Vietnam: The Forgotten Protestors for Peace

There has been an eruption over the last few months from media agencies across the world reporting atrocities born out of ‘The Arab Spring.’ From the attacking and murdering of peaceful protestors, illegal detention of non-violent resisters calling for change in undemocratic regimes- the words Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Syria, Yemen and many others countries from the current Arab uprising spring to mind. However, with news reports surrounding the current Middle East unrest-(and even this is heavily restricted and censored)- it begs the question as to how many other parallel situations, facing exactly the same sorts of human rights abuses are going ignored?

The Centre for Public Policy Analysis has released news of attacks on Viet-Hmong protestors who similarly are those in the Arab world, are demonstrating for the protection and promotion of their fundamental human rights and freedoms.

According to the Centre for Public Policy Analysis:

“Fresh combat regiments of Vietnam Peoples Army's soldiers are now converging in a key province of Northern Vietnam to attack and arrest thousands of Hmong Catholic, Protestant and independent Animist religious believers demonstrating for human rights, religious freedom, land reform and an end to illegal logging and deforestation. Fourteen more Viet-Hmong people were confirmed dead in overnight clashes between Vietnam's army and ethnic Hmong demonstrators who are Vietnamese citizens At least 63 protesters have been killed since the outbreak of the peaceful, mass demonstrations.”

"On completely false pretext, and wrong information, the military generals in Hanoi have sent more army troops to attack and arrest our freedom-loving Hmong people which it continues to falsely accuse with wild distortions and misinformation, while at the same time not allowing independent news media and journalists to visit the ordinary Hmong people in Vietnam who have protested against the current injustices, suffering, and religious persecution," said Christy Lee, Executive Director of Hmong Advance, Inc. in Washington, D.C

"The Vietnamese Hmong want Hanoi to institute land reform policies and grant them greater freedom of religion and basic human rights, including an end to oppressive religious persecution as well as halting illegal logging in the province whereby the government is driving the Hmong people from their sacred forest and mountain homelands in Vietnam and Laos," Lee concluded.

The violations against these peaceful protestors reflect the continuing struggle for liberation across the Middle East and many other forgotten areas in the world. All of these situations deserve equal coverage in calling for international condemnation and action against these atrocities in order to uphold intrinsic rights to all humans by virtue of being exactly that- human.

Restless Beings is a humanitarian organisation seeking to provide a voice for voiceless, marginalised and silenced communities around the world. This is a call for action in the name of freedom, justice and equality. Please share this information and let us come together in our call for change.


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