Leicester): It has to stop

    murad miah (London): What is happening to the Rohingya people is beyond comprehension and their plight and desperation is only increasing as time passes. How can the global community and Leaders of so-called democracy be silent? Do your hearts not bleed? Do you not hear their cries for help? How do you people sleep at night knowing their own people doing this to them? Shame on you and shame on the Burmese government for their blatant support for the oppressors...The double standards of people is all to plain to see for the common man.

    Aftab Ahmed Syed (Abu Dhabi): Stop killing

    shabeth (londonm)

    M Ahmed (London,uk): Burma government should stop violence to ruhinga muslims

    Usman adam (Leicester uk): Put a buffer zone just like you did in Iraq .

    Shubina Khanom (London): Stop the violence!!

    Serena Nur (Abbey Orchard St. London): Please step in and make a change for the better.. This is a humanitarian issue. Do the right thing.

    Azar khan (slough): This needs sorting out right now....
    United nations must be sleeping
    Shouldn't need to sign petitions to wake them up
    They should be there doing their xxxxxxx job

    Melissa Pereira (LONDON)

    Usman Sajid (London): This is a international outrage. Ethnic cleansing turning into a genocide. Please take action now .

    shameemkhaliq (Sheffield )

    Tanwir Ahmed (London,UK)

    A Palash (London )

    Ruji rahman (Uk): I want the genocide of the Ruhingya community to stop immidiatly.

    nazia bi (birmingham)

    saifur Rahman (ilford): Humanity wake up specially large media bbc ,CNN and others need to broad cast in their news .Stop killing innocents

    Omar Hashim (MILTON KEYNES ): Killing of the Muslims should stop immediately and those involved with the kill8ng should be prosecuted

    Saira Begum (Uk): Signing petition to stop all of this

    Sayed m Husaini (Pakistan)

    Saira Begum (Uk): Signing petition to stop all of this

    Anne Gray (London, UK)

    N Arshad (London)

    Geutanyoe Foundation (Indonesia, Malaysia ): Fully support this Petition

    Mohamed Ahmed (Aberdeen, UK): Please help these people. God will judge you on what you did or did not do to try to help.

    Nasser Khan (London ): Why is the world ignoring genocide led by noble prize winner.

    Ismet Musthan (London)

    Khaja moinuddin (Yemmiganur, kurnool distance, Andhra pradesh, india): Plz save my human brothers.

    Yasmin watson (London): Please end the violence

    Muhammad Muneeb Hashmi (Karachi)

    Munazzam Ali (High wycombe )

    Tamara Edens (Groningen, The Netherlands)

    ronydzull (malaysia): peace

    Jav (London)

    Muhammad Noman (London): UN intervention is the only viable solution in Rohingya situation.

    naheeda (Bedfordshire): NEED TO STOP UN HUMEN BEHAVER

    Mohammad Bari (London)

    Rosemary Hayes (Tobyhanna)

    Javed Bagha (Mombasa)

    Tayyabah Makds (South Africa)

    sophia khan (Telford)

    Sherria Begum (London)

    Fazmina (Colombo, Sri lanka)

    Nifa Rahman (london): Please everyone come forward and help our brother and sister in Burma.

    Anwaar Raja (Uk): Human rights violations should be stopped, UNO peace observers or monitors should be sent to help the government achieve viable solution. OIC must be consulted to evacuate sick and rape victims.

    Carol Chu (Hong Kong): No one, no group should ever be targeted like this. We are all just human and created equal.

    Mohammed Rahman (london): Stop killing innocent people

    ibrahim jordan (Bengkulu, indonesia): Be save Rohingya. They all have same right to live Myanmar like others.

    Reza (London ): End the misery and suffering of these poor people.

    Rahma Mahmoud (London ): Justice for Rohingya, why isn't the International organisations intervene? Is it because they have no oil?

    Abdul Sattar (London ): Stop killing rahingahs in Burma

    S Rahman (London): Stop! Stop! Stop!

    Farzana Butt (Manchester ): This needs to stop NOW immediately. .

    Shakim (London): Stop the war, have peace

    Rajia Begum (London)

    Bilal Amin Tahir (Luton)

    Md redwan uddin (London): Stop killing the ruhinga

    Shahidul hoque (London )

    MD ABDUR ROB BELAL (London )

    Noor Ahmed (London, UK)

    asma begum (london): Stop killing the ruhinga

    Altaaha Aliyee (London): Plz; al others public come forward nd help them sake of humanity..!

    Ahmed Mahmood (Leeds)

    Saleh ahmed (London)

    Fahmida Rahman (London ): Please help Rohingya to live spontaneously like others.

    nadim tahir (birmingham)

    Ruhila Akter (Birmingham )

    Mahmuna hasnath (London): Heartbreaking to see this happening. Make a change make a difference that will save lives.

    Zoya kabul (Dudley)

    Saqib Rahman (London)

    Luqmaan Malik (London): Please take immediate action to protect the Rohingya people

    Rani begum (London): Please stop this genocide of innocent people. The giver must take action to stop this.

    Nazia kausar (Uk)

    Siddiqa Surti (Stourbridge ): Stop the genocide. Give peace to rohingiya and its people

    Zaufishan Ahmed (Manchester ): Why not these so called saviours of the world aren't doing anything when the Muslims are getting killed, raped and crippled by the evil forces. Don't forget evil does not have long to live. Inshaallah the truth with prevail.

    Solma Khatoon (London): Action needs to taken for this crime against humanity.

    Shahid Patel (London)

    Zain Ali Raza (Dudley)

    Irum Khan-Lodhi (London)

    Az Hoque (London): This need to stop..

    Kayum Chowdhury (Dagenham): Stop killing muslim

    Rizwan Nazir (London, UK)

    Faiq Dar (Morden): Please stop this ethnic cleansing. State Terrorism

    Qamar Ahmed (Watford)

    Syeda Akther (UK)

    Nazia begum (London,Uk)

    Husameddin Huseyin (LONDON)

    Huda Guezzou (Birmingham )

    Saydur Rahman (Ilford)

    Tashik uzzaman (London )

    Abdul Hamid (London ): I hope the government intervenes and stops this atrocity caused by the Buddhist Burmese people.

    Alom miah (London, UK): This evil act need to stop now 😢😢😢

    Ahmad Hasnain Ho Ming Lee (Hong Kong, China)

    Abdul Tahid (London)

    Delowar Khan (Essex )

    shah khatun (london): please help stop the torture and genocide

    Md Zuhair Bin Abdullah (salmon lane)

    Mohammed Choudhury (London uk): Justice for rohinga

    Md Sayed Rahman (st pauls way): #give peace to rohingyans #freedom

    Payma ( Birmingham,uk): Stop this genocide!!!

    SAYEFRAHMAN (stepney)

    Showgat Khan (London UK)

    Thomas Ansah (London)

    Glory menga (London)

    Naila Rabbani (Coventry)

    Yasmeen Qureshi (Birmingham)

    Jesmin Akther (London): Save children and stop killing people and burning the kids and stop raping women

    Mohammad Jahangir Alam (London): Honor the humaniy and stop burning the children

    Shahabur Rahman (London ): Please stop this inhuman action which Burmese are doing to those poor Rohingas

    Saara Azim (Solihull)

    Sheraz Majid (London)

    mujahid (london uk): MY TEACHER TOLD ME

    Marium Abdul Sattar (London)

    Raiissah Qadir (Birmingham)

    shahidul islam (London ): Please please please help the people in Burma

    Shabeena (Buckinghamshire)

    raf ali (dunstable, beds): Please please please stop this inhumane atrocities against the people of rohingya.

    Nahid (Birmingham )

    David Bastille (southend on sea)

    Asma Begum (LONDON)

    Ashraf (Leicester): Stop bloodshed in burma

    Shahan Ahmed (high Wycombe): Hgfji

    Muhammad Ahmed (LONDON)

    Munira khanom (London)

    Mohamoud mumin (London)

    Fitri Reksoprodjo (Jakarta, INA)

    Shuma Chowdhury (London)

    Abul Kalam Khan (London)

    Shofna Akhtar (UK)

    Rizwana Shaukat (London): Please Please....stop the violence against innocent people.

    Abdul shahid (Luton UK ): Free rohingya please

    William Rhind (London)

    Helal Uddin (London. Uk )

    Abdul Gaffar (Ilford): End this suffering.

    Zak Choudhury (Luton Beds Uk)

    Eram Rabbani (Birmingham)

    Shariq Mohammad (Jeddah)

    Shakeir Ahmed (Kent)

    Dave Rendle (Cardigan, Wales)

    Zulfi Khan (London UK)

    Kawthar Bechkok (Toulouse): Help us to bring peace.

    Jum Faruq (UK)

    Wahida Begum (London )

    Shaista Mukadam (Birmingham)

    Azath kamil (Luton UK): Why BBC not showing these genocides and don't they think them as human beings ?

    Abdul Jalal (London )

    Shalem Ahmed (London Uk): I condemn the treatment of the Rohingya people and ask that the world offers its help to stop this slaughter of innocent lives


    Faruk Ahmed (ESSEX)

    Md Atiqur Rahman Tarique (Newcastle. uk)

    Syed Shahriar (London): Stop this genocide

    forid miah (london): where is the un now.
    i think they are the caause of theae mass murderers

    Tuhel Ahmed (London)

    Lee mumin (London)

    Shiraz Elahi (London)

    Elba Bendo (Toronto)

    Elba Bendo (Toronto)

    Saida Khanom (London)

    Abul Ali (London)

    Abdul Hamid (London)

    Melusine Colwell (UK)

    Miahzan Miah (London)

    Ray Faruk (London): These are human beings, just like you and I. Every person should have a right to basic necessities.....these people do not even have that. Shame to those to turn a blind eye on these innocent victims......shame to the world. These barbaric acts should not exist in today's world!!!

    Ferdaus Islam (Birmingham)

    Naila Ahmad (Birmingham)

    Forhad uddin (London): Stop these war crimes

    Jusna begum (London )

    Sumbal Nazir (London): This horrific situation must be intervened.

    Forhad uddin (London): Stop these war crimes.

    Jamal K (UK)

    Modhu Mita (Ohio, USA)

    Ruhana Begum (Uk)

    Mohammed Abu-Sala (London): Save these innocent human beings including very young children

    maryam la (bristol)

    Delwar Hussain (London): Stop the killing

    Ismmat Jameel (London)

    Suhana Begum (UK)

    Jed Mowshowitz (Vancouver, Canada)

    shilpi begum (BIRMINGHAM)

    Rajab ali (Norwich): Please stop killing

    Aneela Mahmood (Uk)

    Mardhiya Choudhury (Bethnal Green)

    Saleh Rahman (London, UK)

    Haroon Aswat (West Yorkshire)

    Talha (South Africa )

    Taj uddin (London)

    Zaahirah Ali (London )

    Shazna Khalique (United Kingdom)

    Muhammad Ali (Thailand ): Please help the innocents!

    Sheikh Ahmed (London, UK)

    Rahela Khanom (Coventry , UK)

    Abeeda Qureshi (Uk)

    Salhe (London)

    Nadia Yusufi (London)

    Shahina Al-Azad (Maidenhead UK)

    Imran Imran (London): May Allah protect our brothers and sisters

    HARRIET APPLEBY (London uk)

    Kobir Gofur (london, uk)

    Jahada Abdul (London)


    Jamal Meah (LONDON)

    Mahmooda Qureshi (Birmingham)

    Mashud Ahmed (Birmingham, UK): Persecution of any people should be stopped. We are all one humanity and should leave peacefully.

    Bobby Rahman (LONDON)

    Shazia Qureshi (Birmingham)

    Nojmul hussain (London )

    Muhammad (London): Stop killing.

    Helal Uddin (London): Immediate end of violence to Rockingham.

    Ashraf Ali (Witham)


    monwarul Islam (Croydon)

    Sahira liaquat (Birmingham )

    fahima Begum (Birmingham)

    mahfuj Ahmed choudhury (London )

    Shahida Jamil (Birmingham uk )

    Laila Janicijevic Cherif (Birmingham )

    Mujib Mahmud (London U.K. ): Please emidiet stop ruhingya genoside
    They are huminbing not animals!
    Thank you

    Sazada (Birmingham, UK): Please help to stop all this, if any of that happend in the uk actions would've been taken straight away, and our sisters out there are getting raped without any justice why no body doing anything about that it's disgusting

    Natasha Elinor Bruce (London)

    Abdul kadir (London): Why don't US and Europe invade Burma or send in troops as had done in Iraq, Afghanistan etc. They wouldn't because there is no Oil in Burma and the muslims are getting killed.

    jahid ahmed (London )

    Nisat Syida Tarana (London)

    Tahmid Muhammad Miah (London)

    Tanvir azher (LONDON)

    Mohammed shahin Uddin (London): Please help this destitute people who desperately need our help

    tanvir ahmed (london): Please help the people who are being oppressed

    Rofika ismail (Birmingham uk)

    Shaida parveen (Birmingham )

    Shafiqur Rahman (Birmingham )

    Arwa Dabab (West Bromwich )

    Mohammed nayeem (Hendon london)

    Rohima Begum (U.K. ): Please stop this violence n bring on humanity and justice for the innocent Muslims. End this hatred

    Hussain Ahmed (London)

    sadequl hoque (London uk): This is a crime against humanity, who are being targeted for their religion. Make it stop.

    clare fermont (London)

    Tessa caley (Hull)

    Manni Dheensa (London)

    Manpreet Dhenjal (London, UK)

    Saddaf Ismail (London )

    Rubina Rani (Uk)

    Sajid abdul (Birmingham): It's time for humanity to stand up for humanity.

