VIDEO: Violence and Arson Spread Across Arakan

Hundreds of Rohingya lives are once again threatened in the troubled region of Arakan in Burma, after villages of the persecuted villages were set on fire this morning (Wednesday 12th October 2016) following trouble on the border with Bangladesh last Sunday.

WARNING: Graphic Images

Troubled flared up once again on Sunday 9th October when it was reported that 9 Burmese police officers were killed in co-ordinated attacks along the Burma-Bangladesh border. Initially Burmese authorities pointed the finger of blame towards the Rohingya Solidarity Organization (the RSO was a small armed group that was active in the late 1980’s and 1990’s but has been ineffective and dysfunctional for the past two decades or so).

Since then, reports of mass graves in Maungdaw township were reported on Monday and Tuesday this week with deaths totaling more than 58.  Military backed violence is commonplace in Arakan state with recent trouble in the region in 2012 seeing more than 150,000 Rohingya flee for sanctity and almost the same number being moved into squalid IDP (internally displaced persons) refugee camps.

Rohingya being blamed for attacks against state institutions have been used as catalysts for violence against the Rohingya community since the mid 1960’s and this latest setback spells out serious concerns for ‘world’s most persecuted community’. Bombs being used on the roads of Nga Ku Ra and Loogdong Village to blockade and scare Rohingya away from villages have been used by military who have flooded the region since Sunday.

The latest video of villages burning, highlights the fragile nature of race relations in Arakan state and many commentators are now concerned that this may the final act before a mass genocide of the Rohingya community.  Wednesday morning reports also suggest that another exodus is under way with 4 Rohingya boats reported to have left for Malaysia. The burning villages of Lu Daing, Seingri, Kya Yo Pyin and Wa Paik of Maungdaw township now face further danger as night fall approaches and with hundreds of military in the area, Rohingya lives are at risk.

The BGP, Bangladesh Border Guard Patrol also stopped and detained dozens of Burmese Rakhine who were trying to cross the border into Bangladesh. It is thought that they were involved in violence against the Rohingya in Arakan state.

The situation remains volatile and Restless Beings will aim to bring the latest information.  For press enquiries, please contact