Rohingya Plea for Salvation

An urgent plea from the Rohingya has been sent to Restless Beings in hope of salvation in their genocide stained homeland.

In the village of Op Daung, South Maungdaw it has been reported to us that an officer of the NaSaKa tortured and killed a Rohingya male for no other reason but that he could.

The same wanton killing also occurred in the Moung No village. As two Rohingya fishermen were returning home after a day of work they were called over by passing NaSaKa forces and tortured, again for no reason.  It has been said that they will only be released after they are paid 3,000 kyats for each man. Failure of payment leads to death.

Another dead body was brought forward with no clue as to his name or where his family home is, just that he is Rohingya.

Furthermore as the Rohingya live in a desperate fear of who may be killed next, their freedoms remain suppressed. All mosques and madrasas in Maungdaw are still closed from June last year, with Rohingya still unable to fulfil any religious duties in public spaces. Meanwhile, all Buddhist temples and pagodas remain open and free to use.

Inspite of the media attention that Thein Sein’s European tour has received the past week, the Rohingya, along with the Kachin and the Karen people of Burma are further sidelined to the periphery of Burmas society, of its politicians priorities, and heartbreakingly of the international media and worldwide attention.

Please share the news of the Rohingya and support for immediate action.


Hassan Hirsi

The murders are of course horrific. But what caught my attention was the fact that the religious spaces are still closed. This strategic move completely undermines the dignity of practicing Muslims in Maungdaw. It finalises the Burmese attempt to dehumanise an entire populace. No citizenship, limited freedom of movement, no right to reproduce - the systematic ethnic cleansing is indisputable. But by restricting their right to practice their faith, the Burmese oppressors are partaking in the attempt to eradicate a central component of human nature: dignity.

08 March 2013 delete