    Srikanth Viswanatha (London, UK)

    Taznema Khatun (Birmingham, UK)

    john p johnson (london uk)

    Dr Elaine Swan (Sydney )

    mohammed waseem nawas uddin (London Uk): # Free Rohingya

    Ahsan Mahfuz (London Uk): Please help the people thye need more support

    Kahar Ahmed (London Uk)

    hanif hussain (London,Shadwell): #Free Rohingya

    Maung Tun Khin (London, UK)

    Lachlan Free (Brisbane, Australia)

    Ml Jahanara khatun (Essex)

    Abdul (London,UK): Stop this violence and torture nobody deserve this. Every life is important ....

    Alim Hussain (London, UK)

    Shafia Ali (London )

    Manha Hussain (London)

    Afzal Shabbir (Rugby,;UK)

    Theresa Rose Selby (London): Please act to stop this senseless violence. The Rohingya people suffer violence and harassment every day. ALL peoples have the right to live in peace with no fear.

    Manha hussain (London)

    Ini Owofemi (London, UK)

    Shahanara Begum (Birmingham )

    Bijan Tayari (Bristol, UK): Does the Nobel Peace Prize justify Genocide?

    Zarina Choudhury (London uk): Every life matters

    Ann Lang (London)

    Fouzia Rafique (London )

    Shakeel cockar (London, UK.): Please show some humanity to help these human beings. Has the World and the UK Government lost its moral compass I hope to god this is not the case. There are probably no Western interests impacted hence, the indifference from Governments to stop the genocide of poor and vulnerable people. Why does there always have to be self interest for action to take place? Please these re human beings that need the cruelty of the Burmese government, army and support of the Buddhist monks together with the obscene silence and hypeocracy of Aung sung suu Kyi stopped and people brought to justice. Please don't let cynical indifference stop vital action to stop the murders and ethnic cleansing in the 21st century. Is this human progression towards a better society? Does not feel or look like it. Please help the Rohingya people. My sincerest regards.

    Helen Farndon (London, UK )

    Rushnara Begum (Oldham): Please take immediate action these people r in desperate need.

    Morvah George (London)

    Mubeena Khan (London UK)

    Mubeena Khan (London)

    Naumanfaizan (Toronto, canada): Stop this aggression in name of god

    Naumanfaizan (Toronto, canada): Stop this aggression in name of god

    Shafaq hussain (Birmingham, uk): Some of us were supporting the human right of the Burmese community against the house arrest and barring of activists to take part in elections and I would urge those same human right campaigners to look at themselves and reflect back on what you were going through and feeling at the brutal of the army against you and your comrades. This is the time for you to stand up and protect, make noise and help stop the genocide taking place against the rohingya people

    Jan Jinkerson (Notwich)

    shahana begum (dhaka): Why is UN stand for,the main stream to make peace in the world where are you.Please stand for them

    ma khin thanda Haling (london, uk): Must take urgent action to stop rohingya genocide

    Samaul Baser (london, uk): Please take immediate action to stop genocide on rohingya

    tawhid alam (Birmingham )

    tawhid alam (Birmingham )


    Natasha shaikh (Dubai)

    Aisha Beg (Uk)

    Hafsa Ali (London)

    Rumena Begum (London )

    Rima begum (London )

    Anisa Islam (London, UK): It truly saddens me that our government has stayed quiet while Rohingya's are being massacred.

    Sabira Luna Sultana (London )

    khaleda yesmin (uk): May Allah give us a good heart,though we can help others.pls pls take a step for them.

    Amina Karim (London, UK)

    Bill Linton (London UK)

    Nasmin haque (Bristol )

    Emdad choudhury (St.albans Hertfordshire)

    tuhfoel ahmed (london): with humble request you to intervene to protect the rights of the Rohingya community of Myanmar.

    many thanks

    Ameer Maharoof (Sri Lanka): Free Rohingya muslims

    Dwi Kiswanto (London): Burmese Government MUST take actions to stop this vandalism and let Rohingya live in peace. Otherwise, the World through UN should be in charge to solve this humanitarian issue.

    Asmina Begum (London, UK)

    sufian ahmed (london wembley ): Just remember one thing they're human too

    Anas Kababo (London, UK)

    Kelly Sustar (United States)

    Rabiya Begum (London)

    Theo Wilson (London)

    Vanessa Berhe (London, UK)

    Gregory Toews (Calgary, AB)

    Jennifer Cikaluk (Bangkok, Thailand ): Need for a full UN investigation. Stop the Ethnic Cleansing!

    Fulya Yapar (Turkey)

    Mahmud Husain (Bs16 6bb): Stop this violence now.gave them support to stay there home safely.

    Mahmud Husain (Bs16 6bb): Stop this violence now.gave them support to stay there home safely.

    Mumina Jameela (London)

    Tahmina Rahman (LONDON)

    Jesse Roberts (London)

    Khin Myint (Chittagong)

    Samah Abdulrub (New york)

    Rezina Rahman (UK ): Please, please help.

    Asma Mughal (UK)

    Nicholas Barnett (London)

    U Bava Dharani (London): The Rohingya Muslims deserve justice

    Cami Ouzerdine (Norwich)

    Jana Grieb (London, UK)

    Ronica Syed (Aberystwyth): Please stop the killing. Find compassion.

    Ursula Rogers (UNSW SYDNEY)

    Maria Wilder (Southampton, UK)

    Soe Thu Moe (jeddah): Please end atrocities of Myanmar army immediately.

    Jeremy Tomlinson (Powys, Wales)

    Ciara (London, UK)

    Ciara (London, UK)

    Muneerah Ab Razak (London)

    Ruzina Begum (London)

    Alicia de la Cour Venning (Berlin)

    Aysha Rukaiya-Ali (London)

    Nadia Ahmed (London, UK)

    Mohammed Abul Kashem (London, United Kingdom): Please take urgent action. These people have been left behind by the human rights laws of the world and are in desperate need of help. Nobody should ever live in fear of persecution and oppression based on any grounds.

    Mary Austin (London UK): they need all our support

    Aye Nu (London )

    Saynuwhara (London )

    Khadija Badri (London, UK)

    Denah Fitzharris (London)

    Zakirah Begum (London)

    Frank Anello (Denver, CO): Stop the genocide.

    Aldo Kociaj (london)

    Holly Ogborne (Bristol)

    Chelsea Strelser (London)

    Aaya Al-Shamahi (London)

    Graham Hobbs (Cambridge, UK)

    Yasmin Paul (London)

    Clara Musaeus (London)

    Leah Roco (London): Please help the Rohingya.

    Abdul Haque (London): 😭

    Jack Poole (London)

    merle (london)

    Sonia Anwar (Aylesbury,UK)

    Oskar Butcher (London)

    Farhat Ahmed (LONDON)

    Riccardo (London, UK)

    Fazal Mohamed Faleel (Luton, UK): Stop Killing the innocent

    Sheda (London)

    Maliha Uddin (London, UK)

    Khurshedshokhi Barizoda (Chemnitz, Germany )

    Werisha Husaini (London)

    Amin Fischer (Chemnitz, Germany)

    Mariam moukaddem (London, uk)

    M Juma (London, UK )

    Ruwa Mahdi (London )

    Grace Ong (London, UK): Buddhism is meant to espouse the way of peace and non-violence. Genocide and systematic targeting of a particular group of people is not your way of life. Why do this? Why target the weak and rid them when you are the majority?

    Ryan Roco (London)

    Miyase Yavuz (London, UK)

    Donata Pianon (London UK)

    AMAL DALMAR (London)

    Mirjam Kuschnitzki (London)

    Mohammad Fazal Ahmed (Hyderabad, India ): Immediately end the violence against Rohingya muslims.

    Clare Williams (London, UK)

    Marie Bonnet (London)

    fahimul hoq tahi (feni,Bangladesh ): take massive step for stop rohingya genocide.

    Aquib Rashid (Germany): Unfortunate that saving lives needs signatures. Lives of all people matter.

    Traci Phillips (Chicago, Illinois)

    Bill Cunningham (Edinburgh): Please help these people.

    Yasmin Parhana (London)

    Arif Mohammad (Germany)

    Mazhar Ahsan (India): End violence in the entire world

    William Stone (Wales)

    Robert Hall (Ethete, Wyoming USA)

    Hameed Rauf Sayed (Germany)

    Uzma Azeez (India)

    Raisha Hussain (London, UK)

    Lesley Brown (Perthshire, Scotland ): The world should stand up and take notice. What's happening over there is truly horrendous!!!

    Nazma Begum (Burnley)

    Fateha Begum (Blackburn)

    Roshanghar (Paris , france): This is heartbreaking and when i see all these horrible things happen there and everyone ignoring , it makes me insane , they are human being like us its not possible to continue like this and close your eyes.

    shanaz begum (London)

    Harun Roshid (burnley)

    Modina Khan (Burnley): The pictures and footages of the killings of Rohingya by extremist Buddhists and the fascist Myanmar government forces have been in circulation. I have been angry and upset about the atrocities. Only did they not lose their rights and citizenship since 1982 but have been prosecuted for decades. They have also been killed and in most evil ways. Even the babies & children and expectant are not spared.

    ABDUL RASHID (Limerick )

    jamshed alam (manchester ): i am against 'this genoside

    Ali Khan (Chicago,USA)

    Md-hamid hossin (London )

    Mahmuda khanum (Bradford UK)

    Fareeda Issace (London)

    Parvez Shaik ( Illinois, USA )

    Thamina Akthar (Manchester)

    Abdul Majid (Doha, Qatar)

    Paul motley (Northampton )

    Iqbal Ahmad Pasha Mohammed (Poing): Stop this inhumanity.

    Aleemuddin Mohammed (Des Plaines)

    Abul kalamak (London uk): Stop killing burning the home of innocent people of Rohinga

    NAYEEM REHMAN (Bangalore)

    Mazharul Mohsin (London): Myanmar government and army have been carrying out despicable exercise on minority Ruhyngia Muslims. The army and their collaborators Buddhist Monks are murdering the Ruhyngia men, raping women and throwing children into fire. The also evicting Ruhyngias forcefully, confiscating documents, trafficking girls/women/children for domestic servitude and sexual slavery.

    Fareedee Kamal Syed (Qatar): Anyone who saves an innocent life, saves humanity

    Jahied Ahmed (London )

    Farid Dean Hussain (Jed,KSA): Act to prevent Rohingya Genocide

    Salim Emam (Dubai,UAE)

    Jamal Mehmood (Gillingham): All my love

    Tahira ashraf (U.K. )

    Bensalem (Algiers): Murering Rohingya should be stopped ! We Had Enough

    Suhail Kapdi (Cape Town, South Africa): Something needs to be done about this. A GENOCIDE is going on and nothing is being done to stop it.

    Inayah Khan (London)

    Syed Rahim (UK)

    Guljar Muhammod (London ): The world should put a stop to this atrocities thete ate far too many good people in the world nows the time to prove how good we are

    Mishal Afzal (UK)

    RoseMary Warrington (London)

    Farzana yasmin (london): The Rohingya people need protecting

    Nafiza jahura (York Road )

    ROY ONG (Aberystwyth)

    Anisah (London)

    ROY ONG (Aberystwyth)

    Tasnima uddin (LONDON)

    Julian Townsend (London UK)

    Zobaida Ahmed (London)

    Shahina Ahad (London)

    Shahina Ahad (London)

    Shajahan khan (London ): Why the UN doesn't do anything about rohengha people?
    This is inhuman what burmis people doing to these Muslim people. This needs to be stop immediate effect and burmis government are accountable for these astrocities.

    Arshad Hussain (Bangalore,India): Well its inhuman treatment

    Abu taher (London )


    Rahel Ahmed (Uk): Stop killing Rohinga Muslim.UN should take an action against this genocide.

    Taslima begum (London,uk)

    Florence bretonneau (London)

    Rawdha Ullah (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia ): Stop killing Rohingya Muslims.

    Taheer (India): I just want to say that please please help to STOP this violence and save Rohingya community.

    God bless you.

    Chelsea Jade Penafort (Warwick, Coventry, UK)

    Sufyan (Singapore): Everyone loses when violence persists. Please help to stop this cycle of hatred and madness before it gets worse.

    Amir Salleh (Brunei): Please stop the violence

    Rasha (Uae): Be a human stand by Rohingya. Stop killing Rohingya. Stop violence against anyone.

    Sidhra rafiq (India): Plz stop this violence for God's sake.
    Beware of the punishment of the Hereafter.

    Nahid rehman (india): Stop killing n torturing thoses innocent ppl in is not ur dad's fucking property....if you have so much problems with muslims den go find another country for ur fucking selves

    M A Ahmmad (London, UK): Please Help the rohingas and stop the violence..They are human being but treated as animal..kind attention please

    Arezun Nessa (Manchester)

    Niyaz miah (London): Action needs to be taken

    Helen Walasek (London, UK)

    Ayuni (KL,Malaysia): Stop the violence!!

