19 Year Old Uighur Student Sentenced to Death

Pezilet Ekber, a 19 year old Uighur student has been sentenced to death charged for participating in Uighur Demonstrations, described as ‘ethnic riots’ during the 2009 Urumqi unrest.

The decision has come as a result of a secret trial in April 2010, therefore rendering any information about the details of Ekber’s case; unknown. Officials at Urumqi Intermediate Court which passed her sentence, have refused to provide any information to reporters.Undoubtedly, Ekber’s foul treatment under the law has been fuelled due to her familial and cultural background. This is indicative of the Uighur community’s continued struggle for recognition of their freedoms, rights and human dignity in the face of perpetual gross human rights violations.

Restless Beings is a humanitarian organisation seeking to provide a voice for voiceless, marginalised and silenced communities around the world. The plight of the Uighur community is a central focus for Restless Beings and in light of this, is striving to maximise awareness of Ekber's situation, lobby for more information on her case and to campaign against this gross miscarriage of justice.This is a call for action in the name of fair trial, due legal process and governmental transparency. Where everyone is equal before the law with no fear of discrimination based on race, religion, gender, culture or any other difference.

For believers in truth, democracy, justice and freedom; please share this information on Pezilet Ekber's situation, so she and every other individual persecuted and oppressed, past or present gains solace in the fact; the world knows and they have not been forgotten.

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Mabrur Ahmed

This is a blatant act of racism, creedism, and a clear injustice. The detail is light, we know, but you have our cast iron guarantee that we will do everything we can to shed more light on this. We are limited to a degree because we do not have direct access to the court responsible,nor the Chinese state. We need you to help us get this news out to as far and wide as possible. We need your help in coming up with a strategy of action. If you have any ideas you can drop us a quick email on info@restlessbeings.org

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Rahima Begum

It worries me that family background is the most considered factor at these kind of political and ethnic cases tried by Chinese courts. China; a successful progressive country, surely its leaders should have broken the shackles of such regressive notions of what equates to freedom and punishment by now??!!

“A Communist-oriented family background might save your life, even if you are a murderer, while an anti-communist or pro-independence family background can lead to a death sentence, even if you are innocent,” (from article, see link above) - this is worrying.

Ethnic cleansing is an unforgivable act, but when it is being carried on on such level it becomes necessary to take action and peacefully, but with unconditional commitment, work towards voicing this community.

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