Restless Beings are a UK based, international human rights organisation supporting some of the world’s most marginalised communities through advocacy, activism and holistic charitable projects. We are a committed, organised group of activists, not affiliated to any political or religious party, working towards our ethos of grassroots change - In direct partnership with communities, not imposing anything on to them.

What & Where?

We work across three areas: Child rights - Refugee rights - Women’s rights

We focus on campaigning and raising awareness of the plight of the communities we work with to organisations across the media, academia, NGO’s and government bodies. Our fundraising projects are a direct result of our supporters trust in our advocacy.

Child Rights: Street Children of Dhaka

Supporting our team of locals in Dhaka to provide care, education and a safe space for the thousands of street children living in the capital city of Bangladesh, via funding a daycare centre. The children are continually facing the dangers of drugs, sexual exploitation and trafficking.

Refugee Rights: The Rohingya of Myanmar

We are one of the leading organisations campaigning for the rights of the persecuted Rohingya community of Burma. The Rohingya have been facing a slow genocide orchestrated by the Burmese military junta for decades; multiple academics and experts now consider the current wave of violence and persecution to be the final stage of genocide. We were one of the first to bring verified news and pictures of the suffering to the world via our longstanding contacts and work in the region. Our work helped bring reports to CNN, BBC and Channel 4. We are currently raising funds to provide essentials for the hundreds of thousands of refugees who fled to Bangladesh and have helped 30,000 people so far between August and December 2017. Over the past 10 years, we have made multiple policy recommendations to governments worldwide.

Women’s Rights: Ala Kachuu in Kyrgyzstan

Non-consensual Ala Kachuu is the practice of bride kidnapping. Once a romantic, playful tradition in which two consenting adults would role-play as the groom ‘took away’ his bride, over time this tradition mutated into actual kidnap. The victims, outside of the severe trauma of the experience itself, can suffer sexual abuse, domestic violence and intimidation in their marital home. This has come about due to various socio-economic reasons. We have successfully lobbied the government, to enforce laws against the practice and partnered with Kyrgyz women’s rights organisations to help provide counselling and support to victims. In partnership with one of Kyrgyzstan’s leading film directors, we produced a national TV campaign to raise awareness of the horrors of bride kidnapping, which directly influenced legislation on women’s rights.

How can you help?

Keep in touch and find out about how you can support. Be it a demonstration, fundraising effort, attending one of our events, signing a petition, or telling your friends and family. Shout, march, donate, discuss – with us.

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