    Mohammed Khan (ILFORD)

    Sabia Kabir (Birmingham)

    Mohammed ahmed (Sheffieod ): Please help stop this violence they are human beings, even animals don't deserve be treated in such manner

    Roshna Emam (Dubai,UAE): Please save our brothers and sisters in Rohingya....

    Zuber Ahmed (Birmingham)

    Saleka Khanom (UK)

    Julia Subur (Essex uk)

    Badrunnisa (Dammam,Saudi Arabia): Stop trafficking of rohingya refugees

    Syed khaleel rahman (Dammam,Saudi Arabia): Stop atrocity on innocent rohingya Muslim by
    buddisthe monks

    Anwar uddin (Uk): Please stop the massacre


    Shohida begum (London): This is crime against humanity it must be stopped

    Tamjida Rahman (Manchester ): Stop killing Rohingya Muslims.

    Mohammed Shamsheer (India): Don't Hurt the innocent 😇 Verily your Lord doesn't love those who do so.. Fear the cry n call of an oppressed.. Fear God unto Him is our return...!!!

    Md Gawher Alam (India): Stop genocide of rohingya Muslims please.

    Yusuf Vardalia (London UK )

    Shaheda begum (London)

    Marzana hissan (Toronto, canada)

    Iftikhar Ahmed (Birmingham ): There is enough information coming out to show atrocities being carried out by the Burmese administration, films, photographs, pleas for help,plenty of proof, so please don't deny and resolve this one sided conflict.

    Sadiya Ahmed (Hertfordshire )

    Javed (London): Stop the killing of innocence

    Misbah Hoque (London ): Please send in U.N. peace keepers immediately

    Madobi begum (London): Please end this genocide😰😥😢of innocent children, women and men. Thank you

    Muhammed Uddin (London)

    Rafia Begam (Kuala lumpur Malaysia): Please end this inhuman violance

    Rafia Begam (Kuala lumpur Malaysia): Please end this inhuman violance

    Farrukh Younus (Woking): Want for others what we want for ourselves, safety, security and freedom.

    Fatima Rob (London)

    Laila Khaled Hussain (London): Want the gnencide to STOP

    Glenn Martin (Walsall, West Midlands UK)

    Amie buck (Darlington, UK)

    Zara (London)

    JAFFER ma (London ): Please stop this

    Abdul saheed (London,uk)

    Ayesha (Bangalore, India): Please end the killings of muslim community in myanmar

    jabir Muhammed (India)

    jabir Muhammed (India)

    Sumaiya (Karachi, Pakistan )

    Abdul Wajid Safi (Birmingham, UK)

    Faiza (UAE)

    Jihan Ahmed (London)

    HASSAN ijaz (Pakistan): I will fully supporting Myanmar Muslim.

    dunia bhy (dubai, uae): One day it might be your child or grandchild tortured the same way. END THIS CYCLE OF VIOLENCE!

    Bilal Awan (Michigan Usa ): Please stop this and be human

    Bintahmed (Uae)

    Sarfaraz Shaikh (Muscat,Sultanate of Oman ): Please help poor rohingya Muslim from bloodshed, Rape & torture.

    Mohammad shukoor (Muscat): Please stop this

    riyas shareef (Oman): its a deliberate ethnic cleanse & must be stopped. the culprit must be found & brought to judiciary to protect the rights of Rohingyo innocent muslims.

    Saif shah (Illinois USA ): May Allah help the rohingya muslims. Ameen

    Balqees mubarak (india ): We need humanity from humans but the Burmese are behaving worst than ugly beast. The whole world knows what the Rohingya people are suffering, why there is no one to aid them? Where is the value for the human life in this world? Why innocent peoples are given this brutual treatment. Pls un come forward and show ur humanity and the the rohingya people there right of living like others.

    Ahmed El-Talbawy (Riyadh, KSA)

    UmMoosa (Dubai,United Arab Emirates)

    Sirajul Ali (Oxfordshire ): This is pure Genocide.
    United Nation and Western World are Purley ignoring this Inhumane Act. They don't want to intervene because and I hate to say it, because it's Muslims that are being slaughtered like cattle and women/girls being raped til they die, they are being burnt alive like bonfire night....!!!
    I don't understand why we have to rally in order for the government and United Nation to acknowledge this is evil inhumane and wrong to allow this to go on. I thought the western world and the United Nation were the most superiors of intellect and intelligence.

    THIS NEEDS TO STOP. WE MUST UNITE TO HELP STOP IT. (Luton ): This is disgusting what's happening to the Rohingyas imagine these are human lives how can the UN let this happen where is humanity gone what if Muslims did that to them then they will be named terrorist these are the real terrorists who kill human the Buddhists who are doing must be stopped!!!

    humaira officer (new zealand)

    Shahed Chowdhury (USA): Please save the kids and women

    Shahidur Rahman (Oldham ): Be a human stand by Rohingya. Stop killing Rohingya. Stop violence against anyone.

    Delwar khan (London, Uk)

    Waheeda Sujawal (BIRMINGHAM): Please help these Rohingya people. You have the power to help them

    Kazi hoque (

    Shaheen akeel (London uk): Please stop the violence it is so inhumane- the way they are being treated- would anyone of you put up with it if it was your family member- no you wouldn't so don't do it to others please

    Mohammad Mizanur Rahman (Redruth)

    Loai Anaya (London): Stop the killing

    M m khan (Aberdeen, uk): We want to stop any killing

    tom Myers (Taos, NM): Stop ALL violence.

    Mutee (Saudi)

    farah iqbal (UK)

    Usman Dilbaro (Cairo, Egypt)

    Sofia Hussain (UK)

    Hussain ahmad (London)

    Rafea (London )

    Nurjahan Begum (London)

    Sk (London, UK)

    Nasir (London )

    Athifa Anjum (london)

    Romana chowdhury (Wales )

    Shafina Khatun (Burnley)

    Ian Wonnacott (Swindon)

    Mohammed Zayed al mahfuz (Sheffield ): Please stop genocide & killing in Rohinghya Muslim

    Marzia (Canada): Stop violence right now!

    s m saiful (dhaka bd): shame to burmese people about these recent massacre

    Mr. Thompson E. Potter, Jr. (Cambridge)

    Nicola Pocock (UK): Its a disgrace that the plight of the Rohingya has been continually ignored to the point that today they face genocide. Please act now to ensure that lives that not needlessly lost to this violence.

    Monica Chelagat (Rome, Italy)

    Hamid Hussain (Dammam): Violence should stop immediately.
    Where are the people who always keep talking about human rights. Don't they fear the almighty.

    Monira Talukdar (Essex)

    Zayreen Nisha (Auckland)

    Mohammed Rashid (UK )

    Hamz Rahman (London)

    Nahim (London)

    Jon Haxhiu (London)

    Tasneem (India )

    Monwaar Choudhury (London)

    Josephine wilson (London UK)

    Tasneem (Dammam,KSA )

    CAROLINE PEAKE GARCÍA (Valencia,Spain)


    Shahab miah (Uk): Peace all around please

    Chethana (Bonn): .

    Raza Naeem (UK)

    Farhad Khan (Toronto, Canada)

    syed alam (London ): Stop this

    Al Plumlee (Las Vegas, USA): Please help the Rohingya Muslims in Burma. The Palestinian Muslims in the Zion state/Israel and other oppressed people on Mother Earth.

    Sajjad K (London, UK)

    Iqbal chowdhury (Montreal, Canada)

    rosalind austin (london uk)

    Zahid Alom (Penang, Malaysia ): Sending un peacekeeping forces is the only action that UN can take to restore peace in Arakan.

    Afroza (Canada): It's their home. They deserve the same rights the others have. We want justice. Give their rights back!

    Abdul Ganniyyu Nawaz (KSA): Stop this violence. Its inhuman.

    Saf (Doha): World must act and stop the atrocities

    Sayed Rizwan (Doha, Qatar)

    Shoful Islam (UK )

    Rupsana (LUTON)

    Shuma Khanom (London )

    Yassine Watson-Bedaisi (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

    Khaiser mubasin (India): End violence against Ronhangia muslims

    Gill McCall (london uk): This is a tragic and bloody nightmare. What is the UN doing to stop this brutal genocide?

    Mr.Tin Myint (Makkah,KSA): Please take any immediate action to stop open challenging of various daily crimes on innocent Rohingyas of Rakhine state western Burma wherever the government is committing genocide presently.

    Razia Dawood (Bangalore, India): Appeal for UN intervention!

    maz saleem (London): Aung san suu kyi your silence becomes cowardice when occasion demands speaking out the whole truth & acting accordingly #Rohingya #Genocide

    Zain Luqman Miah (London): And what is wrong with you that you fight not in the Cause of Allâh, and for those weak, illtreated and oppressed among men, women, and children, whose cry is: “Our Lord! Rescue us from this town whose people are oppressors; and raise for us from You one who will protect, and raise for us from You one who will help.” [004:075: Al Quran]

    Shah Riju Ali (London)

    Aminul Hussain (Ilford, UK): It's a disgrace to humanity that not even one official media or government around the world is recognising or making aware of the mass murder that is going on in Burma, Rohingya.

    If this were a non Muslim population being attacked like this, it will be world news.

    Rohingya's are people, Muslims are people, they have mother's, father's, grandparents, children, daughters, brothers, uncle's and aunties just like everyone else.

    It's even more disgraceful that the politicians and general media are turning a blind eye to babies that are being murdered, yes you read right BABIES!.

    What person tortures a baby, and throws them in the fire!

    Buddhists are known across the world as peace lovers yet extreme Buddhists are throwing babies in the fire.

    Is this what you call peace?

    It's a disgrace, and know that you extreme Buddhists believe in Karma, well your time will come soon.

    Sunitha khalid (India)

    Syfur Rahman (London)

    Jaker Hussain (London, UK)

    Munazzah (Ksa): Give humans their basic rights

    Jaker (London, UK)

    Karin williams (Luton)

    Heather Mehenni (NewYork NY USA): Its sad we have to sign a petition

    Dr. Mubina Pathan (Pune, India ): This needs to STOP!!'s against humanity! Let us all stand for justice!!

    Shagufta Khan (India): Please do not be cursed by the people in despair

    Shamsul (London)

    Muhammad Harun (London ): Please stop killing people in Burma

    Shirajul Haque (London UK): I believe it is UN immediate duty to end violence in Rohingya Burma as it is done with other nations by UN peace keeping mission.

    Hajra Khan (AL-khobar(KSA)): We all are humans, please don't judge someone on the basis of their cast or religion. Just look at your own families, children, women and old men n women n try to imagine those situations with them, they living in that.. How would you feel if u loss any of us family member, if u forget the way to your home, if you see ur kid die and tortured in front of u.. Plzzz don't do this they too have skins they too have feelings they too feel hurt n pain. Plz stop.this

    Abdul Muyeed Zahid (Mira Road, Thane dt, Mumbai maharashtra India ): Every one should stand for justice

    Ayesha (Mangalore)

    Faiyaz khanam (Bangalore)

    Sameenah Noor (Dammam , KSA)

    Humaira Banu (Bangalore india)

    Hj Hamdan Hj Abdul Majid (Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia): We must collectively push to end this genocide and ethnic cleansing by the irresponsible Myanmar Government and the Bhuddhis people of Myanmar immediately so as to save innocent lives from this inhumane act.

    sauda mubeen (Bangalore)

    Mohammed Abdullah (London): Please do something; the deafening-silence around this issue is unjustifiable.

    Janice Nye (Preston UK)

    Kushba Bahar (Birmingham)

    Linda Brockett (Scotland)

    F Islam (London ): Please sign this petition to stop this crime against humanity.

    Bartosz Szczodrowski (Łącko, Poland)

    Mena Digings (Cromer)

    Michael Holmes (Newent): Failure to stop this indicates you support the killing.

    fatima (London)

    Nurul Hoque (Stepney)

    Shakil Wahid (Custom House)

    Mujahid Rahman (Newham)

    Safwaan Alie (Popolar)

    Yusuf Ali (London)

    Usman Ahmed (London)

    Younus Hamza (Poplar)

    Talha Bin Hussain (Bethnal Green)

    Imtiaz Ali (London)

    Riad Kamaly (London)

    Shah Tamjid (Bethnal Green)

    Shaha Dot Kamaly (East London)

    Abdirahman Mahmud (London)

    Abidul Islam (London)

    Abdullahi Osman (London)

    Minhazul Hoque (London)

    Ahsan Uddin (London)

    Roger Kelly (Bangor Wales uk)

    salem hadi (bb): n

    Muhammad Ibrahim K Mydin (Malaysia)

    Cliff Jones (Merseyside)

    Amira (Lisson green ): Plz save burma Muslim

    Irfan mahmood mir (Windsor ): You have to do help for insanity the people

    Mark Quinn (Dungannon)

    Naz Ali (Barking): Why is ethnic cleansing a crime against humanity across the globe but not in Burma? Stop killing innocent Rohingyan people

    Farhad chowdhury (London)

    Mohammed Islam (Bangladesh Rohimgya refugee camp): I signed this petition because I'm one of the victim of decades of ethnic cleansing and slow burning Genocide.

    Judith Brown (Somerset ): This appears to be consistent with many of the signs of genocide and it needs urgent action

    david mckinley (cape town south africa)

    B. Infante (the Netherlands)

    Shey Laily (Borneo, INA)

    Farhana (Vancouver, Canada )

    Angelica Hopes (The Netherlands): Stop the Violence. Stop this genocide. Stop the violence against women. Violence is never a solution. Violence usually creates more violence.

