Case Studies

Fatima, the girl who ensures her appearance is that similar to a young boy so she can 'escape the hands of physical abuse by locals 'mastans' (pimps). I met her in Kamalapur Station, Dhaka. She was hungry and tired. She told me how she left home because of her abusive father and how the streets became her refuge. Sleeping on the platforms of Kamalapur station was taking its toil and Fatima sighed and told me she had had enough. She wanted to move on, to somewhere safer. But she didnt know where.

Rahima, Co-Director of RestlessBeings (trip to Dhaka, July - August 2008)



Look at me, she uttered as she squeezed through a group of young teenage boys to catch my attention. She caught it. 4 years old, and severly malnourished, this little girl craved attention and love amongst many things. "Malnutrition leads to the kind of large spots you can see on her scalp and eyebrow" - Dr Zaki (Public Health Dr and RestlessBeings Bangladesh Project Co-Ordinator) informed me. I met her in slums of west Dhaka. She lost her parents to the flood and now survives by begging on the streets of Dhaka with older children and sleeping in slum colonies.

Rahima, Co-Director of RestlessBeings (trip to Dhaka, July - August 2008)



He lives with his 'aunty' and is three years old. His name is Pappu. His parents passed away two years ago and he has been adopted by his aunt who lives in a colony besides Sonargaon Hotel, the only 5 star hotel in Dhaka. With nothing to play with, Pappu has to resort to blowing air through a used condom as a substitute to a balloon. When I asked him if he knew what it was, he nodded his head and said it's a balloon. He wants to move away from his 'aunt' as he fears she may sell him, like she sold his elder brother.

Mabrur, Co-Director of RestlessBeings (trip to Dhaka, December 2007)



Brother and sister Alam and Nadia are 'floating' children. I caught up with them besides a slum colony. They travel together from colony to colony bringing together scraps of food so that they can survive. They normally sleep beside a quiet pavement and often run into trouble from local mastans. They have never been to school and cannot read nor write.

Mabrur, Co-Director of RestlessBeings (trip to Dhaka, May 2008)