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Child Sex Tourism: Nepal Focus


There are many things that push people into doing things that they do not necessarily want to do. One of those things is poverty. And worst still, is if it is children who find themselves in this setting.

Tragically, “poverty is well recognised as a factor that increases children’s vulnerability to trafficking,” says Lena Karlsson – UNICEF child trafficking specialist.

Nepal, one of the poorest countries in the world, with almost 50% of the country population living under absolute poverty, is showing a growing trend of child exploitation namely with children who are forced to contribute economically.

By Nancy Kamal | 18 August 2012

All to Play for – An Olympics Legacy


Sport is more than a game. An estimated one billion people watched the London Olympics opening ceremony and as the nation remains gripped by sporting fever, the power and potential of sports as a tool for development is limitless. Go almost anywhere in the world and it won’t be long before you see a group of children chasing a ball. In countries around the world sport is being used to enrich the lives of millions of children and young people. Aside from the physical and mental benefits that sport brings, its power is being harnessed to promote education, healthy living, to fight poverty and in conflict resolution. The right to play and participate in physical activity is entrenched in international law, under article 31 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, an international human rights treaty ratified by almost every country in the world which sets out the basic rights that every child regardless of race, gender or ethnicity is entitled to.

By Murshed Anwar | 05 August 2012