VIDEO: Burma's Rohingya - The Human Story

This film has been created by Restless Beings using its extensive network of sources on the ground in Myanmar, Bangladesh and Malaysia and was filmed between 16th-22nd July 2012.

Until now, the mainstream media has failed to report on this issue from inside Myanmar as there are security concerns of filming there.  Restless Beings has put together this film to demonstrate the type of harsh treatment the Rohingya are subjected to in Arakan state of Burma.  The second objective of the film is to show the international media community that it is possible to obtain footage and report fairly without bias.

WARNING: There are distressing images in the film.


Karim Garram

from tunisia,
we pray for you so allah bless you and help you, tunisian people hear ponctually about this massacre and pray for you during this ramadan.
اللهم ارحم اخواننا في الايمان و خفف عنهم العذاب يا ارحم الراحمين.

28 July 2012 delete
Adnan Manzoor Hussain

Adnan Manzoor,
From Pakistan,
I really appreciate the courageous and vital work done by restless beings. Indeed you have done a great job. I can feel senseless and inhuman international community and media has no concern regarding people being brutally murdered there including my own country and media. All I can do is to pray for those homeless and innocent people who are being tortured for being Muslim. Hats up to you guys again for this wonderful job and please do more to make it stop.
May Allah bless my brothers and sisters there is Burma.

30 July 2012 delete
Shahid Amin

Muhammad Shahid Amin Sahi
from Pakistan,

That really remarkable effort by restless beings. People from all Muslim countries must launch protest in their own ccountries so that the issue may become more enlightend.

We must formulate some strategy to help Burmi Muslims,,,, by all means....

All the Muslims must unit on this matter and should do efforts sincerely in the name of Allah.

Wa Allahu Haafiz un Naasir!!!

01 August 2012 delete