    David Corrigan (United Kingdom)

    sean keenan (armagh)

    Muhammad ameen (bangalore india): Please help them

    Hamdi AlRajhi (Dammam, SA)

    Barbara Groves (Australia)

    Ann Moore (Wales UK)

    Shumon rashid (London )

    Michael John Brown (Shrewsbury Shropshire ): Stop this genocide now these people should be protected,they have done nothing wrong the government of Burma/Manamar

    Thomas Ruane (St Albans)

    Lee Finnigan (South Shields )

    Abdul Kayum (London.UK): It is unbelievable to see the killings of these human beings in news and social medias.

    Loredana Dodson (USA )

    Hatefa Begum (London, UK): It's horrific how the rest of the word simply watches the horror taking place and yet does nothing to help

    Abul Monsur (London): My appeal to the western governments, the UK Government, the UN to voice strongly against the Burmese authorities and Bhudist genocides against Rohingiyan Muslims. If it doesn't work then put strict sanctions against Burma.

    Amina Uddin (London )

    Shereen Nasim (London. )


    Diana Khanom (Walsall, UK)

    Manna Chowdhury (London,UK)

    Abdur Rokib (West Bromwich)

    Rowshanara Begum (West Bromwich)

    Bushra minhas (London, UK)

    Forida Habib (Solihull)

    Naila Khan (London): This must b stopped Burma Muslims are humans like me or you

    Abida Shannaz Khatun (UK)

    Hamida ayazi (U.K. )

    Laili pervin (London): I urge you to bring peace to theses people and end the violence

    Kairun nessa (Uk)

    Shumina Begum (London )

    Mourad bouhafs (London uk)

    Mohima ahmed (Essex): This needs to stop!

    Farouk Ismail (London.UK): Any such acts of terror by whosoever committed should be condemned and no effort should be spared to bring it to an end. It is a real pity that the UN, and civilised countries are not doing enough to stop the suffering these poor human beings are going through. Why is the FCO and even the Nobel Peace Prize Aung
    San Suu Kyi so silent?

    Shadot Ali (Birmingham )

    Zulekha ahmed (London)

    Imaan yazdan (London)

    zahed kahhar (london): Please consider Ruhinga muslims in Barma as a human being.Human rights is seriously violated by govt .

    Istihak Hosen Fahim (London U.K. ): May Allah help these people who are in troubled

    Halima begum (London)

    Ifthiak Jamil (London)

    Ifthiak Jamil (London)

    Nurul Amin (London): We see on BBC news that geneocise committed by Brutal Burma Officials On ethnic Rohinga community in Mayanma (Burma). Cease Burmese officials from foreign and implement taugh sanctions on Mayanma Dictatorship

    Moina (London)

    Semina kauser (Birmingham)

    Jaheda Rahman (Essex )

    sayed kadri (hendon): We request UN to look into this matter and do the good deed.
    It is no good talking about Human rights it happening and you know it and the rest of the world but still keep quite.
    THIS Is Call hippocrasy.

    Shurjahan (Oldham )

    Arab Ali (OLDHAM)

    Hakim Boudaoud (London)

    Mr M Rahman (London )

    Khalid Raja (U.K. )

    Faheema Khatun (London)

    M mechoureb (London )

    Habibul Gaffar (Birmingham, uk )

    Farzana Akthar (Canada): Stop killing innocent people

    Monica (USA)

    Mohd Shahef Jalal (London): How is it possible that such genocide is allowed to take place. Just as names are held accountable so should the fraudulent fascist leader of Burma. Immediate imposition of sanction should be placed on the mass murdering criminals.

    Juber azad (Uk)

    Nadeem Bari mohammed (Essen): Please use this petition as well to sign

    Sadik Masum (Calgary, AB )

    Jan (Canada ): Dine

    Kabir Ahmed (Toronto,Canada )

    Hussain Azad (London): Stop this brutal massacre on innocent people

    Aysa begum (London)

    Aysha khatun (London)

    Akbar Ali (London): To UN for immediate end of violence to Rohingya myanmar

    Mohammed Ali (Uk): Someone has to put a STOP TO THIS MURDERIOUS ACT AND HOLD THEM RESPONSIBLE.

    May Allah (SWT) have mercy on those being oppressed and are suffering under these evil tyrants

    Ali Javaid (London UK): Criminal Offence

    Naseem Anwar (UK): Any inhumane treatment is unacceptable. It is the job of the international community to intervene and ensure human rights are protected and enforced by signatory governments.

    Rijea karim (London): I am left comment less because there is no word to describe the extreme pain and suffering felt by the Muslims in Rohingya and there is no word I could find that's disgusting or disgraceful enough to describe those committing and inflicting this on the people of Rohinya. May Allah end their suffering and punish those responsible with the highest form of punishment. Ameen.

    Uddin misbah (London): Please try to stop this genecide

    Nasreen Ahad (Toronto, Canada)

    Zebunnessa uddin (UK)

    Majeda Begum (London)

    Hammad Ahmed (MANCHESTER): Stop killing rohinga

    Adil (London)

    50 windermere road (london)

    Saleha khatun (Manchester)

    Harunur Rashid (London): Please stop genocide and ethnic cleansing and file a complaint to ICC, Hague as there are enough crystal clear evidence of genocide committed by Mynmar Government.

    Samia Ali (London ): May Allah (SWT) make it easy on them and put an end to they're suffering....ameen 😞❤️

    Rehaan Ali Raja (UK): The UN has a job. It should start doing it!

    Abdul Kahir (Manchester )

    Hasina begum (London )

    Abdur razzaque (London ): Help the suffering

    Rushna Begum (London ): Wake up and end this suffering 🙏🏼

    Rasheda Akther (London)

    Aysha Khanom (london)

    Sulthana Begum (London, UK)

    Omar Talukdar (London): The state sponsored genocide against the muslim or any other minority groups needs to stop, with immediate effect!

    Muhammed Aminul Islam (LONDON): Extremely suport with pitistion

    Omar (London)

    Hifzur Rahman (London)

    Zakariyya Desai (Pmb, RSA)

    Zubaer Ahmed Chowdhury (London ): This is 21 century. What is happening is completely unexceptable. What we are doing???

    Amanda Morris (Cardiff, UK )

    Mohammad Nurul amin (London ): What's happening in ruhinga can not be discrived in words. Those who are allowing this crime to be committed will have to answer on day of judgement InshaAllah.

    Asma Begum (london)

    Rahmat Abdul Karim (Kuala Lumpur): Save Rohingya lives in Moungdaw- Myanmar and bring Myanmar's criminal Military officials who are raping Rohingya women.

    Saleh Bhuiya (London ): Please do something for rohinga

    Wafa Khalid (London, UK): please save human lives.


    Carlos Suleimam Afonso Embalo (London ): I am against any kind of violence and form of racism

    Mrs sumera mir (London )

    Rrita Recica (London)

    Momar Jallow (London, UK)

    Raija Virtanen (Porvoo, Finland )

    Noreem Ahmad (London): the violence here needs to stop. rohingya are innocent and need protection

    Amir Chowdhury (West midlands )

    Rajna begum (London )

    Thomas Kilner (UK): I've been to the Cox's Bazaar refugee camps and seen the suffering myself. It must stop.

    Mohammed Rahman (London): Please consider this is a human Appel for Ruhiynga Muslim

    M Akader (London)

    Nadia Khan (UK)

    Pana Begum (London)

    Shajna begum (London uk)

    Mahfuja (London)

    Ash (Luton )

    Muhamad mydin sinta (Malaysia): Please stop all violent to rohingya people

    Kulshoma mahmud (London,uk): Stop violence

    R Ahmed (Exeter, UK ): How can we allow such atrocities and suffering in the 21st century. Ethnic cleansing needs to stopped immediately - such brutality is everyone nations responsibility to stop.

    Faisal Faik (UK)

    Manisha Sheth (UK)

    Cali Ahmed (London )

    Linda may (London)

    Sarah shannon (London)

    Sarah Anwar (London, UK)

    Nasir Okeowo (London)

    Muhibur Rahman (London)

    saira Ahmed (Romford)

    Rana miah (London. UK ): Please save burma Muslim once and for all .

    Mohammed Numan (London): Monks are a ting in filth and are mass murdering. STOP THIS NOW

    Hasina Begum (London )

    Asma yazdan (London UK): Please help people who need your help and support for GOD sake.

    Fariha Rana (Essex)

    Shohid Ali (London ): Please help the people of rohingya

    Tasneem Moolla (Durban South Africa )

    E (Uk)

    Shahid (London )

    jahed ali (Birmingham): This is 1 of the biggest atrocities committed against human kind.

    Shoaib Ahsan (London, UK)

    Minna Virtanen (London, UK)

    Shaheen Mahmood (Toronto, Canada)

    Shelina Hussain (Birmingham )

    Abdul karim (London ): It must stop.what ever is happening is wrong

    Barry Barnes (St Albans): Please stop oppressing Royhingas

    Shelina khanum (London UK )

    Ali Hessan (London(Essex)): Please help the Muslim ummah in Rohingya.. And make dua that Allah SWT punishes the people responsible for all this.

    Rasfa begum (Birmingham ): Stop the genocide with the rohingya people, they are humans like us all. No lives are bigger or smaller than each other, we are all from the same father and mother!

    Will (London )

    Safeya Roshid (Hackney)

    Safia khan (Uk): Please help stop this so called ethnic cleansing!!

    Miz (Gloucester)

    Andi Iqbal (London): Bun Babylon

    Shahan uddin (London ): Please help people who need your care

    Saphia Parvez (Coventry, UK)

    Abdul razak majothi (Birmingham ): This genocide needs to stop now!
    It's about time Leaders of Muslim nations woke up.
    If we don't look out for Muslim ummah no one else will.

    Maria Ashiq (Dudley, UK)

    Husna Zaman (London)

    Rujina Begum (Wednesbury)

    Memoona (London, U.K. )

    Maarten Deprez (Belgium)

    M Patel (London ): It's disgusting act and it should be stopped immediately 😡😡

    Nawal Darhali (Wiltshire)

    Rezwana Zaman (London): This is outright genocide. It is shocking that such a crime is being committed in the 2 st century whilst the entire world remains silent. Enough is enough, world leaders must put an end to this.

    Joseph Huseyin (London)

    Parul monnan (London)

    Khaleda Islam (London, UK): End the suffering now!

    Khalilah Akhter (London): Show to them some mercy and give those people justice.

    Shaida parveen (Uk): Humanity needs to stand up against such crimes! We all need to unite as human beings and stop the killings. Otherwise we have failed humanity!

    Naima Chowdhury (Toronto, Canada): Please help Rohinga, ask Bangladesh government to accept them.

    Repa Begum (London): Being human

    Modoris Miah (Milton Keynes ): Plz help them they don't deserve this no one does

    Rezia Anwar Miah (London): Plz help them what have they done to deserve this being burnt alive with their kids an only freedom they will get when death comes nobody deserves this. They being proscuted because they are Muslim is that a crime plz help them

    Salma Begum (London)

    Noor Faredi (MANCHESTER): Stop the killing of innocent people of Rohingya

    Rayhan meah (UK)

    Noor Faredi (MANCHESTER): condemn the violence in Rohingya

    Siddiq Rashid (Gloucester)

    Shazia Shoaib (London)

    Asma Ravat (London, uk)

    Rafik Bedair (London, UK)

    Ehsan Ul Haque Rabbani Sharif (LONDON)

    Zaki saeed (Birmingham, UK)

    Richard (Huddersfield)

    Zubeir Khan (Canada): Please we need to show basic humanity to help our brothers and sisters in Rohingya
    Free them from this oppression

    Muzzammil Nakhuda (Toronto)

    Md khasru (London ): Stop the killing

    Jorna begum ( Stop killing innocent people

    Bakos Csilla (Budapest,Hungary)

    Nasra Aslam (Glasgow): Stop killing of Rohinyga muslims

    Parvin Karim (London ): Please stop this horrific torture and killings of human. Why human became worse then animals

    Abda Khan (Solihull UK)

    Kazi Shaifur Rahman (Dhaka, Bangladesh): “The government needs to put an immediate stop to the abuses and hold the Crimes Against Humanity and Ethnic Cleansing of Rohingya Muslims in Burma’s Arakan State.

    Fahmina (Bangladesh)

    Fatema lovely (Birmingham ): Please soon as possible end of violence to Rohingya

    Hibo Habane (London uk): Every life matters, no human life is to be wasted in any way or form!

    Rabia khatun (Uk): Stop killing innnocent rohinga people

    Clare Ebbrell (Liverpool UK)

    Ashraf Ali (UK ): Please do stop this mass killings.

    Aisha (Malaysia): For the sake of humanity please stop this genocide ....

    Khalid ahmed (London): Please help stop this massacre of the muslims in rohingya

    Giselle Ahmed (Lincolnshire,uk): Every single life matters. Please help the Rohingya people.

    mohmed Salim GANGAT (MUMBAI): Religious discrimination is a crime against humanity

    Someera Butt (London, UK)

    A. Dilara (Scarborough): Stop this massacre! No one should go through these! Men, women and children are brutally killed, burnt, raped, slaughtered only for following a religion! Would you still be silent if these innocent Rohingya Muslims were your loved ones or family members?

