Rohingya Update: Thousands of Rohingya Students Denied Education

As another massacre is unfortunately anticipated to take place in Arakan, the Rohingya, still continue to be deprived of the most basic human rights. Previously we have reported on the boycott of Rohingya trade, the terrible living conditions of the Rohingya forced to live in the IDP camps, and the wanton attacks and killing of men, women and children- for no other reason than because they are Rohingya.

This month in Arakan, our sources have informed us that the Basic Education High School Examination (BEHS) is taking place. However, for Rohingya children access to such education is still continuing to be limited (since June last year after the first outbreak of violence) and now thousands of them, are being denied from taking part in these examinations altogether.

Reports have confirmed that only 150 out of 2000 Rohingya students living in the Buthidaung, Maungdaw and Sandway districts have been granted permission to take the exam, meaning nearly 90% of Rohingya students have been denied permission. This time last year over 3,000 Rohingya students in the Maungdaw district took the BEHS, but this year, it is said only 50 are able to take the exam. However students from the areas of Kyauktaw, Mrouk U, Minbya, Pauktaw, Myebon, Kyauknimaw, Kyaukpru, Rathedaung and the students living in the IDP camps in Sittwe have been denied permission altogether.

The previous massacres have created a ripple effect on the Rohingya student’s education. During the intensely violent times, Rohingya students were isolated, and under siege, unable to leave home to attend school. Discrimination through segregation has long been entrenched in the land, with Rohingya school students having to take their exams in different rooms to Rakhine students. In Maungdaw, the entrance of the segregated exam hall for the Rohingya has a sign stating: "for Bangali-Kala (dark) students". Moreover, Rakhine students receive free books for revision and are supported by Rakhine teachers consistently. Whereas the Rohingya students are constantly monitored and checked incase they are in possession of any material for revision, further determining failure in the exams.

The Rohingya have not only been denied, food, safe shelter, the right to work and move, but are also restricted in their education too- all of which results in them facing a life with no future to live freely, in their own homeland.

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Daniel Rivers

This is totally unacceptable! I am a passionate believer that everyone should have access to education, no one has any right to deny education from anybody. Education is the doorway to your future. This needs to change!

18 March 2013 delete
Hassan Hirsi

The prohibition of children's education is yet another example of systematic discrimination and yet another effective tool for compelling negative development.
Burma (Myanmar) is a party of Convention on the Rights of the Child. The importance of the Convention should not be underestimated.
It is imperative to understand the organised marginalisation from different political dimensions. Keep them coming!

18 March 2013 delete
Eirteqa Sultan

how is this even allowed? the kids have the right to education, its a human right!!! the fact that they're not even given the basic right to education is surely implying that they're not even human!! this is quite disgusting to say the least :|

18 March 2013 delete
Nancy Kamal

It's disgusting that they have the audacity to call an ethnic group by something they're clearly not. Bengali?? Nothing in history or their make-up links them to Bangladesh!
And the audacity to come to the land of Myanmar so much later than the Rohingya's and 'lay down the law' that Rohingya's are not allowed to get education and basic rights??

It's appalling a country operates so, knowing that the rest of the world is fully aware of the truth, that they so vigorously try to deny.

19 March 2013 delete
Jakril Hoque

When world leaders and political commentators praise Burma for its reforms they often overlook these practices... it's an inconvenient truth that doesn't quite fit the narrative that they would like the world swallow.

Education provides the only hope for the Rohingya to be able to launch challenges to the decades of discrimination and subjugation and the Rakhine know it.

19 March 2013 delete
Ceren Yılmaz

When reading these articles nothing but ethnic cleansing comes to mind.

23 March 2013 delete