Anti-Muslim violence emerges in Lashio Township, Shan State- Myanmar (with images)

Reports of renewed anti-Muslim violence have emerged in the Lashio Township of the Shan State in Myanmar. In the same style as Meikhtila, Yangon and Oakkan, houses belonging to Muslims, Muslim schools and mosques are being systematically burnt down.

The violence had started with an incident, which took place at a petrol station. A woman was severely burnt after a Hindu man, of Nepalese origin, had thrown a lighter at her whilst she was putting fuel in to her car. This had angered the local Buddhist community who had mistaken the culprit for a Muslim.

The incident soon spiraled into an anti-Muslim campaign which saw Buddhist locals and Monks unleash their anger on the local Muslim population. The central mosque in the Lashio state- the MyoMa Mosque was one of the first buildings to be burnt down.

In addition, it has been reported that an estimated 5 Muslims have died and 30 houses have been burnt- but these numbers are expected to increase as the violence shows no signs of waning.

This widespread violence has had the Muslim community of Myanmar fearing for their lives as the 969 Buddhist terrorist group attack each Muslim populated township, without any accountability.

The images below show the destruction caused in Lashio Township.

The MyoMa Mosque, before and after the attack

Destruction caused in Lashio Township

The culprit of the original crime who was beaten by local Buddhists


Nadia Hussain

This systematic pattern of violence as a result of what seem to be otherwise unrelated incidents is just further evidence that the state have very little care/concern/capability in ensuring the safety of its people.

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Daniel Rivers

This highlights how tense the situation is in Myanmar. An incident which had nothing to do with the muslim population spiralled into anti-muslim violence. It seems the Buddhists population need little or no excuse for violence. When will this stop?! When will the next feel safe in their own country?!

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Sarah Imran

What happened to the Rohingya Muslims? who started Sri Lanka Riots? watch this video on Religion Intolerance! & Do share to create awareness!

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