    Sourton nessa (Birmingham)

    Parvin Begum (London)

    saddam rahim (Malaysia): You are Goverment, do something about Rohingya issue.

    Max marky (London): Stop this genoside at once

    Machelle Uddin (USA)

    Shahida Siddique (Birmingham)

    jade abdulgadir (london)

    Shabia husna (London ): Stop

    Rohema Rabbi (Edinburgh): Stop the horrific killings. May Allah help our brothers and sisters

    Fatheha Ahmed (London uk)

    Nabeel Yafai (West Bromwich)

    sara alam (toronto, canada): Stop the genocide!! rape!!! and burning of homes!!!

    Shazna (London)

    Nazia Younas (High Wycombe UK )

    Hasna Begum (London): Please take action as soon as possible. Help the oppressed people of Rohingya.

    Usman Bashir (Birmingham, UK): They say Britains interest in foreign policy is to serve humanity and not selfish warmongering for corporate interests. PROVE IT!

    Mohammad Mozammel Ali (Dhaka): Like South Sudanese, East Timorese, they too are human beings. So are Kashmiris and Palestinians!! Please!

    Javed ali (Birmingham ): Please stop this killings

    Rachel Bird (London)

    A Tilly (Canada)

    Nirupam (Tolworth): Treat them as human. Please do something

    Ambia begum (Uk): Please stop the innocent people dying

    M Faiyaz N (Canada): Please stop the terror, violence and injustice

    Nilupa yasmin (London )

    Rehana patel (Leicester ): Pls stop these atrocities

    M. Shariff (Manchester (UK)): Dear humanity, stop the genocide of rohingya people.

    Mustafa Maab (Australia): They are human and they deserve to be treated like human.

    Afzal Hamid (Toronto, Canada): The Rohingya community deserves protection, rights and peaceful coexistence.

    Rubel miah (Birmingham uk): What is happening to the rohingya people is all most the same as what happened to the Jews by the Nazis. People are being slaughtered because of there religion .

    Shujaul Alom (London, uk): Stop these atrocities immediately and take back peace prize from aung sang kii

    Nabila Hussain (Devon)

    Sadia arfin (London U.K. )

    Nurul Huda Choudhury (Birmingham)

    Hassan Mir (London, UK )

    mohammed shanur (london): This is inhumane and cannot continue.

    Khalid Rahman (London): Why is this atrocitie being let to happen....!!!!!

    rukshana (London)

    Mashuda khanam (Telford)

    Raju Miah (London): How the world speaks of freedom but it's a privilege only for non Muslims to enjoy and have their leaders glorify freedom and take drastic actions (bombing of *muslim countries*, killings of millions of innocent Muslims who are only known as collateral damage) against anyone (Muslims) that dares threatens their way of life.

    Nancy T. Kamal (Qatar): For a community that is unrepresented, killed for being different and tortured for living on land that fat cats want to make money on, murder and terror is what they face.

    If that was your loved ones would you be OK with it? This hate needs to stop.

    Rubel Ali (Newport)

    huma malik (edinburgh)


    Monjula Chowdhury (Uk): I can't explain how I feel about this cruelty

    Farhana Begum (Denham)

    Maryam aziz (Birmingham )

    Shofna Uddin (Wales)

    Shofna Uddin (Wales)

    Mahbub Rahmani (London, uk)

    Farida Begum (London)

    Mohammed Ayyaz (Birmingham)

    Rizwana Hussain (Birmingham)

    dr. hafiz roy umair (pakistan)

    M. A. al-Mamun (Birmingham)

    Junayd Alam (London): STOP THE VIOLENCE

    Amirul Afiq (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia): #saverohingya

    Aqhsar Uddin (London)

    Rita Leeuwin (Montpellier): Stop this violence!!!!

    Jushna begum (London)

    Rabeeta Ali (Pakistan): Stop the violence! End this hatred.

    Rahmat Ullah (Auckland New Zealand): The torture and the genucide is still keep going on in Arakan state of Myanmar.Accroding to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights I would like to mention to the UN to provide the UN Interpol in Arakan state of Myanmar

    Rahmat Ullah

    New Zealand
    Thank you

    W khan (London )

    Shawana (Nottingham,UK)

    Imran Mahmood (London )

    Ejazkhan (United Kingdom ): Enforce economic sanctions against Burma.

    Ruby Kabir (Loughborough )

    Ikbal Hussain (London ): I support this petition

    Abdul awal (London): Stop stop stop killing innocent people in mayanmar

    Afsana Begum (London, uk )

    Anam ali (London)

    Saif (Uxbridge )

    Khurram (Newcastle upon Tyne )

    Hasan Ahmed (Essex, U.K. ): We must intervene to protect royhingers. We get involved in oil rich countries for petty reasons, so why not for real reason

    Hasan Ahmed (Essex, U.K. ): We must intervene to protect royhingers. We get involved in oil rich countries for petty reasons, so why not for real reason

    Shyla Bynon (London)

    Shameena A (uk)

    habiba Khanom (London)

    Sharifa (Uk )

    Laura hutchinson (Uk): Has a world we are unable to allow the barbaric suffering of our humanbeings,it is so wrong on many counts

    Zakaria Ahmed (London, UK)

    T S (UK)

    daniya iqbal (manchester): please have some mercy 😢

    Rabia (London)

    Jai ali (Romford)

    Ferdousi rahman (Essex)

    Heena Mahmood (Leeds, UK)

    Syed islam (Sheffield, uk): United we stand or divided we fall. We cannot let the innocent continue to die for following a religion

    Karen R (Bradford)

    Anjum shaheen (Australia ): I extremely protest against reasonless muslim killing in Rohingya.

    A Mehdi (Edgware)

    Taha maktari (London): Wake up and look what is happening! Genocide!

    Farah bashir (London): This ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya must end. It's cruel and barbaric. The Burmese ambassador must stand down.

    Deeba Akram (UK)

    Salma Hussain (London )

    Mohammad Shoaib Arshad (London)

    haz salem (London ): Must end now

    Wahida Begum (London ): Please reach out to them. They need our help.

    Mohammed shabir (Birmingham)

    Alima begum (Uk)

    Shah ali (Birmingham )

    Emran Hussain (London ): Human rights for all

    Jeahely begum (London U.K. ): Stop killing inncocent people

    Muhammad Waqas Khalid (Lahore,Pakistan ): Send uno teams to stop this gore n violence

    Mariha Ahmed (London )

    Shamima Begum (London uk)

    ilyas hafesji (Knightland)

    Anjum abbas (Uk)

    Tasneem Koen (Cape Town, South Africa)

    Idnan Hussain (Blackburn)

    Rahima begum (London): Please take immediate action
    Why innocent humans being killed?

    Sonya (London)

    Nazia mohammed (London)

    Yasmin Hussain (Coventry, uk)

    Yasmin Hussain (Coventry, uk)

    Jahangir khan (Essex): Justice for rohingya people

    Nur Syeda (London)

    Laudy Elhajj (Canada)

    Wali-ur Rahman (Swansea)

    Tim Peters (London, UK)

    shrieen wolieed (Middle-east): Take proper action to stop Rhingya Innocent Children and civilians by Burmese

    Faisal Reza Ul-Haque (London, UK)

    Maz Bibi (Northampton )

    Sabrina (Luton )

    Nazrul Islam (Toronto): Please stop inhuman activities those are happening to the ill fated people in Myanmar.

    Shaik Habeeba (India)

    Mary rose (London): Enough is enough. The Burmese government needs to be stopped and brought to justice for killing innocent men, women and children.

    Mizanur Rahman (Toronto, Canada): Save Rohingha, open Bangladesh border for them.

    Jannatara Chowdhury (Canada): Immediately killing should be stopped and world organizations should speak out. Organization should help Bangladesh to accommodate the refugees.

    Selim Bhuiyan (Canada): Why still UN keep quite. When they will act?

    ajima begum (london): please help them

    Mo (London)

    shaida nabi (london)

    Nasima begum (London)

    Shabnaz akhtar shepu (U.K. )

    Asim Ajmal (Burton)

    Nureen shaddiq vahora (Bolton uk)

    Sultana Akthar (Camden)

    Abul Ghani (London): This is inhumane. This is genocide going on in Burma. Please put pressure on authority to stop this immediately.

    Rugina Khanom (London)

    Wasif khan (Rochdale, UK)

    Chistia Syed (London)

    Sevda Bozdag (London)

    Sabrina durrani (London )

    Sofina (London): Stop the violence

    Rahima Ali (London): This has gone on far too long without any outcry..something needs to be done immediately

    Kiran Qureshi (NJ, USA)

    Rubina (London)


    Sheikh ruby mumtaj (Brighton): Stop this genocide.

    Alwyn Davies (Eastbourne UK)

    amirah miah (South Avenue): may Allah swt protect the innocent rohingya muslims.its heartbreaking.

    Ahmed Abdul-Ghani (London )

    Lily Talukder (London, UK): Please save these people

    Nashrin Ali (Uk)

    Tasneem Haque (Canberra, Australia)

    Fatima (Coventry uk )

    Moriyum bibi (London): Please please look into this. No human should go
    Through what's happening in Burma.

    Amina ismail (London )

    Nurana (London)

    Omar Bynon (London)

    Syeda Tasnima Khanam Karim (London): They need all the help they can get.

    Rafia (Uk)

    Aafaq ahmed (Walsall)

    mohammad uddin (Walsall)

    Mrs Hafiza Siddique (Solihull, UK)

    Shah Ali (Birmingham ): Stop the genocide!

    Raimo Kangasniemi (Juupajoki)

    Sazu rashid (Virginia, USA)

    Nighat Ali (Birmingham): Its disgusting what's happening out there! Please help and show there is some humanity in this world!

    Sumera (Uk)

    safia bibi (high wycombe, bucks)

    Abeda (London)

    MaryAnn O'Neill (TYRONE N.Ireland): Stop the barbarity against Muslims!!


    Shahanara Ferdous (London): For the sake of humanity please help

    Misbah ali (Uk)

    Zahira Begum (London ):
    Save the Muslims of Burma from these terrible inhumain acts!

    Aneela (Manchester )

    Ashfeen Syed (London )

    Sheila Khatun (London, UK )

    Dinar Colie Ali (East london): End violence to Rohingya!

    Mirz (Jeddah)

    Nelifa Khanom (London)

    Samiyah Alom (Kent UK)

    SAZ Mansoor (Sunderland,UK): Stop killing Muslim in Burma.

    Papeya poly (London )

    Muhammad A Siddiqui (Monroe): This needs to be immediately stopped!!!

    Shorifa khatun (London): How can any human do this to another human it's absolutely disgusting something needs to be done

    Kat Marsh (Bristol)

    Asma Islam (London )

    Anisa ayub (London)

    Imrana (Bradford )

    Nita Diarningrum (Malang, Indonesia): please save rohingya....

    Rahena begum (London )

    Jenifer Flintoft (UK): Something must be done. If the UN absolutely cannot guarantee the safety of the Rohingya in Burma where they belong, then they should transport them to a place of safety which cannot be Bangladesh where they have already taken many Rohingya & cannot be expected. Nor should they simply be dumped in refugee camps.

    Hamad Alsayed (Durham): We only ask for peace!

    Rabina begum (London)

    Sameera Ali (West Yorkshire U.K. )

    AbdulHague (Cantishtown): For God's sake do something about Burmas minority Muslims.

    Fowzia Baig (London )

    Koli akther (London )

    Hind Dawalibi (Birmingham )

    Shahadur Rahman (London, UK)

    Aisha Tasneem (London)

    Mahabub Morshed (toronto)

    Jannatun Nayeem Nayeema (Dhaka,Bangladesh)

    Amina begum (London)

    Rayhima Begum (London)

    Khalida Akoub (GLASGOW)

    Shaheen iqbal (Minneapolis, USA)

    Ferdusara Ali (UK)

    Amber Siddiqui (London, UK ): Every Human on this earth is a gods creation and they have a right to exist and belong to gods earth.

    Shabana Hussain (Burnley)

    Shilpe Latif (Essex )

    Elena Benvenuti (Amstetdam)

    Nahar Khalisadar (London UK): Whatever goes around will come around, now that you are in a position to help,please stop this massacre of innocent lives. 😢😢

    Sabina begum (London): Please free the rohingya people and stop the muders

    Nazmin Choudhury (London U.K. ): Please stop this for human kind please have some mercy and decency - we will all die one day and think of what you will die with - be good humans to other humans and stop this now -

    Hasan Alam (Kingston, ON, Canada )

    Emran Noor (Swansea): They are helpless, your role can bring benefit or further their destruction. I hope you choose the former.

    Momammed Hakim (Peterborough): Should stop should put inforcement to mayanmar government against this barberic brutality.

    Muhammad Awais Zubair (Birmingham)

    Mohammed Shah Rafiul Alam (Essex)

    Sahara sultana (London)

    Abdus Shahid (Barking)

    Fahima Hoque (London UK)

    Humera afzal (London)

    Ehteshamul Hasan (London )

    Zubair Shaikh (London)

    Shanaz ahmed (Uk)

    Sumaira Muddasser (Birmingham uk)

    Rahela Hussain (London): Please act imeidetley

    Yasmin (London ): Stop killing

    Tahiti miah (London )

    Trine Andersen (Australia): Please stop this, I can't handle it anymore . Nobody should go thru this. Help them ,don't destroy them.😢😢

    Naseem Akhtar (Bradford): These people need our help.

