Rohingya Documentary: Stateless In Their Own Country.

To commemorate the one year anniversary of the first outbreak of violence in Arakan state, Myanmar in June 2012, Restless Beings held a special exclusive screening of a Rohingya Documentary- Stateless In Their Own Country.

The documentary was filmed and produced by Swedish freelance journalist Kalle Bergbom and Jonas Gratzer. Bergbom has been working closely with Restless Beings to aid the WFP with much required information with regards to the conditions and the necessities required in the IDP Camps of Sittwe. Though currently in Thailand, Bergbom will return to Myanmar once more this week to further investigate the anti-Muslim campaign and continue to work with Restless Beings.

things need to change within the Burmese

The documentary - Stateless In Their Own Country serves as a visual reminder that though the initial targeting and razing of whole villages in Arakan and murders has ceased, the Rohingya are now facing a continually futile existence. Bergbom joined us via live video call and able to share further details of his week long stay in the IDP Camps, allowing for a Q & A session with the audience.

With regards to the issue of money being fundraised actually being beneficial and being used correctly, Kalle had answered ‘’send money if you’re sure it’s going to the right people’’. Furthermore he emphasised and echoed our belief that  we must continue to ‘’pressure our politicians and raise awareness’’ as ‘’things need to change within the Burmese’’.

we need action on the ground

One member of the audience from the Rohingya community had thanked Restless Beings for "being the only organisation who are 100% working for the Rohingya and they will never forget that." He continued, "the situation right now is still the same, there is no burning down houses but now direct killing because there is no food, no protection from rain" stating that all they can do "is keep praying and passing on information".

Assed Baig, a UK based journalist  who had recently also visited Myanmar recently in March of this year also spoke of his experience of the very ‘’anti-Muslim attitude’'; the ‘’deep hatred’’ being evident even in central Myanmar outside of Arakan state.  He also shared horrific accounts of a woman whose husband was murdered in front of her and or a friend who knew of man who was beaten, stabbed and thrown into a fire.

Long standing friend of Restless Beings, Noman had stated that ‘’more than ripples’’ are needed now; ‘’we need action on the ground’’. He recounted to the audience the murder of his 8 year old cousin last year in the first wave of violence in June, and how she was barbarically cut into pieces.

The Myanmarese state is now seeking to force the Rohingya into signing that they are in fact Bengali and not Rohingya or citizens of Myanmar, in a bid to expel them from the land. Noman had said that his cousin having refused to sign, has been sentenced to imprisonment for 10 years. Meanwhile, his Grandmother who had no other choice but to sign, now faces an uncertain future in her own homeland.

Please share the video to expose the horrific conditions of the IDP Camps and the continual destitution of the Rohingya of Myanmar.

Sincere thanks and appreciation to Kalle Bergbom.

One Year On.
The Rohingya Continue to be Stateless In Their Own Homeland.