Israel's Rhetoric of Peace

The Palestine Papers signal the biggest leak of secret documents in the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict. The revelations of the Palestine Papers do nothing but corroborate everything we already knew about Israel’s peace making rhetoric. It has been easy up until now for the Palestinians to be paint brushed as the hinderers of peace making in this age old conflict; yet the release of these documents speaks the truth to the world.

The desperation of the Palestinian plight is echoed in shocking reports that the Palestinian Authority offered to concede almost all of East Jerusalem whilst remaining flexible regarding the sovereignty over Haram al-Sharif (Temple Mount.) Such a concession would render Palestinian negotiators guilty of ultimate betrayal in the eyes of their people. Yet still, despite being offered ‘the biggest Yerushalayim’ in history, Israel rejected and offered nothing in return; further testament to their historic deceit and misguided intents in securing a viable and peaceful solution in the Middle East.

In addition to the first release under the Palestine Papers, this weekend also saw the publication of the Israeli Inquiry Commission’s report on last year’s deadly raid on Turkish led flotilla of aid ships headed to Gaza. Unsurprisingly, the Commission in contradictory to UN findings claims the storming of the aid ship was legal. This is yet another example of Israel’s flagrant disregard of International Law; a hallmark in the words of renowned new historian Avi Shlaim; a rogue state. And in my words, of a terror state.

The disclosures under the Palestine Papers will undoubtedly be faced with the same controversy and outrage as the on-going releases from Wikileaks. Despite assertions of diplomatic crises, more importantly for believers in justice; a phenomenon of transparency and truth is seemingly fast growing. With releases to continue over the next few days and with PA negotiatiers already rejecting the reports as a ‘pack of lies’ the full consequences of this remain to be seen.

What can be said with certainty however is that when the truth really does prevail, the time will come when Palestine will be Filistin once more.

Images from Al Jazeera and The Guardian.


Nancy Kamal

Will this make any difference?
Everyone, from the human rights activists to the world media to relevant politicians, is aware of the situation - they are aware of how this community is being raped on a daily basis.
The issue has never been what is happening; the issue has always been who is going to do something about it.
Will this make any difference?

24 January 2011 delete
Mobz Miah

I cosign with Nancy, Every time i read anything of the tragedy i just feel awful knowing there is no difference to be seen in sight. It is getting worse by the day and neither our collective efforts of raising awareness or protesting is seeing any difference.

I just put my trust in God, in hope someone who has the power and authority takes a stance, a stance great enough to make a difference.

Thanks for the read :)

25 January 2011 delete
Rahima Begum

Thank you Zeenat for sharing this.. I look forward to the next series of articles from you on this issue which we need to ensure is kept in the mainstream media.

The rape and complete persecution of any individual, community or nation is an unforgivable act and challenging the oppressors and engaging in a dialogue for justice to be sought should be sustained otherwise the plights of these people will be lost.

27 January 2011 delete