Chinese National Day

1st of October marked the Chinese National Day, where the Chinese government celebrated with pride, the foundation of the People's Republic of China. However, not everyone shared the happiness and delight for that which is the Chinese National Day. What some regard as a day for rejoicing for others symbolises the loss of freedom and human rights endured for the past 62 years. For the Uyghur's, the Chinese National Day represents a day of mourning.

Since Xinjiang (largest Uyghur population) has been ruled by China, the Chinese government have made no secrets about waging various campaigns on Uyghur's to repress all forms of Uyghur dissent, restricting their freedom of expression, religious activities, the Uyghur language and expression of ethnicity. Although, Xinjiang is the largest producer of natural oil and gas Uyghur's have been economically marginalised through mass resettlement of Han Chinese within the Xinxiang province.

Uighurs are unhappy about what they say is the repressive rule of Beijing and are angered by the migration of the majority Han Chinese to the region.

As a result of oppression there have been many civil and political unrest in Xinjiang, some perpetrated by Chinese authorities and others by the Uyghur's. The situation remains tense as violence is regular between the Uyghur's and Han Chinese.