    Nadira Mahmood (Lancashire, UK): Dear Mr. Mutuma Ruteere
    (UN Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance)

    We the undersigned are collectively urging you to consider our extraordinary request and appeal to intervene at state level to protect the rights of the Rohingya community of Myanmar.

    As you are aware, under the 1982 Citizenship Law of Myanmar, the Rohingya are classed as a stateless people and as a result have huge restrictions on their rights including the right to free movement, the right to free marriage, the right to live in security and sanctity and have been targeted numerous times by state sponsored violence and aggression. A summary of the situation:

    Rohingya villagers in Northern Rakhine state, specifically Maungdaw township and surrounding areas
    Myanmar Army, Tatmadaw, Border Guard Police and other State Law Enforcement agencies
    On-going since 9th October 2016 with more than 428 Rohingya civilians killed
    Numerous (in the hundreds) counts of rape against vulnerable refugees, burning and razing of entire village households, arbitrary arrests and more than 400 extrajudicial killings
    We urge your team and the power of office that you hold within the UN to investigate the ongoing violence and persecution that the Rohingya are facing on a daily basis; xenophobic, unprovoked and unjustified aggression by state law enforcement agencies rendering more than 40,000 homeless and now in a state of seeking refuge.

    We look forward to hearing back from you with positive resolution.

    Yours Sincerely, Directors of Restless Beings and the undersigned

    Yaseen Haque (London )

    Nazma begum (Slough)

    Habibur Rahman (London uk): UN should take an action straight away about Rohinga muslim

    Radiyah Zaman (London)

    Rehana ali (London )

    Hamida choudhury (London )

    Nuzat sagir (Essex)

    Mustafa Zaman (London): I hope this petition benefits the Rohingyan people.

    Shahed Ahmed (London)

    Humayun Sagir (London ): What is happening in Burma is not except able un should ask the help to big players to sort it out just the sake of humanity

    Shajma Hussain (LEICESTER )

    Rafianah ditta (Keighley UK): Every life has equal value regardless of where fate mapped out where you should be born.

    Syed Hasanul Islam (London)

    Sahana Khan (Essex)

    Abdullah Muntasir (London)

    Tasneem Sadiq (Stevenage )

    Samia begum (Oldham)

    Az Amin (Birmingham )

    Saad Rashid (London)

    Khadija Sohail (Leeds)

    Sophia Begum (Birmingham): #humanity #justice #endtheviolence

    Alim Saifullah Khan (London)

    Momtaz begum (Oldham): STOP


    Carolyn Chafer (Uk): Something must be done to stop this. Why do human beings treat other human beings so badly?

    paulina ZAMIR (CROYDON): Stop this genocide! !!

    Shazia Haffejee (Durban South Africa )

    Andrea Tuijten (London)

    Lojma begum (London)

    Hasina rahman (London)

    Laila Rahman (London): Such brutality needs to stop! It's inhumane where is the justice!!

    Khalada Abdullah (Manchester UK): Why is there no media coverage of this?

    Afsana Begum (London, UK)

    Nayeema begum (London )

    Kiran ahmed (London, UK): Another new petition ,to stop thd same old crimes

    Sai Abdin (London): STOP the Genocide!

    Ruhena Begum (London)

    Khadija sattar (Glasgow, uk)

    Fatheha Sohied (OLDHAM): Please help these people

    Asha Safdar (Birmingham, UK): This needs to STOP immediately!

    Zurina Ali (Manchester): end genocide

    Fardoush Chowdhury (London ): Please stop Kelling innocent people

    Romina Khanom (LONDON)

    Nizat Khalid (Luton, UK )

    romina khanom (Leyton)

    Fathima Khatun (London)

    Korimun Khanom (Birmingham, UK)

    Muhammed Abdur Rahman (London ): Please stops killING

    Salayhar (London)

    Yashmin Harun (Ilford,UK)

    Ashfaq Ahmad (Lahore, Pakistan): Act in the name of humanity.

    Aneesa Rahman ( Cheshire, UK)

    RIP parves (Uk)

    Jahanara Hossain (London, UK)

    Soontara Kaewpongpok (London, UK)

    Syeda mahjain (London, UK )

    M J Uddin (birmingham, uk.): Q

    Kamal khan (Montreal canada): Stop killing rohingya Rakhine state, Myanmar #saverohingya

    Afzal Khan (Luton): Please stop killing our Muslim brother and sister in Burma. Justice should come forward

    Rajiah begum (London,uk)

    Mohammed kashim uddin (Uk): Stop violence rohingya

    Amad Ahmed (London, UK)

    Khaled (Worcester )

    Saba anjum (London)

    Khan Abdul Quader (London, UK): This must stop now, Action must start now to stop it.

    zarmi (Birmingham)

    Mala (Coventry)

    R.Ayub (London ): Please help the innocent people, I don't think anyone should put up/should go through such a torture. All it inflicts is pain to innocent souls.

    zam hussain (Birmingham)

    Zeida (Birmingham)

    Yasmin Amin (Manchester )

    zam (Guildford)

    Bushra sultana (London uk)

    ZARA (Birmingham)

    Shamimara Hussain (London, UK)

    Reshma (London)

    Paula Clare Williams (Daventry): Rohingya people have the right to free movement,right to free marriage and right to live in security. Please protect them.

    Rojina Subhan (Croydon)

    E Jeewa (Portsmouth): Stop the Genocide of the Rohingya people

    Anwar Miah (Bedford): Please please help these people. This type of wrong should not exist in this era.

    Sophia Azam (Manchester UK)

    Mohamed Elahee (London, UK): Please stop the killings and torture to these innocent people

    Zynab Saleh (Birmingham)

    Sameena kauser (U.K. )

    Sakina khatau (Songea, tanzania)

    Alia Siddiqi-Khan (London)

    Laila Aldridge Ahmed (U.K): Help the oppressed!!!

    End this massacre!

    Where is humanity?!

    Amira islam (London)

    Asif Ahmed (Toronto, Canada)

    Asya rasul (Uk)

    Husna (London )

    Shaorin Tanira (Toronto, ON): UN should not forget why it was cteated in the first place. Try to save humanity.

    Ferdousi Rahman (london)

    Ayesha khanam (Birmingham)

    Saleha begum (Uk)

    Motia Shohel (Ilford): Please let's stop these senseless killing of poor innocent people.

    Gabriela K. (Vevey,Switzerland)

    Subana Chowdhury (West Sussex)

    Rumena Chowdhury (Uk)

    Dorota Kocelak (Zabrze)

    Rusma Begum (London)

    Nazrul Islam (Toronto): Please take immediate action to stop violence

    Sharon Nuro (London uk)

    Syeda Reza (North East England)

    Mehr Atr (Uk)

    Luthfa Nessa (London ): Stop the genocide!!

    Abul Hassan (London )

    Fazar Noor Zaman (London)

    Saly Razik (Colombo, Sri Lanka): The atrocities to the Rohingyas must be stopped immediately.

    Shitara khatun (London uk)

    Muhammad Hussain (Wednesbury): Humans have failed!!!!

    Mafzul (London )

    Yusrah begum (Birmingham )

    Abu Ofa Ahmed (Calgary)

    Rowshonara zaman (London)

    Warda Mahamed (Birmingham ): Please save the Rohingya people! They are human being who want to live! Children must feel safe! What are you doing !UN?

    Akhtar khan (LONDON)

    Sarah Shaikh (Osnabrueck, Germany ): Help the Rohingyas. Pls don't close your eyes

    sakhir hossain (brooklyn, ny)

    Mohammed Abdul Halim (luton )

    Amina Halim (luton)

    Shahzaman hussain (London): Burma needs to sort this issue and injustice towards the Muslims.

    Nishreen Shafeek (Sri Lanka )

    Nora Achchi (London uk)

    Afsheen Aamir (London, UK )

    Maisha Ali (London)

    shamimur Rahman Siddiqui (Jeddah Saudi Arabia): I have been following the dreadful news everyday and feel utmost grief for them. In shaa Allah with the efforts of Restless beings things will get better for Rohingya.

    Fathima (Bangalore, India )

    Yousra Keesara (Luton)

    Asya saiyed (London )

    NB (Birmingham)

    Poppy gill-brown (Todmorden)

    Khalid Rasool Khan (Edmonton)

    Roshma Begum (Oldham UK): I am very upset about the torturing of innocent human lives in this time and age
    I strongly want this suffering to be stopped.

    Salma Khan (UK)

    Jazmin Begum Kennedy (Manchester): We stand with the Rohingya

    Sobia (Pakistan)

    SHAIK MANSOOR BASHA (Kurnool ): Please Help the Rohingyas Muslims

    Abdulkareem Zainab (Ilorin)

    Mona Shah (South Africa)

    Nusrat Sharmin (Canada): Where is Muslim world? Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia? And where is UN so called humanity. Make sure the Rohingha people have secured place for live.

    Jubair Ahmed (Essex )

    Anisur Rahman (London)

    Ashiqur Rahim Khan (Milton, ON, Canada): Please, do something to save the Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar.

    Moshiur Rahman (Canada): Make sure a secured place for our Rohingha brother and sisters.

    Z Hoque (London): This is Genocide and must be stopped.

    Sujana khanom (London,uk)

    Nola Wolley (Bristol)

    Tajmina khanom (London, uk): We urge for your intervention in the ethnic cleansing of such scale and the extreme violation of human rights.

    Hosna (Calgary, Alberta, Canada ): Please save Rohinga in Myanmar.

    mahbubur rahman (London ): Please take immediate action against this genocide in Burma.

    TASLIMA CHOWDHURY (Mississauga)

    kazi Begum (london): The world is a dangerous place; not because of the evil people who live in it but because of the people who don't do anything about it. Albert Einstein.

    Sumaia akter (NY, USA)

    Jaafar Darus (Malaysia): Stop the hatred and killings and strip off the nobel prize from syu kyi

    Shomee B Rakim (London): Please help for the sake of humanity

    Hani Tarabulsi (Chicago, USA): The attack against the Rohingya is unacceptable.

    Mujibur Rahman kunu (Romford): Where is Muslim world? Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia? And where is UNs so called humanity.

    saleh ahmed (London UK): Disgraceful no one from the international community speaks out about this

    Mujibur Rahman (Romford)

    Abdul Ali (Loughton): Enough is enough!

    Minhaj (Toronto, ON)

    Hamza Thaha (Toronto,Canada)

    Aamir Paracha (Karachi)

    anisa (london): La ilaha illah anta subhanaka ini kuntum minazwalimeen.

    Nuri goni (Newcastle upon tyne): Enough is enough. Stop the etchnic cleansing atrocities and take action against the myanmar government

    Sadeka halim (London )

    Mohammed Amir Ihtiashaam Ansar (London)

    Anver (Kerala, India ): Stand with humanity

    N Hussain (London)

    Muntafia Islam (Canada)

    mohammed zia uddin (essex England ): this horrendous crime by burmese buddist terrorist against peaceful unarmed Rohingya people must stop a.s.a.p its been happenni ng sincelongtime and U.n has been doing nothing

    Jubahir Miah (London)

    Jubahir Miah (London)

    foshiur choudhury (London UK ): For sake of humanity please take action against the injustice happening towards Rohinga

    Shoaib Kajee (London)

    ejaz syed (Troy mi)

    Mahmud mohammed alam (London )

    Shabnum Mawani (Peterborough, UK)

    Hiron miah (London uk): Stop this please.

    Ashraf Ameer (London)

    Mohamed Tarek (Egypt)

    Ahmed Noufel (Medway, UK)

    Karim Rashid (Romford): After signing petitions after petitions, nothing seems to get done. Are wasting time doing this?

    Aktar Hussain (London uk)

    Foysol (Sunderland): Stop the violence now!!!

    Abdul akbar (London)

    Sajia Afrin (toronto, canada): stop the violence now

    Justin Draper (Binegar, Somerset, UK): Stop these atrocities, stand for justice, everyone is equal in this world so no one should be treated inferiorly or forced out of anywhere in this world.

    sayed rafai (Ilford)

    Mohammed Ahmed (London): Let not hate win...stand for justice.

    shihan sajeed (waterloo, canada)

    Hussein Mulla (London)

    Mujibur Rahman (London)

    Juned ali (London)

    Khorsoom (Bedford)

    Munira Ughradar (London)

    Emma Rahman (Bristol)

    Delwar Hussain (Oldham): Please help to stop the atrocities on the Rohinghya people.

    Sadeque (London UK)

    Fahima Aarah (London, uk)

    Zakaria (London )

    ummer farouk alibhai (london): MUST STOP THIS MASERCAR AND GINOSIDE

    Zarina Alibhai (LONDON)

    akmed ali (

    Davina Rogers (Stoke-on-Trent)

    Shahana Chowdhury (London): Please help to stop the atrocities on the Rohinghya people.

    Asmaa Medles (BIGGLESWADE, UK): Please stop the violence:(

    Farida Hussain (London U.K.): Please help these people from being persecuted.

    Adam H (UK): Calling for immediate intervention and restoration of human rights now!

    Muhammad Harun (Calgary, Canada)

    Hind Dawalibi (Birmingham )

    hafsa (Manchester)

    Waadullah Syed (London ): Racism any where in the world should be stopped and it is a great challenge for the champions of bringing peace on the face of the earth. Does UNO exist on this issue?

