Rakhine Militants Trained To Take Arms Against Rohingya

More than 30,000 Rohingya are now homeless and have been made refugees in their own homeland after countless hundreds of homes have been burned and razed by Burmese military over the last two weeks. The refugees are now at critical tipping point as images of whole villages destroyed by the Burmese military were released.

The Burmese Rohingya Organisation UK published a report which verifies that more than 420 Rohingya civilians have been killed since 9th October 2016 and numerous (in the hundreds) counts of rape against vulnerable refugees, burning and razing of entire village households, arbitrary arrests and more than 400 extrajudicial killings have taken place.

In a chilling new development verified images today show Burmese military training Rakine nationals in taking up arms against the Rohingya and supports the claims from international academics that the Rohingya face the final stages of Genocide.


Tomorrow Restless Beings will begin a campaign that will be threefold:

1.     A petition to the UN, the British Foreign Office and the Burmese Embassy calling for an immediate stop of violence, aggression and rape and an independent commission of inquiry

2.     Through our numerous partners who are in situ on the ground in Maungdaw, a fundraising appeal to provide immediate aid i.e blankets for the 30,000 who are sleeping under open air and counselling and medical support for rape victims

3.     A call for a protest next Friday 2nd December starting at the Foreign Office at 3.30pm with a march towards the Burmese embassy at 4.45pm and finishing at 6pm

We hope you can join us on all three fronts.