Sri Lanka's Untold War.

So, as a few of my friends know, I attended an Amnesty International talk in Shoreditch last Friday that focused on the closing months of the Sri Lankan Civil War. I am of Sinhala descent and have some experience in journalism, so I thought I'd go along to the talk.

For the first time, Norwegian peace mediator, Erik Solheim discussed his role in trying to broker a Tamil Tiger surrender at the height of the crisis in 2009. He was also joined on the panel by Alan Keenan, Sri Lanka project...

By Emma Wallace | 08 October 2012

The hard road out of Afghanistan | Counterfire

They say war brings people closer together because you suddenly find yourself amongst people of different backgrounds and class. You are no longer the daughter of a general, no longer a well respected doctor or a teacher. You are just like everybody else because war does not see colour, race or status.

By Mitra Qayoom | 09 February 2012

Sri-Lanka's Killing Fields

Jon Snow presents a forensic investigation into the final weeks of the quarter-century-long civil war between the government of Sri Lanka and the secessionist rebels, the Tamil Tigers.

By Minaz Rahman | 06 July 2011

Mau Mau Justice: Past its Expiry Date?


Following the state of emergency declared in October 1952, a violently aggressive counter insurgency was fought till 1960. Within this time official statistics say that 11,000 Mau Mau and other rebels were killed whilst just 32 white settlers during the emergency rule period. However, unofficial sources report a much higher number of deaths. The Kenyan Human Rights Commission says 90,000 Kenyans were executed during the uprising and 160,000 were detained in appalling conditions. Despite ambiguity as to the number of deaths during the bloody conflict, one thing remains clear; the UK authority’s gross misconduct towards rebellion detainees. It is reported that the detainees ‘were subjected to arbitrary killings, castrations, sexual abuse, forced labour, starvation and violence from camp guards’. This seems even harder to deny given the discovery of thousands of documents outlining the British army’s repressive tactics during the regime, which are soon be to exposed in a landmark UK case recently brought to court.

By Zeenat Islam | 12 April 2011

The Violent Rouge Taint on the Ivory Coast


The tension has arisen out of the disputed Presidential election, where a national election in November 2010, yielded a close result between Laurent Gbagbo and his challenger Alassane Ouattara, who with 54.1% of the vote was declared the winner, a result which has been supported by the African Union and the UN.  Despite this, within a day the Constitutional Council led by a Gbagbo ally, claimed the result invalid amidst reports that votes in certain regions had been rigged by rebels. Gbagbo, who has been President for over 10 years, with stale fantasies of recreating the Ivoirian dream under his leadership, still refuses to step down. Instead, as he continues to censure the election results, his Ivoirian dream becomes ever more disfigured into a blood stained nightmare.

By Nadia Hussain | 20 March 2011

What happened to the Somali Warriors?

This is a poem I wrote for my people and also for everyone, so the world can see who the Somali people really are and the dream we have for our children. Its not the reality of the child soldiers who are employed are by the puppet TFG who the West supports and funds, even though Somali children are at the front lines. Its not the capital they show you on the news, there's a whole country outside...

By Suaad Jama | 26 January 2011

Drop your weapon!

How does a gun make you feel? Does the thought of holding a weapon frighten you, or empower you? Does watching a bomb explode, launch a cinematic style excitement within you, or does it make you tremble thinking of the greater impact that bomb has? Or are you completely apathetic to such symbols of death and devastation that acts like a disease to the advancement of humanity? We have after all grown up in a world.

By Nadia Hussain | 08 November 2010