Tariq Ramadan discusses the Rohingya crisis with Mabrur Ahmed

This summer has seen a systematic sweep of terror against the Rohingya surfacing deep rooted marginsalisation and racism against the Rohingya, a Muslim ethnic minority, in Myanmar/Burma. Living as a stateless community, they have struggled in silence as the Burmese state continue to prohibit their freedom to live as citizens; without education, having to ask state permission to marry and procreate and access to travel freely.

Tariq Ramadan discusses with Mabrur Ahmed, the severe human rights violations facing the Rohingya and the history of abuse against them. Having campaigned for the stateless Rohingya community since 2010, Mabrur Ahmed, Co Director of Restless Beings offers a detailed insight into why and how the Rohingya are being targeted and why the media has been largely silent.



please create awareness about the persecution of Rohingya Muslims,

what are these Buddhist monks doing in the name of their religion? Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LeWEXyR70nU Do share to create awareness!

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