International Pressure Mounts For Suu Kyi's Burma

Friday 25th November saw a wave of protests and political activity which is building pressure on Suu Kyi's Burmese Government to take action and cease state backed violence towards the Rohingya community.

Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand and South Africa all saw large scale protests with anger rising amongst the public at the ongoing human rights violations by the Burma administration and military.

Thailand - Hundreds of activitsts, and general public joined with Rohingya refugees in Bangkok in front of the Burma Embassy to protest against the violence and mass killings. 

Indonesia - Protestors gathered outside the Burma Embassy in Jakarta and called for an immediate end to violence against the Rohingya and asked for the UN to lauch an action plan to help those afflicted by the recent outbreak. After hours of protesting the police actually facilitated a meeting between demonstrators and the embassy.

South Africa - Members of the group 'Protect The Rohingya' gathered outside the Burma embassy in Pretoria, and sent a memorandum to Embassy officials calling for unrestricted humanitarian access as well as access for journalists to report freely from Maungdaw. Advocate Shabnem Mayet said 'Silence in the face of genocide is not an opotion; our memorandum was received by an Embassy official'.

Bangladesh - Bangladesh has been facing international pressure itself recently for turning back Rohingya refugees but on Friday more than 10,000 gathered after Friday prayers at the Baitul Mukarram in Dhaka city. A further 3,000 gathered in Chittagong. Previoulsy such public demonstrations were shut down by the Government of Bangladesh but the fact they were allowed to continue for some hours is indicative of a change of direction from Dhaka. Earler this week a further 600 demonstrated outside Dhaka University; that too passed without incident.  Dhaka has been proactive in searching for solutions in this latest episode of violence against the Rohingya  and on Friday the Foreign Office released a strongly worded statement expressing its 'deep concern' for Rohingya facing violence.  Whilst Border Guards have stopped Rohingya entering, an admission by chief of police Friday that more than 70 Rohingya had managed to join was the first of its kind in some time. 

Malaysia - Large crowds of protestors marched through central Kuala Lumpur on Friday calling for unrestricted access for aid and condemning Aung Sang Suu Kyi for her inaction in the matter thus far.  The Foreign Ministry also released a statment saying it will summon the Burmese ambassador to express its concern over the unfolding situation in Arakan state. Earlier this week, Malaysia also threatened to pull out of a sports tournament as protest over Burma's action. 

Next week, Friday 2nd December from 330pm to 6pm,  Restless Beings, alongside our partners Burmese Rohingya Organisation UK, The Green Party, International Campaign For the Rohingya, British Bangladesh Women's Forum, Nour and Refugee B&B join forces to march from British Foriegn Office to Burmese Embassy. We will also be delivering a petiton to the UN, The British Foriegn Office and Burmese Embassy calling for an immediate end to violence, unrestricted aid and an UN commision of inquiry. Please join us: Together We Are Stronger!