Let Love Inspire You

As the events of International Womens' Week 2010 come to a close, the campaign for global justice and equality, international recognition of the subjugation of women and collective action need not wane.

International Womens' Week is more than the celebration and praise of women globally; it is an opportunity in which the international community waits with ready ears to hear of the prejudices of those whom are overlooked. An opportunity to give a voice to those whom the media cast in the shadows: an opportunity to rebalance the scales of justice to reflect rights available to each individual, simply because we are human. Some are often too ready to boast success stories of enforcing rights such as gender equality, access to education, provision of health care and the entitlement to freedom of speech. However, the fact remains that we, us, the people, remain ignorant in the reality that such goals remain to be achieved universally.

The media only has to throw success stories such as South Korea, where humanitarian aid and re-education has been the foundation of political, economic and social advancement for some to believe that poverty, political instability and human rights concerns have been combated. However with one success story we await the next.

The media eye observes the plight of some communities whilst others are overlooked. It is the silenced marginalized communities which Restless Beings adopt as our cause. We expose the suffering of the Uighur woman; illegally kidnapped and entrapped in a marriage she cannot escape from; the Bangladeshi street child whose suffering has reached a point of such normality that it forms part of the landscape of the streets of Dhaka. The Roma gypsies, whom despite their ancestry heritage cannot gain citizenship. These people, ought not to be the forgotten; the silenced, the outcasts to which the full extent of justice does not involve. They too are human, and thus worthy of the rights we claim are ours, by the very virtue of being exactly that- human.

Work with Restless Beings in Dhaka, Bangladesh; help us build more than a rehabilitation centre for vulnerable street children; work with us to restore happiness and hope for each child's life. In Kyrgyzstan help assure Uighur women they are not a lost cause, a wallow amongst the winds of this busy world. Let us champion the plight of the Roma Gypsies, still, struggling for legal recognition. Let us promote the 'love, light and lollipops' ethos.

Let love inspire you. Join with us to ensure that seven days of campaigning, for not only the injustices of women, but indigenous racial and social groups is maintained; month long, year long and lifelong. For in this way those persecuted will not remain in a secondary, lesser and forgotten world. Through the promotion of human rights we can become actors and not omitters, so that surely, the voiceless are indeed given a voice.

Images from Tun86, Mirror Life, Unaccustomed Eye


Zeenat Islam

Thank you Pearl for sharing with us, this inspirational note.

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Rahima Begum

beautiful sentiment
thank you Pearl!

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Nadia Hussain

Saddening, but all the while inspiring, thank you Pearl! <3

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Tasnia Pakeeza A

Lovely :D

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Tasnia Pakeeza A

And thank you pearl x

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