Rohingya Update: Village of Oon Daw Gyi Attacked

Despite Muslims all over the world celebrating the joyous festival of Eid, marking the end of Ramadan, earlier today Restless Beings were made aware of reports of attacks against the Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar.

As far as we know, the attacks were concentrated in the village of Oon Daw Gyi in Sittwe and committed by the police force (Lone Htin). Five Rohingya Muslim victims died after being shot by the police and it is unknown exactly how many were injured or killed in the three IDP camps that they also burnt down. It has also been reported that the police later burnt down their own police station however later reports have said that it was the Rohingya (from the burnt down IDP camps) who had done it out of retaliation.

Attacks were also made against a crowd of Muslims after the left their prayers at the mosque. As some of the Muslims were reported to have shouted back at the police, the police then randomly fired into the crowd, resulting in 2 being injured and 2 being killed, according to the villagers.

Yesterday evening (August 8th) one Rohingya, a resident from Oondaw Gyi village, Sittwe went to the Oon Daw Gyi beach for fishing. It emerged that he was beaten and killed by the local police. As villagers discovered his death, they too were shot at by the police. Another two members of the village were killed and eight were wounded.

This is all following last nights Channel 4 report and in spite of the Eid festivies

***Warning the images below are of a graphic nature which some people may find disturbing***