Myanmar: 969 Extremist Violence Spreads to Yangon

The last few weeks fears have materialised to reality, as extremist Buddhist attacks have spread further than just within the Arakan region in Myanmar, to Mandalay and now to Yangon (formerly Rangoon).

The opportunistic ‘969’ extremist group, had started the violent rampage in the Meikhtila township of Mandalay, which is now razed to the ground, unrecognizable to the local inhabitants who used to call the area their home. The now barren land has had 1000 houses and 12 mosques burnt down, and 12,000 Muslims have been displaced, who have now taken refuge in the football fields in the town centre.

In the span of a week, violence spread to other parts of Muslim populated areas who had experienced the same brutal treatment from the 969. These areas are the Pyin Ma Nar township, Aye Lar township, Yamal Thin township, Paung Tay township, Zeegong township, Nathilin township, Myonu township and Gyo Bin Kauk.

Yangon has now become the latest victim of these attacks. Last night, at around 3:30 am, Buddhist Extremists had burned down the local Islamic school named, ‘Madarasa Sadiqia Hefzul Quran’ (on 48th street) which had taken the lives of a total of 13 students. The group had attacked the school with petrol bombs, with 70 students still on school premises.

The confirmed names of the deceased students are as follows:

  • Rahimullah (aged 13) s/o Haji Isa - Rekyaw Pazuntaung Town
  • MD Hashim (aged 14) s/o U Min Lat - Rekyaw-do Town
  • MD Omar (aged 15) s/o of Dala Town U Aung Shwe
  • Abul Basher (aged 13) s/o Molvi Arif, Boglar Town
  • Abdul Latif (aged 13) s/o U Zaw Min, Shwe Pyi Tha Town
  • MD Sohail (aged15) s/o MD Elyas, Tarkata
  • Hasson (aged 14) s/o U Natha, Kowkrik Town
  • Abdul Subhan (aged 14) s/o U Zaw Min, Kan Daw Lay Town
  • Ibrahim s/o U Hammim, Inn Gon
  • Arif (Aged 14) of Inn Gon
  • Faisal (aged 14) s/o Ibrahim of Tarkata
  • Abul Refaat (aged 16) s/o U –kyaw Min, South Dragon
  • Afzl (aged 14)

The local Yangon media had falsely reported that the cause of the attack was accidental and caused by an ‘electric malfunction’, but after speaking to our sources in Yangon, they had told us that the stench of kerosene was so strong that they could smell it from their homes. There is no questioning the well planned nature of this attack and our sources also have stated that it was funded too. The 969 Buddhist extremist group led by Monk and ex prisoner, Wirathu who was jailed in 2007 for carrying out anti Muslim attacks was released last year under the President’s Parole. Our sources have now given the names of accomplices of Wirathu who are aiding these racially geared attacks (unconfirmed):

  • General Khin Nyunt
  • Thiha Thura, former vice president
  • Tin Aung Myint Oo, current immigration minister
  • U Khin Yi, member of parliament
  • U Aung Thaung former industry minister

The names of those funding these attack (unconfirmed):

  • Zay Kabar U Khin Shwe(a sitting member of parliament),
  • U Kyauk Taung, drug lord from Taung Goke township Arakan
  • U Tay Za

The Buddhist rain festival is expected to take place on April 14th, and our sources are expecting many more simultaneous attacks on Muslim communities in Burma to take place.

The Rohingya have trended on twitter, have been written about in newspapers, and some politicians have issued a few lines of a statement about them. But meanwhile, the violence rages on. Recently, Burma had been praised for it’s democratisation for allowing private newspapers to print after 50 years. Bluntly, the freedom of press means nothing whilst the freedom of so many are being so violently extinguished. Our sources stated what is to be expected in the near future:

“We Muslims here are afraid that if the situation is going like this, we will be finished at once”.


Mabrur Ahmed

what is most discerning is that whilst it was anti-rohingya, many intnl news networks were ready to report about the violence, but since it has become an anti-muslim sentiment and violence, they are less willing to come forward.

02 April 2013 delete
Jamal Mehmood

I agree. also worrying and saddening is that the outbreaks we saw in the summer were not the end. You could be pardoned for thinking the state wouldn't allow violence like this to flare up again considering the uproar.

02 April 2013 delete
Mobz Miah

The question that remains in my mind is how much freedom of speech does these papers really have? It seems too good to be true to allow newspapers to talk freely after 50 years whilst something so huge is taking place within the country. The reason I highlight this is because the mainstream media have largely touched upon the so called "burmas move to democracy". I can't help but feel there is much irony behind the move.. Yes private newspapers are allowed to print now but how much of is it regulated? Another point was brought up after a discussion with a friend of mine who is from Burma, though he resides here, his father lives in burma. He is led to believe by his father that the news of all the rohingyas displaced is exaggerated.. This person is Muslim.. So imagine how many lies they are playing in the media.

03 April 2013 delete
Jakril Hoque

It's interesting you mention freedom of press, although technically speaking there are more freedoms now, the media still in large part push the agenda of the ruling military backed government. For example promoting an environment where ferocious nationalism can flourish and creating the breeding ground where the idea of ethnic and religious purity still plays an integral part in society. They are the very same doctrines the military have held onto since Ne Win's policies of one culture, one identity.

04 April 2013 delete