Trip to Kyrgyzstan

Saleh (Trustee), Rahima (Co-Founder), Dr Russel Kleinbach (Kyz Kogon), Mabrur (Co-Founder)

This year during April (2011), the directors of Restless Beings embarked on a research field trip to Kyrgyzstan to further their research for the bride kidnapping project. Whilst in Kyrgyzstan, the directors met with individuals, groups, organisations who have immensely contributed to the gradual development of the project.

Victims of bride kidnapping came forward to share their stories, they come in all ages from women in their 60's to teenage girls, evidently, illustrating that this epidemic has been around for generations and has not been dealt with.

From the trip the directors had support and assistance from a wide variety of organisations and experts in the field, which are stated below:

  • Uighur Diaspora Leader - Dilmurad
  • Women's Rights Organisation - Ogor and Igur
  • Regional expert - Russell Kleinbach
  • Kyz Kogon - Munara
  • Uighur Women's Committee - Farida
  • Cezim Crisis Centre - Founder
  • Ex President of Parliament, Director of Uighur medicine, Founder of Central Asian Uighur Culture Network - Nur Muhammed

The Trustees with a Uighur Kyrgyz family in Bishkek (April 2011)

The next step for Restless Beings is for a second visit to take place sometime in April 2012. During this trip we will be launching a campaign in Bishkek, capital of Kyrgyzstan called 'Roses to Rags' very similar campaign to the one we did in the UK on Valentine's Day 2011. This campaign is planned to be led by university students in Bishkek to bring local and nationwide awareness to this ever growing problem.

It is hoped that the campaign is the first of many to bring nationwide attention, raising awareness to the legalities related to the epidemic and educating perpetrators, victims and families of their rights and the consequences of such a crime.