Rohingya Update: 9th-16th February, 2013


Reports of many more lives being lost, including those of infants in the Pauk Taw refugee camp due to the horrific living conditions further corroborate the fears that many camps are still without access to food and aid.

Rohingya Persecution Continues Despite Obama’s Visit; Fears of Sterilisation

This morning (November 26th) we have had reports that medical workers and security guards arrived at  the Rohingya village Sin-Gri-Daung of MinBya Township. Their unannounced arrival is suspected to be part of an attempt to set up the initial stages to carry out the widely reported scheme of sterilisation of Rohingya women under the age of 50, as ordered by President Thein Sein. Previously sterilisation had been seen as a key manner to restrict the Rohingya population from continuing to increase and to further expel them from their homes to countries elsewhere. The very real fear is that this is now being enacted. Moreover, violence continues as Rohingya youths are targeted, either being beaten by local police and military forces, being accused of crimes they haven’t committed (Tan-Seik village) and confiscating their fishing equipment which is vital to their trade (Tan-Ran-Daing village).

Burma: Steps to Democracy, Civil Unrest or Genocide?


Burma, or Myanmar, has received great interest in recent years from international leaders across the world. Hundreds of political prisoners- having spent years campaigning for a free democracy- have been released, most famously Aung San Suu Kyi of the National League for Democracy in November 2010. Further steps away from the vilified dictatorship to a free market democracy, appealing to foreign investors for capital and expertise, easing media censorship, passing labour laws allowing unions to be established have demonstrated a more reformist quasi civilian government taking office in March 2011, with Thein Sein as President.

Rohingya Global Day of Action: Thursday 8th November, 2012


The Global Day of Action calls for protection of the persecuted Rohingya, aid to reach casualties of the violence, access granted to international observers and ultimately citizenship for the stateless Rohingya. Having pushed for politicians and namely the Foreign Commonwealth Office to act in accordance with these aims, Foreign Office Minister for Burma, Hugo Swire shockingly defended the Burmese Governments handling of the situation whilst it is evident that there is state level complicity in the systematic attacks against the Rohingya, having long shifted from just inter communal violence.

Worst Feared for Ramree Islanders as UK Govt Offer Little Hope For Rohingya

Ramree Island, a normally peaceful serene island to the southern part of Arakan state this morning erupted in violence. Some 200 km from the main hub for the Rohingya in Maungdaw, Kyauk Ni Maw village is home to about 7,000 Rohingya and Kaman. As morning broke, Army personnel fired in the air in an attempt to bring calm from the onrushing Rakhine locals backed by some local authority...

Anti-Rohingya and Muslim Violence Spreads to Karen State

In a disturbing development, overnight on Sunday (28th October) two mosques were bombed in Karen state in the townships of Kawkeriek and Kyone-Doe. The attacks which took place some 1,400 km from Arakan follow the fresh attacks against the Kaman Muslim community last week and a meeting held between monks and state officials a fortnight ago where it was decided that Karen Buddhists...


Burmese Army Allow Further 2,300 Rohingya To Become Displaced

Over the weekend, updates and reports have been slow to come in as telephone contact has been almost impossible.  It seems perhaps the authorities exorcised some sort of temporary network block. On Saturday, in Kyauk Pyu town, where all Muslim houses were burned, the last of the Rohingya Muslims left for other safer areas.  It is confirmed that about 60 children...

Violence Spreads To Kaman Ethnicity Whilst 10,000 Rohingya Are Rendered Displaced


Overnight and through Friday, the situation in Arakan State has shown little sign of improvement.  On the contrary, it seems that the violence has now spread to other communities as well. A number of our sources have also commented that the recent escalation is due to the President’s office directly instructing army personnel to shoot at sight on those causing disturbances. This decision, alongside the reports that army personnel have shot, maimed and killed some Rakhine has led to huge upsurge of violence against the Rohingya by the Rakhine.

As many as 5,000 Rohingya are thought to be floating in the off-shore of Arakan state namely near the port of Sittwe and through the mouth of the Kaladan River. Since Friday morning, authorities including NaSaKa, border forces and Myanmar Navy forces have not allowed any bouts to mount at Sittwe and have instead diverted the boats to go Rathedaung further northwards. Those diverted were Kyak Pru township refugees. It has been reported through various sources and eye-witnesses that till the time of publishing, circa 46 boat loads of Rohingya have reached the south coast of Maungdaw. These had attempted to anchor at Shita Furukia beach (50 miles south of Maungdaw) but were denied access to do so. They have been ushered further north towards the Naf River and Bangladesh.

Latest Images from Burma on the Rohingya Crisis


The last few days in Arakan have seen some of the most violent and bloody attacks on the Rohingya by the Rakhine whilst quite often, Government forces not only stand by and allow these attacks to take place, but actually facilitate them. These are some of the pictures that we have been gathering from our sources around Arakan. Many of the villages being attacked are already impoverished areas where locals do not have the ability to capture images on their phones and devices.  Further to that, Arakan right now is under an internet siege, meaning the transfer of data such as pictures/video is near impossible. Many of these pictures have been obtained with contacts sending their SD cards by land to towns such as Yangon and Mandalay to be transferred via the net or by contacts trying to get a weak signal on mobile networks from neighbouring Bangladesh. We hope to bring you more images and videos as we get them.

International Response May Be Too Late for Rohingya

Thursday 25th October

Overnight we have been inundated with text messages, emails and phone calls reporting many many incidents where the Rohingya have come under an increased intensity of attack by the Rakhine. Whilst Restless Beings has perhaps the widest range of sources from across Arakan and Burma, we undergo a strict policy before publishing these reports. Until and...