    OLARIBIGBE Tajudeen (Lagos, Nigeria): Stop the Violence and let Peace reign!

    Sofina Parvin (LONDON)

    Muhammad Mahtabur Rahman (London, UK): UN must act and so must the UK government - we cannot stand by and watch the slaughter and persecution of innocent human beings.

    Sihaam (London)

    Abdul mukith (London): Stop the massergar on Islam


    Abubakar Said (London ): We the undersigned are collectively urging you to consider our extraordinary request and appeal to intervene at state level to protect the rights of the Rohingya community of Myanmar.

    As you are aware, under the 1982 Citizenship Law of Myanmar, the Rohingya are classed as a stateless people and as a result have huge restrictions on their rights including the right to free movement, the right to free marriage, the right to live in security and sanctity and have been targeted numerous times by state sponsored violence and aggression. A summary of the situation:

    Rohingya villagers in Northern Rakhine state, specifically Maungdaw township and surrounding areas
    Myanmar Army, Tatmadaw, Border Guard Police and other State Law Enforcement agencies
    On-going since 9th October 2016 with more than 428 Rohingya civilians killed
    Numerous (in the hundreds) counts of rape against vulnerable refugees, burning and razing of entire village households, arbitrary arrests and more than 400 extrajudicial killings
    We urge your team and the power of office that you hold within the UN to investigate the ongoing violence and persecution that the Rohingya are facing on a daily basis; xenophobic, unprovoked and unjustified aggression by state law enforcement agencies rendering more than 40,000 homeless and now in a state of seeking refuge.

    We look forward to hearing back from you with positive resolution.

    Your faithfulness


    Shipu Miah (LONDON)

    Momota Akhtar (Reading)

    Abdul kahar (London ): It is quite sad that international community not saying anything

    afulal salih (Toronto, Canada): impose sanctions on Myanmar asap and save Rohingyas.

    Mohsan mahmood (Dagenham): Where is the humanity!?

    Shormin Begum (London): Please someone help them!

    shaista chishty (London, UK)

    Ruma (Crawley, U.K. )

    ahmed pandor (LUSAKA ZAMBIA): May the Burmese soldiers rot in hell

    Rizwan Ughradar (London): Totally unacceptable!!!

    Zeenat Islam (London )

    Shamima Akhtar (London, UK): PLEASE STOP the inhuman enthnic cleansing of Muslims in Rohingya, this is Barbaric open Murder and needs to stop immediately!

    Shah Hussain (United Kingdom): Please take immediate action against Myanmar Government for killing Ruhinga Muslim in Myanmar

    zaheer aslam (Mnachester, UK)

    Zaheer Jhetam (South Africa)

    ian Renwick (London)

    Kazi Begum (London UK)

    Sabbir Ahmed (Newport )

    Juned Uddin (London, UK)

    Shahjahan Hussain (London ): Please do something to stop the killings of this people

    Mahmud suhel (London): Help the victims

    Ismail Chopdat (Blackburn)

    Nadia Shah (Accrington, UK)

    Nasima Khatun (Bedford )

    foreda begum (London,UK)

    Mohamed Qasim (Sunderlaand)

    Maruf ahmed (Newyork ): This is a petition to take step for helping victims in mayanmar ruhinga people.

    Sameeha Choudhury (Bath )

    Bokor Ahmed (London )

    Shoohada (Uk)

    Ahmad Muhammad (Bauchi Nigeria): It's a high level of inhumane to keep silence on the persistent aggression and cruelty against Rohingya Muslims minority by the Burmese army

    Fatema Miah (London): Please help

    Tahir miah (London ): Please help these persecuted people

    Alia khanom (Bedford ): Stop the torture people

    Fiza shabbir (Biggleswade )

    Taslima Yousuf (Bath, UK)

    Sajda bible (Leeds uk): Please help these people.

    Kamran khan (London)

    Shariffa Hakada (Nairobi, Kenya ): We are all human beings & this could happen to any of us anywhere in the world. It's our duty as fellow humans to try & help them bring peace in their country. Put yourselves in their shoes, how would you feel if you saw your family members being raped & burnt alive ???

    Alan (London): These people need to be sanctioned. If it was otherwsy round, things would have been very different. Why the double standards.

    Mohammed alam (46a malden road): I think the government needs to get involved to stop this horrific acts that is happening to these human being...

    Innocent kids and humans are dying for no reason...

    Quratulain (Islamabad,Pakistan): This is for humanity please!!!

    Saika shoaib (Leicester)

    Abdul Tahid (London)

    Anna Roberts (London, UK)

    Simon Billenness (Washington, DC)

    Zubed Miah (London, UK)

    Wayne Godfrey (Gloucester UK)


    Ebrahim Teladia (Birmingham UK )

    Ms Javed (Lancashire,UK. ): Please help end the violence to Rohingya. Thankyou

    Saif Mahmood (Manchester, UK): We are all equal, we came here by birth and shall leave by death

    Muhammad Latif (Birmingham): If the plight of these people does not move you, then for what purpose are the nations united?

    Rahid Uddin (New York,USA)

    Ubaidullah Shameem (Birmingham ): Stop killing,murdering, rape of innocent rohingy Muslim .

    Abdul kayoum (East London ): Buddist supposed to be peaceful, murderers.

    RAZANA NOOR (LONDON): Deeply shocking and disturbing...we must all do whatever we can to stop this genocide!

    Syed hussain (Birmingham, uk): Please stop the brutal kiling of Burma over Ruhinga

    Abul Hasnath (London UK): For the sake of mankind please intervene as nations United against inhumane acts

    Nazra Noushad (Toronto, ON, Canada)

    Khadijah Nisaa (United Kingdom): May Allah ease their pain and suffering ameen

    Mr Foyez Ahmed (Exeter. UK)

    Muhammad I H Miah (London, UK)

    Abdul mannan (London )

    Shaheen Ahmed (Birmingham)

    javed hossain (London): I request to UK please immediately do something to stop killing rohinga Muslim in barma.

    Jubaida begum (London)

    Sayed Alam (London): The UN are morally obligated to respond to the vile racial crimes affecting the Rohingyan people! Inshallah this makes a difference.

    Aks Rahman (London): Disgusting vile acts committed by these Burmese people that goes unnoticed purely based on someones religion. Needs to stop. ASAP

    Guljar Alam (London)

    Mohammed Shuaib Sheikh (London)

    Bashir jamab (London, uk): Please come forward to do your part.

    Mohammed Abdul Mukit (London)

    Mohammad Junu Alam (Hackney, London)

    Carol Ann Puthucheary (Glasgow UK)

    Sam miah (London): This need to STOP

    James weild (Nottingham uk): The world is a very sad place, what will our children think of our complacency and lack of action.

    Zibran Muhaimin (London): Absolutley Great..stepney Farm

    Abida miah (London)

    Daniele Manca (London): The UK government should express its distress regarding this matter, innocent people are being exterminated needlessly for which reason? For being Muslims? Every human being deserves to be treated nicely and kindly, but this is the total opposite, UN should intervene, where are they now?

    Farid (London ): Stop killing innocent people.

    Association Suisse-Birmanie (Switzerland)

    Nazir Ahmed (London)

    faz uddin (uk): Please stop this unjustifiable act.

    Mustapha Muhammad (Nigeria): We do hope that the U.N will do anything humanly possible to end this oppression. This is the best i can do as a concerned human.

    zainab hassan (UK)

    Kausar Ali (London): Please end this I can't take it anymore

    Nicole Hill (Stafford, UK)

    Sofia Mostafa (London)

    Hollie abbott (London UK)

    Shanara Gazi (London)

    Nazmul Hossain (Dhaka): Rohingya people. This is the best I can do for you, Signing this petition. I wish I could stop your plight even if I had to sacrifice my everything.

    Saheda Ahmed (Essex): Heart breaking 💔 What happened to Humanity. May Allah punish these evil things. 😡

    Andrea coulson (Glasgow ): Please protect our human rights against this terrible abuse

    Mohammad nurun nabi (London )

    Mohammed rahman (London)

    Shah zamel (London ): It's a shame in in nations they not helping the innocent people of brutality

    Sarwar Kamal (London): Stop brutality in Arakan

    Showkat Ali (London): Very concern about killing innocent people in mayanmar

    Saif Osmani (London, UK)

    Mohammed (London uk ): We want a peaceful world.
    A safe environment for our children.
    No violence friendship to all.

    ali (London): Where is the world now?

    Gillian Ragsdale (Cambridge, UK)

    Zamir (London)

    Ali Hussain (London): It is quite sad that international community not saying anything to stop this brutal torture that's been done to this innocent human being.

    Joynul islam (London)

    Aman Ullah (Chittagong, Bangladesh): It is clear that the Rohingyas are not safe in the hand of present government of Burma therefore international intervention is a must to protect these unfortunate communities.

    Shajna Begum (Oldham uk): Stop the violence. Let the aid and journalists in!

    Dinah Rahman (London): This is a world tragedy and source of shame of epic proportions.

    Toseef (Newcastle): Must end now!

    Abdul Wahid (London ): Ethnic cleansing MUST stop now. We need UN army on the ground to forcefully stop this and perpotrators PUNISHED.

    Craig W. Mankin (Bozeman, MT)

    Salfu miah (Sunderland UK): Something needs to be done about this.

    Sarfraz Jeraj (London, UK): Please respond as a duty to uphold equality and human rights. Thank you

    Abedha (London, UK)

    Juber Ahmed (London): Where is the western coalition?! We have invaded countries on the premise that people were being killed and tortured, children are dying, people are being brutally persecuted so where are you and your military might!? Stop this madness and hatred, hatred breeds more hatred and I'm sure as Buddhists you believe in karma, your peaceful monks are throwing children in a burning pit!! Men in suits will not do anything and faff around as usual while many get killed, shame on you!

    Maisoon adawi (California, usa)

    Yasmin islam (London )

    Atiqur Rahman (London uk): Immediately action violence to Rohingya

    Fuad goni (London UK)

    Suhayl Patel (London): Protect the muslims

    Mahbub (London)

    Faramak Zahraie (USA)

    Arif shah (London,U.K. ): Please help, I signed numerous petitions and it's like
    Nothing is ever happening.
    For the sake of humanity we all need to do our part
    Whatever it may be from petitions like this to even donating money or even clothes.

    Bilal Ahmed (Luton . Uk): Stop this criminal s


    Syed hussain (Uk): Stop now!!!

    Huss Adawi (San Diego California, USA ): Please help to stop the killing of humansale and innocent civilians

    Shafi Rahman (London)

    M. Zackariyah Sheikh (Leeds, England): It makes sense to sign the petition. It's human nature to want to help others. It's for the greater good, if it's possible to to achieve.

    Aman Faruk (London): Help the weak

    M. Zackariyah Sheikh (Leeds, England): It makes sense to sign the petition. It's human nature to want to help others. It's for the greater good, if it's possible to to achieve.

    Abid Hussain Khan (London)

    Abdul Hakim (Chittagong, Bangladesh): Committing a genocidal crime on Rohingya is not a big crime. But not trying to stop it is a serious crime being committed by UN and Super powers of the world. Women and children are burn alive in fire. Men's heads are brutally separated apart from bodies in front of family members. Girls are raped in front of her father and brothers until she die. Pregnant women's are tortured until she got abortion, both are died in most of the cases. Old and feeblest are buried alive in mass grave. River bank and streams are entirely bloody red, floating parts of the body. No more way of brutality is left. Why such brutal actions are on inocent Rihingya citizens? If you are a HUMAN please stop it immediately.

    Hasina (Canada): Human beings have a right to live. Stop the genocide!

    Shiuuli Mozlu (Gloucestershire )

    Muhammed (India, Kerala)

    Helal Uddin (uk)

    Mohammed Islam (Bangladesh Nayapara Rohingya Refugees camp): Urgently needed practical action to stop Rohingya Genocide and solve Rohingya issue.

    Amina Naeem (London)

    Ayesha Kajee (Johannesburg, South Africa )

    Shah Alam (London, UK): Implement trade sanctions against Myanmar

    Khalid Khatri (Dubai, UAE )

    Muhammad Noman (London): international community must pressure Burmese government to stop the killing Rohingya people and raping the women.

    Tun Thaung (London ): Please help Muslim in Burma.(Myanmar)

    Rehana Parveen (London): Please take immediate action to stop violence against Rohingya in Myanmar

    Khadiza Begum (USA): Stop violance and support rohingha reguges.

    Obada Alagha (San Diego, California USA)

    Manal Alagha (San Diego, California USA): Stop the genocide against the Rohingya

    Tarik Alagha (San Diego, California USA): Stop the genocide against the Rohingya

    Mohamed Alagha (San Diego, California USA): I call on the UN to stop the enthnic cleansing against Rohingys minority

    Ujjai alam (USA): We need justice

    Mohamed Hassim Nizam (Toronto): Help to save the Rohingyas from the Burmese Juntas.

    Aamna Rehman (London U.K. ): Please please stop the genocide in Rohingya, and end this horrific torture on the people.

    Abul Azad (Uk): Please help ruhynga's innocent people killed by burmis government.

    Rukshan Akthar (USA)

    Kabir Hussain (UK ): Stop the genocide in Rohingya.

