Two-year anniversary of 'ethnic riot'

July 5th 2011 marks the second anniversary of one of the saddest and most tragic days in the history of the Uyghur people".

On July 5th 2009 what was meant to be a peaceful protest by the Uyghur people in Urumqi, China turned into a series of violent ethnic riots. The Chinese security forces violently suppressed the peaceful protest and according to official figures around 200 protesters were killed however, the Chinese authorities do not declare the real number of deaths.

It is no secret the Chinese government has often waged vicious campaigns to suppress Uyghur's from rebelling. Uyghur people are limited in freedom of expression and religion however, the events of July 2009 has deepened the human rights violations Uyghur's face by Chinese authorities. "This was one of the Chinese government's fiercest and most repressive crackdowns on Uyghur's in history".

Since the 2009 riots Chinese Government has executed 9 Uyghur's who were blamed for instigating the riot. Also, the case of Pezilet Ekber, a 19-year-old Uyghur student who participated during the 2009 protest, has also been given the death penalty.

It is clear that the Chinese government fail to act in accordance with international law - the right to a fail trail is a key part of the rule of law and all countries are bound by it.

Image from Life.