Project One

Sleeping on the streets of Dhaka Our first project takes us to South Asia, namely, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The project aims to tackle the issues that children in street situations endure on a daily basis. Restless Beings works with marginalised communities and this growing community of vulnerable children who are living and working on the streets of Dhaka are finding themselves more and more prone to the dangers associated with pornography, prostitution, child labour and human trafficking.

Our proposal is to build a rehabilitation centre for street children in Dhaka. This will provide amongst other accommodation, nutrition, education, medical treatment, psychological counselling as well as clothing and life skills. Our proposal is huge, but we are confident that with your help, we can get there and once again provide hope for these children.

To date, with your help and from money raised on our launch night, we are proud to announce that we have been able to help Shishu Tori, a partner organisation in Bangladesh, maintain their 'School Under The Sky' project for another year.

Restless Beings currently has a project co-ordinator in Bangladesh, Dr Zaki and he is supervising our field workers Shipa and Shoeb to undertake research work over the next few months. Shoeb and Shipa will be working closely with children in various locations across Dhaka, building up case studies and helping us to better understand the extent of the issues the children face daily and also to identify those in greatest need of treatment. We promise to keep you updated on these reports.

Case Studies
Shishu Tori: A Partner Organisation


Hyounni Kwon

I'm very impressed to this article!
Can i use this photo for my article related to street chidren?
It will be posted on the journal of my university, UNIST in South Korea.

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Nadia Hussain

Yes, of course as long as Restless Beings is credited :-) Thank you!

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