    Linda Goslar (London)

    Kabir Hussain (UK )

    Kabir Hussain (UK )

    Syed Ahmed (19825 Hillside Ave, Hollis.): It's beyond belief how Bhuddist extremists executing their fellow human beings, no human being should be beat up or killed or abused by the other human because they are majority or have more power or money or voice, we are living in a age of technology where we can punish any criminals using our judiciary if Rohingas committed any crimes they should be hand over to the court of law, or if Rohingas has been suffering because of religious minorities then United Nations has the responsibility to find those criminals and serve justice to them,

    Mahmoud Alagha (USA): PLEASE HELP STOP violence by Burmese military on Rohingya villagers""

    ▪ 35,000 Rohingya have been displaced and now currently sleeping under the sky in paddy fields.
    ▪ 2,000+ Rohingya Houses burnt down
    ▪ 200+ Rohingya women raped by the Burmese military
    ▪ 430 Rohingya killed
    ▪ 120 Rohingya missing!!

    Itala TC Rutter (San Miguel de Allende Mexico )

    Mahjabeen Khan Shampa (Dhaka bangladesh): Please STOP myanmmer violence.

    Ibrahim Shami Muhammad (Dhaka): Please stop right now! No more human life or injustice!

    Lenore Madeleine (USA)

    Muhammad ibrahim shami (Dhaka, Bangladesh): Stop now!

    Mohammed shareek (Indonesia )

    Syed Ahmed (London)

    Dilufa Yasmin (Newcastle upon Tyne ): Stop killing Rohingya's Muslims!!!!!!

    Shahed Ahmed (Bangladesh): Stop killing inocent people

    Ali Ahmed Bebul (London ): Stop Genocide

    Eusuf Ali (Newcastle upon Tyne,UK)

    Mark Samson (London UK): Unrestricted aid must be allowed to support the Rohingya refugees. Journalists should be granted access to allow independent investigation. Persecution of the Rohingya must be stopped and the human rights of all people in Myanmar respected.

    Cinta Stevens (Brisbane, Australia )

    Syed (Sunderland ): Stop killing Rohingya

    Rahela Begum (London)

    Humayoun al rashid (Manchester ): I would like to sign up

    Zahid shabbir (Newcastle )

    Mahbuba Hussain (Bedford, UK): Stop the genocide and save the Rohingya Muslims!

    H jafri (London )

    Ebadur Rahman (Uk): Immediately stop violence

    Diana Dutikananda (Jakarta, Indonesia): Please stop this genocide!

    Abdul (Gloucester,UK)

    Md imran (India ): Put an end to terrorize Muslims

    Joynal Abedin Khan (London )

    Awais Amin (London)

    Md Mohsinur Rashid Chowdhury (London)

    Sultana sotwar (London UK): Please help stop this genocide!

    Athair khan (United Kingdom )

    Mirza rahman (Uk)

    Muhammad Zaman (Newcastle ): This is about humanity
    It is murder

    Aisha Choudhury (Lancashire)

    Michael John Smith (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

    Syed (Birmingham): Praying for you all

    Bilal Ali (London UK)

    Khawla Usmani (London)

    Chloe Titley (Worcester )

    Mohammed Rahman (Sunderland, UK)

    Sadik Miah (London )

    Anastasia (U.K. )

    Abdul hakim (London, uk)

    Caroline Fraser (Canberra, Australia)

    Joslyn Hibbert (London): Dear Mr. Mutuma Ruteere, what are you waiting for?

    mohammed rahman (Newcastle upon tyne uk)

    Zahid Hakim (UK)

    Rafat (Canada,toronto)

    Monir ahmed (Sunderland, UK )

    Saleh Ahmed (London ): Human life matters and we must protect each and every human

    Cobra Vivolo (Seattle, WA USA)

    Ruhena Akhtar (Manchester)

    Mohammad beekawa (Ireland)

    Sufia (Manchester )

    john scovell (Reigate , UK )

    Jaafar jaafar (London): This crime should end

    Shahreen Jahan (Newcastle, UK)

    Halima begum (Manchester)

    Mohammed Khan (UK)

    Mohammad Azad (Newcastle): I urge UN to intervene and force Myanmar government to give account of their atrocities.

    Rabia Bashir (West Midlands)

    Patricia Anne Duncan (Broadstairs): Another evil regime, killing and attacking innocent people. Disgusting excuses for human beings

    Sarah Gamblin (Geneva, Switzerland)

    Shafi Hasan (London)

    Pete Klosterman (New York, NY)

    Yarun nessa (London)

    Huma Everdeen (Tromso)

    Samrah Gilani (Islamabad, Pakistan): Stop the exodus and extermination of Rohingya Muslims, this ethnic cleansing should be stopped and Myanmar should be sanction for allowing it's government to kill and rape the rohingyas

    monuwara bibi (oldham ): Please stop this the U.N. has the power to do so it is inhumane we wouldn't want our family's to suffer like this so why would we allow it to happen to someone else's we have a duty towards our fellow human beings please show them that there is still hope in this world.these people have no hope left in them and that is a deep feeling to feel alone .this is what alone means when you feel the world that has trillions of people in it but not one person came to their aid how alone must these poor people feel.stop this so it never happens again tomorrow it maybe us in this situation.

    syed tauhid (U.k)

    Jonybatun Yusuf (New Zealand): Stop on going operation
    Stop burning houses. Stop arbitrary arrest
    Stop raping, stop extrajudicial killing
    Allow aids and remove restrictions
    Allow foreign media and journalists
    Allow UN commission of inquiry

    Mohammed khan (Newcastle upon tyne)

    Zinath Alkobir (Sunderland)

    Harith Malik (London)

    Sheikh Emad (Newcastle, UK): Stop the genocide of the Rohingya people

    Salma Rahman (London): Please help save humanity

    Muhammad Hussain (Manchester ): Restore faith in humanity and take action to stop this cruelty

    Belal ruhel (Sunderland, UK): This genocide needs to be stopped as soon as possible..what of this happened to one of our families..we wont just sit there quietly..we demand action

    Muhon miah (London): Stop this genocide!

    Hamna saleem (Hong Kong )

    Jalika Khatun (Lonfon)

    Saadat Hussain (UK)

    Junaid Patel (Uk)

    Mahbub Ahmed (London): Rohingyas are human too.....

    Malek monnot (Marseille, France)

    Shaun Brown (London UK): Don't let the Burmese military get away with genocide against the Rohingya just because of a misguided notion that Democracy has magically arrived in Burma .

    Melanie Brown (London)

    Syed Fahim Ahmed (Sunderland, UK): The racist persecution of a minority group based on their ethnicity and religion, in a land they call home. The world has seen this before. It should *not* have to see it again.

    Leyla Ramadan (London UK)

    Omar Subhani (Manchester, UK)

    Punita Cole (United Kingdom)

    Aneeka Yasin (London): Please stop these inhumane acts

    Elaine Gristock (London, UK)

    Muhammad Chowdhury (Newport wales)

    Tan Naseem (UK)

    Mrs romana chowdhury (Newport wales): Please help stop the killings of innocent life's

    Farhana. Hussain (London ): I can't believe this kind of thing is happening and the world is watching. Also shocked at Bangladesh's response in keeping them out. Very sad.

    Salma Alam (Uk)

    James Cruz (Sydney, Aus)

    Anwara Bibi (Manchester )

    Awais Mahmood (Bradford, UK): They need our help!

    Yanul Hoque (London)

    Naseer Ahmed (Leics, UK): Along with other petitioners, I also appeal to the Myanmar government (and the UN authorities) to take effective and swift action to stop cruelty and injustices against the Rohingya people.

    Rafik Lunat (Leicester )

    Mohammed Khan (London,Uk)

    Mohammed M Chowdhury (Smethwick)

    Ferdous Begum (London )

    tahir alam (cheshire)

    Abs Foz (London )

    gertrude van velzen (Netherlands)

    Shermeen (London)

    Zakia Khan (London )

    Sameer Momin (Melbourne): Stop genocide and prosecution of minorities in Burma by the brutal undemocratic. military of Burma.. HOW MANY KILLINGS OF BABIES CHILDREN, RAPE OF WOMEN AND BURNING DOWN OF PROPERTIES IT WILL TAKE FOR THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY TO ACT??

    aklima bibi (london)

    Julie Harrald (Loughborough, UK): This violence against the Rohingya is a disgrace to the country of Myanmar and shame on its government and the UN for refusing so far to even investigate it - they should be taking action to protect these people.

    Nehara begum (Oxfordshire, UK)

    Rohima Uddin (Uk): I feel so helpless that can't help, this is heart breaking that this is happening. This is against all humanity and we can not just sit here and watch.

    Mrs Khan (London)

    Shahida Khanom (London): Please help these people ....let's raise awareness...lets make a stand...lets make a change

    Kashif Choudhry (UK)

    Abdur Rashid (KSA): I hereby sign the petition

    Ariesta Milanti (Jakarta, Indonesia): Please act for Rohingya people

    Martin LeSanto-Smith (London)

    Barry Lee (London): Please stop the brutality

    Emma Matthews (London)

    Hira Bilal (England)

    REBECCA MAY (Orkbey): Another shocking example of mans inhumanity to man

    Saqib Aslam (Southampton, UK)

    Shahina Begum (London)

    Ismail ali (London)

    Abdullah Akbar (usa)

    Ashfaaq Mohamed (London, West Sussex ): Stop killing Muslims, Take against action Burma

    Haroon Yousuf (France): Stop Genocide of Rohingya in Arakan State Burma

    Bhaskar Mukhopadhyay (London)

    UmmAbdurahman (Dhahran, KSA)

    Shahnaz Nawaz (London, UK)

    Shagufta oozeer (Bradford): Stop the violence in rohingya

    Samiha Ahmed (Virginia, USA)

    Shahid Sheraz (West Yorkshire): 21st century enlightenment and "democracy" should be eradicating evil from this world, but why is actually oppression and violence increasing?

    Mehera Begum (London, UK)

    Zain amin (London)

    Dorine Cécile van Mil (Leusden (NL)The Netherlands): Let us extremely fight hard against injustice! Please always take concrete action and be eager to finally 'break' the repeating vicious circle of the never ending abuse /hate/injustice.

    Maria Shareef (Birmingham, UK)

    Scott Bessey (United States of America): As far as I am concerned these crimes have been happening with the permission of the international community. The UN and other world powers have the authority and the resources to stop this but they continue to allow it to happen.

    saira zia (London U.K.)

    A K M Mehedi Hasan Bhuiyan (Huddersfield ): Stop genocide in Burma!

    Nasima Aarah (London, UK)

    Saleh Ibrahim (Kebili, Tunisia )

    Munsif Mufalil (Sheffield,UK): This is genoside!!where are the humanitarians?!!. Why is the world so silent?

    Fariha M (UK): These acts are well known to be in the last stages of genocide- we have a collective responsibility as British citizens to not turn a blind eye, we promised future generations to not bear witness to the horrors of brutal regimes in the 20th century- let's use the 21st century to act on that.

    Ataur Rahman (Eindhoven): Bring effective peace in the region.

    Hisham El Sherbini (London, UK): Please enough hate, enough killing, enough raping, enough violation for all human rights, enough!

    Mohamed Shaji (London): Stop the discrimination and inhumane treatment

    Abdul Karim (London)

    amdadur rahman (London uk): Please stop the killing

    Samata Khatoon (London): Save human beings ...why we are killing those innocent people?

    Fahmida Rahman (London)

    Rayan Ahmed (London)

    Imran Khan (London, uk)

    Aadillah (South Africa )

    rafiq (uk)

    Aadila Moola (South Africa)

    Chandni chopra (Newcastle)

    Charles Revie (Paisley, Scotland): Genocide is unfolding in front of the World's eyes, you have the power to stop this.

    Musaddiq Iqbal (London )

    Asghar (Preston ): Stop this genocide

    Luthien Tinuviel (London)

    Momenul Haque (London, UK): We can't let the history books show this happening on our watch. Please, please, please help stop the genocide.

    Jasmine Khanom (Manchester)

    Rachael Okelly (Gloucestershire uk)

    Ittar Waqas (Bedford ): Every human life is important and all human being are equal.

    Ismall Abdullateef (Kaduna, Nigeria): Stop killing Rohingya muslims

    Nermeen Khan (Australia)

    Shafiq Butt (Sahiwal, Punjab, Pakistan): Stop genocide.

    El Hadif Mustapha (Rabat, Morocco): Something had to be done to save the Rohingya.

    Mohammed abdul kalam (Surrey): Please stop this killing of innocent people

    Zakiya Sadeq (USA)

    Ansar Ahmed Ullah (UK)

    n g (Bradford)

    David Simon (Egham, UK): Stop this systematic violence and violation of human rights.

    Anwar Mahdi (London)

    Ellen Goodman (Rhode Island)

    Robin Walke (East Kent): Not getting anywhere near as much coverage from the media as it should, why is that ?

    Nura Hassen (London)

    Shamoly Begum (London)

    Asharun Ali (Glasgow, UK)

    Steve Gumaer (Norway)

    Mark Farmaner (London)

    Rahima Begum (London, UK): Enough is enough. The Rohingya need our sustained support. They have suffered for sixty years and in their last stages, we cannot give up. Resistance continues. Please come to our demo next week Friday 2 December. Thank you

    Restless Beings (London)

    Mabrur Ahmed (London): Please join us in our campaign for an immediate stop to the violence against the Rohingya!

    Daniel Rivers (Sudbury UK)