Nasaka encourages women to become prostitutes in northern Arakan State

Another reason for the Rohingya's to want to stay in Arakan State? I think not. Not only for the Rohingyas but worldwide, prostitution is deemed to be the most shameful and degrading for a woman and her family. The Rohingyas are forever suffering in silence and under extreme scrutiny of the Nasaka, Burma’s border security force, who have taken it upon themselves to force women into prostitution. In this particular article from the Kaladan Press it states:

This is a simple attempt to destroy the morale of Rohingya women by alienating them from neighboring villagers and the Islamic culture.

The Rohingyas believe that this is a tactic set out to destroy the minds of the familes affected by this cruelty; however this frustration they would rather battle within themselves than to take it up with the Nasaka.

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