Bangladesh and Myanmar discuss repatriation of the Rohingya Refugees

Burma expressed its willingness to take back Rohingya refugees from Bangladesh, living in and outside camps here, said by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials.

This was communicated during the discussions of Bilateral Relations between Myanmar and Bangladesh in hopes of building better trade relationships.

Repatriation of the Rohingyas is a step in the right direction, the Bangladesh government have been eagerly anticipating this day; but is this what the Rohingyas want?

Despite their hardship in the refugee camps of Bangladesh, to tread back into a life where they are silenced in their own home, with rights stripped off of them is not a life worth going back to.

On numerous occasions Burma had spoken about repatriation of the Rohingyas from Bangladesh and news like this has circulated many times in the Bangladesh media but it is yet to materialise - most are skeptical of Myanmar's intentions and will only gain the confidence from those affected if a formal written agreement takes place; Prime Minister Hasina has accepted an invitation from her Myanmar counterpart U Thein Sein, and the visit may take place in December. Myanmar is also in discussion with Malaysian government to swap detained migrants which includes the Rohingyas to return to Burma.

Whether this is media hot air or not, if Myanmar is serious about taking back the Rohingyas, they first need to consider adhering to their human rights policies; else as far as the Rohingyas are concerned it would mean moving from a juvenile detention centre to a high security prison that they are supposed to call home if things remain as they are.

Image from BBC News.


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